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Dernièrement, en Mai 2022, je voyais ma femme Janine tenir son troisième arrière-petit-enfant, un garçon nommé Ernest. Ce spectacle m’a transporté il y a 60 ans lorsque nous avons eu notre premier enfant, une fille nommée Carole (mes lecteurs la connaissent aujourd’hui sous le nom de « la Duchesse » )

Après Carole nous avons eu 5 autres enfants. Ces six enfants étaient la deuxième génération générée par nous deux , Janine et moi.

janine with the new born Carole , our first child. January 1962

Lately , in May 2022, I saw my wife Janine holding her third great grandchild , a boy named Ernest.
This sight transported my mind 60 years ago when we got our first child , a daughter named Carole ( my readers nowadays know her with the name of « la Duchess »  )

After Carole we got 5 other children . Those six children were the second generation generated by both us , Janine and me .

Les années ont passé et en 2000 nos enfants devenus adultes ont eu 10 enfants. Cinq autres viendront plus tard : au total 15 petits-enfants pour nous . Une troisième génération.

Janine holding a grand son Joe ( son of our third daughter Isabelle ) in 2000

The years passed and in 2000 our children become adult got 10 grand children . Five others will come later, 15 grandchildren at the total for us. A third generation

Comme je l’ai dit au début de cet article en mai 2022, nous avons vu notre troisième arrière-petit-enfant : notre arrière-petit-fils Ernest . Janine est photographiée alors qu’elle le tient. La quatrième génération commence. Deux autres arrière-petits-enfants sont annoncés en Juillet et en Octobre prochain. Donc toute la famille comptera 38 personnes

Janine holding our third grandchildren, a boy:Ernest May 29, 2022

As I said at the beginning of this post last May 2022 we saw our third great grand child :our great grandson Ernest . Janine is pictured when she holds him. The fourth generation is on the way . Two other great grand children are announced in next July and october. So the entire family will be 38

Quand j’ai regardé ces trois photos j’ai vu Janine comme une lignée de continuité de la famille et de ses générations. Elle apparaît comme un source donnant d’abord un petit ruisseau, puis une rivière de plus en plus large.

When I looked at these three photos I saw Janine as a line of continuity of the family and its generations. She appears as a source giving first a small brook, then a larger and larger river.

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110 Responses to Generations

  1. Comme une fractale qui se répète sans toutefois exactement se ressembler … et qui empli le monde.
    Je m’incline bien bas, Janine et Michel.

  2. KB says:

    Grand children are such a joy and great grandchildren a special blessing.

  3. blb1 says:

    enjoyed the photo’s and the blessings of generations.

  4. calmkate says:

    yes you two started slowly, then built up your beautiful family. Janine has been the matriarch who started it and nurtures you all … now the great grandies, what a delightful family indeed and you have every reason to be proud 🙂

  5. Ernest is a cutie! 🙂 Welcome to the world, Ernest! 🙂
    You and Janine are so blessed! But, your children, grandchildren, and great-grands are so blessed to have the two of you…your love, your beautiful example, your kindness, your joy, your wisdom, and so much more! 🙂 ❤️
    That flowing river is a thing of beauty! 🙂 ❤️
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. equinoxio21 says:

    Charmant post. Tous mes compliments à Janine et à toi. Belle famille.

  7. What a beautiful post Michel! You have such a wonderful family. And the idea of Janine being a line of continuity is also a beautiful concept.

  8. puffpop says:

    | | | |

    | | | This is a most interesting post…Janine is so beautiful in every picture.  You  have been blessed with so many children in your life, grandchildren and great grandchildren…You are wealthy is what  really counts…I pray that you are feeling ok.  I pray for you every day.

      God would not be worthy of man’s worship if  he could be comprehended by man’s wisdom.


    | | | |


    | | | | Yahoo Mail Stationery |


  9. kmaidy says:

    bonjour Michel,
    c’est en voyant nos enfants et leurs descendances que nous nous rendons compte aussi comme le temps passe vite … Val mon petit fils a fêté aujourd’hui ses 17 ans et passera le bac français ces prochains jours, je n’en reviens pas … Vic fêtera cet été ses 21 ans … les deux sont les arrières petits enfants de mes parents qui connaitront peut-être encore la génération future.
    Bises amicales !
    et jolie continuation à ce petit Ernest !

  10. atagrandma says:

    Families are amazing. I too have 15 grandchildren. plus 4 step-grandchildren, but I did not know them when they were babies. Also 12 and soon to be 14 great grandchildren.

  11. What a delightful post, Michel! It is a beautiful tribute to Janine, the matriarch! Congratulations to the two of you for your beautiful family!
    Love ❤

  12. mrswrangler says:

    What a family you have.

  13. Lavinia Ross says:

    You have several generations of beautiful, loving family, Michel and Janine! I enjoyed seeing the photos through the years. Wishing you and Janine many blessings.

    Much love to you, Janine and the family, ❤️

  14. judyrutrider says:

    Yet another great post! When you share the tales of your family, I feel like they are friends, especially the Duchess!

  15. neilc693 says:

    c’est phénoménal ! et aussi, vu différemment, pas exceptionnel du tout, c’est seulement un pas ordinaire à la fois . . . mais c’est ce qui est realisé, donné la plénitude du temps.

    • Yes , Neil, this describes the evolution of the family during 60 years …to continue… 🙂

      • neilc693 says:

        c’est comme ton jardin, je suppose : ce n’était pas réalisé tout à coup, il fallait le soigner et nourrir (et un trésor est la récompense).
        sur les nouvelles-arrivées, félicitations! tres bon nouvelle 🙂

      • Oui Neil. j’aime ta comparaison avec la “forêt” du jardin qui s’est faite au fil du temps.

      • neilc693 says:

        Now I think about the house and its property . . . perhaps you and Janine can consider an arrangement, if none of the heirs are able to assume the burden of its care, that this grand house should revert to an architectural preservation society as steward. I imagine that the house has some significance, and that in any case, if sold on the market, the property is very likely to be divided and converted to dwellings like all the new ones around you (which would be a shame).
        Here in town this nearly happened to a
        historic home after the family relinquished ownership, it remained abandoned and unmaintained, became a refuge for indigent vagrants with the accompanying difficulties, and was in danger of collapse. The conservation organization stepped in and held on to it for some decades, looking for an owner with proper means and intentions—only in the last few years did a local businessman finally acquire it.

      • You ask the question of the future of the house and the property after us. I admit that I don’t know. Our six children would not want it because they are already owners or would not want to come and live in Amiens or they would not have the necessary money.
        So, wait and see. Thanks for your concern, Neil

      • neilc693 says:

        l’immobilier et le domicile, ils ont apparemment accompli leur but, et la famille se prospère—dans un autre endroit : ç’est la bénédiction ! maintenant, le cadeau qui devrait être preservé, ce serait pour deux encore à venir, tel que vous fûtes . . .
        your posts (garden & family) make me think of time & posterity. in the old country, in Canton, in my grandfather’s time, the family had means, including a fine house—I think they were “nouveaux riches”, although we know very little about them now. but grandfather, the breadwinner, died (killed in the Philippines), then came the war and the Japanese invasion and everything was lost, my father and uncle were treated very poorly by our senior uncle . . . in some ways the family never fully recovered.
        la vie, c’est fragile, et les choses, ils prennent du temps . . . quelqu’un a dit, planter un arbre, c’est un acte de foi. vous deux avez un plein forêt !

      • Merci de nous donner toutes ces information sur l’histoire de ta famille disloquée par un drame historique :l’invasion japonaise.

  16. So beautiful! I love the first picture most – the utter joy on her face. Your wife is a priceless ruby. God bless all the generations of your and Janine’s family. Together you have made a mark on the world.

    Much love,

  17. Karen Fidler says:

    A beautiful story of your family, Michel! You are truly blessed.

  18. Annalisa S. says:

    Les plus belles images que tu pouvais nous montrer, Michel ! Je suis émue. Merci d’avoir partagé ce véritable don de Dieu.
    Je vous embrasse bien fort, toi et la toujours splendide Janine. 😍🤗

  19. suester7 says:

    It’s nice to see how the love you and Janine have for each other “multiplies” – giving rise to 4 generations!

  20. joyce says:

    your words paint a beautiful picture of the continuity of the generations, and the blessings of your own family’s growth. precious memories indeed.

  21. Su says:

    What a big family you have. It is lovely.

  22. Gayle says:

    You have a beautiful family started all by the love between you and Janine!! God bless you all! ❤

  23. Susan Joos says:

    A River of Love! 💗

  24. Marion says:

    Michel, What a wonderful family you have! Yes, as time goes by children are born, then those children have their own children – the cycle of life continues. ❤ Thanks for sharing with us these beautiful photos.

  25. Rachel says:

    Many congratulations and blessings to all your family! The ties that bind bring us the joy of home and family. My love to you and Janine! ♥️♥️

  26. Stephanie says:

    Une belle famille et les générations continuent sans arrêt. Est-ce que tous vos enfants ont eu leurs propres enfants ?

  27. Julie says:

    Congratulations to the family for the new addition. Its wonderful to have a new baby in the family and with you have said you will be adding more babies by the end of the year. It must be a great joy to Janine and yourself 🙂

  28. Marlaine says:

    i love all the pictures of janine – and the babies she has touched ❤
    time goes by so quickly xoxoxo

  29. Kathy Colvin says on FB:
    Isn’t it wonderful to have generations of family around you. Enjoy every one of them! Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are wonderful. Love, kc ♥

  30. Mary Harper says on FB:
    Congratulations on the new great-grandchild! What a blessing to be able to hold these precious children. ❤️❤️

  31. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    Thank you for sharing photos of precious moments in your life. In April our daughter and grandchildren had come for a vacation. My mother was delighted to be with her great grandchildren 😊 Regards.

  32. Caro says:

    Oui on est grace à vous une belle et grande famille…on a toujours plaisir à tous se rencontrer ….vous nous donnez beaucoup d amour ….on vous aime je vous embrasse bien fort Carole

  33. C’est merveilleux, Michel! So amazing to see the chronical of how your family grew over a few generations. Bravo!

  34. D. G. T says on Fb:
    Congratulations ❤️❤️ It’s great to see the continuation of a family this way!

  35. Catherine aka Singapore Girl says:

    Oh my word… what a huge blessing to have great grand children! The Lord bless your loved ones and grant them safe and smooth deliveries!
    What is it like? To see your children with grey hair??? I guess parents never stop being parents.
    My kids are only teens now.

    • ” Parents never stop being parents.” I agree with you Catherine
      About children with grey hair this gives us the meassure of the time passing .
      I remember when you were waiting your first child as you had conversation about this with MSB (( Marie Burke) who was a friend of mine . ❤


  36. Such a wonderful homage to Motherhood and your dear dear Wife and yourself who began this journey of your expanding family into the wonderful circle it is now with all of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.. And that forth generation yet to arrive…
    Congratulations and the LOVE shows in each and every photo…
    ❤ Just beautiful.. ❤

  37. cocosangel says:

    The photos of Janine with the first child and the grandkids, is so lovely.
    Janine looks amazing in the photos.
    I love watching photos of generations. It’s nice to see children, adults and grandparents enjoying them.

  38. Zakiah says:

    Such beautiful memories or Janine and the first born, and grand and great grand children. Such a strong root system for this Fauquet Tree, Michel! May the strength and limbs of this tree grow wider and wider.

  39. neilc693 says:

    children have never been part of my plan, and also I never spend much time with mothers and their young children, so it strikes me all the more when I see a woman who is a natural caregiver.
    on peut le voir dans comment l’enfant est portée, dans le sourire et le comportement, dont ces photos sont exemples parfaits—tu as les bien choisi 🙂

  40. This is so beautiful Michel, such a lovely family. And Janine, I can see why you fell in love with that beauty! Long live your wonderful children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all through the years May they prosper and flourish with love and good health. ❤️🌹

  41. Tribo, OCarm says:

    Oh such beautiful blessings… you and janine are blessed… praying for you both…

  42. Marilyn Thysell says:

    What a wonderful posting. You & Janine blessed with so many children. As grandparents you two can sit back and enjoy the newest generations. Love the photo of Grandma Janine and the little one. God Bless you two always. ❤ Marilyn

  43. Wonderful post. Y’all are blessed. My parents have 13 grands and five great grands. 😉

  44. Alex Tse (she/her) says:

    Janine est très belle. Félicitations! Santé à vous et votre belle famille! Quel bonheur!

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