I like wide open spaces

J’aime les grands espaces

English version below the picture .

   Cette photo a été prise en décembre . Elle montre le commencement de l ‘ estuaire d ‘une rivière picarde , l ‘ Authie . Sur la photo le rivière vient de la gauche et commence à se frayer un passage dans les dépôts de boue laissés par les hautes marées pour s ‘ épanouir plus loin dans la mer.

    Je frissonnais en contemplant ce paysage sans limites , fait d ‘ eau , de lumière , de boue et de végétation capable de résister au sel . Cependant je connais très bien cet estuaire puisque j ‘ ai fait en 1964 la carte de la végétation qu ‘il contient , formant des zonations selon le gradient de sel des amas de boue . Cela me prit deux mois à marcher de long en large à l ‘intérieur de l ‘ estuaire pour étudier la végétation et ses variations .

  Mais je ne me lasse jamais de regarder cet espace infini dans lequel on se sent re – créé . Je vois là un paysage des origines avec cependant quelques traces humaines ( les petites barques collées à la boue ) , un paysage qui incite à la méditation et à la prière .

This photo was taken on December. It shows the beginning of the estuary of a Picardy river, the Authie. In the photo the river comes from the left and begins to make its way through the mud deposits left by the high tides to flow further out into the sea.

I shivered contemplating this limitless landscape, made of water, light, mud and vegetation capable of resisting the salt. However, I know this estuary very well since in 1964 I made the map of the vegetation it contains, forming zones according to the salt gradient of the mud deposit (shore ). It took me two months to walk up and down inside the estuary to study the vegetation and its variations.

But I never get tired of looking at this infinite space in which we feel re-created. I see there a landscape of the origins with however some human traces (the small boats stuck to the mud), a landscape which encourages meditation and pray


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108 Responses to I like wide open spaces

  1. murisopsis says:

    Lovely! It is indeed a beautiful spot Michel! You continue to surprise me – I didn’t know you were a limnologist!

  2. sherazade says:

    …”un paysage qui incite à la méditation et à la prière”
    Non posso aggiungere altro caro Michel.
    Ti abbraccio forte forte 💚❤️🌹

  3. What an inspiring place, Michel! Thank you for sharing your photo! Holiday greetings to you, Janine, and your wonderful family!

    Love ❤

  4. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    I too feel the same when I see rivers in full flow and the infinite expanse of the sea. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mary Harper says:

    It looks beautiful Michel!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. A beautiful spot for wonderful memories and outstanding writing. Cheers to the infinity you find here. Well done, Michel.

  7. ‘Finding infinity’ is the perfect term to describe the immersion I personally feel when I’m surrounded by my home state’s mountains. An estuary for you – I relate, Michel.

  8. Lavinia Ross says:

    It is beautiful, Michel! I can picture you walking up and down the shoreline, studying the vegetation. You probably made drawings, too? I grew up near the sea, and know the feeling of looking at infinity, It does encourage meditation and prayer.

    Much love to you, Janine and the family, ❤️

    • Glad you have the same feelings to share , Lavinia I took some photos of groupes of plantes . I discerned 250 points with differences in the species and their number . I reported those points on a map. And further I used colors to gather the points . And so the large groups of plants have been visible on the map and , with the color visualised their repartition in the space of estuary. ❤

  9. Rachel says:

    Merry Christmas, Michel!
    It is always good to have a place to go and contemplate life. Water has a calming effect, not only for the eyes, but the heart as well.
    Peace to you, my friend!
    Rachel ♥️

  10. Stephanie says:

    C’est un paysage très large avec beaucoup de ciel. Intéressant d’entendre parler de certains de vos travaux scientifiques. Nous vous souhaitons de Joyeuses Fêtes. Tous nos voeux de bonheur.

  11. A beautiful scene Michel. So peaceful. ❤️

    • I know, Holly, you are strongly inspired by different aspects of the nature.
      Love ❤

      • Very much so Michel. I love natures peaceful scenes, forests, rivers. I wrote a poem about estuaries, however I wove it as a tribute to those soldiers who perished at Normandy. Thank you for the lovely post. That you were there to experience and notate growth is another example of your Amazing experiences and knowledge! ❤️

      • I would like to re-read your poem about estuaries , Holly. During a stay in Normandy in the landing area I meditated in the American military cemeteries . I remember too listen the BBC radio to follow the landing with my father (I was 11 in 1944) ❤

  12. Caro says:

    Oui c est un superbe endroit avec une faune et flore merveilleuse…..on s y sera bien promène…on ne s en lasse pas
    Bonne soirée à tous les deux je vous embrasse

  13. calmkate says:

    So nice to hear about your work here Michel 🙂

    Wide open spaces are contemplative as they remind us that our brief visit here is riddled with challenges that are a mere moment in the grander picture.

  14. nannyfountain says:

    I love how you are so in tune with nature or said better with God! Love, Nancy

  15. Nicely lyrical, friend Michel

  16. Doug G. Thomas said on Facebook.
    This is a rich bio zone, much to discover and learn about! Often, rivers are sourced at small springs, another place that can be very interesting places to study

  17. Carol McKay Harper said on Facebook:
    The mapping of this must. have been so interesting and personally fulfilling.

  18. Stacie Kelsey said on Facebook:
    Very cool

  19. Beautiful photo! Beautiful memories!
    I like wide open spaces, too! 🙂 We all need them! 🙂
    What interesting and great work you did, Michel!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  20. atagrandma says:

    I thought of you today, and said a quick prayer for you and Janine. I like living in a small town and seeing the change of seasons, but the older I get the more I mind the cold. The only thing I miss about living in Calif. where I grew up is the ocean. Indiana ponds just can’t compare with the power and vastness, mystery and beauty of the ocean.

  21. houseofheartweb.wordpress.com/2020/05/25/estuary-of-flowers

  22. Louisa - Midlife Wellness Coach says:

    Michel, I find it so interesting that you have walked along this estuary back in the 60s to study the vegetation. I remember your vocation was that of a geologist. I am guessing that your profession has allowed you to visit many wonderful landscapes and cultivated your love of nature. Is that a fair assessment? I am glad you were able to revisit this “old place” and stood in awe of the limitless nature!

    • The geography of an estuaire is changing according time ad so for the vegetation . So my work was “true ” in 1964 and has changed since then. What is not changing is the methode used , Louisa. ❤

  23. Bonjour, Michel. I feel the same as you. Our minds can wander when we are in open spaces. We can feel free there. Take care. Neil

  24. Marion says:

    I always love reading and seeing photos of your nature observations, Michel. ❤

  25. Quand j’étais aux Pays-Bas, j’ai eu une discussion avec un copain qui venait des Hautes Alpes, avec un horizon à 4000 mètres. Il me disait qu’on ne peut pas ressentir d’émotions aux Pays-Bas. Je lui ai répondu que le talent était justement d’aller chercher la beauté là où elle ne frappe pas. Sinon, je fais quoi de Soulage, Klein, Miro …
    Une belle journée à Janine et à toi, Michel.

  26. suester7 says:

    It’s a beautiful photo, Michel. I like wide, open spaces too.

  27. Isabel Capillas says:

    It’s beautiful and looks peaceful. Nature has an amazing way of lifting our spirits. Stay safe and healthy, Uncle Michel. Sending my love to you and Janine❤️

  28. Marie Madeleine Watteel says on Facebook:
    Belle photo ! Bravo!

  29. Sharon White says on Facebook:
    Merry Christmas from Texas and sad to tell you Rex passed in Oct of Covid.

  30. Frances Winslow said on Facebook :
    I tried to comment on your blog but because I was on a different email program, it was taking too time. I did enjoy your entry and I imagine that you kept all of the research.

  31. neilc693 says:

    This reminds me of the 1990 movie Mindwalk that was based on Fritjof Capra’s book The Turning Point. A politician, a writer, and a scientist, all experiencing midlife crises, spend a day off at Mont-St.-Michel where the scientist has been contemplating life, and she tries to convince the others of the ecological world view she has developed while living in isolation. At the end, they watch the tide come in on the mud flats outside the island:

    [at 1:35:20]
    — What time does the tide actually come in?
    — It will be soon now. It’s going to reach its all-year high today. We can go closer. Come.
    — All this is covered in water when the tide comes in, isn’t it?
    — Oh, yes.
    — Including the pastures. It must take a special breed of sheep to be able to graze here with all this salt. And how could the grass grow without the manure and the sheep grazing on it? I wouldn’t be surprised if the people here have a taste for salty lambs, so the people are in it too . . . the sea, the grass, the people, the sheep.

    Pascal, too, had similar thoughts to yours in the Pensées

    Nous connaissons qu’il y a un infini, et ignorons sa nature, comme nous savons qu’il est faux que les nombres soient finis, donc il est vrai qu’il y a un infini en nombre, mais nous ne savons ce qu’il est. . . . Nous connaissons donc l’existence et la nature du fini parce que nous sommes finis et étendus comme lui.

    Nous connaissons l’existence de l’infini, et ignorons sa nature, parce qu’il a étendue comme nous, mais non pas des bornes comme nous. Mais nous ne connaissons ni l’existence ni la nature de Dieu, parce qu’il n’a ni étendue, ni bornes. Mais par la foi nous connaissons son existence, par la gloire nous connaîtrons sa nature.

    Qui se considérera de la sorte s’effraiera de soi-même et se considérant soutenu dans la masse que la nature lui a donnée entre ces deux abîmes de l’infini et du néant, il tremblera dans la vue de ces merveilles et je crois que sa curiosité se changeant en admiration il sera plus disposé à les contempler en silence qu’à les rechercher avec présomption.

    • I had to read and re-read this seriousy documented comment . I could only say meditation and prayer but you, Neil, you say this in a well documented way callling book and even” les pensées” de Pascal
      I could only say “meditations and prayers ” . Is this what I feel or it is a cross back of old readings ?
      Thanks Neil to bring more substaprnce to my post.
      In friendship

  32. Julie Essex says:

    I like wide open spaces as well , that is a wonderful photo. As you know my daughter lives in the Isle of Man , she lives in a apartment on the promenade so gets to see the beautiful Douglas bay every day. I am sorry that France lost yesterday in the World Cup

    • I have been sorry at watching the match. France team was not like usual in the first part of the match . But:) I find solace in thinking they go to the finale and the shoots after the match have been a necessity to design the winner!
      Love ❤

  33. equinoxio21 says:

    Bonnes fêtes MIchel. Joyeux Noël et bonne année 2023 à toi “and yours”. Et surtout: bonne santé… (Nos grand-pères avaient bien raison n’est-ce pas quand ils disaient qu’il n’y avait que ça qui compte…)

  34. Peggy Flora said on Facebook :
    looks very similar to a place we like to visit in the winter ~

  35. Nice picture. There’s a lot to explore I’m sure. I think rivers do move around a bit over time, carving new banks and filling old ones. I hope you are well.

  36. Ruth Detwiler said on Facebook :
    Merry Christmas from the Washington Coast

  37. Jude Karen said on Facebook:
    Love and Joy, Michel ♥

  38. Angy Perera said on Facebook:
    What a beautiful place to visit!

  39. calmkate says:

    wishing you and your entire family a joyous spiritual Christmas and may 2023 bring you improved health and more family gatherings 🙂

  40. Passer deux mois à explorer et à enregistrer la végétation ici vous a évidemment laissé une impression durable lorsque vous revisitez cet estuaire.
    Je comprends pourquoi vous ne vous lassez jamais de regarder chaque paysage changeant d’eau, de sable et de boue…
    Merci pour le partage…
    Je vous envoie, à vous et à votre chère épouse, beaucoup d’amour et de bien Michel.
    Merci pour toutes vos merveilleuses visites au Sanctuaire de Dreamwalker mon ami..
    Passez un merveilleux et très joyeux Noël et bonne santé pour 2023 et au-delà… J’espère que vous vous sentez beaucoup mieux et plus mobile maintenant…
    Envoi d’amour ❤

    To spend two months exploring and recording vegetation here, obviously left a lasting impression upon you as you revisit this estuary ..
    I can see why you never tire of looking at the every changing landscape of water, sand and mud….
    Thank you for sharing…
    Sending you and your dear wife, lots of love and well wishes Michel.
    Thank you for all your wonderful visits over at Dreamwalker's Sanctuary my friend..
    Have a wonderful and very Happy Christmas and all the very best of health for 2023 and beyond… I hope you are feeling much better and more mobile now ..
    Sending Love ❤

  41. KB says:

    Scenes like that are restful to the soul and can contain both memories and possibilities.

  42. Chriss Hadley said on Facebook:
    To Michel l and family!
    Image: Christas pine tree

  43. kmaidy says:

    Je comprends Michel que cet espace infini et diversifié a vraiment beaucoup de sens et de valeur pour toi, et puis à chacun ses préférences !
    bises et bonne semaine à toi et à ta famille !

  44. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    How are you all Michel? We wish you and your family good health and happiness in the new year. Regards, Lakshmi

  45. Cheri Herald said on Facebook.
    Interesting post– as always. Merry Christmas, Michel!!

  46. What a beautiful plsce!place!! Hugs

  47. L. Marie says:

    Bonne année, Michel! Love to you and Janine! ❤️

  48. judyrutrider says:

    What a lovely place for a morning gallop. My horse used to love to lope along the shore on the firm sand. I’m thinking the Duchess thinks the same when she sees the unspoiled beach.

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