The cat in the wash machine.

Le chat dans la machine à laver
The cat in the wash machine

English version below the pictures


Ma fille aînée Carole (la duchesse) rapporte que, après une bonne chevauchée dans la campagne, elle a fait un peu de lessive et du repassage

                 Carole crossing a ford with his horse Carole traversant un gué avec son cheval

   My oldest Daughter Carole ( the Duchess ) relates that  after a good  horse ride in the country side she did some washing and ironing

Alors qu’elle repassait, elle sentit que quelqu’un la regardait. C’était le jeune chat Maine Coon, Muscat. Où était-il ? Il était à l’aise dans le tambour de la machine à laver comme sur un balcon  regardant à l’extérieur à travers le hublot. Je croyais que les chats n’aimaient pas l’eau. Et  voici ce que je vois un chat heureux dans une machine à laver !!!


  While she was ironing she felt someone looked at her . It was the young Maine Coon cat, Muscat. Where was he ? He was comfortable in the wash machine drum like on a balcony watching outside through the porthole . I believed the chats did not like water . And, here is I see a cat being pleased in a washing machine  !!!

Ce chaton, va partout: sur le canapé, le fauteuil; sur les papiers posés sur  le bureau et bien sûr, il est gâté. Pourquoi être gêné ? . Parfois, son plaisir est de mâcher  la jambe de l’énorme Golden retriever. Le chien le laisse faire. Seule, Grisouille l’autre chat, un adulte , serait quelque peu jalouse. Comme vous le voyez le petit Muscat apporte du plaisir à toute la famille.

muscat-chewing-dafis-leg13932748_316667908669226_3997400592539411587_nThis kitten, goes everywhere : on the couch, the armchair; on the papers on the desk and of course he is spoiled . Why to be bothered ? .  Sometimes his pleasure is to chew the huge Golden retriever’s leg . The dog lets it do . Only, Grisouille the other cat, an adult one , would be somewhat jealous . As you see the little Muscat brings pleasure to all the family .

Cela me fait penser à une expression liée à un couple ayant une discussion violente et criant Nous disons «le chat est dans l’horloge” 🙂 . Alors, prenez garde si vous avez un chat et horloge comtoise 🙂  !! Vous voyez, il y a beaucoup de choses à dire sur nos animaux de compagnie et je suis sûr que vous avez  beaucoup à raconter.


This makes me think of an expression related to a couple having a violent discussion and shouting. We say ” the cat is in the grandfather clock “ 🙂 . So take care if you have a cat and  a grandfather clock !! 🙂 You see there are many things to say about our pets and I am sure you have to say much.

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53 Responses to The cat in the wash machine.

  1. Heartafire says:

    So adorable and such an obliging doggie, that’s what friends are for! Lovely photographs Michel. Your life is fun! ❤

  2. L. Marie says:

    Love the photographs of the kitten and her canine companion. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful post Michel! The cat is adorable.

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Pets make life wonderful. My dogs and horses can calm me on a horrible day.

  5. whyzat says:

    Muscat looks very comfortable in his washing machine. Do you remember the old wringer washers whose crank you turned to squeeze out the water? I think there was a joke about a cat getting its tail caught in one of those. I don’t recall the joke, but I’ll bet that a cat would not find it funny!

    • Hello Dian. I remember very well the old wringer washers and I used them when I was very young but I don’t know the joke about the cat ‘s tail squeezed caught in those . Poor cat! Probably some readers know it and we will be more informed .

  6. blb1 says:

    Beautiful horses and of course the kitten is cute. I miss so much having a cat or two. Can’t snuggle my birds like one can a cat. 🙂

  7. cuteandcurls says:

    Muscat looks very handsome and huggable Michel. Isabella absolutely loves cats especially kittens. Everyday she is always pretending to be a Siamese kitten with me. She drops hints of wanting 2 newborn kittens that she can raise and train to not be scared of water ….i believe she will get her wish someday when we finally have our very own house that has plenty of space for both Isabella and her pets to run around, for now fluffy cats will have to do. She loves collecting fluffy cat dolls..the oldest one that she has belongs to me but now belongs to my madamoiselle, I call her Sooty and shes the same age as Isabella. One day I shall blog about Sooty my black and white fluffy cat. I have finally blogged Michel, hope you can drop by and have a read I decided to stick to my old and very first blog name

  8. puffpop says:

    The animal pictures that you posted are priceless. Wonderful photos and they bring a smile to my face!

  9. Tree says:

    What a cute kitty! we have not yet found our cats in the washing machine, but they do like to climb into boxes and onto shelves. 🙂

  10. Cats seem to love small, enclosed spaces. Whenever I buy something that comes in a big cardboard box, I leave the box on its side, on the floor for awhile, and my cat always comes and gets inside. Such beautiful animals— your daughter’s horses, dog, cat.

    I have always had pets; somehow they make a home richer, and they have much to teach us, about unconditional love.. It’s very sad when you lose them, though. This past year, my Maine Coon cat—20 years old—whose name was “Beau”— died. And one month later, my dog, Chloe, died. It’s like losing members of the family. I now have one cat left—“Hallelujah” is her name, but she goes by “Lulu,” 16 years old and still full of energy. She is a huntress, and she once left a decapitated mouse next to my favorite chair for me to find, first thing in the morning!

    • My neignor’s cats always are staying in my shed where the stacks of wood are and so mice !! The cats are good hunters so we are not invaded by rodents ! 🙂
      I agree with tou Cynthia when you write they give an unconditional love .

  11. cocosangel says:

    Oh I am sure the little Kitty does bring a lot of joy to the family. They know how to charm their way in to our hearts. ❤ ❤
    This kitty looks very cute.

  12. weggieboy says:

    Two of my cats, the late ginger tabby cat Louie and Andy the smoke Persian, liked to get into the drier of my old washer/drier combination machine. I replaced it with another machine that Andy has yet to try out.

    • Thanks for that video of Louie awaking in the dryer .. This video completes the post with Muscat!! 🙂
      I watched also the suggested video . Andy and Dougy are in astonishment in watching the snowfall and the white blanket !!

  13. judyrutrider says:

    If you love cats and want a dog, a Maine Coon is the cat for you. They combine the best of each species into one amazing animal. Of all the cats I’ve served, the two Maine Coons stand out as the ones I still miss to this day. How fortunate your daughter is to have Muscat in her life!

  14. Haha funny cat. Our Bluey likes and dislikes his showers; we don’t have a bathtub so that’s all he can get. Muscat made me laugh. Haha I wanted a Maine coon too! But the long hair would provably bother my allergies. P.S. I did a xanga blog. Can u see it?

  15. AW!!! 🙂 Muscat is a cutie! and a good supervisor! 😀 I love the photo of him hugging the doggie’s leg! SO sweet! 🙂 I wish people would learn to get along as well as our pets do! I can’t imagine life without our dogs, cats, birds, horses, donkeys 🙂 ETC! Thank you for the smiles you bring us here, Michel! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  16. We love our cats and they know it and do what they want when they want. They own us and we let them. Thanks for sharing such cute photos. ❤ Marilyn

  17. What a lovely story told in pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  18. L. Gail says:

    I enjoy your photos of the cats. Kittens are so funny 🙂 I love to watch them play.

  19. I love cats very much. I really love the sweet picture of the cat and dog. Thst’s so cute! I bet it’s fun to watch them together. The cat looks bold for his size.

  20. Susan Joos says:

    What an interesting expression! I have not heard that one here. I suppose because there are not many Grandfather clocks here; but plenty of disagreeing couples! 😉 That kitten is a beauty, and sounds like it has a lot of personality, too.

  21. mcbery says:

    So funny. The cat and the dog. Oh my! Not a place I would choose to nest in. 😛 Love the horses and riders. Someday maybe I’ll buy a horse. Well, I have one or two but they are not good for riding.

  22. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir MICHEL ta fille est une vraie duchesse belle ballade à cheval et j’adore le petit chat avec ses cabrioles

    Ce jour au soir deux étoiles

    Vont tomber du ciel

    Une sera remplit de sagesse

    L’autre sera chargé de tendresse

    Au loin dans le ciel une brille , celle de notre pacte d’amitié

    Je te souhaite une merveilleuse journée ou soirée

    Tiens au passage je te chante une mélodie , celle de mon cœur

    Bisous , Bernard

  23. Larry says:

    How very sweet, Michel – – I love the pictures and the story, and I am glad to hear the kitten is being spoiled! I love animals, both cats and dogs, but especially cats! Adorable!!

    Thank you as well for the kind Thanksgiving wishes, mon ami, we do appreciate it! Hope you and the family are well!


  24. Cath Singapore Girl says:

    What a very interesting expression – the cat is in the grandfather’s clock!
    Is Muscat friendly or shy and cautious?

  25. Carole says:

    Bonjour papa merci pour cette entrée sur est très proche de nous et s entend très bien avec les chiens. Avec grisouille cela s arrange mais ce n est pas les amours… faut dire que Muscat a l art et la manière de s imposer.Le froid revient on va vite rentrer dans l hiver et bientôt rentrer les chevaux qui font du poil……les vacances approchent ouf bonne soirée à tous les deux on vous embrasse

  26. Zakiah says:

    That is so sweet dear Michel. I love the picture of the cat and the Irish Setter. They have bonded so well.

  27. The little Maine Coon is full of mischief! What a funny, comic scene she made! I am sure her sole purpose on earth is to make you laugh and be happy 🙂 One time I found my late cat sitting in the bathroom sink. Who knows what got her in there, but apparently some cats do enjoy water from time to time!

  28. suester7 says:

    What an adorable cat Muscat is! Sometimes, our pets situate themselves in the most unlikeliest of places, don’t they?

  29. Rachel says:

    Cats do seek out every corner of the house.The washing machine is a little dangerous! The new cat that I have apparently has adopted the foot of my side of the bed as her sleeping area. Chyna has blended well with us. She is a good cat.
    Today I am baking up squash to put into freezer bags. I hope to have several to put into the freezer for winter. I have one huge Hubbard and two rather large butternut to bake up this week.
    I hope your week goes well! Always, my best to you and Janine. 🌹

  30. AM says:

    Ça va si on ne met pas le moteur en marche 😉
    De mon côté ai lessivé cet été un bel appareil de photo “Sony” …. Il n’a eut aucune chance et est un modèle d’exposition usé maintenant 🙂
    Amitiés, AM

  31. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! Carole looks very regal on her mighty steed and the cat looks very pleased with it’s self! Perhaps Carole could teach Muscat to fold clothes =) I’ve been out of town recently, our daughter Sarah has a new baby…Elizabeth June…we are in love all over again! Our children and grandchildren give us a hope for a bright future!!! ilym

  32. mimiwi2013 says:

    I do miss having a cat in the house. Ken’s sister said “no pets” when we moved in here. Always had one or two cats around before this. I like the name Muscat—-is that after the muscat wine grape? A few of our cats did like to curl up in the round bathroom sinks on a hot summer day. It helped them stay cool.

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