Early beginnings of Spring?

Les prémices du printemps?
Early beginnings of Spring?

English version below the pictures

Mon cousin René, celui qui parle aux phoques et aux canards, m’a écrit que bon nombre de plantes étaient déjà en fleur dans son jardin. Je lui ai répondu que ce n’était pas le cas dans mon jardin, perce-neige excepté.  Mais quand je dis cela à ma femme Janine  elle a réagi vivement! “Quoi!  Va dans le jardin et tu verras “. J’y suis allé. Non seulement  les perce-neige, mais aussi le crocus sauvage violet et blanc et encore  le cognassier à fleurs étaient fleuris. Et je ne parle  du tapis vert de la pelouse étoilé de pâquerettes !  Je pensais à cette  citation de la  Bible ” Ils ont des yeux et ne voient pas ”


snowdrop and tiny  wild crocus , perce-neige et petit crocus sauvage


flowering quince tree , cognassier du Japon

   My cousin René , the one who talks to the seals and ducks , wrote to me a lot of plants already were blooming in his garden . I answered it was not the case in my garden excepted snowdrop . When I told Janine this she reacted vividly! ” What!  Go in the garden and you well see” . I went. Not only snowdrop but also purple and white wild crocus and also red flowering quince tree were in bloom . And I do not speak of the daisy starry green carpet of the lawn!   I thought of this quote from the Bible “” They have eyes, but they don’t see.”


Les signes du printemps sont déjà là et nous allons bientôt acheter semences et tubercules. Mais la plus récente  fleur est cette  haute grue de chantier jaune qui émerge au  dessus des  arbres en face de notre salle de séjour . C’est une curiosité “botanique” située à 500 m de notre maison (1600 pieds). Cette apporte une touche spéciale au jardin. Non ?
Oui, nous sentons  le printemps, mais M. Hiver est toujours là et il  peut encore frapper


The construction crane , a technolical flower ? La grue de chantire, une fleur  technoloqique?

The signs of spring are already there and soon we will buy seeds and tubers. But the best flower is this high yellow construction crane who is erected above  the trees of the garden . It is a “botanic” curiosity located to 500 m from our house ( 1600 ft ) . This brings a special touch to the garden . No ?
   Yes, we feel the spring but Mr Winter may strike yet

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41 Responses to Early beginnings of Spring?

  1. atzenicarlo says:

    It seems it will be an early spring….according to Phil the groundhog. No shadow to be seen.



  2. jstnotherday says:

    I was able to ‘not see’ the crane, and just see the beautiful green lawn. 🙂
    All is looking so pretty in your world.
    I relate to your last sentence. It is what I was just telling myself yesterday. It felt warm as spring already, but my mind tells me it is February and we have not seen the end of winter yet. This does not happen until March at least. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your blessings. ❤

  3. KB says:

    No flowers, but oddly spring-like here too. But the snow could fall tomorrow. There is still lots of winter left. But, your flowers are heartening. Enjoy!

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Spring feels a ways off here

  5. puffpop says:

    Spring brings hope with the delightful little plants emerging from their nap under the protective cover of snow. There is beauty all around us… How lovely to take the time to discover the joys that do surround us.

    There is a sweet children’s book that I first noticed when I was working as a Children’s Librarian…It is “When the Root Children wake up” I liked it so much , I purchased it for my own library.

    votre amie,

  6. blb1 says:

    I’m afraid spring flowers here have been coming up since Dec. and we certainly are not done yet with winter. I don’t know what will happen to the flowers when the freeze hits.

    • You are right . In January we had a Yucca beautifully in bloom , much too earlier . It was incredible . Two days of frost killed the white flowers that immediately became dead.

  7. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Afternoon, Michel

    My wfie said she saw trees blooming on her walk the other day. We need lots of rain and snow where I live—drought conditions have existed for several years. I checked my yellow rose plant and she has a few tiny leaves showing. Soon my yellow rose will be back in all of her beauty.

    Lovely yard.



  8. Early blossoms on the ornamental tree out front as well as the daphne! Must be Spring trying to come soon ❤ Lovely photos! and Love to all!

  9. cocosangel says:

    You have a lovely garden. And those flowers are fabulous.
    Do you get snow, where you are, Michel?
    Where I am, it is still full of snow. And has been slippery for the past few days.

  10. L. Gail says:

    It was 72 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday! Unbelievable. You have made me look out the front door to see if the crocus is up yet. I see the blades of leaves but no blooms yet.

  11. How beautiful! and How exciting, Michel! I hope Spring sprungs soon! I love to see the new growth in the Spring!
    We had snow on Monday…so it will be awhile before anything starts growing again here.
    I don’t know anyone else who has a crane (machine) in their garden! 😮 Ha! 😛 At first I thought you meant the crane that is a long-legged-long-necked bird. 😀

    I love the crocus…and here is a poem I wrote years ago for a friend who has a lot of depression in the Winter time…

    Like a crocus
    He pushes up
    Through the snow
    To feel the sun
    On his face
    Survived another winter

    ❤ and HUGS!!!

  12. The mornings still feel like Winter here but it is a little Spring-like in the afternoons. 🙂

  13. judyrutrider says:

    I love your optimistic view of early spring. I found my nectarine tree beginning to bloom and nearly wept. It had not yet shed all of its green leaves. Summers here are far too long and I relish every day that I can wear my down jacket. My summer respite is a visit to Michigan which is more like France in climate.
    When we were in Spain we decided that the ciguena (crane) must be the national symbol as every other block in Madrid sported one hovering over its fledgling building.

  14. iampeacenow says:

    You have shared some early spring loveliness with us. It’s always nice to see the colors after winter. peace to you

  15. I wish there were signs of spring where I live. There is still snow on the ground here.

  16. So lovely. It can not make up it’s mind here. Yesterday it was rainy and close to 70 degrees. Today, it’s clear and cold. High 50 with temps lowering by the weekend.

  17. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    as you said, just like a park! I fear that Spring may have to do the job of winter and come in with some cold and snows even but for now many of us are basking in mild times

  18. Marion says:

    Michel, I love your enjoyment of nature! Yes, quite often we go about our lives and don’t actually see the beauty of nature around us – new flowers, subtle changes. 🙂

  19. There is still a lot of snow where I live and there probably will be for at least another month. We are in Mexico now, though, and it is warm and sunny here. We have one more week before we go home and go back to winter.

  20. flowers already!
    I saw some leaves peeking out of the dirt, but then it got cold again.
    It is too early for winter to be done.

  21. marica0701 says:

    We have a quince tree but I don’t think it is blooming yet.

    Nice photos! Take care, my friend!

  22. Larry says:

    Yes indeed, here as well, spring appears to be arriving early – – in fact, all winter has been mild. Bring on the flowers!

  23. onthelastlegofmyjourney says:

    How lovely that Spring has arrived, iris arriving Michel. This is Ruth and I have started a blog here to keep up with friends.

  24. onthelastlegofmyjourney says:

    Hello Michel and if I have already commented please forgive me as I can remember if I did or not. Spring is also on it’s way here also and crocuses are blooming and I love the longer days and moments of sunshine.
    I have started another blog here on wordpress and it is only to stay in touch with friends. I will not be posting there.
    Tim is doing well and it has been a little over a month since his last heart surgery and he has wonderful color to his face now. I am well also.

  25. Zakiah says:

    It will be a long time before spring gets here. We have snow on the ground, and it keeps coming down! I am very envious that you have those beauties already growing in your yard. ❤ ❤

  26. cjjustice1 says:

    Oh Michel ~ You made me laugh -with your Bible quote ” They have eyes, but they don’t see.”
    I am definitely that way at times too. Our weather has been back and forth between winter, spring, and back again. Right now we are having a winter advisory, and a forecast of 100% chance of snow overnight.
    I think it will be quite awhile before we have our spring, but I’ll enjoy seeing your pictures of your spring flowers!
    Love ❤

  27. AM says:

    Un hiver~printemps qui dure … Chez nous aussi les perce-neiges sont arrivées en décembre avant la neige…et continuent à fleurir en février, au milieu de champs de pâquerettes et crocus et entourés de radieux forsythias. – Pour la grue, s’ils ne construisent pas un gratte-ciel, ça va. Sinon, dommage 😦
    Nos amitiés fleuries du pays voisin, AM

  28. Oui c ‘ est un hiver qui est bizarre .On ne sait plus sur quel pied danser ! 🙂

  29. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I had white Iris blooming on New Years Day, of course the freezing weather came a few days later so I cut the blooms and they continued their blooming in a vase for 2 weeks! It was such a delight! Your garden is amazing, to have a crane in your yard is unheard of here =) ilym

  30. Gill McGrath says:

    I hadn’t noticed the crane! Too busy looking at your snowdrops,so beautiful! It must look pretty good from the top of the crane although if you are thinking of climbing it take care! hugs xx 🙂

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