After a walk in the garden

Après une visite au jardin

English version below the pictures

Qu’il est bon après une marche dans le jardin de se reposer, assis au soleil, dans la cour, tout en dégustant par petites gorgées une savoureuse boisson . On ressent une impession de sérénité et on se sentirait presque en vacances

How good it is after a walk in the garden to rest, sitting in the sun, in the courtyard, while enjoying a tasty drink in small sips. We feel an impession of serenity and we almost feel on vacation

Par rapport à ma visite au jardin de la semaine dernière des changements sont apparus . Les ficaires fausses renoncules sont apparues an touffes jaunes et les pâquerettes commencent a former des constellations dans le vert de la pelouse .
Dans le potager j’ ai planté aujourd’hui des tomates et des choux .
Oui , le printemps est bien arrivé !

Ficaire fausse-renoncule ( jaune ) Lesser celandine ( yellow) and Primeroses
constellation de pâquerettes Constellation of daisies

Compared to my visit to the garden last week there have been some changes. False buttercups(  Lesser celandine) have appeared in yellow tufts and daisies are starting to form constellations in the green of the lawn.
In the vegetable garden today I planted tomatoes and cabbages.

Yes, spring has arrived !

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105 Responses to After a walk in the garden

  1. You look very happy sitting outside. I’m glad you’re enjoying spring and a walk in your garden.

  2. Caro says:

    Tu es royal, on t accompagnerait bien 😅les petits plaisirs que l’on aime savourer ..cet apres midi pluies lais ils annoncent un beau week-end. Vivement que l on se retrouve .jd vous souhaite une bonne soirée je vous embrasse bien fort carole

  3. blb1 says:

    As you plant I pulled thistles from my yard. 🙂 My larkspur are growing out of their bed so I may put off having the yard mowed. 🙂

  4. That really sounds inviting! Esp the small sips on the spring garden!

  5. Très belles pensées
    Beautiful ❤

  6. Michel, you look so contented sitting in the sunshine with a cool drink! The flowers are beautiful and inspiring. I walked around my yard this morning and enjoyed watching many butterflies. As you say, It’s spring! 🙂 Good luck with the tomatoes and cabbages!
    Love ❤

  7. Spring has sprung and you are enjoying it. Cheers!

  8. Susan Joos says:

    Perhaps we will look at the garden tomorrow, if we feel better. We just got the second Covid vaccination yesterday. You look so contented that it’s making me want to get out there, too!

  9. A beautiful post Michel. I’m sure what you planted will taste delicious in a few months.

  10. calmkate says:

    yea, the sun warms you as you warm our hearts … keep on smiling Michel!

  11. Lavinia Ross says:

    Tomatoes planted already! It is still too cold whee I am, with clear nights still often below freezing. You look happy Michel. May spring bring all good things to you, Janine and the family. ❤
    – Lavinia

    • Thanks Lavinia for your encouragements with the arrival of the spring . Yes I was happy in the sunshine and in the garden..
      Yes I planted the tomatoes earlier than usual . But it is a try because I stopped to plant tomatoes because the previous years they always get the mildiou . This year i planted early , I risk but it is a try and I planted also in another part of the garden. Wish me luck,.<3

  12. murisopsis says:

    The flowers certainly speak to Spring. I finally had a lone daffodil come up and bloom… I think the squirrels and deer ate the other bulbs! We won’t be putting in the garden until the 2nd week of May here. Our Arugula and kale made it through the winter and are putting out new leaves!

  13. mrswrangler says:

    Enjoy your garden. We have 2 months until the frost danger goes away and we can plant.

  14. judyrutrider says:

    No matter how many springs we have experienced, each new one is experienced as if it’s our very first. Similarly, no matter how many gardens we plant, the one springing up this year is as delightful and any that came before it.

  15. suester7 says:

    You look very satisfied sitting in the garden. Happy for you!

  16. Welcome, Welcome Spring!
    Oh, the beauty that you bring!
    Michel is in the garden soaking in the sun!
    His smile is contagious, bringing joy to everyone! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤
    PS…Best of luck with your veggie garden!

  17. Marion says:

    You look very happy and relaxed, Michel! Lovely photo of you sitting there enjoying your wine. ❤

  18. Doug Thomas says:

    Where I live, the historic last killing frost is the middle of May, and the traditional time to plant tomatoes the last day of May. Of course, any good gardener wants to try to get things planted earlier than that, and many fail! LOL! On the other hand, sometimes they get fresh garden tomatoes a week or two earlier than previous years. That’s the gamble that makes gardening interesting.

  19. puffpop says:

    It’s disappointing when you think that you can safely plant and along comes another frosty night…Even meteorologists with all their fancy equipment get it wrong.

  20. eastgoeseast says:

    Wonderful that spring is coming, and great that you can enjoy your garden with a smile on your face and something nice to drink. A toast to you Michel!

  21. maidyk says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    tu as raison, le soleil change tout ! Tout comme toi, j’ai remarqué les paquerettes qui forment des taches blanches dans l’herbe et en même temps son arrivés aussi les pissenlits , ma hantise .
    Je ne savais pas que l’on pouvait déja planté des tomates , ici en général , on attend le passage des saints de glace en mai.
    bises ! bonne semaine !

    • C ‘ est vrai que je suis fort en avance par rapport à la St Gervais, la St Mamers et St Pancrace les 11, 12 et 13 Mai mais j’ ai risqué ..
      Les pissenlits ? Les avis sont partagés . Mon père cultivaient des pissenlits et quand ils commençaient s ‘étaler il mettait une tuile desssus pour les faire blanchir . C ‘ était les premières salades de pleine terre avec les mâches semées à l’aiutomne précédent. Mais , évidemment des pissenlits qui envahissent la pelouse n’ont rien d’amusant ;
      Un de mes fils fait du vin de pissenlit (isssu de fermentation ) et de bien d’autres fleurs!
      Amitiés à toi, Maidy.

  22. maidyk says:

    Oui Michel, tu fais prendre des risques à tes tomates, car ici une année, tout a gelé un premier mai, Mais parfois aussi cela vaut la peine d’anticiper . Faudrait avoir une serre .
    Oui les salades de pissenlit nous connaissons aussi en alsace, nous en cherchions dans les prés. Parait que les meilleurs, les plus tendres, poussent sur les taupinières. Ma belle-mère disait que cette salade purifie le sang, au printemps.
    En Suisse, nous avons déja goûté aussi au vin de pissenlit, mais cela ne m’a pas laissé un grand souvenir.

  23. Sartenada says:

    Hello Michel.

    Spring has come and to enjoy about it while sun shines with some nice drink, is living full life. Last week we opened our balcony season in the same way. It was a great joy to study how the people have changed their spring clothes and looked happy. Happy new week. Amitiés, Matti

  24. You look very happy and relaxed. Good for you. Hello Spring.

  25. niasunset says:

    Dear Friend Michel, First of all Thank you for your concern and words, I have just met with you blog too. So sorry my blog is private, because of my situation in my country, Because of political/religious attacks… This blog is my private field by writing in English language, this is my freedom… I hope you can understand me. I tried to sent an invitation to you but I need your e-mail, but if you would like to follow me, you can enter my blog and you can make a request, if you have already did, please make again, I would be so happy to see you in my blog too, be sure, we have always a cup of tea for you, Thank you, Love, nia

  26. marica0701 says:

    Oh wow, you have already planted tomatoes and cabbages? We haven’t even gotten our little greenhouse box into the ground yet to warm up! (We’re expecting snow on Thursday!) I enjoy seeing the new growth and life in your gardens.

  27. LGail says:

    We have to wait for a little longer to plant here at our home, until mid May. Our weather has been crazy lately. It has been nice then the forecast says snow for Thursday.

  28. neilc693 says:

    Les belles fleurs! Je me demande, qu’est-ce que tu bois. 🙂 Maintenant voit on ici une petite fleur bleue qui développe comme un tapis. Je crois c’est Scilla sibirica. Je les aime particulierement ! Mais beaucoup sont étrangers :

    • I don’t have Scilla siberica, Neil . In blue flowers we have Muscari, violets and some hyacinths at this time .
      But I would try to gtr Scilla . Thanks for the recall .
      About my drink it was a small glass of beer! 🙂

  29. neilc693 says:

    Fleurs bleues—le bleuet (Centaurea cyanus), la jacinthe (Hyacinthoides non-scripta), . . . toutes sont merveilleux! Novalis avait le “blaue Blume” comme motif spirituelle.

    Proche de moi l’Uni a un champ où les horticulteurs reconstruisent la prairie chaque année. Ils sèment bientôt. Je l’anticipe—à côté des plantes, beaucoup des insectes intéressants se trouvent la, papillons, libellules.

    • Thanks, Neil, for the recall about Novalis and his blue flower symbol of the Romanticism and spirituality.. I suppose the Uni’s lawn they try to sow the species that should grow on this soil and with this climate spontanously to make again the ecosytem.

      • neilc693 says:

        So much of the true habitat everywhere is replaced now, but more recently it is fashionable to plant native species and encourage pollinators . . . I can’t complain, yet I do wonder, does the resulting patchwork make much difference?

      • In the far past, Neil, I did research in ecology, in particular the links between plant groups and the composition of the soil in a given climate. It seems to me that instead of directly planting plants which are an evolutionary term of the plant group for this soil, it would be better to start by sowing or planting plants of initial or intermediate plant groups.

      • neilc693 says:

        Joyeuses Pâques!

        I remember you are an ecologist. Now you make me think: I’m pretty sure the horticulture people use the plot for a teaching project, as well as a community feature, and the intent is to recreate the historic habitat. But I wonder how they select the species.

      • The vegetal species are linked to a type of soil and to the climate . For a type of soil and climate you have an vegetal association : a group of species .This has been studied and this science is called phytosociology. So when you have a type of soil and climate you must have a vegetal group , known.
        I studied this in 1963/64 with the university of Lille but I did not continue. And now I forgot like many things ! 🙂
        ps : the ecology was a part of my studies . I am agrégé of natural sciences (Botanic, zoology and geology) but all of this is very far away!!

  30. You look so content Michel, and those little sips, brilliant way to unwind after working hard and surveying your garden..
    I relaxed on my Patio yesterday afternoon after a long mornings work in the allotments… I will have to piece together a Garden blog… Now I feel more like doing so…
    Happy Spring to you both my friend 🙂 💚💛💚

  31. Zakiah says:

    yes, taking a rest after a walk in your amazing garden is so justified and having a few sips of your favorite drink to top it all. Beautiful grounds of yellow and white in your garden Michel. I love visiting your garden.

    • Yes , Zakiah at this time yeallow and white are frequent . But we have to not forget the blue of Hacinths and Muscaris . And now some red tulips start to enjoy our eyes ! 🙂
      The garden is a pleasure , a place where we engjoy to be .
      Love ❤

  32. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Bravo, le printemps est bien arrivé!!! Et tu as planté des tomates et des choux.
    Joyeuses Pâques, Michel!

  33. maidyk says:

    bonjour Michel,
    oui, j’ai pensé de suite à tes tomates en voyant la neige, mais faut avouer que le temps incitait au jardinage ! mon mari avait planté des plants de courgette dans un grand bac sur pied, avec le couvercle, il les pensait protégés , mais depuis hier, ils sont dans un triste état.

    • Je devinee qu’il a dû bien geler car j’ avais protégé chaque pied de tomate par une sorte de cloche en plastique. Cela est loin d’avoir suffi. En clair je n’ ai plus de tomate . Il me reste peut-être les choux ,?? Est-ce possible ‘à mon âge d’avoir encore cettte témétrité , ???? ❤

  34. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour merci de ta visite bisous amitié BERNARD

  35. Monica Singh says:

    Loved reading your post. A couple of months back, I’ve got an inclination towards the French language and have been on the lookout for posts that would help me strengthen my efforts in French. Thank you for sharing the post where I can read in French and understand what I have read in English. Bookmarking this blog and looking forward to more stories from your end.

  36. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    I always love pictures of your wonderful garden! I hope your drink was rejuvenating!

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