Dogs driving a carriage ?

English version below the pictures

Chiens conduisant un attelage

C ‘est ce qu’on pourrait croire en regardant la photo ci- dessous . Deux Golden retrievers se tiennent serrés l’un contre l’autre à côté du conducteur (le Chevalier de Carole, mon aînée) . Il y a un vieux mâle, Dafi, et une toute jeune femelle Roma. Ils regardent la route devant, très attentifs comme s’ils prenaient une leçon d’auto-école. Janine aime cette photo . On pourrait penser que ce sont les chiens qui conduisent.
Il y a aussi un troisième chien , un berger australien, qui s’appelle Paco. Lui préfère courir
Je devine que Carole, ma fille aînée, suivait montée sur son cheval et prenant ces photos .

La vie est belle à la campagne !

Dogs driving a carriage? photo Carole Fauquet
Paco photo Carole Fauquet

This is what you might think when you look at the photo above . Two Golden Retrievers stand tight against each other right next to the driver (my oldest daughter Carole ‘s Knight). There is an old male, Dafi, and a very young female Roma . They watch the road ahead, very attentive as if they were taking a driving school lesson. Janine loves this photo. You might think it’s the dogs that drive.

There is also a third dog, an Australian Shepherd, named Paco. He prefers to run

I’m guessing that my daughter Carole , was following riding her horse and taking these photos.

Life is good in the countryside !

Mes deux autre filles ont aussi des chiens (mais pas de chevaux ! )Véronique a un petit chien qu’elle emmène partout ,une femelle appelée Lola.

Lola watchingJanine preparing the meal

My two other daughters also have dogs (but no horses!) .Véronique has a small dog that she takes everywhere, a female called Lola.

La plus jeune de mes filles Isabelle, qui vit en Angleterre , a deux chiens , le sien s’appelle Diego . Elle a aussi adopté un vieux chien resté seul après la mort de son propriétaire.. Les deux chiens après un début difficile s ‘entendent bien maintenant

Going to England. On the left , Diego and on the right an old Border Collie adopted orphan

The youngest of my daughters Isabelle, who lives in England, has two dogs. Her own dog is named Diego. She also adopted an old dog who was left alone after the death of his owner. The two dogs, after a difficult start, get along well now

Parmi mes trois garçons , un seul a des chiens, le plus jeune :Jean-Baptiste . Les chiens de Jean-Baptiste sont les rois dans sa maison.

Il est bon d’avoir son chien chez soi.

Among my three boys, only one has dogs, the youngest: Jean-Baptiste. The dogs of Jean-Baptiste are the kings in his house.

It is good to have a dog at home.

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131 Responses to Dogs driving a carriage ?

  1. As a dog lover ( I have a Brown Boston) i I love these photos the story behind them. thank you for sharing Michel! 🍁🍂🧡

  2. blb1 says:

    A smile goes across my face with this post. Years ago we had 2 dogs, both mutts, both rescues. Then it was cats and next birds. All gone now as I feed a stray cat.

  3. Melanie says:

    I love this post and hearing about your family!! Much love to you, Michel!

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Our dogs bring such joy in a stressful life of trucking.

  5. Michel, This is a truly heartwarming post! ❤ You have a lot of beautiful dogs in your family. The photos and the narration made me smile. Some wonderful dogs and cats have been a part of my life and are fondly remembered. Our allergies prevent us from having pets now, but we enjoy watching funny animal videos…Robert, especially, is addicted to cat videos!

    I hope you and Janine are doing well!
    Love ❤ Cheryl

  6. Lavinia Ross says:

    These are beautiful photos of the dogs and I enjoyed the stories behind them, Michel.

    Much love to you, Janine and the family ❤

  7. Beautiful post Michel! I love dogs and horses. I used to ride horses when I was younger.

  8. puffpop says:

    It is good to have a dog at home. They do involve care and keep up but the rewards are worth it. I have my last dog now and Puff was John’s choice. Now that John is no longer with me, I have Puff and she will be the last dog. At my age, it would not be fair to leave a dog an orphan. Puff was 3 when we got her since puppies are much too playful for us “older” people…You take care and stay well.
    votre amie,
    Francoise. My daughter Val has covid. I would rather be sick myself than have one of my children or grandchildren sick…Their entire family is sick with Covid.

    • Puff is well known on the Internet like Bijou was on Xanga . She is a good companion.
      I am sorry Françoise to hear Val is sick of Covid and so for her entire family. I hope she heals soon.
      Take care of you, Françoise ❤

  9. cocosangel says:

    The photos look awesome Michel. How nice that your children grew up to love animals. The dogs look adorable
    Take care Michel

  10. calmkate says:

    if you are blessed with a stable home and the space it’s wonderful to share it with critters .. lovely photos and stories, I love dogs Michel 🙂

  11. KB says:

    The dogs wish they have thumbs so they can hold the reins! Stay well!

  12. Doug Thomas says:

    Yes, a dog makes the home!

  13. judyrutrider says:

    Of course you had me with the horses but you sweetened the story with the dogs. I have ridden in a cart behind a horse just once and it felt thrilling. Being accustomed to sitting astride and being in control of the horse, it was just a little frightening to trust that the horse would take us around the farm quietly. Thankfully, the mare was well-trained!
    Isabelle’s old Border Collie looks like my Molly Bear Dog.

  14. barbaralenhard says:

    Word Press would not let me comment on the page Your daughters dogs are adorable and so smart to be able to drive a carriage. I miss our dogs. We have not had one in the house for a very long time. I wish we did have one Love, Barbara 💕🎄


  15. You know I love doggies!!! And what wonderful doggies and photos of them, Michel! You have some beautiful doggies in your family…it’s nice when they can come and visit you. 🙂
    I can’t imagine my life without some doggies in it. They bring such joy and love so unconditionally. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    Cooper ❤ 's this post!!! 😉
    🐾 🐾

  16. Caro says:

    Les chiens ont toujours été présents dans notre famille
    Nous avons grandi avec Netta une chienne adorable qui nous a supporté et nous a vu grandir ….Daffy ,Pacco et Roma font partis de notre famille et adorent les promenades en attelage .c est une belle entrée Papa …vous nous manquez vivement le deconfinement. On vous embrasse bien fort carole et Thierry

  17. Gayle says:

    I like dogs but I am a cat lover!
    Hope all is well with you and Janine….take care my friend. ❤

  18. Susan Joos says:

    The dogs are so good to sit nicely like that. What do they do if they surprise a bunny or a cat while they ride? Recently my daughter’s dog surprised a cat that had climbed a fence and was lurking in the yard. The cat swiped a claw across one of the dog’s eyes! A trip to the vet was necessary but we hope she will be fine. I can’t see Izzie (my daughter’s dog) sitting so patiently on a wagon! But she is an indoor dog except for the necessary potty trips outside, and she is the sweetest dog I have ever known. Sometimes she comes to visit us and then it is very quiet when she goes back home.

    • The dogs are used to see cats because they grew with cats, Susan . My oldest daughter owns also three cats and when they were young they played with patient dogs !
      In the car among the two dogs there is a very old dog that pains to walk and a very young one , a baby , that usually is running around but loves also to be with the old one ❤

  19. LGail says:

    I love animals. Just that our last dog was so frisky we are old and couldn’t handle him. I like the dogs in the carriage.

  20. Oh wow I love this photo perspective. Beautiful dogs and the horses are beautiful too. I love them both. The countryside is lovely too. ❤️🐾

  21. murisopsis says:

    This was a heart warming post Michel! I am glad that the family loves dogs and all animals. It is an earmark of a caring individual to be able to love the animals… It speaks well of you and Janine!

  22. L. Marie says:

    What beautiful dogs, Michel! They look friendly and happy!

  23. Beautiful dogs. Dogs and cats enrich our lives and we can learn so much from them. Loved the photos. I grew up on a fruit ranch and it seems we always had 2 dogs and at least 3 cats. Then of course, there were the chickens and rabbits. Wishing you and Janine much pleasure and relaxation as we head to the weekend. Love Marilyn ❤

  24. sherazade says:

    I love Lola look like my Sally a sweet Jack Russell ❤🐶
    Good night Michel

  25. Marion says:

    Your family are animal lovers, Michel! 🙂 I really love the photo of the dogs in the carriage – beautiful! Love your family’s dogs and of course, horses! ❤ I remember you had a Brittany many years ago – Netta?

  26. nannyfountain says:

    The joy of having 4 legged friends. THey give us so much love! ❤

  27. Love dogs, love this post. Pets bring us much joy.

  28. Carol McKay Harper says:
    Our Dilly is a Yorkie Poo. She thinks she rules the home!

  29. Sartenada says:

    Bonjour Michel.

    Very cool post. As a animal friend I loved it very much. Thank you.

    Happy new week. Matti

  30. Beautiful photos dear Michel, and I am sure your daughters are beautiful also.. Wonderful that you also have a daughter living in England.. Though I bet you miss each other.. And so nice she rescued the older dog….
    All look happy and contented.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week dear Michel 🙂

  31. maidyk says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    tu as raison , la vie est belle à la campagne pour ceux qui aiment !
    au moins, ta fille a de l’espace pour s’aérer c’est très utile avec ce virus qui traine partout !
    De suite, j’avais pensé aussi à un attelage !
    bises depuis sud alsace !

    • Oui, Maidy, parcourir la campagne à cheval ou en calèche est agréable et cela détend . ‘
      c’ est le cas dans la famille de ma fille aînée et notre petite fille aînée .
      Personnelllemnt j’ ai des souvenirs émus de mes jeunes années fréquentant le milieu rural ( dans les années 40 surtout)

  32. Sartenada says:

    Bonjour Michel.

    Merci pour vos aimables paroles dans mon dernier message. Nous nous rencontrons dans mon autre blog. Lorsque vous laisserez votre commentaire, je visiterai sûrement le vôtre dans WordPress !!!


  33. Véro says:

    J’adore mon chien mais je me demande souvent si c’est réellement un chien ou juste un ventre sur pattes !!!
    Je vous embrasse tous les deux

  34. Anne says:

    Merci, belle publication, beaux messages, beaux commentaires.

    Et il est sûr que le chien est le maître quand il a faim ou veut sortir, etc. 🙂

    Ce post me rappelle une visite chez des amis au Canada qui avaient un mini Yorkshire Terrier qui n’arrivait pas à sauter sur le lit le matin TRES TÒT, mais savait se faire présent et réveiller toute la maison 🙂


    • Les petis chiens autour de la table savent user de leur talent de quémandeur ou encore comme tu le dis pour sortir ! Crtains sont parfois féroces ( par peur sans doute )
      Merci Anne -M

  35. Resa says:

    Pets make life richer! You have a wealthy family.

  36. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Les chiens sont les membres de la famille très fidèles. The photo of the dogs “driving” the horses is too funny!

  37. sherazade says:

    Semplicemente delizioso i meravigliosi i tuoi cani!
    Molti carissimi auguri per te e la tua famiglia che tutto sia migliore❣

  38. C’est un conte, une comptine, lire ces moments de vie, ces inspirations, un bonheur expressif et tendre

  39. littlemissbliss says:

    my dog(s) saved me after mike died
    i don’t think i would have survived had i not had them
    griffin is certainly my best friend now – so happy that he’s always here with me ❤

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