Reflections about a reflection

réflexions sur une réflexion

 : .English version below the picture

  Nous nous promenions le long d’un petit chenal à côtéde la Somme et nous vîmes cette étrange image .

Sur la photo nous voyons deux ponts . Evidemment notre cerveau nous dit qu ‘il n ‘ y a qu ‘un seul pont et que celui du dessous est une image donnée par réflexion . Notre cerveau reconstruit la réalité perçue par nos sens . Cependant il ne peut le faire que dans les limites de sa propre structure physique et chimique

Little bridge on the chanel photoM.Fauquet

   We were walking along a little chanel at the  side of the river Somme  and we saw the strange image above .

  On this picture we see two bridges . Obviously our brain tells us there is only one bridge and the one below is an image given by reflection . Our brain re – build the reality discerned with our senses . However it can do it only in the limits of its own chemical and physical structures .

   Le cerveau humain depuis des siècles a construit des outils de pensée : mathématiques , modèles physiques , théories etc ..qui poussent plus loin la connaissance de la vie et de l ‘univers et permettent d ‘ agir . . Mais ces outils sont liés aux capacités et aux structures du cerveau humain . Un ami me citait une phrase du philosophe français Bachelard : ” le monde n ‘ existerait pas sans l ‘ homme ” , une manière de dire que le monde n ‘ existe pour l ‘ homme que tel qu ‘il peut le concevoir . Il y a donc un relativisme dans nos connaissances et nous restons nécessairement enfermés dans notre sphère humaine . Il restera toujours un énorme mystère .

  C ‘ est ici que nous rejoignons La Toussaint et Noël . Il y a les réalités que nous pouvons construire et les réalités de la Foi. Elles ne sont pas incompatibles

  Qu ‘ en pensez – vous?

Amiens’cathedral in the mist and its reflection in the river Somme.
La cathédrale d’Amiens dans la brume et sa réflexion dans la Somme.  photoM.Fauquet

  For centuries the human brain has built tools of thought : mathematics , physical patterns , theories … that bring knowledges about Life and Univers forward and allow to act .. But these tools are linked to the human brain ‘ s capacities and structures . A friend told me a french philosopher Bachelard ‘ s quote : ” The world would not exist without the Man ” , a way to say that the world exists only as he can conceive it . Thus there is a relativism of our knowledges . and we always remain within our human sphere . There will always be a huge mystery .

  This is here we join All Saints Day and Christmas . There are the reality that we can build and the reality coming from Faith. Both they are not incompatible .


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78 Responses to Reflections about a reflection

  1. blb1 says:

    thoughtful Michel.

  2. Rachel says:

    My brain is not taking much in today. Audrey is due any day now. Her first. My 8th grandchild.
    Fall was beautiful this year. The colors were spectacular! I will be sad to see it change again. Already the leaves are falling down.
    Sending much love!
    Rachel 🌹

  3. Gayle says:

    The pictures are beautiful! Ah..a reflection on reflections!!! Take care Michel..
    God bless ❤

  4. slmret says:

    Wonderful reflection photos, Michel, and interesting connections between the brain and the designs of architecture!

  5. wissh says:

    Those are beautiful photos. You’re very philosophical today, Michel. What did you teach before retirement?
    Christine ❤️

  6. Nancy Stuebs says:

    I love your reflection on reflections! I also love reflection pictures. Especially of mountains–usually snow-capped–reflected in still water. And the picture of your beautiful cathedral in in distant mist is beautiful, and a bit moody, too. Do you still sing? Nancy and Ken ❤

  7. neilc693 says:

    un sujet merveilleux (et opportun) ! je crois, Aquinas y a longuement et profondément réfléchi et il pense aussi que les réalités que nous construirent peuvent entrer en contact avec la réalité du monde et — dans une certaine mesure et avec la grace de Dieu — avec les mystères de la Foi. en dépit de la Chute, qui nous liait à notre structure physique et chimique (he would have said our material nature or something like that), cette structure retient enfin une étincelle du divin . . . mais contrairement à les anges et les bienheureux nous doivent approcher les vérités transcendentes indirectement et analogiquement.
    perfect thoughts to have in front of the water in the shadow of the cathedral !

    • Thank you Neil for this comment that completes my post with your own reflection and the apport of St Thomas d’Aquin . As you see a simple little bridge may be the source of fundamemtal questions for someone who ask about the existence

      • neilc693 says:

        marvels abound all around us . . . et le monde, il se reflète en nous comme sur l’eau

      • Are the eyes mirror of the world or mirror of the soul, Neil ?

      • neilc693 says:

        a little bit of both, surely . . . now, we can ask how many bridges are there, and it looks like two above the watercourse and two in the water . . . but then, that was what Michel saw—so in a sense there are four more, in his mind . . . but wait, I’m looking at the image captured by a camera from Michel’s point of view, and the image of that image is what is in my mind . . . the bridges multiply starkly !

      • My bridges, your bridges, Neil ! Who would have thought that a simple photo would generate such a multiplication.
        I like this comment which humorously expresses a philosophical thought.

  8. Thank you for the lovely philosophical reflections and the lovely photos showing reflections, Michel! This a beautiful, thoughtful post!

    Wishing you well!

    Love ❤

  9. Marion Manson says:

    I love these reflections in the water, Michel! It’s also lovely to capture them in paintings/drawings. 🙂

  10. Bonjour. Reflections are fascinating. And they represent a sort of altered reality.

  11. Beautiful photo. No, they are not incompatible. ❤️

  12. murisopsis says:

    I love your reflections on reflections! Our brains cannot contain the wonder and majesty of God. Yet we are a reflection of the Divine – Made in God’s image… Only a week until All Hallows Eve and then All Saints’ Day and then All Souls’ Day. A good time to reflect on our life!!

    • Your comment Val makes me think of the song Tantum ergo sacramentum. And especially two lines translated in English:
      “….Faith for all defects supplying,
      Where the feeble senses fail.” ❤

  13. These are very wise reflections on a marvellously seen and photographed image. It is also good to see the bridge in context in the second picture. Such a powerful also brings association of World War One, which thought comes to me because of our memories of that awful period and the name of the river. Thank you for this thought provoking post, my friend, Michel.

  14. Il me serait peu cohérent d’affirmer que ce que je crois et ce que je rêve ne sont pas réels ou n’existent pas ! En revanche, une fois ceci accepté, s’ouvre la thèse de philosophie sur ce qu’est la réalité … sans espoir de fin autre que le retrait du monde.
    Belle journée à Janine et à toi, Michel.

  15. Caro says:

    Les photos sont magnifiques….moi je vois 4 ponts …..tu es philosophe Papa .
    Certe l humain a des connaissances mais elles risquent de nous détruire…Gardons foi dans les choses simples de la vie …la famille et le souvenir de nos disparus
    Bonne journée je t embrasse carole

  16. Such a beautiful reflection photo, Michel! And your wise thoughtful words of reflection are beautiful, too! Just what we needed! Thank you! (((HUGS))) ❤️

  17. Doug Thomas says:

    Because there is a reflection, it is calm, so I always feel the calm when there is a reflection in a body of water. You might say it induces reflection in oneself! A lovely post today, Michel!

  18. Frances Winslow says:

    That is so profound. The human brain. Amazing!

  19. calmkate says:

    such deep and wondrous reflections! Michael those photos are masterpieces and your words ring true … thank you 🙂

  20. mrswrangler says:

    I love reflection pictures.

  21. Our eyes are such a remarkable gift, as we perceive many things in our line of vision. Your observation especially on this reflection.. ALL that we see, in the structures we as humans have created are indeed what we have once created within our brain-matter.. Which was once but a thought… Now manifested into matter, as it was constructed out of materials to create the bridge..

    We have much more to reflect upon dear Michel as we see the marvels our race has created.. But more so, the marvels and miracles Nature herself creates, that I give thanks my eyes can see the wonder of ..

    Thank you for sharing these two images my friend…. The cathedral in the background also another remarkable structure of creation…

    Forgive I do not have time to translate into your native tongue of French today my friend..
    Have a wonderful week… and thank you for giving us Pause for Thought.. ❤

  22. L. Marie says:

    Wonderful photos! I love the mirror image we see as we look in water. Love to you and Janine. ❤️

  23. equinoxio21 says:

    Je suis assez d’accord avec Bachelard. (Si je ne me trompe ma prof de philo en terminale avait été son élève… Pas sûr)
    Bonne semaine

  24. judyrutrider says:

    I always love images of Amiens. There is such a sense of history in the ancient cities of Europe. Of course, they are almost as wonderful as images of the Duchess and her horses.

    • It’s true we feel the history in Eurpean towns . Amiens cathedrale we see on the second picture is 800 yer old ! It overlooks the valley of the river Somme .
      The Duchess indeed love to be on her horse in field and woods, hills and valeys! and even some times through a river , Judy! ❤

  25. kmaidy says:

    bonjour Michel,
    tout de suite en lisant je me suis dit oui c’est le mystère de la foi, avant que je ne
    me rende compte vers la fin que tu en parles !
    j’apprécie beaucoup aussi ces photos quand tout se reflète dans l’eau !
    bises ! bonne soirée à vous !

  26. LGail says:

    Beautiful photos. The cathedral looks like it has been painted on a canvas by a famous artist. 🎨

  27. Julie Essex says:

    Wonderful photos of reflections. Seeing the photo of the cathedral reminds me of when we went to see the light show , which was a delight to watch

  28. Zakiah says:

    The photo of the bridge reflecting in the water is most intriguing. What a lovely capture !

    I loved the picture of the cathedral of Amiens and the river. I think I would like to paint that.

  29. I was unable to access your holiday post, Michel. I hope you had a joyous Christmas with your family, and I wish all of you a peaceful and prosperous 2023!
    Love ❤

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