The wind.

Le vent
The wind


English version below the picture 

Lundi 8 février un vent fort soufflait comme une tempête, pliant les arbres, tordant les branches. Nous ne voyons pas le vent, pas du tout, mais nous voyons ses effets (penser à la chute de grue de construction à New York) … La chanson du vent va du rugissement  aux  mélodies les plus variées. Lorsque nous sommes dans un abri dans le jardin et que  nous entendons ce concert nous nous sentons inspirés. Notre corps tremble et notre âme résonne. Nous ne voyons rien, mais on devine quelque chose d’autre. Les croyants pensent à Dieu

D’ailleurs dans les textes sacrés le vent est souvent utilisé en particulier pour parler du Saint-Esprit.

Je pense que je serais capable d’écrire un long post sur les usages du mot “vent”, mais comme le vent mes idées deviennent invisibles. Je vous avoue que j’espère que mes lecteurs ont la gentillesse dans leur commentaire à me rappeler certaines des utilisations de ce mot


 Picture taken in february 2007 . A wepping willow twisted by the wind in front of our house. Un saule pleureur tordu par le vent en face de notre maison.

 Monday February 8 a strong wind was blowing like a storm , folding the trees , twisting the branches . We do not see the wind ,not at all but we see its effects ( think of the fall of construction crane in New York ) … The song of the wind goes from the roar to the more various melody . When we are in a shelter in the garden and we hear this concert we feel inspired. Our body is shivering and our soul resonates . We do not see anything but we guess something else. The believers think of God

Besides in the sacred texts the wind often used especially to speak of the Holy spirit.

I think I would be able to write a long post about the uses of the word ” wind ” but like the wind my ideas become unseen . I confess I hope my readers have the kindness in their comment to recall to me some of the uses of this word.


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42 Responses to The wind.

  1. Sadly the strong wind blew away all my ideas on wind. 🙂

  2. Heartafire says:

    Remember when we raced through blowing wheat fields
    so fast the wind could not catch us. 🙂 wind, personified. Love!

  3. L. Marie says:

    I also think of the Holy Spirit!

  4. judyrutrider says:

    I find wind very unsettling. It agitates the horses, making them nervous and easily startled. My cats, on the other hand, seem to enjoy chasing the leaves and hunkering down in a sheltered spot to watch the spirit activity. My husband wanted me to add that he rather enjoys breaking wind. I reminded him that he is probably alone in his enjoyment even though he insists it’s a compliment to my culinary accomplishments.

    • Probably the wind excites your husband’s olfactive buds with the good smells that it carries. In French there is the expression “:walking nose in the wind ” this means “breaking the wind” in English 😉

  5. blb1 says:

    OH Judy your husband must be related to mine. lol

    Lately the wind here has made 63°F nippy to say the least. Were it not for that I would of been out without a light jacket. 🙂 I’m sorry Michel I have no words to describe the wind, trying to recall a poem about it all I could remember was the poem of “my shadow, goes in and out with me”. Can’t even remember all of that.

  6. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Thanks, Michel. I love the idea of seen affects of wind and God.



  7. Kathy says:

    I like the wind when I am safely indoors. Then I can marvel at its moods and prowess. When outdoors, I feel the wind, especially this time of year.

    • Yes Kathy the wind cradles us when we are inside in a shelter.
      BTW Your name iwas not a link and it is hard for me to find the site where you are working now . I just found Google+ but nothing is recent .

  8. God gives us so many elements to enjoy ❤

  9. mrswrangler says:

    We had bad winds yesterday or today.

  10. The winds are always elusive. We feel them, we hear them, but do we seem them?

  11. Zakiah says:

    When it is windy outside, I hear the music of the flute. Honestly. I see the trees dancing to that music. It is so spiritual.

  12. mimiwi2013 says:

    I think I commented about the different sounds and impressions of the water in the world in your previous blog about your river video. The wind is very similar. I think we all enjoy sitting outside on a warm summer day, and having a gentle breeze blowing to cool us a bit. The other extremes are the high winds that down trees and power lines, and form tornadoes—–causing destruction. Also brings to mind another element—-fire. A fire flickering in a fireplace, keeps us warm and is very relaxing But a forest fire or house fire is the destructive side. You have made me think about these opposite sides of many things. Thank you for this—I need to challenge my mind more often!! ❤ Nancy and Ken

  13. mimiwi2013 says:

    I should also add that through all of these—the good and the bad—-God is always there with us!

  14. jstnotherday says:

    I find that when I am indoors and I hear the winds rise, it causes me to feel anxious.
    When I am outside and I feel the gentle, warm or cool, breeze, I feel in the company of God. 🙂

  15. The wind has always fascinated me…it can be powerful or gentle…helpful or destructive…

    I like feeling a breeze in my hair, against my face. 🙂

    Your post makes me think of “in the wind” meaning something is about to occur…”under the wind” meaning to be protected…”break wind” meaning to pass gas. 😮 😛

    “The wind flicked about a little like the tail of a horse that’s trying to decide what sort of mood it’s in tonight.” Douglas Adams

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  16. mcbery says:

    Yes, the wind in the willows and cottonwoods is a beautiful sound!
    I remember a poem from years ago.
    Who has seen the wind?
    Neither you, nor I.
    But when the trees bend down their leaves,
    The wind is passing by.’
    (May not have it all correctly said but it’s the idea that counts, right?)

  17. puffpop says:

    In talking about God, especially when I was teaching Sunday School. The children would say, “But we can’t see God” I would always answer that we can’t see the wind but we see what the wind does” I think of the wind like “The Holy Spirit” It is there, I know it! I know what it does.

    Very powerful indeed. The wind scatters the seed, Many birds fly on the currents of the wind. Such a powerful force in nature. From a gentle breeze to a destructive hurricane.

    You are always very thoughtful.

    You asked how we are doing…We are “hanging in there” taking it day by day and thanking God for each day of reasonably good health. How are you?

  18. Carlo says:

    The wind and the ocean can do a great dance together..Kind of rock and roll yesrday.

  19. Carlo says:


  20. marica0701 says:

    I like to think about the wind being God moving all around us and through us 🙂

    I hope you are having a good week!

  21. Carolyn says:

    Michel~ I always like your posts. Today I read it to my husband so he could enjoy it also. I also think about the Holy Spirit when I think of the wind.
    I also am fascinated by the wind. I like gentle breezes that toss my hair, the stronger ones that blow a flag, tree’s branches, and grass.
    I remember the most destructive winds I ever experienced when I was a young girl in the Philippines. TYPHOON!!
    Even a breeze can become annoying, (& perhaps funny, especially to other observers) when papers or objects are blown away from someone, and a “mad” chase begins to retrieve them! Even a quick wind can blow out a flame, leaving one in darkness.
    Happy “Winds”-day to you my friend!
    Love ❤
    Carolyn 🙂

  22. mlbncsga says:

    We always told our children to “run like the wind”…I’ll remember Puffpop’s answer in my Sunday School class this week! ilym

  23. Cath aka Singapore Girl says:

    Yes, I thought of the Holy Spirit too. May others see the works of the Holy Spirit in our lives!
    It can be windy where I’m staying. So I can’t wear certain style of skirts. And it’s not common to use or find weights for skirt hem.

  24. julie essex says:

    There is nothing better than being in the house listening to the wind outside. We had plenty of practice this winter as it seems we have had a storm after storm. We may get some snow this weekend as it has been a mild winter. I am looking forward to spring now

  25. OOH! I also thought of “three sheets to the wind”, “a bag of wind”, and “bend with the wind”…I love that last one…I try to be flexible with what life throws my way! 🙂 I especially got to practice that this past year while battling cancer.
    If I think of any more, I’ll be back! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  26. Pat Trotta says:

    Seeing the picture of the weeping willow tree filled me with emotion because I lost mine to an ice storm last winter. It was a majestic tree. So a kind neighbor cut it into firewood and removed it from the property. A few weeks ago, another neighbor who is a landscaper was looking for winter work. I told him he could build me a new garden where the tree used to be. He has been working on it for three weeks now.

    We are trying to decide what to plant in the new garden. I am looking for flowers or small trees that come back every year, and then will add a few annuals. Any suggestions on what to plant would be most welcome. The area gets morning sun and afternoon shade.

    • Come to my mind ffor your new garden:
      perenne shrubs : forsithia, lilac, Deutzia , rose bush., hydrangea
      perenials ; heleborus niger ( christmas rose )Bulbs or tubers: begonia,, dahlias , tulips
      seeds ( or bought ready to plant ) ; pansies , snapdragon, ,
      I hope I bring at least an idea !! 🙂

  27. Sometimes I think of the wind and other times…long winded.back to the wind…I think it depends on the situation I’m in at the time. Hugs.

  28. CLynn says:

    My goodness you are popular!! 33 comments! I am envious. 😀

  29. onthelastlegofmyjourney says:

    Stay safe in that wind. It has been calm here except for the rain and grayness. We had a couple warm, sunny days and now the rain is back and I want sunshine back.

  30. Gill McGrath says:

    Hi Michel. You caught the wind forever so well in the photo. Difficult thing to do when it moves so fast! xx

  31. L. Gail says:

    We have a strong wind today. Not whispering but as a mighty rushing wind.

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