The rise of life

L’essor de la vie

English version below the pictures

Vers la fin de février dans cette région du nord de la France , les premières fleurs qui apparaissent sont les perce-neige , robustes et élégants . Qu’il y ait de la neige ou non ils fleurissent en groupes très peuplés . Ils forcent l’ admiration.
Peu de temps après, les crocus sauvages épanouissent leur corolle bleu-violacé et forment d’importantes colonies dans la pelouse

Snowdrop ( with a young primrose) Perce neige ( avec une jeune primevère )
A large group of wild crocus in the lawn aside of group of snowdrops). Crocus sauvages à côté de perce-neige .

Towards the end of February in this region of northern France, the first flowers to appear are the snowdrops, hardy and elegant. Whether there is snow or not they are flowering in dense groups. They command admiration.
Shortly after, the wi
ld crocus are in bloom with their purplish-blue corolla and form large colonies in the lawn.

Puis ce 28 Février apparaissent dans la pelouse les petites pâquerettes, les primevères de toutes couleurs et les ficaires jaunes.
Dans une semaine on sentira vraiment le printemps proche, la vie qui s’élance et on pense à commencer le jardinage

Left to right: primroses, daisies,lesser celandine (buttercups) ; Primevères, pâquerettes , ficaires fausses renoncules .

Then on February 28, small daisies, primroses of all colors and yellow buttercups (lesser celandine) appear in the lawn.
In a week we wil
l really feel the approach of spring.the soar of life . We feel the need to start gardening. .

Cest pourquoi Janine disait et redit:”Jardiniers , il est temps d’acheter vos semences “!
En espérant qu’il n’y aura pas de gelées tardives en Mars -Avril comme l’an passé !

Janine some years ago in a seeds shop . Janine achetant des graines il y a quelques années .

It is why Janine said and says again “Gardeners , it is time to buy your seeds “!
Hopeful there will not be late fr
osts in March -April like last year!

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106 Responses to The rise of life

  1. judyrutrider says:

    When I lived in Michigan, which is about the same latitude as France, we celebrated the arrival of the first crocus as Noah welcomed the rainbow – a promise of spring to come. Now, I live in the land of milk and honey where something is always in bloom. How spoiled I’ve become!
    It looks like Janine is planting leeks. They are not easy to find in grocery stores and they are expensive here. I wonder if I could grow them in this climate.

  2. puffpop says:

    It is always exciting to see new life begin…

  3. Les fleurs font du bien à voir ! Le printemps nous fait un clin d’œil. Ici, ce sont surtout des jonquilles. Bizarrement, les crocus ne viennent pas facilement et les perce-neige pas du tout !
    Bel après-midi à toi et à Janine.

  4. Lavinia Ross says:

    The spring flowers look beautiful, Michel and Janine! Our own crocus, snowdrops and daffodils are up now, with more on the way. We are getting ready to start seeds indoors, and we plant the young plants in the garden in late May.

    Much love to you both and the family, ❤️

  5. blb1 says:

    I have not seen primroses in my yard for years. I miss them perhaps I should quit having the yard mowed.

  6. Really beautiful Michel! Thank you for sharing.

  7. cocosangel says:

    Oh yes, just hope there won’t be any frosts in the coming months.
    We still have snow on the ground. So if I want to plant I cannot.
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. such a glorious post Michel, so beautiful! It is time to tend to our flowers, spring is near.<3

  9. Caro says:

    C est vrai elles poussent c est joli et on se sent revivre ….le soleil ,les oiseaux chantent le matin et les jours rallongent ….un renouveau 🙂
    Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée.
    Je vous embrasse bien fort

  10. Rachel says:

    I want to get started, but we are looking at snow possibilities for at least a month. I would like to get outside for a bit. The sun is shining more these days.
    Enjoy the time! 🌷

  11. kmaidy says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    le perce-neige est une petite fleur très sympa qui en plus revient fidèlement d’année en année, tout en se multipliant !
    j’étais contente aussi , il y a une quinzaine de jours de voir les premiers crocus jaunes dans l’herbe
    ça sent le printemps !
    Pour le gel, tu as raison, ici tout a déja gelé le 1er mai.
    bon courage aux jardiniers !
    bises !

    • Oui, Maidy, les gelées tardives sont désastreuses . L’an passé il a gelé sur les fleurs des arbres fruitiers et nous n’avons eu ni pommes ni poires .
      Espérons que ce ne sera pas le cas cette année . En attendant on se réjouit de la renaissance de la nature
      Amitiés ❤

      • kmaidy says:

        bonjour Michel,
        oui les petites fleurs sont toujours les bienvenues ,
        mais fait encore bien froid la nuit , et tôt le matin …
        il est vrai qu’aujourd’hui encore il fait un beau soleil,
        alors profitons en bien.
        bises !

      • Ta réponse est tout à fait encourageante , Maidy

  12. The first flowers of Spring are such a gift! Yes, it is like life is rising. We still have a yard covered in snow, but maybe we can see flowers in April—the little violas that cover the grass, and the beginning of tulips. So nice to have these little flowers that return year after year. Happy Gardening! ❤

  13. calmkate says:

    What beautiful photos Michel, you are indeed blessed to see such natural beauty. … and eventually a planted beauty as Janines seeds bloom 🙂

  14. murisopsis says:

    I envy your flowers that herald Spring! We are still frozen – though I did see a few buds starting on a few trees. But that is very optimistic of the trees since we are sure to get another snow! Sparky has been thinking about seeds too!

    • I don’ t remember your latitude . It seems your weather is colder than ours .
      I like your sentence : “your flowers that herald Spring” . It is beautiful and true . But the spring brings sometimes not good surprises for the gardener. ❤

  15. neilc693 says:

    In yards here we often see snowdrop-like flowers, and they are great favorites of mine. Besides Galanthus, I think some are the related Leucojum (“snowflakes”) and also Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley/muguet de mai). I also look forward each year to the Polygonatum (Solomon’s seal) and Lamprocapnos spectabilis/Dicentra (“bleeding heart”). You see the type of form that I like!

    • I like this botanical comment; Neil . In my garden I have convallaria majalis , Polygonatum (Salomon seal). But I don’ t have Dicentra spectabilis even if I know well this beautiful specie .( called in French Coeur de Marie )

      • neilc693 says:

        One neighbor also has one specimen of Aquilegia canadensis planted near the street. I wish there were more, and that the flowers would last longer.
        As usual I’m envious of what your vegetable garden promises to bring. Janine with the packets of leeks makes me think of the tarts that they make !

      • Leeks tart is called in Northern France “Flamiche ”
        I have in the garden Aquilegia vulgaris with various colors . This plant gives numerous seeds and they colonise the ground. They grow after Daffodils , tulips on the same space /

      • neilc693 says:

        The nectar spurs on Aquilegia give the flower an intriguing form. I think A. canadensis has an especially beautiful color as well (I see now it might in fact be A. formosa).

      • You are right, Neil, the Aquilegia flowers have a special shape, so gracious . Here is a specie that spreads on the the ground and is so elegant. In the past I made a crop of the seeds . I put them in various small bags to give to a daughter. 🙂

  16. Julie says:

    I am looking forward to spring as well, we all need the longer days and spring sunshine to cheer ourselves up 🙂

  17. suester7 says:

    Ah, the seasons of life!

    The spring flowers look beautiful, Michel. Bet you’re looking forward to having more plants and flowers groom in your garden 😀

  18. wissh says:

    Happy Spring Michel and Janine! Just 20 more days to go. Love, Christine ❤️

  19. Your garden is beautiful. I hope there won’t be any late frost either.

  20. mrswrangler says:

    I was looking at seeds today myself.

  21. Sartenada says:

    Bonjour Michel.

    En voyant tes belles photos, je comprends qu’il nous reste encore de l’espoir pour le printemps et l’été. Nous avons encore 54 centimètres de neige ici où nous vivons. Lorsque la neige a commencé à fondre pendant la journée, elle a gelé la nuit. Cela signifie qu’il était glissant de marcher dessus.

    Merci beaucoup. Passe une bonne journée. Amitiés, Matti

  22. mcbery says:

    Hi Michel, I love when there is the scent of spring in the air!

  23. Resa says:

    How exciting! Happy Spring, Michel! xoxo – Resa

  24. Gayle says:

    Usually we don’t see flowers until Easter here. It does let you realize new life does come !
    I lost my older brother a couple weeks ago so I’m not really on a joyous mood but life goes on!
    Take care Michel…God bless you and Janine!

  25. Catherine aka Singapore Girl says:

    “the first flowers to appear are the snowdrops, hardy and elegant. Whether there is snow or not they are flowering in dense groups. They command admiration.” Indeed!
    Here in the Tropics, it’s difficult to observe the rhythm of life… All year round, we have the same flowers. But I’m thankful our government takes special care to ensure there are flowering plants everywhere!
    Btw, to answer your question, I have a 16YO girl and 13 YO boy.

    • A memory from Xanga 2005:
      “Lovely! Btw, how long will the crop last if you leave it in the soil? I’ve never seen a garden like yours… all my produce come from the shops! Tell me more so that I can share it with my students.” This is a comment from 2005

      7/26/2005 4:08 AM Singapore_Girl

      • I remember this time . It was this year 2005 or around that you were MSB Xanga friend (Marrie Burke )and you spoke with her about your pregnancy .
        Memories ! ❤

  26. Zakiah says:

    I am so envious of the blooms on your land, Michel. It will be a while before we can see the crocuses or the primroses. beautiful picture of Janine. Happy spring to you both.

  27. whyzat says:

    I’ve had my seeds for months now! I’m ready to go. Unfortunately May 20 is our last frost date.

  28. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour Mon AMI MICHEL que c’est beau d’avoir un coin de jardin fleurie

    Combien de fois entendons-nous ce refrain
    Le soleil ne brille pas pour chacun
    Pourtant, il brille pour chacun de nous
    Avec des heures différentes de rendez-vous

    Il ne peut pas, être partout à la fois
    Il a donc bien souvent, à faire des choix
    Si nos jours se ressemblaient tout l’temps
    Les trouverions-nous toujours, aussi amusants

    Le soleil est pour nous un bon compagnon
    Nous devrions apprécier son intervention
    Quand il nous envoie ses amis les nuages
    Le ciel nous donne des jours gris avec la pluie

    Du soleil, on devrait tous s’en faire un ami
    Le comprendre comme avec un ami, un frère un proche ect….
    Belle journée belle semaine
    Que le soleil t’accompagne

  29. Marion says:

    Snowdrops and buttercups always remind me of my childhood. 🙂 They’re the prettiest and most delicate flowers. ❤

  30. sherazade says:

    La natura nonostante l’uomo abbia tentato di snaturarla segue il corso delle stagioni.
    In questi giorni si sveglia da un lungo sonno con la gioia e i colori di un bambino.
    Purtroppo questa ultima settimana e sembra anche questa che inizia oggi a Roma sarà molto freddo la Notte anche sotto zero dunque attenzione ai primi germogli!!!
    Una caro abbraccio carissimo Bernard e buona giornata 🌼🌻💙

  31. sherazade says:

    La natura nonostante l’uomo abbia tentato di snaturarla segue il corso delle stagioni.
    In questi giorni si sveglia da un lungo sonno con la gioia e i colori di un bambino.
    Purtroppo questa ultima settimana e sembra anche questa che inizia oggi a Roma sarà molto freddo la Notte anche sotto zero dunque attenzione ai primi germogli!!!
    Una caro abbraccio carissimo Bernard e buona giornata 🌼🌻💙
    Un tenero tappeto..pas mal!

    Sally al parco!

  32. for me the spring is always a happy time – from dark, dreary days, come lovely sunny (albeit sometimes rainy, too) days where life ‘begins’ again.
    to plant a tree is to believe in the future … 🙂

  33. Anne-Marie says:

    Renaissance du printemps et de ses miracles.
    Vive la Vie et la Lumière permettant le renouveau quotidien !

  34. LGail says:

    We have bought 4 boxes of flower seeds. And some vegetable seeds. I’m so glad to find hollyhock and cosmos seeds this year.

  35. cheriherald says:

    Beautiful! We’re having a late (for us in Florida) frost tonight, so I will have to drag the potted plants back into the garage. 😦

  36. Your flowers bring smiles! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  37. Your flowers are beautiful. Hugs ❤

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