Arrivé: un tas de fumier

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Pour une nouvelle aventure ?
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  1. blb1 says:

    You didn’t expect this load?

  2. Doug Thomas says:

    LOL! I’ve experienced similar “arrivals”! I like to think I may not be where I should be but I’m going to get there because I’m pointed in the right direction. Most times it turns out to be true, but I’ve ridden over some pretty isolated roads in a car not meant to be taken over such roads a time or to.

  3. sherazade says:

    Può essere che io sia stupida ma davvero non ho capito !!!
    Un abbraccio ❣️

  4. Histoire récurrente … moins aujourd’hui qu’il y a une décennie. Pour le tas de fumier, il n’aurait pas forcément été un signe d’égarement dans les Ardennes il y a une quarantaine d’années. Bien des villages avaient une très large avenue centrale et certaines des fermes avoisinantes avaient leurs tas de fumier sur l’avenue.
    Belle soirée à Janine et à toi, Michel.

  5. calmkate says:

    lol the GPS nearly sent me on several goat tracks that I may never have escaped on my Nullarbor trip … they would have taken me hours to get thru on super rough tracks. My little hybrid would certainly have got bogged in the bull dust, fine dirt, or lost in a hole!

    I found it wiser to ask humans for directions, especially in WA where only mines and wineries are signposted! No street or town names in the south at all 😦

    Hope this isn’t indicative of you’re recovery 🙂 If you are drawing again things are certainly looking up Michel 🙂 Love to you and Janine.

  6. murisopsis says:

    Hehe! There have been far too many times when the GPS has announced, “Turn left, go off road.” Those are the times when common sense overrides the directions!! A very odiferous destination!

  7. Oh, my! 😮 and HA! 😀 We can all relate to this! 🙂
    I always enjoy your wonderful drawings…and I always look to see if your hat is on the adventure with you, Michel! 😉
    Ack on the GPS…I think wives and children are always good at giving directions! 😉 😀
    (((HUGS))) ❤️ 🙂

  8. Lol. Too many times I argue either GPS bc I know it’s wrong. I don’t know the direction to take but I know it’s telling me wrong.

  9. Lavinia Ross says:

    The GPS sometimes has no idea where it is going! 🙂

  10. judyrutrider says:

    LOL I love Janine yelling out the window.

  11. Haha, Michel. I have been on some pretty wild GPS adventures. I love your cartoon! ❤ It is good to hear from you. I hope you are feeling better. All the best to you and Janine!

    Love ❤

  12. An excellent drawing of your Lost in the Field Michel… I think maybe we have all had some stories on the GPS systems that have gone off track.. 🙂

    Un excellent dessin de votre Lost in the Field Michel… Je pense que nous avons peut-être tous eu des histoires sur les systèmes GPS qui ont dérapé.. 🙂

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