Duchess’ Birthday

l’anniversaire de la duchesse

English version below the picture

Aujourd’hui est l’anniversaire de la ” duchesse ” ,notre fille aînée Carole photographiée ici avec son chien préféré, Paco, un berger australien

La duchess possède deux chiens . Son préf éré est
Carole a 2 chiens et le préféré est Paco un Berger australien

Today is the duchess Carole ‘ birthday. Carole is my eldest daughter.. She is pictured with her faithful dog, Paco, an Australian shepherd. The photo shows well the link Between them

Mais sans aucun doute ce sont les chevaux que Carole préfère . Elle en a cinq . Vivant dan village près de la mer elle n’ a aucun problème pour chevaucher dans la campagne ou sur la plage

But her prefered animals are horse She owns five of them Living in a village by the sea she has not any problem to drive them in the country side , through a river or on the beach

Bon anniversaire Carole



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92 Responses to Duchess’ Birthday

  1. blb1 says:

    Happy Birthday Carole. I noticed dad didn’t mention age…smart man. lol Love the beach picture.

  2. Joyeux anniversaire à Carole et une grosse part du gateau aux cinq chevaux et à Paco.
    Douce fin de journée à Janine et à Michel.

  3. wissh says:

    Happy birthday, Carole!

  4. Gayle says:

    Happy birthday to her!! She looks a lot like Janine!!! Must be nice to have horses and be able to ride to a beach!
    Take care Michel…have a great January ! ❤

  5. Lavinia Ross says:

    Happy Birthday, Carole! Those are beautiful photos of her, Michel!

    Much love to you, Janine and the family, ❤️

  6. Annalisa S. says:

    Happy birthday Carole!
    Joyeux anniversaire !

  7. judyrutrider says:

    This may be your best post yet about your daughter! And now I learn that we have a love of animals in common AND a shared birth date! (within a day) I hope she enjoys a lovely ride on her birthday!

  8. mrswrangler says:

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. A wonderful post.

  9. Carole is as graceful as her horse…Happy Birthday to her!

  10. Julie says:

    Happy birthday Carole hope you had a lovely day

  11. Sending happy birthday wishes to Carole! ❤️

  12. Frances Winslow said on Facebook:
    She is very lucky to have all of those lovely horses as friends.

  13. Caro says:

    Merci Papa pour cette touchante entrée .Mes animaux ont beaucoup de place dans ma vie ils me le rendent bien …je pense bien à vous deux…..bonne soirée je vous embrasse bien fort Carole

  14. calmkate says:

    Happy Birthday Duchess, no doubt Daddy’s favourite 🙂

    Such a loving tribute Michel!

  15. Marsha Bryant said on Facebook:
    Morning Glorie! Hope your year is off to a great start! ILYM

  16. sherazade says:

    Anche da parte mia carissimo papà Michel carissimi auguri alla tua primogenita Carole!

  17. Nancy Stuebs says:

    Blessed Birthday to Carole! You have 2 beautiful pictures–especially love the one on the beach with the clouds in the background. When I was 16 in Arizona, I took riding lessons. But only rode a horse once since then!! Beautiful animals! Carole is fortunate to be able to do this!! ❤

  18. Happy happy happy Birthday, Beautiful Duchess Carole! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Your doggie, Paco, and your horses are lovely! 🙂
    Here’s to another great year! 🥳🥂🎂🎉🎁🥳❤️
    Birthday-(((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…A wonderful tribute post, Papa-Michel!!! I know you are so proud of Carole!!! 🙂 ❤️

    • What a meeting, Carolyn . I just come from your post where I read the big news . I know you for so long , before 2015 on Xanga , and I was following your battle
      And thanks for your wishes to Carole .
      Love ❤

      • You’re welcome!
        Yes, we go back MANY years on Xanga…and then many years now on WordPress. 🙂
        Thank you! I appreciate that you have always been encouraging, inspiring, and so very kind! YOU are a gem! I am grateful for you! 🙂
        (((HUGS))) ❤️

      • You are too much kind with me Carolyn ❤
        Let me tell again my happiness with your healing.

  19. Resa says:

    Happy Birthday Carole!!!!
    You like regal on the horse, like a Duchess.
    You and Paco are scene stealers. Give hi a pet from me. He won’t know it’s from me, but he will like it!
    Resa xoxo ❤️

  20. A wonderful tribute and delightful photos of the birthday girl and her animal companions, Michel! Happy birthday to Carole, the Duchess! ❤
    Love ❤

  21. How wonderful! Happy birthday to your dear daughter.

  22. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    Please convey our birthday wishes to Carole. Thank you for sharing through photos. When did you start calling her duchess? My son calls his sister’s daughter, who is five as Princess 😊

  23. murisopsis says:

    A happy birthday to the Duchess! But I think Janine needs some recognition – as she did all the work!!!

  24. suester7 says:

    Happy birthday to Carole! May she have more wonderful times with her horses

  25. My best wishes to her and to you. That Samsung photograph is stunning

  26. LGail says:

    Happiest Birthday to Carole!
    Give Paco a dog treat for me 😊

  27. Doug Thomas says:

    Best late birthday wishes to Carole! Anyone who loves horses has to be a special person!

  28. Zakiah says:

    Happy Birthday to Duchess who shares the date with me. I am so much older than her. Congratulations to you and Janine on her birthday. Love the photos of the horses and Paco.

  29. Susan Joos says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter! How lovely that she has so many horses!

  30. Isabel Capillas says:

    Happy birthday, Carole🎂!
    Five horses! That’s amazing 🤩

  31. kmaidy says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    une amoureuse de la nature, Carole, votre fille ainée,
    bravo à elle et jolie continuation ,
    et grande fierté pour le papa on le ressent cela !
    avec des bises !

  32. rachel says:

    Happy birthday!
    No snow on the ground, Michel, but the chill is back in the air. Two more months to go and we can start seeing signs of spring.

  33. Selon moi cette image est tout à fait indiquée pour l’anniversaire de Mme la Duchesse!
    Peut être une image de 1 personne et texte qui dit ’YOU DON’T STOP RIDING WHEN YOU GET OLD. YOU GET OLD WHEN YOU STOP RIDING’

  34. neilc693 says:

    à Carole de nombreux retours heureux de la journée 🙂
    une duchesse devrait avoir des chevals

    • Carole loves the beautiful nature , Neil .
      In friendship

      • neilc693 says:

        c’est étonnant (et mystérieux) comme les chevaux sont bien adaptés aux humains

      • Tu t’interroges , Neil, sur l’adaptation précoce de certains animaux avec l’homme .
        C ‘est là une question bien intéressante. I have to say I have infortunately no answer . I woul like to know more about/.
        In friendship

      • neilc693 says:

        je me suis toujours demandé, pourquoi un animaux comme le cheval consentirait à un homme . . . if you are not humane already (which would be unlikely), keeping horses should make you so . those look like good times in the countryside

      • However Neil,there is a true intimacy between man and horse . What is the origin of this special relation? This relation was evident when hose and man worked together in the fields.
        Horses and dogs are the two species so much near of man
        In friendship

  35. Marion says:

    A very happy birthday to Carole! She’s a woman after my own heart with her love for animals, in particular horses and dogs. ❤

  36. bernard25 says:

    Je t’envoie cette petite poésie MICHEL
    Bon anniversaire à ta fille

    Pour te souhaiter une bonne journée ou soirée
    Avec beaucoup de délicatesse et de tendresse
    Que chacune des secondes de cette journée ou soirée
    Soit un poème dont la poésie embellit toute chose
    Que ce petit message , vous porte bonheur et vous ouvre les portes
    D’une belle journée. Ensoleillée ou d’une belle soirée toute étoilée

    Bisous Bernard

  37. Marsha Bryant said
    Morning Glorie! Hope your year is off to a great start! ILYM

  38. Happy Birthday to Carole.

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