Elliot takes after his grandmother

Elliot tient de sa grand-mère Carole
Elliot takes after his grandmother Carole


English version below the pictures

Voici la photo de notre arrière patit-fils Elliot. Il a presque 4 mois. Son  regard est  vif et il se redresse très bien.

2017 Elliot 4 mois

Elliot, fin Novembre 2017

Here is Elliot our great grandson . he is almost 4 months old. He has a keen look and he raises  his head very well.

Sa grand-mère Carole ( notre fille aînée nous a texté un messageà propos de cette photo : ” J’ ai toujours été ” speed “, il a de qui tenir ! Du sang ce n’ est pas de l’ eau ”  signifiant par là qu’ Elliot avait reçu une certain nombre de ses gènes , les meilleurs naturellement!

2017 Carole chevauchant

Carole horseback 2017

His grand mother Carole , our oldest daughter,sent to  us a phone message about this photo: “ I always have been “speedy” , he takes after me !  “Blood! this  is not water” she says ,meaning  Elliot got some of her genes.( the best of course ! )

Quand Janine reçut ce message elle ouvrit l’ album de 1962 quand Carole est née. Voici une photo de Carole à 6 semaines . Spécialement éveillée , non ?

1962 Carole 6sem

Carole 1962

When Janine got this message she opened the album of 1962 when Carole is born . Here is a photo of Carole when she was 6 weeks old . Especially vivid , no ?

Et une autre photo à 4 mois : toujours curieuse et regardant autour d’elle !
Mais laissons Elliot, la jeune pousse, grandir  pour confirmer.

1962 Carole 4 mois

Carole 4 months old 1962

And another one when she was 4 months old . Always curious and watching around

But let Elliot the young sprout grow up to confirm !

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64 Responses to Elliot takes after his grandmother

  1. Wonderful, thank you for sharing about your beautiful family.

  2. Lavinia Ross says:

    Elliot does look like Carole. The photos are so precious, Michel! Carole is quite interested in her surroundings at 6 weeks old!

  3. blb1 says:

    Look at that! Beautiful red hair I see too. 🙂

    btw I did write yesterday and put the tree image in.

  4. weggieboy says:

    Elliot definitely takes after his mother!

  5. Elliot is attentive, intelligent, happy, beautiful…just like his grandma Carole! 🙂 So sweet! 🙂 Won’t be long and grandma Carole will have Elliot up on a horse! 🙂
    HUGS to both of them and HUGS for you, Michel! 🙂

  6. jstnotherday says:

    Wonderful photo’s Michel! Amazing to see the photo’s of your daughter Carole from the 1960’s. Glimpses into the past fascinate me. 🙂
    Carole on horseback always amazing to see… so majestic.

  7. puffpop says:

    Time goes by far too quickly. Our children’s gift to us is our grandchildren and already…great grandchildren. There is a resemblance and it brings back memories that seem like only yesterday.

  8. Gayle Smith says:

    Boy he sure does look like his grandma!!,,,I don’t have any great grandkids yet…just 4 grandsons!!

  9. carole Fauquet says:

    Merci Papa pour cette entrée ,je suis fière de mon petit fils et contente de revoir ses photos ….j’ai pas pris une ride mdr….bonne soirée on vous embrasse

  10. Yes, great grandson has his grandmother’s genes. What a wonderful baby. Love the red hair. Thank you for sharing such a precious photo. ❤

  11. Julie E says:

    Wonderful photos ~Michel , I have to say that Vincent looks very much like me. Its great that our genes and ways can be passed on to our children and grandchildren

  12. Susan Joos says:

    It’s always fun to spot familial similarities! Amazing of Carole to have been so aware (and strong) at just 6 weeks! The two photos at four months certainly share similarities – it will be fun to see if it continues!

  13. Congratulations to your whole family on the wonderful gift of baby Elliot! He looks like he will be a bright and interesting child who will keep everyone on their toes!

  14. Oh I loved seeing the baby pictures of Carole!!! So sweet, babies are a joyful gift from God! Thank you for sharing them and the memories of her curiosity!!!🤗😘😉with lots of love ❤️ Angela and I love your comments on Facebook. I don’t spend a lot of time there; I just post on Instagram and then share to FB. Haha 😂 xx

  15. L. Gail says:

    I see that Carole and Elliot both have the red hair. I have children with red hair and my husband had red hair…but he has none now. Beautiful family!

  16. Isabel Capillas says:

    Carole and her grandson Elliot truly resemble each other 😀. Elliot is so cute and adorable😊😊😊.

  17. I think your great grandson will be a very active baby! You’re going to be tired chasing after him.

  18. Marion Manson says:

    Beautiful photos of Carole as a baby, and grandson, Elliot! The little fellow certainly appears to taken after his grandmother! ❤

  19. L. Marie says:

    Elliot looks like Carole! He is adorable.

  20. mcbery says:

    Yes, they do look alike! So nice that you have great grandchildren and are able to enjoy them. 🙂
    May God bless you as you grow through life together!

    Till next time my friend. 🙂

  21. Barbara Lenhard says:

    Young Elliot is adorable and does resemble his grand mother. What a joy to have another sweet little one to love and enjoy

  22. cjjustice1 says:

    Hi Michel. The resemblance in Baby Elliot and Carole are definitely there! They both have such strength and are so very alert! Do they get that from both you and Janine? Again congratulations to you all on this precious grandson and great grandson!!


  23. He is a beautiful boy. Congratulations.

  24. Thanks for this pleasant start to my day, Michel. Such photos! Merci beaucoup.

  25. I am glad , Cynthia, this humble entry pleases you.

  26. suester7 says:

    Am finally catching up my reading of your blog posts. This is a lovely entry — Elliot is adorable! He is smiley, bright and inquisitive. He has good genes indeed!

  27. Zakiah says:

    So glad to see your great grand son. How lovely that Janine had similar pictures stored in the albums. Thank you for sharing them here.

  28. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Happy birthday to Janine, although it is a little late! How wonderful she got a surprise party! And so heartwarming to hear about your great grandson. He does look like Janine, and he also takes after his mother’s vivaciousness! Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and memories.

  29. Oh these are gorgeous pictures and beautiful people. You are blessed. Love ❤️ Holly

  30. Your great grandson is adorable. Love the photos. Family is so special. He does favor Janine 😉 hugs.

  31. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…I am again trying to catch up on my pleasure reading, and this was very pleasurable indeed. ILYM

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