Remembrances of friendships past

Yesterday in decluttering my personal  office I found a Canadian newspaper”the Toronto star” of Saturday,December 29,2001 in which I was pictured . Here is the story:

An old letter in a wallet .

In 1944 an intrepid 11 years old french boy welcomed with enthusiasm the Canadian army freeing the north – west coast of France where he lived . A gun battery located no far from his family home shot at the Cap Gris Nez , fortress where the Germans resisted . He wanted to participate , to have a comrade soldier and to live like a little soldier among the guns . He succeeded and he was proud to have a grand protective comrade . Then the Canadiens left for Holland . He was sad . A correspondence has been after the war until 1948 . But his last letter had not answer .

The Canadien soldier had kept this last letter in his wallet and at the spring … 2000 he asked his children to try to find the ” young ” French . They did and found him . A regular correspondence via the Internet during 1 1/2 year with the soldier ‘ s eldest daughter allowed to find again the friendship links in the new context , 56 years later .

At the end od December 2001 the ancient boy of 1944 crossed the Atlantic Ocean in order to be there at the canadian soldier ‘ s 60th wedding anniversary at the eve of New Year . It was a huge surprise for him orchestrated by his daughters . The two comrades ” in arms ” found again each other through in an inexpressible emotion .

The young boy of 1944 , it was me .

2001 Lettre dans un portefeuille

The letter that I sent in 1948 to Douglas Bible; Canadian soldier known in 1944

  • I had a comrade ….

In 1944 I was 11 years old and I lived in Marquise , little town situated between Boulogne – sur – Mer and Calais near France ‘ s northwest coast and particularly near the Cape Griz – Nez transformed by Germans in a dangerous fortress threatening Britain with big guns . My father was a worker in a factory and my mother remained at home , what it was frequent at this time . I was the only one child of the family .

During the War the school was occuped by germans , so we went to the elementary school half every day in a little house . With my friends we had a half – wild life and we played in the grazings differents kinds of games often warrior games . We did not like Germans at this time . Not only they were the envaders but they appropriated all goods . We had nothing . Very little to eat . My mother Marthe had to make clothes , sometimes bread and even…soap ! My father Emile resoled  shoes with bits of old tires . Fortunatly he had a friend , farmer in a next village . He helped him during his short holidays at the fields works and at the harvest ( works with horses ) . So we got some potatoes , pork , eggs and butter but not too much . My father was not a soldier . He had been called to remain in his factory which made arming and shells , if I well remember . He had not given his gun and his radio post as the Germans asked . So we listened to BBC ( British radio ) in French every night during all the war what it was strictly not allowed by Germans with the risk to be deported in Germany .

May and June 1944 were terrible months . Americans and Englishmen bombed huge areas all around us . The town of Boulogne – sur – mer was completely destroyed . Allied hoped that Germans would think the landing of american, english and canadian forces would have here , in north . Besides , Germans were building very important tubes under chalk hills in a village near Marquise called Landrethun in order to shoot missiles at England , especially at London . So , many big american bomber planes that we called ” flying fortress ” always bombed the Landrethun ‘ s area . American planes always were staying high in the sky to avoid the German anti – aircraft defence and threw their bombs moreless approximatively . One of them reached the objective from time to time but they reached anything else . My grand parents lived in Landrethun .

  One night my grand parents and their three last children heard the planes come in . They got up immediately and ran away to the shelter they had dug in the garden to about 25 meters from the house . As soon as they were in , they heard a terrible thunder . They were frightened to death . My youngest aunt ( Yolande ) went out of the shelter when the quietness was restored and shouted : ” Mom ! we have no more house ! There is nothing more ! ” At the place of the house there was a huge crater . The bomb was just fallen on the bedroom where they were just before . No more house , neither furnitures nor clothes ! Nothing ! At the far end of the house the roof of the cowshed was fallen on the four cows that were crying , their spinal column was broken . Germans brought them for butchery . My grand father became sick and died the next year .

My father built with other people a  kind of ” cottage ” for them, in reality a shack containing only one big room with wood taken up from german positions . Germans indeed were more and more running away but not all of them . The  Cape Gris – Nez  remained a dangerous fortress where they resisted . And , at last , the canadian army arrived in Marquise ( September 1944 ) . French people were in the streets congratulating the soldiers and fraternizing wih them . But , as soon as Canadiens were there , german guns , turned inland , shot us from the Cape Griz Nez . Peace was not there yet .

The canadian artillery arrived and shot the Cape Gris nez .  A battery was at the end of the street where my grand parents lived in Landrethun . I used to drive my bicycle from Marquise to Landrethun where my father built a shack for my grand parents and since the canadian battery was nearby I always was with the soldiers and looked at how the guns were working . At this time I was an intrepid  boy probably . I was proud to be among these soldiers who freed us and fought against ennemy for us . I had the impression to participate . I wanted to have a friend among these soldiers . I was a little the troop ‘ s kid . Quickly I fraternized with Douglas . He was kind and protected me strictly because I was not very prudent and even not at all . He was a straight man and I felt that . I don’ t remember how we understood each other since I had not learned English yet and he had some remembrances only about French .  Some words were sufficient probably . He was my comrade soldier that I was happy and proud to get . I wonder now how I could enter the battery . I asked someone ” Is Dougles there ? ” . If he was there I entered and wandered in the camp . From time to time we talked . We talked about the war ( I was informed ) , about his wife and also my family .

My parents invited Douglas for a meal at home in Marquise .I took him at his battery in landrethun and we walked and rode in bicycle along a lane between big marble quarries . My parents had put on the table a dusty bottle of wine to honour him . I wondered where they have had this bottle since we had nothing . I think it was a bottle remaining from my first Holy Communion Day in previous June . It must be carefully hidden .

One day I went to Landrethun . The battery was gone and also my comrade .

56 years later .

After the sudden departure of the canadian battery in 1944 ( see the precedent entry ) I felt sadness and emptyness . My father took pictures of me at the places where I used to talk with Douglas . I held a placard where his name was written , a child ‘ s idea to mark his presence . I sent those pictures to his address in Toronto ( Ontario ) in Canada . There was a correspondence but the answers were unfrequent and stopped in 1947 .

Then life undertook to busy me with studies , again studies , always studies , military service including a part of Algerian war , marriage , heavier and heavier activities in teaching , six children . In September 1994 I was retired and I have not seen time running away . Now , the young boy of 1944 was become the root of a family containing 23 persons . Family , gardening , music , spirituality took a large place in my retired gentleman ‘ s life .

One day , on the 22 May 2000 I received a letter from the Douglas ‘ eldest son : ” My name is Mike Bible and I am a teacher in Canada . I am trying to locate the Michel Fauquet who used to live in Marquise ( Pas de Calais , France ) a long time ago . My father Douglas B …. met him and his family when he was in France near the end of the second world war . If you are that Michel , please email me and let me know or write a letter to the adress below ….. “ .

What a choc ! Suddenly I was caught again by my youth , by an almost disappeared world , by the History ! It was vertiginous . What it was latent at the bottom of my memory brusquely lived again like the old pictures of 1944 at the botton of their wooden chest . I saw again all things . I had forgotten nothing . Douglas was well present in my memory . He had contributed with my parents and others at the construction of my personality . How would I have been able to forget him ? I wondered why he had been waiting for 56 years to search me . But for him also , life should have been very busy .

Whatever it was a wonderful story . So , as soon as I answered by e.mail to the eldest son in sending the same famous pictures sent at the war II end . But I specified I was not good in English language and I heard very badly the spoken English . Then I was very surprised to have to wait again about three months before to have an answer . I began to wonder . I wondered also how to do for re – etablishing links between two personalities who had been so much evoluting during more an half – century . Fortunatly in August 2000 an energetic woman , the Douglas ‘ eldest daughter , Lynn , handled the situation .

2001Canada Lynn

Lynn Burnett , Douglas ‘ daughter and I  ( December 2001)

    Friendship always was there .


…….Her brother Mike left for Bogota and her father Douglas being a bad writer , Lynn decided to handle the situation . On the 13 th of August 2000 she sent me an e.mail that began a correspondence over one year and half . We learned each other the Douglas ‘ family life and the mine . At Christmas 2000 we exchanged videotapes of the feast in the two families .


During the year 2001 Beverly , the Douglas ‘ wife had to remain 6 months at the hospital after a surgery . After the operation the situation became very serious with unpredictable consequences . During this critical phase Lynn and even her husband Wayne kept me informed by a daily e.mail as for a family member . Step by step I felt myself in solidarity with this family so well gathered around their parents .


At the Eve of the New Year 2002 it was their 60 th wedding anniversary . Fortunatly Beverly was healed . Lynn suggested to me to come . I accepted . The surprise was revealed to Douglas only at Christmas . ” Michel will arrive in two days , on the 27th of December ” . What a surprise ! And what a surprise also to see Toronto Star ‘ reporter and cameraman that were waiting for my arrival at the Toronto airport to relate in their newspaper the meeting between a canadian Vet and the French boy he knew in France in 1944 . The newspaper ‘ s picture will show very well the spontaneity of the meeting .


I was welcomed by Lynn and Wayne and by other family members like a choosen brother held in great affection with also some friendly taisings ( practice of cooking , of …crocheting ! ! ! Horror ! I am completely unable for this last activity in spite of the efforts of my terrible teacher Lynn  )


What about my relation with Douglas and his wife Beverly ? After a correspondence over a year and half I knew the Douglas 2001 and him knew I was no more the boy of 1944 but a mature man at least . However the incredible thing arrived . I felt inside for him , and also his wife now , the same franck friendship mixed with respect as in 1944 . Although tens of years were passed we talked and acted in the same way as if  we had left yesterday .


Time had been abolished . Friendship was there : permanent , unalterable

2001accueil à Toronto

First meet with Douglas Bible at the Pearson airport 1944- 2001  after 56 years

Unfortunately Dougles died in 2007 and hs wife Beverly a few time after. But the memory always is alive . And  his daughter Lynn keeps in touch regularly /


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57th wedding anniversary.

57ème anniversaire de mariage
57th wedding anniversary


 English version below the picture.

Dimanche dernier 18 Février Janine et moi avons fêté notre 57ème anniversaire de mariage . Après la messe nous sommes allés manger au restaurant / Nous avons choisi un plat alsacien en souvenir de notre premier voyage après notre mariage . en Alsace .
Le soleil était avec nous toute la journée , un temps superbe .


Une serveuse nous a photographiés A waitress pictured us

Last Sunday, February 18yth, Janine and I celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary. Agfter the mass  we had a meal at the restaurant. We chose an Alsacian dish in recalling our first trip after the wedding: in Alsace (East of France ). The sun was shining all day .The weather was superb.

Certes  nous avons eu des ennuis de santé en 2017 ( Janine s’est cassée l’ épaule et mes reins sont sur le déclin) mais nous pouvons rendre grâce en pensant que nous sommes partis à deux et que nous sommes 28, 57 ans plus tard

1961 photo mariage bis

1961 Fébruary (Février )18   Janine et Michel


The family at Christmas 2017 La famille à Noël 2017

Of course we got some worries with our health in 2017 ( Janine broke her shoulder and my kidneys are on the decline ), but we can be grateful in thinking we started being two and we are 28 , 57 years later

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My daughter plants a tree in my garden.

Ma fille plante un arbre dans mon jardin
My daughter plants a tree in my garden.


English version below the pictures

Lundi dernier et mardi 12 et 13 février, Isabelle, notre plus jeune fille, qui vit en Angleterre, est venue nous rendre visite. Elle adore jardiner, alors elle a été ravie lorsque je lui ai proposé de faire une visite dans une jardinerie, lundi après-midi. Nous avons rêvé devant des paquets de graines avec des images si suggestives. J’ai acheté quelques paquets et aussi un sac de pommes de terre pour planter
A la fin il y avait une rangée de jeunes arbres fruitiers cultivés en pots . Après réflexion nous avons choisi un brugnonier en mémoire d‘une tante qui en avait un bon dans son jardin


Isabelle pushing the cart with our puchases in the garden center. See the tree on the cart

Isabelle poussant le chariot avec  nos achats à  la jardinerie. L ‘arbre est dessus.

Last Monday and Tuesday  February 12 and 13 , Isabelle, our youngest daughter who lives in England came for a visit., She loves gardening so she was thrilled when I suggested to go for a tour in a garden center, Monday afternoon. We dreamt in front of he packs of seeds with so suggestive pictures. I bought some packs and also a bag of potatoes to plant.At the end there was a row of young fruit trees growing  in a pot .  After reflexion we chose a nectarine tree ‚ to make memory of an aunt wha had an excellent one in her garden )

Le jour suivant en dépit du vent froid , Isabelle ave l‘ aide de son fils Joe , planta le brugnonier dans notre jardin . En voici le reportage photo.


Isabelle digs a hole in the garden Isabelle creuse un trou dans le jardin

The day after  despite of  a cold wind Isabelle with the help of her son Joe , planted the nectarine tree in our garden.  Here is the report by photos.


while Joe holds the tree, Isabelle unravels the roots that were curled up in the pot Tandis que Joe tient l’arbre, Isabelle démèle les racines qui s’étaient recroquevillées dans le pot


the nectarine tree is planted, Isabelle is at the top of the happiness  ;


Afterwards they clean the site by removing the clay coming from the hole where they put oganic compost . Après quoi ils nettoient le chantier en éliminant l’ argile retirée du trou et remplacée par du compost organique 

It was the first tree planted in my garden since 1987 , the year after our aarrival in Amiens!
C’était le premier arbre planté dans mon jardin depuis 1987, l’ année qui a suivi notre arrivée à Amiens.

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Milking the cow

La traite de la vache
Milking the cow

English version below the pictures

Je regardais récemment de vieilles photos et j’en ai trouvé une de ma grand ‘ mère trayant sa vache . Elle se tenait en face de sa maison complètement détruite cette année là , 1944,  par les bombardement alliés qui visaient les  rampes souterraines de lancement de missiles contre Londres que construisaient les Allemands . C’ était près de la côte du nord de la France .Derrière elle on voit les pierres de sa maison . la bombe était tombée juste dessus . Mes grands – parents avaient perdu tout ce qu’ils avaient et eux – mêmes avaient été sauvés par l’ abri creusé dans le jardin où ils allaient toujours quand ils entendaient les gros avions appelés forteresses volantes arriver . La vache sur la photo était nouvelle , les précédentes avaient été tuées par la bombe . C’ était en 1944 et ma grand ‘ mère Emélie avait 60 ans . Mon grand – père mourut l’ année suivante

1944 traite de la vache photo

In watching some old photos  I found out a picture of my grandmother milking her cow . She was standing in front of his house completely destroyed in this same year, 1944,  by the Allies bombing  ( Germans built here underground tubes to launch missiles on London ). It was near of the northern coast of France. Behind her we see the stones of the house . The bomb had fallen just on . My grandparents lost all of they had and themselves were saved by the shelter dug in the garden where they always went in when they heard the big planes called flying fortresses approach . The cow on the picture was a new one , the previous cows have been killed by the bombs . It was in 1944 and my grandmother Emélie was 60 years old . My grand father died next year


Je suis certain que cette façon de traire les vaches a disparu . De nos jours les vaches sont élevées en grand troupeau et la production de lait est industrielle. Peut – être serez –vous intéressés de voir la façon de traire les vaches en France dans les années 1940/50.. En parlant de lait j’ ai pas mal de souvenirs qui me remontent . Durant la guerre la nourriture de base dans les zones rurales en France était : le mauvais pain , le lait , les œufs , le porc, les pommes de terre et les légumes du jardin . Les gens qui vivaient en ville étaient plus malheureux et affamés .
Pour avoir le lait il fallait aller chaque matin le chercher à pied à la ferme distante de deux km . Mon père y allait souvent à 6h avant son travail à l’ usine . Mais quelquefois c’ était moi . Je portais deux litres de lait , un pour nous , l’ autre pour un voisin . Je traversais deux pâtures avec pommiers . C’ était un délice de manger en marchant les pommes tombées dans l’ herbe . Puis c’ était les noix fraîches .En hiver la fermière nommée Rose trayait ses 4 vaches à l’ étable , à la main , comme ma grand ‘ mère . Sa maison était une sorte de grande demeure et l’ étable avait un aspect antique . C’ était bon quand on y entrait de sentir cette chaude odeur des vaches et de ce mélange de paille , de foin et de bouse . Rose était gentille . elle me donnait directement du lait de son seau qu’elle versait dans mes bouteilles . Et quelquefois je buvais une tasse de lait frais venant directement de la mamelle.

traite de la vache 1944 2

I am sure this way to get the milk has disappeared . Nowadays we have large herds of cows and milk production is industrial. Perhaps some of you will be interested to see how people milked the cow in the year 40/ 50 in France
Speaking of milk  I have a lot of memories that come to my mind . During the war II  the basic food in the rural areas  was ; bad bread , milk , pork , eggs , potatoes and veggies from the garden . People who lived in town were more unhappy and were hungry

  To get the milk you had to go every morning to the farm 2 km far away at feet . My father went often to the farm before work at the factory  at 6h am . But sometimes it was me . I wore 2 litres (4,23 pints ) of milk ,one for us and one for a neighbour . I crossed 2 meadows .with apple trees . This was a delight to eat in walking the apples fallen on the grass . Then it was the fresh  walnuts  . In the winter the farmer,  named  Rose , milked her 4 cows in the stable like my grandmother, by hand  . Her house was a kind of mansion and the stable had an antique look . It was good when I got in  to inhale the warm smell of the cows  and of  a mixture  of straw , hay and cowpat . Rose was very kind . She gave me immediately the milk directly from her bucket to my two bottles .And sometimes I drank a cup of fresh milk .

C’ était rustique mais le lait était si bon , si riche . J’ aimais y aller mais quelquefois il y avait des risques .Dans la première pâture se tenait parfois u troupeau de vaches appatenant à un autre fermier plus riche et il y avait un taureau . Quand je passais , le taureau me regardait et je le gegardais aussi ainsi que la haie de la pâture . Je ne courais pas , bien sûr , mais j’ entendais les battements de mon cœur . J’ étais soulagé en arrivant à la haie . Mais pour revenir c’ était le même scénario !!!!Brrr !!!
A chaque fois j’ avais à traverser la  rivière Slack   en utilisant une fragile passerelle . Il arrivait que la rivière était pleine et que l’ eau boueuse et mugissante s’ écoulait juste au raz de la passerelle .J ‘ avoue que j’ étais hésitant et j’ y allais pas à pas , prudemment en tenant fermement la rampe . Jamais personne ne s’ est noyé là !
Ce sont de petites choses mais quand vous avez 10 ou 11 ans vous pouvez deviner qu’ elles vous laissent des souvenirs inoubliables et qu’ elles vous ont formés à la responsabilité

traite de la vache 1944 3

It was rustic but the milk was so good , so rich . I liked to go but  sometimes  there were risks . In the first meadow stayed from time to time a flock of cows owned by another bigger farmer and there was a bull . When I passed the bull  looked at me and I looked both at him and at the hedge of the meadow . I didn’ t run of course but I felt the beatings of my heart . I was relieved when I approached the hedge . But in coming back it was the same scenario !! Brrr !  
At any time I have to cross the river ( called la Slack ) in using a frail footbridge . It happened the river was full and the roaring and muddy  water flowed just at the level of the footbridge . I confess I was hesitating and  I went on step to step prudently in holding carefully the banister . But never someone drowned there .
Those are little things but when you are 10 or 11 years old you can guess those give you unforgettable memories and taught you the sense of  the responsibilities .

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Pumps and fountains

Pompes et fontaines.
Pumps and fountains.

English version below the pictures

Après le repas de midi aujourd’hui je regardais rêveusement la vieille pompe à bras accrochée au mur dans notre cour et aussi la borne – fontaine juste à côté .. Seul, cette dernière fonctionne pour laver la voiture et arroser le jardin ( pas trop ) . La pompe à bras se trouvait dans la cuisine de la grand’mère de Janine bien avant la guerre .
De nos jours il y a beaucoup de robinets dans les maisons et aussi machines à laver , lave-vaisselle , salle de bain etc …. L’ eau courante circule dans toutes les parties des maisons et la consommation est importante , trop !

pompe à bras

Pompe aspirante et foulante dans la cour.
Hand lit- and- force pump in the backyard


Fontaine dans la cour
“public” drinking fountain in the backyard

 After the meal at noon today I looked like in a dream at the old hand pump hung at the wall in our backyard and also at the «  public «  fountain just its  side . . Only this last is working and used to wash the car or water a part of the garden ( not too much ) . The hand pump was in Janine ‘ grandmother ‘ s kitchen a long time before the war II .
Nowadays there are  many taps in the houses and also wash machine, dishwasher , bathroom etc…; The water is running in all parts of the houses and the consumption is high , too high .


Je connus un temps où les gens n ‘ utilisaient pas l ‘ eau si facilement et l’ économisaient . La photo ci – dessous montre mes grands parents , côté maternel , en face de leur maison dans un petit village avant la 2ème guerre mondiale ..Pas d’ eau courante mais un puits dans la cour .Un seau se trouvait à l’ entrée à l’intérieur avec de l’ eau propre et fraîche venant du puits. Il   fallait y faire attention car elle servait pour la toilette et la cuisine . D’ autres seaux étaient utilisés pour abreuver le bétail . Pas de salle de bain , ni de toilettes intérieures naturellement .
Les voisins venaient chercher leur eau à ce puits . Cette maison a été détruite par une bombe en 1944 et une autre reconstruite vers 1950mais toujours sans eau courante .D ‘ ailleurs ma grand’mère refusait. «  Pourquoi avoir l’ eau courante puisque j’ ai un bon puits , jamais sec «

grandtparents maternels
My grand parents on the left ( my mother side ) in front of their house before the war II
Mes grands parents maternels ( sur la gauche ) devant leur maison avant la guerre

  I knew a time where people did not use water so easily and saved it . The picture above shows my mother side grand parents in front of their house  in a small village before the war II  . They have no water running in the house but a well in their yard . A bucket was standing inside the entrance containing the clean and fresh  water coming from the well . We had to take care of it because this water was used for cooking and washing. Others buckets were used for the cattle drinking !!No bathroom of course and nor toilets indoor, of course . The neighbours came to take the water at this well  This house has been destroyed by a bomb in 1944 and another has been rebuilt in about 1950 but always without tap inside . Besides my grandmother refused . “Why to have the water running in the house since I have a good well never dried !”

Dans les années 30  certaines  maisons avaient un robinet intérieur comme celle de mes parents qui était neuve . Sur la photo ci – dessous le robinet d’ eau froide est juste derrière ma mère préparant un poulet près de l’ évier ( 1952 ) . Cette maison se situait dans une petite ville et beaucoup d’ habitations n’ avaient pas l’ eau courante . Les gens allaient chercher leur eau à la borne fontaine publique sur le trottoir  comme celle photographiée ci – dessus .

Ma mère 1952
Ma mère devant l ‘ évier avec son robinet à eau froide ( 1952 . Photo M.Fauquet )
My mother in front of the sink and its cold water tap ( hidden by her )

  In the years 1930’s some houses had a tap inside such my parents ‘ house which was new . On the picture above the cold water tap is just behind my mother who was preparing a chicken in  near the sink ( 1952 ). The house was standing  in a little town and many others had no tap inside . People went to take their water to the pubic drinking fountains on the sidewalk  such the one in our backyard ( pictured above ) .

 En ces temps l ‘ eau était précieuse et économisée . La vie était plus dure mais on ne manquait pas d ‘ eau  ici ou là, les sources étaient abondantes et il y avait des truites sauvages dans les rivières qui n’ étaient pas polluées .

  At this time water was saved and was precious . Life was harder than now  but there was no lack of water here and there  ,the sources were abundant and there were wild trouts in the rivers, not polluted  .

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Let us for a tour of the garden.

Allons faire un tour de jardin.

Let us go for a tour of the garden

English version below the pictures 


Aujourd’hui  Jeudi 25 Janvier le temps est doux  ; pas de pluie , pes de vent . Nous sentons l’ appel du jardin. Allons donc faire un tour de jardin !

D’ abord nous avons à traverser la pelouse garnie d’arbres au fond. Dans le vert je vois une quantité de minuscules étoiles blanches . Oui, les pâquerettes  commencent à fleurir.


The lawn with tiny daisies. At the bottom: various trees. 

la pelouse avec des arbres au  fond

Today Thursday  January 25 the weather is sweet ;no rain, no wind .  We feel the garden appeal .So let’s go fo a tour around the garden.At first we have to cross the lawn with trees at the end . In the green I see a lot of tiny white stars  : yes already daisies start to bloom .

Et au bout de la pelouse on trouve une tache de perce-neiges qui demandent à être admirés comme  les crocus sauvages . Sans aucun doute les plantes sont réveillées.


snowdrop  Perceneige


Wild crocus in the lawn  Crocus sauvage dans la pelouse

And at the end of the lawn a patch of snowdrop  asks to be admired and so for the wild crocus . Without any doubt the plants are awaked.

Dans la pelouse des primevères commencent à fleurir çà et là.


purple primerose in the lawn  primevère pourpre dans la pelouse


Yellow primerose  primevère dans la pelouse near a hedge .Primevères jaunes  dans la pelouse près d’une haie

In the lawn here and there primroses starting to bloom

Avançons plus loin et quittons la pelouse pour entrer dans le potager . C’ est un peu triste . Pas beaucoup de  végétaux . La terre est saturée d’eau, ce qui la rend brillante . Le sol est compacté par la pluie . Manque d’air pour les racines . Les poireaux plantés à l’ automne ont triste mine . J ‘ ai dû les couper à ras en Novembre car ils étaient attaqués par des insectes . Ils repoussent et je ne désespère pas. Nous avons aussi de la mâche que nous mangeons régulièrement. C’ est précieux en cette époque de l’ année.


the veggie garden January 25th  2018 Le potager


The leeks   les poireaux



corn salad   mâche

Let go further and we left the lawn to enter the veggie garden . This is a little sad. Not many veggies  . The ground is saturated of water  this makes it shining ; soil compacted by the rain .Lack of air for the roots .The leeks  planted in the fall look frail . I had to cut them very short in November because there were  attacked by an insect ; They grow again an I don’t desperate . We have also corn salad which we eat regularly . This is precious at  this time of the year ,

Maintenant jetons un rapide coup d ‘oeil sur la pelouse devant . Janine a remarqué une grande marguerite en fleur. C’ est presque incroyable en cette période d e  l’année !
La végétation démarre en avance . Il est temps d’aller acheter graines et plants.


Oxeye daisy in bloom in January!! Une grande marguerite en fleur en Janvier

Now let us have a glimpse at the font yard. Janine has noticed this oxeye daisy in bloom . . This is almost incredible. At this time of the year ! The vegetation is starting in advance . It is time I go to the garden center to buy plant and seeds


this geranium stayed at this place in December and January Ce geranium est resté dehors près de la fenêtre en Décembre et Janvier.


Un jardinier n’ a jamais de certitudes pour le lendemain . Il travaille et espère.

A gardener never has certainties about the days after. He works and hopes

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Hair cut at home.

Coupe de cheveux à la maison
Hair cut at home


English version below the pictures

Il y a environ deux semaines, nous avons eu la visite de notre plus jeune fils, Jean-Baptiste, sa femme Melody et les quatre enfants, Manon, Antoine et les jumeaux Raphael et Yris.

jean-baptiste a dû réparer et réinstaller une barre de rideaux. Puis la conversation est venue à parler de coupe de cheveux. Ne me demandez pas comment … Je me suis entendu dire que mes cheveux sur les côtés de ma tête grandissaient rapidement et commençaient à passer au-dessus de mes oreilles … A ce moment, ma belle-fille m’a proposé de les couper. C’était un événement parce que c’était la première fois que je me faisais couper les cheveux par un membre de ma famille. Le travail a été bien fait. J’ai appris que Melody coupe les cheveux de toute la famille: mari et enfants. Ce petit événement méritait une photo à encadrer et une petite entrée sur wordpresss

Il y a de petits gestes qui font grand plaisir.


About two weeks ago we had the visit of our youngest son Jean-Baptiste , his wife Melody and the four children, Manon, Antoine et the twins Raphael and Yris.

 jean-Baptiste had to repair and reinstall a bar for curtains. Then the conversation came to speak of hair cut.  Don’ t ask me how .I heard me saying my hair on the sides of my head was growing fast and started to pass above my ears . As soon as my daughter in law offered me to cut them . It was an event because i twas the first time I got a hair cut my a family  member . The work has been well done . i learnt that Melody cut the hair of all the family : husband and children . This small  event deserved a photo,to frame and a  small entry on wordpresss for the memory.

There are small gestures that make great pleasure.


Manon tells her father Jean-Baptiste my hair looks better. Manon dit à son père que mes cheveux ont meilleure allure.

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