Such mother such daughter/ (with a up date)

Telle mère telle fille

English version below the pictures

Notre fille aînée, Carole, que j’appelle la duchesse, aime beaucoup les chevaux.
Elle monte à cheval dans les sentiers des champs et des forêts (photos ci-dessous).

Carole in the fields
Carole in the forest

Our eldest daughter, Carole, whom I call the Duchess, is very fond of horses
. She rides horseback in the paths of fields and forests (photos above)

Elle aime les chevaux depuis longtemps comme le montre cette photo en noir et blanc de 1979.
Parmi nos six enfants c’est la seule qui montre une telle passion pour les chevaux, les autres enfants s’attachant plutôt aux chats et aux chiens.

Carole 1979

She has loved horses for a long time as shown above in this black and white photo from 1979.
Among our six children, she is the only one who shows such a passion for horses, the other children becoming more attached to cats and dogs.

Ce qui est intéressant à observer c’est que sa fille Julie, l’ ainée de ses enfants, notre première petit- enfant a aussi cette passion pour les chevaux comme le montrent les photos ci-dessous . Les deux frères de Julie ne sont pas, eux, vraiment intéressés par les chevaux.

Julie kissing her horse Kenza
Julie, full speed

What is interesting to observe is that her daughter Julie, the eldest of these children, our first grandchild also has this passion for horses. as the pictures show above. Julie’s two brothers aren’t really interested in horses.

Il y a donc un héritage mère-fille intéressant. Et Janine et moi ? Janine n’avait pas d’attirance particulière pour les animaux, à l’exception des chiens. J’avoue que j’aimais les chevaux mais à cette époque c’étaient des animaux de travail (champs et transport) et pas du tout de loisir. J’aimais le travail des champs avec les chevaux. Mon père était un parfait conducteur de chevaux attelés lorsqu’il aidait dans une ferme.
Peut-on y voir un caractère familial héréditaire qui apparaîtrait aujourd’hui principalement chez certaines de nos filles et petites-filles ?

So there is an interesting mother-daughter inheritance. What about Janine and me? Janine had no particular attraction for animals, dogs except. I admit that I liked horses but at that time they were animals for work (fields and transport) and not at all for leisure. I liked the work in the fields with horses. My father was a perfect driver of harnessed horses when he was helping on a farm.

Can we see here a hereditary family character which would appear today mainly in some of our daughters and granddaughters ?


Up date September 11, 2001

In 2001 I started the blogging in March on Xanga .
On September 11 , I posted this as soon as I heard of the tragedy in New York:

“September 11, 2001

  • Sans voix .
    Nous restons sans voix devant ce qui vient de se passer aux Eats – Unis . Nous sommes horrifiés .Toutes nos condoléances à nos amis américains .

    Voiceless .
      We remain voiceless at seeing what it has just happened in USA . We are horrified . All our condolences to our american friends .”

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104 Responses to Such mother such daughter/ (with a up date)

  1. calmkate says:

    wow and is that you behind the draft horses Michel?

    Lovely shots of the Duchess and her horses, she looks regal so you’ve given her an appropriate nickname 🙂

  2. It’s wonderful that your daughter has been able to share her passion with her daughter. The pictures suggest they have different approaches to riding. It looks like Julie is riding bareback, while Carole is on a saddle, with a helmet. I am not very familiar with horse riding, but my understanding is that bareback is a very challenging way to ride. She must be very skilled!

  3. Wonderful photographs of the horse lovers.

  4. murisopsis says:

    I do think that early exposure to different animals causes an imprint in the mind. So yes, the love of horses can be passed down through generations, just as a love of cats or dogs or even lizards! The Duchess looks so comfortable on her horses. You can see the rapport between the horse and rider!! The same for Julie and her mount!!

    • You are right, Val, Carole has passed on her passion for horses to Julie. but the transmission did not really take place for her boys. They have other tastes. Each of us inherits his family but our being has been rebuilt independently . ❤

  5. loristrawn says:

    My father, who passed away in 2012, loved the horses he grew up with on the farm. They were working horses, of course. But he also loved cats, and he passed this great love on to me!

  6. judyrutrider says:

    The photo of Julie, riding with only a halter, and wearing a dress, is something from the cover of a romance novel. Simply beautiful!

    • Cette dernière photo dit , en effet beaucoup de choses, Judy: dynamisme, confiance en soi et confiance dans le cheval et en prise directe avec la nature ( comme sa mère d’ailleurs)
      I like your idea of cover of a romance novel. ❤

  7. LGail says:

    May granddaughter Carys loves horses. I think they are beautiful but I was always afraid of them, and they are afraid of me.
    The black and white photo is art.

  8. Yes, we can see that!
    How wonderful that they share this passion for horses!
    I wonder if the next generation will find a female who will feel the same! ???
    Lovely photos of the beautiful Duchess and her beautiful Daughter, Julie! And the horses are so regal! I’ve always thought horses were THE most amazing and handsome of God’s creation! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂
    🐎 🐴 🐎 🐴 🐎

    • Thank you Carolyn for the nice comment.
      Have you ever ridden a horse?

      • I have! But, not in years!
        And I was so glad my kids got to ride horses and so far my grandkids have, too. 🙂 They don’t own any, but they have places they can go to ride.
        When my oldest kiddo was only 11 years old he got himself a job caring for a lady’s 3 horses. He spent time with them each day making sure they had food, water, and he cleaned up their “home”/stables for them. Some times he got to brush the horses, too. 🙂 He kept that job for several years but had to quit when we moved to another city. It was a great job for him! The lady was so upset to see him leave. 🙂

      • Your oldest kid worked in the intimacy of the horses , Carolyn. i wonder if this inpired him for this present job ?

      • He achieved his university AND graduate school (Master’s) degrees and has a very different career from horses. 🙂 But he’s always been a very diligent hard worker. 🙂

      • Your oldest son is courageous, Carolyn, and strong like a horse !

  9. blb1 says:

    what beautiful horses! I admire horses from a distance ever since one stood on my foot. long story.

  10. sherazade says:

    Un animale regale nel quale anche io mi immedesimo!
    Complimenti per l tua bella famiglia 🐴🐴🐴

  11. puffpop says:

    2 lovely women who share a passion for the beauty and intelligence of such a marvelous creation. i wonder where your daughter got her love for horses…I know how much you love animals and have such compassion. Horses carried mankind places long before cars were even a dream in someone’s mind…

    votre amie,

  12. What a wonderful post! I love horses and dogs, and our children do too.

  13. Lovely post, Michel! Great photos. ❤ Both your daughter and grandaughter look very much at ease on horseback! Take care.
    Love ❤

  14. Resa says:

    Like daughter, like granddaughter.
    Perhaps you liked horses more than you knew, because as you said they were for work.
    Perhaps it’s actually “Like Father, like daughter, like granddaughter”!
    ❤ x

  15. Doug Thomas says:

    Horses are amazing animals. I worked on a ranch between university semesters one summer where we rode horses to sort cattle. My horse would balk at carrying me and would force me to walk along side him! There are flies in this country that have a painful bite. I noticed one on the side of my horse one day when he was making me walk, and I swatted it, killing it before it bit my horse too long. From that time on, my horse let me ride all the time because he realized I was a useful load: I killed those dang flies!

  16. Caro says:

    Merci Papa pour cette belle entrée…je suis heureuse de partager cette passion avec Julie et le top c est qd on chevauche ensemble
    Le soleil est là mais le vent est froid je trouve mais l ete de la st Michel approche 😉 bonne journée je vous embrasse carole

    • Qui aurait cru quand tu prenais tes cours d’équitation à St Laurent Blangy que tu deviendrais cette cavalière accomplie entraînant dans ce sillage sa fille et quelques autres ? Baisers.

  17. Susan Joos says:

    They both look so beautiful on their horses! I have always loved the thought of horses, but as I grew up in town and no one around me had horses, never had any experience with the actual animals. Instead, I had a varied “herd” of glass, metal, and plastic animals that all had names and a rich and fantastical life in my imagination. Not all of them came through their adventures unscathed, so many a tail or hoof had to be glued back on – if it could be found intact. I loved them all, anyway. A very small cardboard box is tucked away in a closet with a few of my favorites…

  18. Mlbncsga says:

    Morning glory! It’s easy to see Julie and Kenza have a special relationship! Of course the Dutchess has passed down this trait to her daughter. Your girls are quite impressive and
    beautiful, I know you are proud of them!
    ILYM ❣️

  19. cheriherald says:

    I loved horses and had them as a teenager when we lived in Ohio. Sadly, neither of my daughters was interested in them.

  20. nannyfountain says:

    Horses and I have never had any affinity! I was bucked off and thrown when just 5 and developed a fear. My father was so afraid of my mother’s reprisals that he did not put me back in the saddle. 😦

  21. Joyce Hutt says:

    beautiful stories you share from your family, michel. my oldest daughter was a horse lover. she had a job for a season where she took care of someone else’s horses, and also had great desire to work with horses that are used for therapy. she has since owned a horse also, but family finances made it so she could no longer take care of it. she does still go to a barn, local to where she lives, and helps take care of a few horses there. thank you for sharing your pictures and your observations.

  22. Margie Gibson Adams said:
    My mother and my son have a humbly present musical talent…. “Their light is under a basket”
    I get great joy knowing how the talent moved from one generation to another . My mom could hear a song once and played on the piano! My son has similar talents! My talent is enjoying listening😜

  23. cocosangel says:

    Your daughter looks elegant on the horse. And her daughter the same too. Horses are good for your spirit as well.

  24. suester7 says:

    Following this trend, perhaps Julie’s daughter will also love horses too 🙂

  25. Marilyn Thysell says:

    I admire people who love horses. Didn’t grown up around them, so somewhat scared of the large animals. I had dogs and cats when growing up on a fruit ranch. Such lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing……….<3 Marilyn

  26. Gayle says:

    Yes I think heredity does have something to do with it! Beautiful pictures of your daughter. She looks so regal sitting atop a horse!
    Hope all is well with you and Janine. God bless you and your family!

  27. maidyk says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    là tu as détecté un héritage entre mère et fille, mais parfois c’est le même lien d’amour pour les chevux entre père et fils …. un de mes cousins était champion d’alsace d’équitation et maintenant c’est le tour de son fils de commencer les compétitions dans le même domaine mais dans une autre région.
    bises ! bonne semaine à vous !

  28. how the world has changed, michel!!
    i always wonder if the talents of my grandfather (he was an artist) were passed down to his grand and great grand children (i see now on dit – petit-enfant…et après ça – on a…les petit-petit-enfants? lol je pense que non, ha)
    none of his children have his artistic flair, but so many of the 2nd & 3rd generation do

    with my ancestry studies…i am looking to see if he has some grandparents (or further back) that were also artists
    oftentimes the occupation of a person is listed in a census or on a marriage/death certificate
    maybe i will find something one day 🙂

  29. kaiori says:

    je suis heureux que vous etes revenues. i remember you took a break from blogging. i was worried about your health. j’espere que tout va bien et vous reposerez assez. j’aime beaucoup cette histoire. les chevaux sont beaux.

  30. I continue to be amazed by your beautiful family, Michel! Thank you for sharing!!!

  31. The Duchess definitely belongs on a horse. She looks regal. I love horses and hope one day to own one hugs E

  32. onedanyankee says:

    My Great grandfather moved houses with horses.
    I’ll see if I can find the picture.
    I’m glad to see you’re back from your blogging break, and I hope you’re well.
    You’re girls and their horses are lovely.

  33. Sartenada says:

    How lovely post! Wonderful horseback riding photos. Carol and Julie are lovely persons. My daughter and granddaughter, they both love horseback riding. They have a mare, big one. Thank you sharing this poet with us. Have a wonderful day, Amitiés, Matti

  34. Lavinia Ross says:

    The love of horses has come down through the family. Carole has such beautiful countryside to ride through! Those are beautiful photos, Michel, and I like the one of your father, too, with the horses plowing.

    Is Julie’s horse an Arabian? That is a very beautiful action photo.

    Much love to you and the family, ❤️

  35. Zakiah says:

    The DNA of love and passion shines through, doesn’t it? I love these pictures. I love horses and have always loved them. But never had the opportunity to ride them, except once when we were up in the mountains and I was a child of ten or twelve.

  36. Dear Michel, these are lovely photos and beautiful reminiscing ! Heredity definitely plays a role in ones passion for life and what they love to do and be around. Julie is lovely and such a beautiful horse. I too grew up partly on a farm with farm animals a few horses. I came to love animals and I think horses are the most majestic of creatures. Thank you for sharing this, so heartwarming !❤️

  37. Marion says:

    Michel, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of Carole and Julie with the horses! I certainly do think it’s an inherited love of animals that’s often passed down to family members. It’s interesting to note my love and passion of horses wasn’t really shared by any members of my family. Indeed, my extended family, many of whom don’t even like dogs!! I’m very different to them in so many ways. I love how Carole and Julie share this passion of horses and how you’ve described everything here about it. ❤

    • On my maternel side my family people loved animals . But as you say , Marion, this is not an exact rule ! 🙂
      I thought of you in writing this post, you love so much animals such dogs and also horses. ❤

  38. Eat Right Coach Louisa says:

    The fondness of animals runs in your family, whether it is horses, dog, cats or others. These are beautiful photos full of tenderness. And the last one, the black-and-white photo–is the man there your father or someone else?

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