Clipping the hedges

Tailler les haies.

English version below the pictures

Tailler les haies
Clipping the hedges

Nous avons beaucoup de hautes haies autour de la cour devant et derrière notre maison. Dans le passé, je coupais moi-même toutes ces haies, mais aujourd’hui, je ne peux plus. Ce fut donc une agréable surprise de voir samedi 17 juillet dernier ma fille aînée Carole (la duchesse) venir avec son chevalier Thierry et son fils Simon (notre petit-fils).
Thierry a utilisé mon escabeau historique de 1970, un peu désarticulé mais très adaptable à tous les terrains. La première photo le montre perché sur ce haut escabeau ressemblant à un oiseau bleu volant en haut de la haie ( Carole et Simon tenant l’escabeau )
La deuxième photo montre le travail bien partagé entre eux trois
Le chevalier Thierry a détruit aussi les mauvaises herbes dans le potager et réduit la sauge dans les bordures du jardin envahissant l’espace.

Look carefully, Thierry using a very ls stepladder is almost at the top of the hedge like a blue bird On distingue Thierry au sommet de la haie Photo by Janine Fauquet
Carole and Simon put cut foliage in bags photos by Janine Fauquet

We have many high hedges around the yard in front and behind our house . In the past I clipped all of those hedges myself but nowadays , I cannot anymore . So it was a pleasant surprise to see last Saturday July 17th my oldest daughter Carole ( the duchess ) coming with her Knight Thierry and her son Simon (our grandson) .
Thierry used my historical step ladder coming from 1970, a bit disarticuled but very adaptative to all grounds . The first picture shows him perched on this high step ladder looking like a blue bird flying at the top of the hedge ( Carole et Simon holding the step ladder )
The second picture show the work well shared between them three
The knight Thierry destroyed also the weeds in the veggie garden and reduced the sage in the borders of the garden invading the space.

Après tous ces efforts de la journée, ils avaient besoin d’un bon repos. On voit Thierry le lendemain sur un canapé entouré de ses chiens : un golden retriever et un berger australien. Sans oublier une chatte Maine coon appelée Mary-me. Doux spectacle d’un bon repos bien mérité pour lui, Carole et Simon.

Tout travail mérite récompense.

The rest of the warrior Thierry Le repos du guerrier Thierry Photo by Carole Fauquet

After all those efforts along the day , they needed a good rest . We see Thierry on the day after on a couch surrounded by his dogs : a golden retriever and an Australian shepherd . Without forget a female cat Maine coon called Mary-me. Sweet show of a good rest well deserved by him, Carole and Simon

All work deseves rewards

Je ne dois pas oublier que pendant ce temps ma femme Janine peignait les volets , préparés par mes soins!
Le travail maintient la santé

Janine painting the shutters photo by Michel Fauquet

I have to not forget to say during this time my wife Janine is painting the shutters . (that I have prepared )

Work maintains health ! 🙂

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83 Responses to Clipping the hedges

  1. calmkate says:

    good jobs well done, and the team effort makes it easier … I bet it feels good to have family help to get all those jobs done! Lovely to see those animals so relaxed! 🙂

  2. judyrutrider says:

    As always, I enjoyed this glimpse of your family life. Maybe I’m just nosy by nature, but seeing your yard, your home, your family and their beautiful pets, is reassuring that we are kindred spirits.

  3. Nancy Stuebs says:

    We have a high hedge between our house and our neighbor to the north. The neighbor planted them before we moved in here. Ken often trimmed our side of it it–it is about 150 ft. long. Now that our neighbor has retired, and Ken cannot do as much as he used to—just like you— the neighbor takes care of it all once a year. And, I love the picture of Thierry with the pets. I also LOVE the armoire behind Thierry. So beautiful. Looks similar to one I wanted to buy years ago for our living room, but it was too high—or our ceiling is too low! Painting the shutters is a big job! Good work, Janine! So wonderful to see you posting again, Michel!! ❤ from Nancy and Ken

    • Ken and I have the same limits . In the past I clipped all of the hedges myself but now I cannot anymore
      Yes , Nancy, the picture of Thierry with the pets is amazing and indeed the armoire is beautiful ❤

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Looks like a wonderful work day.

  5. Mais bon dieu pourquoi que c’est-y que les haies poussent si vite ? Et pourquoi que c’est-y que les mauvaises herbes ne donnent pas des fraises et des tomates ? Le monde est un brouillon !
    Bravo Michel et Jeannine et Carole et Thierry et Simon, pas si petit ! Et une douce et souriante fin de journée à vous. Mais est-ce que, par hasard, le berger australien ne serait pas en train de me regarder par dessous ?

    • Tu as raison, Gilles, on est vite totalement dépassé par les haies , surtout avec l’âge venant.
      Le berger australien a effectivement un regard transperçant . je l’ai déjà remarqué . C’est un chien de caractère ! 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos, Michel! 🙂
    It seems there is always work to do. 🙂 And you have some good helpers! 🙂
    The photo of Thierry and the furry-family-members is sweet! They all look relaxed and content. 🙂
    How are you feeling, Michel?
    Continued prayers and ❤ to you and all of your family.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  7. blb1 says:

    At our age ladders and step stools are a no no. Beautiful animals he has, lots of brushing I bet.

  8. Still impressed by this house and garden of yours. I see it is a family effort to keep up with it!!!! 😍 Blessings! 🙏🏻♥️

  9. puffpop says:

    You have trained your children well. Such a relief that they came to help you. Janine keeps busy. What a wonderful picture of those pets. They certainly look like they are well fed and very comfortable…The problem with bushes is that the grow and often need to be trimmed.

  10. Marion says:

    Michel, Your hedge is as tall and long as our one! You have such a wonderful, helpful family. ❤

  11. Rachel says:

    Everyone helps to maintain the homestead. I am glad to see you back reporting to us about your days.
    Here the weather has been so right for the crops that the corn is standing right foot high, and all vegetables are producing well. Cherries, peaches, green beans, cabbage, etc are in abundance. It is a good harvest!

  12. Julie says:

    Well done to your family with their great job of cutting back your hedges. I hope that you are resting during this hot weather that we are having at the moment. I enjoyed watching the Tour of France once again , of course Mark Cavendish from the Isle of Man won the Green jersey

    • I watched the Tour de France principally from my bed in my dialysis room . And indeed I observed especially Mark Cavendish ‘s behavior in thinking of you , Julie and John ❤

  13. Susan Joos says:

    Wonderful to put things to rights – it feels so satisfactory!

    I’m afraid my bushes and hedges may never get trimmed this year; every time I think I will be able to tackle it, another bird builds a nest! There is a Robin that finished a nest last week in the lilac right outside our bedroom window, so I thought, fine, I will just need to wait a few more weeks until those eggs hatch & the babies fledge. But then YESTERDAY I saw a lady cardinal pulling out the decorative material I have in my flowerpots and fly into the other side of the bushes from the Robin to build her own nest!

    Oh well, when we can get to it, it is going to be a big job. The bushes keep growing!

    • Having robin and cardinals making a nest not far of your window is a priviledge, Susan . I would like enjoy this too but our hedges and trees are not near the house enough to be observed . At the opposite the neighbor’s cat looks like being a good observer but the birds are clever and good observers too, fortunately. ❤

  14. nannyfountain says:

    Lovely post as usual. Love to you and Janine and the whole family! ❤

  15. Michel, How inspiring to see your family members working together to trim the hedges. Janine is very brave to get up on a ladder. More power to her! I wish you the best possible health, but as long as the brain works, that is the most important thing. Beautiful photos! Love to you and your family.

    • You are right, Cheryl, keep our brain is the best of the things when we age. Janine on the ladder is cetainly braver than me ( this is forbiden for me ! 🙂 )
      Thanks for this comment ❤

  16. Gayle says:

    So nice to have the children come to help! I love it when my son comes to do things for me and his wife is my aide and helps me every week!
    Your garden is beautiful! Janine looks the picture of health there painting your shutters!
    So glad you’re back to posting on Facebook…….we all missed you ❤

  17. suester7 says:

    Work and rest – it’s one of the rhythms of life. Thierry looks very satisfied after his hard labour!

  18. It looks like they all did a good job! I love the scene in photo #3. It looks like a lovely place to put down a blanket and read a good book! Much love you and yours, Michel! ❤

  19. cocosangel says:

    You do have a beautiful garden. It is fabulous when the family help you with keeping it good.
    The roses are lovely.

  20. Well done. So happy they helped out. The dogs (and cat) are beautiful. I love the shutters. Your place is looking great. Hope all is well. Hugs, ❤

  21. Sartenada says:

    Hello Michel.

    What a warm-hearted post! I am very glad that you got help from your family. Of which is your hedge? I ask this because we had a small coffee corner of cultivated willow. In summer it was easy to handle, but in winter it was not beautiful. I think that you have not seen it because my post is from 2010. Here:

    Coffee corner

    Btw, I think that my answer to your comment given today, would be interesting.

    Bonne journée. Amitiés, Matti

    • Notre haie est constituée principalement de thuyas, et plus loin avec les lilas . J ‘ ai aimé ton coin-café . J ‘ ai crée ici un ” chemin des amoureux ” bordé de symphorines 🙂

      • Sartenada says:

        Bonjour Michel.

        Merci de m’avoir répondu. Ici, les gens utilisent aussi le thuyas. On ne trouve généralement pas de symphorines. Je te souhaite un bon dimanche. Amitiés, Matti

      • Le thuya est robuste et facile à tailler . La symphorine se développe très vite et est envahissante ! 🙂

  22. LGail says:

    So good to see you have a lot of help around the yard. Seeing all that work makes me tired!!! LOL!

  23. Caro says:

    Ça a ete une journée bien remplie mais on est content de voir le changement .l escabeau a rendu service mais il va aller à la déchetterie 😉il reste à couper le bois pour cet hiver …on.vous souhaite un bon dimanche on vous embrasse bien fort

  24. Anne-Marie says:

    Le travail c’est la santé, nous chante Henri Salvador !
    Bravos à vous tous de soigner si bien votre propriété !
    Belle image du repos entourés des amis à 4 pattes ensuite !
    Amitiés et bel été bien à vous en Picardie,

    • Merci pour le rappel d’Henri Salvador, Anne-Marie . C ‘est nous qui avons planté cette haie en 1986 en arrivant ici mais maintennt elle nous dépasse .Merci Anne-marie pour ton commentaire

  25. maidyk says:

    elle est drôlement courageuse ta femme !
    bonne soirée à vous ! bises !

  26. marica0701 says:

    Goodness, my hedges are only a meter high! I can’t imagine trying to trim those high hedges! (I don’t like ladders) 🙂 Everything looks good and Thierry certainly deserves his rest with his dear dogs!

  27. Had you on my mind this week and prayed for you. 🙂
    Just stoppin’ in to ask How are you? And to leave you some (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤

  28. Lavinia Ross says:

    It is wonderful to have such helpful, loving family, Michel. Everything looks good there.

    Much love to you and the family,

  29. neilc693 says:

    A most welcome pleasure to see your break from blogging is over—and to see that wonderful big house again (and especially it’s being in the loving care of the new generations!)

  30. Hello from Pennsylvania, USA. You were fortunate that they did so much work. It was a big job!

  31. toujours ta famille travaille ensemble – c’est vraiment réconfortant (?) – ça me fait sourire mon cœur ❤
    ayant faire 80 ans de travaille si fort, michel – tu mérites aussi un bon repos 🙂

    (stp, michel, excuse toutes mes erreurs !!) xoxo

  32. It’s so good to have family around and when they help, that’s a bonus. Those hedges look magnificent and it’s great to have someone else cut them. My best to you and Janine and the family.

  33. Th oh s is such a lovely post Michel, I love your gardens and hedges , and being invited in to see your family tending these Beau grounds of yours. Be well my friend. Thinking of you! Love ❤️

  34. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    You have such a beautiful family! I think that they must enjoy helping to maintain your home. They have many wonderful memories of time spent there!

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