The humble leg

L ‘ humble jambe

English version below the picture

Dernièrement j ‘ étudiais le fonctionnement de mon nouvel appareil photographique et , pour essai , je pris en photo ce qui se trouvait en face de l ‘ objectif . C ‘ était ma jambe !! L ‘ image était assez bonne et j ‘ allais supprimer cette photo devenue inutile . Mais je ne le fis pas !

Je pensais subitement que beaucoup de choses pouvaient être dites à propos d ‘une jambe . J ‘ hésitais . N ‘ était – il pas un peu stupide de disserter sur ce sujet ? Habituellement une jambe n ‘ est jamais photographiée ou rarement . Le visage , oui ! La personne entière , oui ! Mais une humble jambe ?

Cependant n ‘ est – ce pas la jambe qui permet à l ‘ Homme de se tenir verticalement ? Et par ce biais de supporter son très lourd cerveau et par suite son incroyable intelligence et la prise de conscience de soi ? Ne sont – ce pas les jambes qui permettent de marcher et de découvrir un environnement de plus en plus lointain et par suite d ‘ ouvrir l ‘ esprit ?

Finalement je réalisais que les jambes n ‘ étaient pas si humbles et étaient trop méprisées . J ‘ avais à faire une chronique pour les réhabiliter ( sans jeu de mots ! )

En postant ceci je risque d ‘ être qualifié de blagueur  . Peut – être ? Mais mes lecteurs sont si bienveillants et je suis sûr qu ‘il trouveront d ‘ autres chose à dire à propos de l ‘ humble jambe .

by M. Fauquet

Lately I studied how was working my new camera and I took for a test a picture of what it was in front of the lens . It was my leg !! The pictures seemed rather good and I was going to suppress that photo become useless . But I didn’ t .

  I thought all of a sudden many things could be said about a leg . I hesited . Was not it silly to discourse on a leg ? Usually this is never or not often pictured . The face , yes ! The entire person ,yes ! But the humble leg ?

  However isn’ t it the leg that allows the Man to stand up vertically ? And by this way to support his / her very heavy brain and so an incredible intelligence and a self – consciousness ? Are not the legs that allow to walk and to discover the surrounding more and more farther and so to have an open mind ?

  Finally I realized legs were not so humble and were too much despised . I had to make a post to rehabilitate them ( without play on words ! ) .

  In posting this I take the risk to be called a leg- puller  . Perhaps ? But my readers are so kind and I am sure they will find other things to say about the humble leg !


Thank you for your kind wishes for our anniversary, Janine et Michel

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122 Responses to The humble leg

  1. A wonderful photo! Indeed the leg is taken for granted until it is ( heaven forbid) gone. I wish you sturdy legs and heart my dear friend. ❤️

  2. I enjoyed your post about your humble leg.
    Also, your humble leg is wearing classy pants.

  3. This was a delightful way to start my Tuesday morning. Thanks for your sense of humor.

  4. puffpop says:

    God created us in such a miraculous manner. We can use our 2 legs to walk and run and tell people good news. We can run toward good goals and run away from bad habits. As we get older, our legs get slower…
    Have a most blessed day and I hope that you are feeling good and ready for Spring.
    votre amie,

  5. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Bonjour, Michel! I enjoyed your post and musings about the leg. In fact, the leg is often the focus of ballet dancers (amateur ones like me included). You mentioned rehabilitation. Did you injure it? I am concerned and look forward to your updates. Please take care! Amitiés, Louisa

    • Louisa , le mot “réhabiliter” a différents sens en français . Ici Il signifie ” rendre à quelquechose ” sa valeur, son rôle important ou encore son innocence.
      Merci de t’inquiéter mais ma santé se maintient. Je suis simplement un peu faible.

  6. blb1 says:

    I’m still smiling. I noticed the texture of the pants immediately. My thoughts on my legs aren’t as positive as they cause pain on walking. Neuropathy I imagine, plus the bad back.

  7. judyrutrider says:

    Does the phrase, “pulling your leg” have the same usage in French as it does in English? I’ve wondered about the origins of that term for telling a white (or harmless) lie. My grandparents, who were Dutch, used to say, “making me for the heck” when someone was teasing them or pulling their leg. It also meant to make a joke at their expense. I do hope we will see some images of the Duchess’ horses taken with your new camera.

  8. Michel, Your post reminds me of some idioms. I don’t know if they are the same in French.

    “You don’t have a leg to stand on” if your story is untrue. I have enjoyed this trip, especially the “last leg of the journey!” My tomato plants are becoming “leggy.” How can you eat so much? You must have a “hollow leg”! The milkmaid sat on a “three-legged stool.”

    Now tell me, how come we have so many “leg” idioms if legs are insignificant?

    Love ❤

  9. slmret says:

    The humble leg takes more punishment than almost any other part of our bodies. That was recently impressed on me when sciatica caused much pain in one leg — I wasn’t sure the leg would hold me! Fortunately, it did, and the pain has reduced over the past couple of weeks.

    • Yes ,Janet, we realize the importance of the legs when they become sore or weak ! I am sorry to read you were suffering a lot with sciatica and I am relieved to know you are better.

      • slmret says:

        Thank you, Michel — I mentioned my personal issues as an example rather than looking for sympathy or concern. I have enjoyedyour post and all the comments!

      • Thank you, Janet. I have appreciated very much your comment . I was a great example to illustrate my post . ❤

  10. calmkate says:

    lol you have to be pulling my leg surely Michel 🙂

    Those lovely young ladies with legs up to their armpits often have their legs photographed … by saucy French men I believe 🙂

    I’m left with no leg to stand on, so I’ll leg it before you pull it again 🙂

  11. mrswrangler says:

    Last week Wrangler had his phone in his shirt pocket. He eneded up with a beautiful sky picture without even trying.

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. L. Marie says:

    Great photo of your leg! Glad your camera works!

  13. It is also the humble leg that allows us to walk “humbly” with our God. Blessings to you all Michel.

  14. maidyk says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    pas si humbles que cela les jambes, elles te portent !
    Mon mari a depuis quelque temps une aiguille calcanéenne sous un pied, et je peux te dire qu’il souffre énormément , parait qu’il n’y a que les étirements et les massages qui peuvent soulager ce talon !
    bises ! bonne nuit !

  15. murisopsis says:

    This post and all the comments have left me smiling! The leg is often left out and shaken, especially when doing the “hokey-pokey”! Yet all parts are connected – the leg to the hip, the hip to the spine, the spine to the head…and not one can function apart from the whole!

  16. eastgoeseast says:

    A very amusing and thoughtful post. Sometimes it’s the little stories about everyday things that are the best. I showed your story to a friend of mine who lost a leg many years ago in an accident, and he agreed that legs are indeed important and should not be taken for granted!

  17. Doug Thomas says:

    Until time or circumstances renders legs weak or useless, one pays little attention to them, but then it is too late.

    • How you are right , Doug! I have weak legs now and I agree with what you mean.

      • Doug Thomas says:

        I’m dealing with it, too.

      • Dialysis and arthrosis (in the back) are not good for the legs ! Doctors check also narrowly the blood potassium not good for the muscles and so for the hearth when the rate is too high.

      • Doug Thomas says:

        Yes, my levels of everything from Potassium to Phosphorus are measured regularly for that reason. They take blood samples while I’m on the dialysis machine and send them to the lab for analysis. Then, the hopspital diatician reviews these result with me, giving me a sheet showing the last three months’ levels of each characteristic, with a green checkmark for good levels and red for out-of-range ones. There is a recommendation next to the bad ones on how to bring them into control, and the dietician emphasizes these and discusses my diet with me so she understands how well I understand what I need to do and why to bring them into control.

      • It is exactly the same for me, Doug , including the dietician

      • Doug Thomas says:

        We are fortunate to have excellent care!

      • I do not stop to say that , Doug, for three years .

  18. sherazade says:

    Mio fratello a 20anni ha dovuto rinunciare alla sua gamba a causa di un brutto tumore osseo… adesso ho pensato a lui!
    Un abbraccio 🌹

  19. You’ve got a leg to stand on, as the saying goes!

  20. YAY for a new camera! What a wonderful photo, Michel! 😀
    I’ve heard of fresh legs, break a leg (related to acting/theater), leg up, hollow legs, shake a leg, give a leg up, ETC., but never humble legs! 😀 Humble legs are better than arrogant legs! HA! 😛
    We reach an age when we wish we had appreciated our legs more when they were young legs! 😉
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  21. neilc693 says:

    Very charming! These kinds of meditations on quotidian things are one of my favorite genres of writing. (I’m not sure how, but as time goes by it gets easier for me to read your French without looking at the English.)

  22. A wonderful post
    I hope all is well with you

  23. Sharon White said
    Hello from Texas!

  24. wissh says:

    I love this! Truth, with your intelligence and sense of humor peeking through. Having had two knees operated on already in order to remain vertical I completely agree. I’ve hated my legs most of my life, I need an attitude adjustment and be thankful they are still functioning.
    Have a blessed week, Michel. This was fun to wake up to.
    ❤️ Christine

  25. Susan Joos says:

    Looks like the camera is marvelous and will be fun to use!

    I am hoping my legs will be kind after a winter of inactivity to take me on a walk this afternoon if it warms up enough.

  26. Annalisa S. says:

    Honneur à cette jambe vêtue d’une chaussure autant élégante que son proprietarie! 😍🤗

  27. Caro says:

    Bonjour Papa ,c est une entrée insolite mais moi fois ce que tu dis est bien vrai 😅 .bonne journée je vous embrasse carole

  28. Karen Fidler says:

    Michel, I have recently had the occasion to appreciate the humble leg, after I broke my ankle last November! Suddenly, my life was so much more difficult due to the lack of that humble leg. Also, at work, I see many students who do not have the use of their legs, and what that means for their lives. Thank you for taking the time to remind me of the importance of this “oh, so humble” limb!

  29. Rachel says:

    We tend to think that some parts are not necessary, but then when it is hurt, or becomes useless, we suddenly have a high appreciation for that body part. The Lord knew what He was doing when He “knit us together.” I am thankful for each remaining part. 🤗

  30. littlemissbliss says:

    i think that so often about our feet as well
    they do so much for us, and we neglect them – we do not pamper them enough
    my feet were so sore yesterday because of walking so much – instead of just complaining about it and doing nothing, i gave them a bath…and today they let me walk freely and without pain again 🙂
    our whole humble body – the only one we have…we must treat it well so it can help us through this life xoxo
    nice to see you, michel – i hope we get more pictures from you soon!!

  31. Sartenada says:

    Hello Michel.

    It as a good start to shoot a photo of your humble leg. Thank you. All the best!

    Amitiés, Matti

  32. Lavinia Ross says:

    Glad the new camera is working well. We are all miracles of Nature, Michel. No part is humble.

    Much love to you and the family, ❤

  33. LGail says:

    Legs are so important. We woul have trouble riding a bicycle or jumping on a trampoline or pushing rocking chair. Good blog Michel !

  34. suester7 says:

    The humble leg is a very important part of our bodies. I took them for granted most of my life until I suffered an injury. Am now doing some physical therapy to mend my legs!

    I enjoyed this post very much, especially your sense of humour!

  35. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    The design of the human body and the bodies of other creatures is proof that there is a God. Such wonders cannot happen by accident! I know my cats are jealous that they do not have thumbs!

  36. Resa says:

    There is nothing humble about a leg.
    I walked everywhere I walked in my life on my legs.
    You have rehabilitated the proud and honoured leg! Wonderful! ❤

    • You are so right, Resa . Besides at this moment my legs become weak! Where are my legs of the past ? 😉 I wrote this post with a humorous smile ! ❤

      • Resa says:

        I think your legs walked by you. You must speak to them about behaving! I also, have a humorous smile! I also have legs becoming annoying. They must be teenagers.

      • I am sure your legs are young, Resa ! Ah! If I could talk to the mines to tell them to be strong ! 🙂

  37. cocosangel says:

    I read this on Facebook, and I left a comment.
    I hope you are fine.
    Take care

  38. Stephanie says:

    Ha Ha, je trouve tres amusant que tu as traduit blageur avec ‘leg-puller’ dans ce contexte!

  39. kaiori says:

    “leg-puller” hahahaha ❤

  40. We all need a “leg up” from time to time. 😉

  41. Tu es très en jambe, Michel 😉

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