Wood stocking.

Le stockage du bois
Wood stocking

English version below the pictures


Lundi dernier, un forestier déchargea 5 stères de bûches  dans notre cour près de l’abri  où elles seront stockés? Cet abri est à demi excavé Pour y entrer vous devez descendre deux marches.

Mon second fils Pierre est venu hier Mardi 4 Octobre  pour y stocker le bois. Je l’ai aidé autant que possible. Sur la  photo ci-dessous, nous commençons. Pierre prend les bûches  les plus proches et les empile pendant que je mets dans ma brouette les bûches  de l’autre côté du tas .


Photo 1 taken by Janine Fauquet

 Last Monday a forest man unload 5 cubic meters of logs in our yard near the shed where they will be stocked ? This shed is a half “ cellar “ . To  enter it  in  you have  go down on two steps My middle son Pierre came yesterday Tuesday October 4,  to stock the wood in the shed . I helped it as much as possible . On thepicture above we are starting. Pierre picks the logs the closest and stack them while I put in my wheel barrow the logs of the other side of the amount of logs

Sur la photo 2 ci-dessous Pierre a commencé à empiler soigneusement les bûches  et va sortir de l’ abri pour  en prendre deux autres, ce que  montre la troisième photo.


photo 2       ataken by Janine Fauquet


photo 3   tajen by JF

On the  picture 2  above Pierre began to pile carefully the logs and is going out the shed  to pick two other logs, what the third photo is showing..

Photos 4 et 5. Alors que Pierre empile ses bûches  J’arrive avec ma brouette chargée. Il sort et je décharge la brouette dans le hangar. Les chiens des voisins ont été effrayés par le bruit de tonnerre de l’avalanche de bûches  sur le fond du hangar


photo 4      Taken by JF


photo 5

Photos 4 and 5 above  : While Pierre stacks his logs I am arriving with my loaded barrow. He goes out and I unload the wheel barrow in the shed. Neighbor ‘s dogs were frightened by the thunder sound of the avalanche of logs o the bottom of the shed.

Le travail est terminé. J’ admire l’ intelligence de Pierre dans la  disposition des bûches pour façonner une pile verticale stable,. De cette manière les 5 mètres cubes sont totalement logés dans ce petit hangar.
Vous remarquerez un détail significatif. Janine ayant demandé à Pierre de ne pas empiler les bûches trop près du petit mur pour que le bois ne soit pas mouillé par la pluie, cette demande a été consciencieusement exécutée. La pile ne touche pas le mur, mais est distante de 15 cm au moins. Piere est un artiste

Le temps était ensoleillé et il était agréable de travailler avec mon fils Pierre .


Photo 6

The work is ended . I am admiring   Pierre ‘s cleverness in the disposal of the logs to shape a stable vertical pile ,. By this way the 5 cubic meters are totally lodged into this  small shed .You will notice a significant detail . Janine having asked Pierre to not pile the logs too close the small wall in order the wood be not wet by the rain . This demand has been conscientiously executed, the pile don’t touch the wall but is distant of half a foot at least. Pierre is an artist.

It was sunny outside ans it was a pleasant time to work with my son Pierre 


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57 Responses to Wood stocking.

  1. weggieboy says:

    It seems the way the logs are stacked also allows them to continue to dry till you and your wife need a cozy Winter’s night’s fire in the fireplace to enjoy quiet time together, perhaps with a lovely brandy or a glass of wine!

    • Yes Doug the fireplace is heartwarming . The glass of wine goes with the supper and the “lovely brandy” 🙂 at the bedtime to ease the digestion for a good sleep !!!:) !!

      • weggieboy says:

        Oh, you French! lol! You have a great attitude toward what matters in life! I think that is why I always enjoyed visiting my friends in Paris, then in Strasbourg when I was stationed in Germany. I still think fondly of your country and the wonderful people I met there. I even liked the Parisians, though I know they have a reputation for being snooty.

  2. mrswrangler says:

    Looks like you are ready for winter

  3. puffpop says:

    That is a lot of work, very admirable. Now you are prepared to be warm for winter.
    We will be preparing for the strong winds and rain that are head our way by moving all of our outdoor furniture and anything that can be blown away into our shed. Say a prayer for the safety of those in the path of Hurricane Matthew. It is promising to be a dangerous storm and has already done serious damage to already poverty stricken Haiti.

  4. Heartafire says:

    Great photographs Michel. I love to see stacked firewood, something we don’t see very much here though there are a few people with fireplaces. It’s heartwarming to see you and your son working on this project together. ❤

  5. judyrutrider says:

    Like a pile of well composted vegetation, a wood pile represents stored energy to me. Pierre is quite the artist at stacking too. Here we have an abundance of orange wood from the groves that are being removed to make way for housing. It’s hard to stack due to the twisty branches and short trunks but it burns hot and clean.

    • I imagine Judy it is hard to stack twisted branches of orange trees . I suppose you were sad to see those beautiful groves of orange trees removed . I knew those in Algeria in 1960 in well exposed low parts of the mountains . The upper parts was covered of cork oak trees. So beautiful!

  6. blb1 says:

    Do be careful with your back Michel. 😉 Growing up we had a fireplace and at the moment I can’t remember where wood was stacked. I remember the coal bin in the basement, I remember the fruit cellar, but I don’t remember the wood. ?? sigh..

  7. Lyne's View says:

    Invigorating hard work. It is time to take stock, and know what is ahead.

  8. My favorite season, autumn. 🙂

  9. Tree says:

    That is a lot of logs! I suppose you use your fireplace often. We have one in our house but have not yet used it. I wanted someone to look at it and make sure it was safe first. We never did! I also wonder how our cats would react to the fire. They would probably like to curl up by the flame.

  10. Five meters is a lot of wood! My house has a fireplace but we only used it once in the four years we have lived here. It smoked up the living room, so we decided not to use it anymore. There is some firewood that has been on the back porch since before we bought the house, and a big pile under a tarp in the back yard. I hope the next owners put it to use.

  11. Very interesting, Michel It brought memories of all the hard work of stacking wood when the truck came and dumped it in my family’s driveway. I was curious what a “stère” was, so I looked it up. Here in New England we buy it as a “cord” of wood. Sometimes, the seller cheats and doesn’t give a full cord of wood….how can anyone tell, when it is all dumped in a pile? 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLICD83B_qg

    • Thanks for this comment which teaches me, Cynthia . The cord was a mesure unity for the wood in France too before the metric system . I read on Google 5 stères = 1,4 cord .. They say the cord is still used in some regions of France .
      the video is very demonstrative .

  12. They say chopping and stacking wood warms you twice…once while you are chopping and stacking and later when it burns in the fireplace. 🙂

    Years ago, we lived in a home where our ONLY source of heat was the fireplace in the living room. So we spent time every summer cutting down trees, chopping, and stacking wood. The fireplace didn’t warm the bedrooms well, so we just bundled up and blanketed up and snuggled up 🙂 to keep warm at night. 🙂

    How wonderful to work with your son Pierre, the wood artist! He is a great helper! 🙂

    I am so glad to know you and Janine will be warm this Winter! 🙂 And while you are enjoying the fireplace warmth and glow, you will think that your hard work was well worth it, Michel! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  13. Thank you Michel for sharing this moment with us.

  14. whyzat says:

    Is Pierre an engineer? He did an awesome job of stacking and taking into consideration his mother’s request. Oh, you did a good job, too, Michel!

  15. You must get a lot of exercise from your garden and all the chores you have to do.

  16. jstnotherday says:

    Yes, your son is truly an artiste… beautifully done.
    You are now well stocked.
    How pleasant for a father and a son to work together this way. 🙂

  17. Yvonne says:

    What a good son to provide the necessary muscles for this demanding task. I hope he received a nice glass of wine at the end.

    Who does the work of keeping the fireplace free of ashes in the winter? That’s hard work too.

  18. mcbery says:

    Cutting and stacking wood is hard work! We just did some of that last night. I didn’t help that much as someone has to be standing around taking pictures! 🙂

    May God bless you with warmth and happiness through the winter. May it be a mild winter for us all!

  19. Peggy says:

    Looks like you are very prepared for the chilly weather ahead! 🙂

  20. AM says:

    Beau travail et l’on entend déjà presque crépiter le feu dans la cheminée 🙂
    Un tout bel hiver bien au chaud chez vous ❤

  21. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…What Awesome children you have, and your wife is pretty special too, as are you!!! ilym

  22. mimiwi2013 says:

    That is a big job done!! When we built our home back in the ’70’s, we had both a natural gas furnace, and a wood furnace. Also a fireplace between our living room and our family/dining room, which was open on three sides in order to warm all the main rooms. Ken had a friend with access to woods. They would go out and take down the trees with a chain saw, cut them into logs, and haul them home. Then Ken and the boys would chop the wood into the size of pieces you have, and stack them near the house by a basement window. Then they would open the window, and pass the pieces down and stack many near the wood furnace, with a few put upstairs by the fireplace. All would be replenished during the winter as needed. A lot of work, for sure. The last couple years we lived there, we had someone deliver the cut wood to the house, like you do. Still a lot of work, but not as much as before. Here, there is just a natural gas furnace, which is much more convenient. You have good, helpful children, just as we do. Love, Nancy and Ken >3

    • Your comment, Nancy, is interesting and what you did at your first house recalls me what my brother in law makes with a farmer, some friend and family. They go to the private forest to cut some trees and chop them . Then they haul the logs at home and stack them . yes it is a big work.
      We use the fire place almost every evening nutil bed time . Si it is warm where we live .
      Love ❤

  23. I see that you are ready for winter and lots of logs for the fire. Ahh, a fire, a nice cup of tea, a good book, and a loving spouse. What more could one want on a cold wintery night? Yes, your cousin an artist in his method of stacking wood. May warmth and happiness live at your home. Love ❤ Marilyn

  24. How are you doing, Michel?
    By the way… 🙂 I blogged about donkeys. 😀
    More HUGS!!! 🙂

  25. Susan Joos says:

    I imagine it is a wonderful feeling to have all that wood neatly stacked for the season ahead! We have had some unseasonably warm days and I have the windows open this evening while my neighbor enjoys a backyard bonfire. I can hear the fire crackling from here! Hard to believe that it won’t be long before the wood fire will be a welcome warmth inside!

  26. Your son did a great job. How wonderful to share this with him. I love a good fireplace or outside fire. I know this wood will come in handy.

  27. L. Gail says:

    An artist at stacking wood. You’ll be warm this winter.

  28. Rachel says:

    You have begun the winter process, and I have not. I need to start soon. The weather is supposed to change quickly. Today is our last nice day for a while. I am so glad your son is helping you! It makes the work more enjoyable. Today I went out and mowed with the reel lawnmower. It is harder to mow since all the rain came this week. Please give my best to Janine.
    Always, Rachel 🌹

  29. It is marvelous that your son was able to assist in this chore! Another set of hands halves the work. We are preparing for the colder weather here too – we removed the air conditioner unit from the window and have put the storm window in place of the screen in the front door… A warm fire makes for a cozy room on a snowy night!!

  30. suester7 says:

    What a neat pile of wood! You are all prepared for the winter, my friend.

    I imagine you and Janine sitting by the fireplace, with a glass of wine in hand and enjoying each other’s company, while the fire keeps you warm in winter. 😌

  31. cocosangel says:

    So, you are now ready for the winter. The pile of woods are very neat. fabulous.

  32. iampeacenow says:

    Hard work and a good stock of wood to see you through cold evenings. peace to you and yours

  33. Steve - notforprophet says:

    Very nice! It’s funny but I wonder: what kind of wood that is and how fragrant is its burning odor ? Is it all from one tree or several? Nice to see you so active!

  34. Connie T says:

    They do not allow fireplaces in most houses where I live. We can have pellet stoves but I wanted a fire place. You have a lot of wood. That will be nice in the winter.

  35. Marion Mansion says:

    Your son has done an excellent job of stacking the logs, Michel! Plenty of good wood to keep the family warm for your winter fire places. 🙂

  36. That is a beautiful pile. So neat and tidy. How long will that much wood last, Michel?

  37. julie essex says:

    What a great job you both have done , All those logs will keep you nice and warm during the winter. We have just had the first coal delivered this week ready for the cold weather

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