Road memory/ Janine birthday

oUn souvenir de la route 
Road memory

English version below the picture

A lire les voyages en camion de Mne Wrangler un souvenir de mes voyages sur la route m’ est revenu.

Il était une fois sur la route du retour un soir d ‘ hiver , il y a quelques années , je roulais dans la campagne . Il pleuvait à seaux sur la route étroite et le vent soufflait fort .
Soudainement je me sentis défaillant .J ‘ avais un besoin urgent à satisfaire  J ‘ arrêtais l ‘ auto sur le bas – côté le long du fossé  près des buissons bordant la route . Je venais de sortir de la voiture quand un gros camion passa près de moi me projetant de la boue sur le manteau . Un souffle énorme m ‘ enleva le chapeau de la tête . Il s ‘ envola dans la nuit noire je ne sais où ……. Je fis ce que je pus dans l ‘ obscurité . Je le recherchais dans l ‘ herbe mouillée du bas – côté , autour de la voiture , dans le fossé . Rien ! Plus de chapeau . mes cheveux étaient collés par l ‘ eau sur mon crâne . je me sentis en perdition . Quelle tristesse ! Je venais de perdre mon chapeau dans la nuit noire .
Je rentrai dans la voiture . Je restai là un bon moment , arrêté , choqué , trempé …. Je regardais machinalement au loin devant moi . Soudain dans la pale lumière de la voiture , je vis , non loin , une sorte de surface luisante . Elle ressemblait à une flaque . Dans le milieu il semblait y avoir une forme sombre comme une île . Que pouvait – être cette île sombre ? Intrigué , je me soris péniblement de la voiture pour me diriger vers cette forme étrange . La surface luisante était bien une flaque . Et l ‘ île dans le milieu ….ETAIT MON CHAPEAU  !

2017 route chapeau dans l' eau
At reading the travels in a truck related by Mrs Wrangler a memory came to my mind .

 Once upon a time on my way home during a winter ‘ s evening  many years ago , I drove in the open country . It was raining hard on the narrow road . The wind was blowing strongly . … 

   Suddenly I felt faint .I had a need to satisfy urgently  I stopped the car on the roadside along the ditch , by the bushes bordering the road . I had just got off my car when a big truck passed fastly next to me . It threw mud to me on my coat . An enormous blast picked my hat off my head . The hat flew in the dark night , wherever ….. I did what I could in the darkness . I looked for it in the wet roadside grass , around the car , in the ditch . Nothing ! No hat ! My hair was stuck on my skull by the water . I was perishing ! What a sadness ! I had just lost my hat in the dark night . 

  I got into the car . I stayed there during a long time , stopped , shocked , soaked ……I watched mechanically forward in front of me . Suddenly in the unclear light of the car , I saw no far a kind of glossy surface . It looked like a puddle . In the middle it seemed there was a dark shape like an island . What was that shady island ?     Intrigued I laboriously got off my car again and went towards the strange shape . The glossy surface was well a puddle . And the island , in the middle ….WAS MY HAT !


Dimanche dernier 3 Décembre était aussi l’ anniversaire de Janine . Deux filles sont venues en apportant le repas , en surprise. Notre petite-fille Julie était là aussi avec            l’ arrière petit-fils Elliot. Notre fila aîné vint dans l’ après-midi.

Julie, Veronique Carole holding Elliot and janine

Last Sunday  Décember 3th it was Janine ‘ s birthday. Two daughters Carole and Véronique came by surprise with a meal . Our granddaughter  Julie came too with Ellliot the great grand son . Our oldest son came in the afternoon.


Advent wreath ( first Sunday) Photo taken at church.

Dimanche dernier était aussi le premier Dimanche de l’Avent.
Last Sunday was also the first Sunday of the Advent time .


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82 Responses to Road memory/ Janine birthday

  1. I’m glad you were kept safe! Blessings to you and your family Michel.

  2. Gracia says:

    Hope Janine had a very happy birthday, and the next year will be a good one. Also glad you found your hat. Hats are very important to lots of men. My husband was the first missionary the Africans had seen who wore a cowboy hat and boots. I think he became kind of a legend at that time.

  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    I am glad you made it home safely from your adventure with the truck, Michel. And a Happy Birthday to Janine! A wonderful family gathering in her honor. ❤

  4. Chapeau, Michel, et chapeau également pour l’illustration.

  5. blb1 says:

    I am sure it wasn’t funny fishing your hat out but I couldn’t help but grin Michel.

    Happy Birthday to your dear wife.
    The advent wreath is pretty. Our previous church had families lighting a candle each Sunday. So far in the present church pastor. He probably didn’t have time to line up families. 🙂

  6. mrswrangler says:

    Glad I inspired this story. Glad you found your hat.

  7. weggieboy says:

    A belated Happy Birthday wish for Janine! The hat story was a bit of serendipity, especially in such nasty weather!

  8. Oh, no! What an adventure! Poor you and poor The Hat! 😮 😦 Glad you both ended up being safe!

    Mrs. Wrangler does share some adventures with us! I enjoy her blog so much! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to Janine! What a wonderful celebration! 🙂

    The advent wreath is beautiful! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and ❤ 🙂

  9. suester7 says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh as I read of your adventure of losing — and then finding — your hat. Glad you found it.

    Happy belated birthday to Janine!

  10. Zakiah says:

    So happy you found your hat Michel. Too bad that the driver of the truck did not slow down when he saw you. What a shame that you ruined your good clothes, and got the hat wet.
    Blessings of the season to you and yours. happy birthday to Janine. That was my father’s birthdate too.
    He would have been 113 years old!

  11. puffpop says:

    That was a scary adventure but happy that you survived to tell the story…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Janine.

  12. mcbery says:

    Oh no! Sounds like a soaking time. Love the drawing and the story. 🙂
    One of my grandsons has a birthday on that day too.

  13. AM says:

    Un anniversaire joliment entouré d’enfants de toutes générations ! Meilleurs voeux à Janine !

    Et puis, pour l’histoire, heureusement qu’elle eut une belle fin. On a quand même un peu froid en la lisant …

    Amitiés de Nidau au temps de l’Avent, AM

  14. AM says:

    Etions le même jour en famille à Zürich fêtant les 6 ans d’Adrien et les 3 ans de Sonia. De beaux enfants également. Vive la famille !

  15. Susan Joos says:

    I always enjoy your drawings & stories; your hat had quite an adventure! It occurs to me that you could make quite a cute book for the youngest members of the clan; “The Adventures of Michel’s Hat”.

    Happy belated birthday to Janine! How lovely to have dinner come to you – and children, too!

    That is the most beautiful wreath…!

  16. Happy Birthday to Janine and glad you had a wonderful family day. Michel…..glad you found your hat so many years ago. 😀 Enjoy the Christmas season that is fast approaching and the meaning of Christmas. ❤ Marilyn

  17. cocosangel says:

    Please wish a belated Happy Birthday to Janine. I am sure it was nice to see her children and great grandson…
    I have had the same experience, of going into a ditch in the winter. Both me and my husband were going to work early morning, and while taking exit, the car went straight to the ditch. There was no way we could get the car out.
    So we called for assistance, and had pay to the driver to get the car out of the ditch. There was a huge traffic, behind our car as no-one could go pass it. Anyway, after that we went to work.

  18. I’m so glad you found your hat. Our dear friend Michel MUST have a HAT! Happy birthday to Janine and many blessings to you all for a wonderful Christmas. God bless you!


  19. whyzat says:

    Unpleasant adventures make good stories of we survive them! I’m glad you found your hat, but I suppose it needed some cleaning before you could once more cover your head with it!

  20. I like your story though I am sorry you were so miserable. I am glad you found your hat. 😉
    Happy Birthday to Janine. I’m glad family could come.

  21. Rachel says:

    Memories can take us down many trails. I am glad, in the end, you found your hat.
    Happy birthday to Janine! So many birthdays I December, including mine!
    The candles and lamps are lit tonight. It becomes so dark at 5:00 PM that it seems bedtime at 7:00. I try to put it off until 8:00. I am looking forward to the longer days already!

  22. I hope that Janine had a very happy birthday! It sounds very lovely to have family there!

    Were you able to clean your hat so that it was wearable again? It sounds like you were out in a terrible storm!

  23. I’m glad you survived that night. It must be a bit frightening driving in a storm on a narrow road. It’s a good thing you got your hat back too.

  24. Julie E says:

    Lovely to hear your memory of the past :-). It looks like we are going to have a very cold weather over the next week , so you might get snow. What a lovely celebration Janine had for her birthday

  25. attatudy says:

    That’s a great memory, Michel. I think everyone may have a similar one. Once hiking i had to climb a very high hill to be out of anyone site to relieve myself. I was on a hiking trail. Once on top the hill it was very open but out of anyone’s view… or so I thought. While i was in the position a helicopter flew over me and circled me.. watching. HOW humiliating.

    • I bet the helicopter brought you your lunch o eat at the top of the hill, Tudy! 🙂 🙂 But I understand you were disppointed since you wanted to be alone . So many efforts for nothing! 🙂
      Love ❤

  26. marica0701 says:

    Happy belated birthday to your lovely wife Janine! And the Advent wreath is so pretty!

  27. Happy belated birthday to Janine 🙂 All the best for this holiday season ❤

  28. jstnotherday says:

    The adventure’s of Le CHAPEAU are back!
    The sketch and the story are wonderful. 🙂
    Janine is so wonderfully loved. ❤
    Your advent wreath is beautiful. I am sad because mine is in storage this year and too difficult to locate. 😦 I am lighting each candle in their turn anyway, but I can only do one and only for as long as I wish to hold it…. long enough to say a prayer.
    Many seasons blessing to you and yours,

  29. Marion Manson says:

    I can just imagine the experience of your hat flying off, Michel! I really love your drawing. 🙂 A very happy birthday 🎂 to Janine!

    • Yes I was shocked by the blast and seeing his hat disappears in the night was a true dispair. i was happy to find it again even in a puddle . Thank you,Marion for your compliments for my little sketch.

  30. fauquet véronique says:

    Mon père, ce philosophe ! Cette histoire amusante nous rappelle à tous que le rire est salvateur et peut nous aider à traverser les épreuves de la vie quotidienne !
    Bravo Papa !!!

  31. L. Gail says:

    The hat story was a good one. I enjoy your memories.
    Happy belated birthday to Janine !

  32. Happy birthday and birthweek to Janine!

  33. How are you doing this week, Michel?
    I hope all is well!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  34. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon ami MICHEL bon anniversaire à ton épouse j ai aimé l’envol de ton chapeau
    Juste un sourire pour toi
    Je le laisse sortir de mon cœur
    C’est un sourire en douceur
    il va éclairer ton visage

    Je le partage avec tous mes amis amies
    de celui ou celle qui le reçois
    peu importe son âge
    il le rendra heureux ou heureuse
    Alors pour toi mon ami amie

    je te fais encore un beau sourire
    pour te souhaiter une bonne journée ou soirée



  35. An entertaining anecdote Michel! I recall my complete astoshment upon arriving in Europe to find it not uncommon to see someone relieving themselves at the roadside. Here that would be cause for arrest . Eventually I got used to it. No big deal. I hope Janine had a lovely birthday. It really sounds like it. Much love to you. Btw, what is THE Loire? 😊❤️

  36. I love that story, and your illustrations always add so much! I hope Janine had a very happy birthday. That is a beautiful wreath! God bless you and yours this blessed season!
    Love, Caroline

  37. Cath aka Singapore Girl says:

    I feel that the finding of the hat might have brought some comfort. Thankfully the incident can be remedied by a nice hot shower.

  38. Barbara Lenhard says:

    I love your lost hat story! Do you stil have the hat?
    A belated Happy Birthday to beautiful Janine. 🎂💞🍰

  39. onedanyankee says:

    Knowing how much I love a good hat, once I’ve found one I like, I think I can understand a little of your distress at losing it, then your happiness to find it again, in whatever condition it might have been in. It has been a long time, friend, since I’ve read your blog, and once again, as always, your stories, pictures and drawings are a joy. Please give Janine our warmest wishes for a belated Happy Birthday!

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