The blank page

La page blanche

English version below the picture

La page blanche

Qu’écrire et que faire ?
Je n’ ai pas d’idées!
Je regarde en l’air
Sans rien voir voler.

Où sont donc les songes
Qui hier me hantaient ?
Quel ennui me ronge
D’être ainsi vidé?

Janine, ma muse,
Me dit prend ta plume
Les idées infusent,
Tombent sur l’ enclume.

Faut-il donc agir
Pour pouvoir penser
Et la feuille couvrir
De riches pensées ?

Michel Fauquet
Novembre 2020

Michel thinking ? Michel pensant ?

The blank page

What to write and what to do?
I have not any ideas!
I’m looking up in the air
And don’t see anything fly.

Where are gone all of the dreams
That yesterday haunted me?
What boredom is eating me
To be so much emptied?

Janine, my muse,
Told me, take your pen
Ideas are infusing
And fall on the anvil.

Should we therefore act
for being able to think
And get a page filled
With rich thoughts?

Michel Fauquet
2020, November

roughly translated from the French poem above

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117 Responses to The blank page

  1. Largement privée de faire et presque tout autant privée de savoir, la machine tourne en effet un peu en rond et à vide.
    Bel après-midi à vous deux et douceur et sourire aussi.

  2. Writer’s block strikes again, and yet you have managed to write a very nice poem. It’s a wonderful thing to have a muse!

  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Your muse’s suggestion worked. 🙂

  4. Lavinia Ross says:

    Michel, I would love to hear more stories from your boyhood days of growing up in rural France.

    Love to you and the family, Lavinia ❤

  5. maidyk says:

    bonjour Michel,
    hé oui, l’imagination n’est pas toujours au rendez-vous , et parfois les idées manquent, aucun sujet ne nous inspire…
    rien ne vole, mais si de temps en temps encore une mouche qui cherche un peu de chaleur à l’intérieur !
    bises ! bonne soirée !

  6. Stephanie says:

    Bel poème.
    Mais pas besoin d’écrire, Michel. C’est bon avoir du calme dans la tête, si on peut en avoir.


  7. murisopsis says:

    The blank page is intimidating but you have conquered it in style! You should write more poetry!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this whimsical poem. One day I will be able to read it in French too! Something very special about a blank page!!! I often wish more journals were sold with blank pages instead of lined pages because of the infinite possibilities. I have been reading about a language learning method where instead of taking a test or looking at flash cards, one just writes what one remembers on a blank page. It’s much better for long term memory because tests are better for short term memory! It is always a special treat to see your new posts! ♥️🙏🏼

  9. A phenomenon that occurs in the lives of many wordsmiths…très bien écrit !

  10. Michel you have already overcome the blank page! And how is your autumn garden? Are you getting it ready for next year?

  11. cocosangel says:

    Michel, I always face writers block. And it is natural.
    hope you are able to get your tracks back. Take care

  12. KB says:

    The blank page is intimidating. Sometimes you just have to put the pen on the page and see where it goes on its own.

  13. Caro says:

    Et bien pour quelque chose que tu as torché c est très beau mais très nostalgique. L ambiance est partout à la morosité à cause de ce fichu covid. La famille nous manque mais il faut être prudent …..courage à vous deux .On vous souhaite une bonne soirée et on vous embrasse bien fort carole

  14. LGail says:

    I like to read everything you write. Sometimes I look at a blank canvas for a while before I think of what I want to put there

  15. whyzat says:

    You must be pleased to produce such a thoughtful poem. I, too, would like to fill blank pages as I used to do, but, alas, they remain blank!

  16. blb1 says:

    I’m not a poet, never have been. You do fine and I understand a blank page.

  17. calmkate says:

    love your poem, reflects so many peoples struggle with the boredom of lockdown!

    Great writing, more poems please 🙂

  18. Oh! What a wonderful poem, Michel!
    And even wonderful-er Muse!!! 😉 🙂
    I like to read whatever you write! 🙂
    My problem is the opposite…HA…I write and write and then can’t decide if I should post any of it on my blog. And often don’t blog it.
    I would love to hear more about your childhood. I’d love to hear about books you’ve read in your life that you enjoyed. I love when you post songs…especially those videos of you singing 🙂 . I love seeing your drawings/art work.
    You are such a wise, compassionate, good, ETC (all positive!) friend…so I listen to you, I learn from you and I’m encouraged by you! Thank you!
    (((HUGS))) to you and (((HUGS))) to your Muse! 🙂

    • All of your compliments make me melt , Carolyn. 🙂
      I thank you for listing the ideas of posting. Sometimes I fear the repetitions because I post since 2001!! ❤

      • Yes, that is a l-o-n-g time! 🙂
        Repetitions are okay. Still very enjoyable. 🙂
        (((HUGS))) 🙂

      • You are right Carolyn.Sometimes, good fruit must be allowed time to ripen completely to become sweeter yet! 🙂

      • HA! Yes. 🙂 I’ve been blogging since late in 2005…and I think I’ve grown in my writing, a little bit, at least. 🙂

      • Yes you are more and more creative and full of ressources, Carolyn. Don’t you think of writing a book in classifying your posts by topics ? ,

      • I have so many poems I’ve written. I’ve written a few short stories.

        I have 3 books I’ve written…fiction…one for children, one for teenagers, one for adults. But none of them are related to my blogging writing.

        I’ve helped others self-publish their writings, but never been brave enough to do that for myself. And I’ve never EVER even thought about a book containing my blogging posts. That would be interesting. 🙂

        You should do the same! You have such wonderful and amazing posts, Michel!

      • I think your easy and brillant writing should allow you to do a book, in chosing posts to gather by topics . For me it is impossible ( health ) ❤

      • Thank you.

        I’m so sorry your health is such these days, Michel. 😦 You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

        Could one of your children gather together your blogging writing, photos, drawings, etc., and make a book for your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? I think that would be SO wonderful. 🙂 A treasure for them to have and read and keep. 🙂

        Some years ago my kids asked for a book of my poetry. So I printed off some of my poems…some of them I had written for my kids through the years…and I put the pages of poems into nice binders and gave each one “book”. 🙂 They were thrilled! 🙂

  19. mrswrangler says:

    Beautiful. I posted maps of where we have unloaded and loaded since 2017.

  20. judyrutrider says:

    I just listened to an interview with David Sedaris, an American humorist who lives in France occasionally. When asked if he experiences “writer’s block” he said he sits at his desk for twenty minutes, regardless if he has any ideas or not. Something always comes to his pen though it’s not always something that bears fruit immediately. Ultimately though, as evidenced by his work, his fertile mind creates a story that touches his audience, often compelling tears and laughter in the same essay. Personally, I find a glass of pinot noir stimulates my creativity, or in the morning, a cup of coffee does the trick. Your posts seldom fail to entertain us; so, please know that whatever you write, the gentlest of hands separate the wheat from the chaff.

  21. Sartenada says:

    Hi Michel

    Blank page is no me blank, but filled with a beautiful poem. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

  22. Doug Thomas says:

    I like the idea of telling your story with old photos, too! I especially like ones with old cars or your and your family when your children were kids or photos taken on vacation trips.

  23. Marion says:

    Michel, I’d love to read about your experiences as a teacher! When did you realise you wanted to become a teacher? ❤

  24. Isabel Capillas says:

    You always have this gift of writing Uncle Michel and even though you mind is blank at the moment, you still managed to write down something that creates a story ❤️

  25. puffpop says:

    Do did very well…I know the feeling of a mind going completely blank. You managed to fill the paper with meaningful words that most of us can understand…
    votre amie,\

  26. Rachel says:

    Most of the world is in this predicament. We cannot plan ahead because we don’t know what will be allowed. We have ideas, but can we fulfill them? Now, winter is coming and we will be doubly stuck to our own devices. Ahh! This paints a sad picture! You and I know we can turn it around. Something will catch our fancy, our imagination, and perk our interest. Let us look at the “blank page” and see the possibilities. ⛄️
    As always, my friend,
    Rachel 🌹

  27. Gayle says:

    Even when your mind goes blank you have a lot to say….such wisdom in everything you write!
    You are lucky to have Janine to help you too! Hope all is well with you and your family…..God bless. ❤

  28. L. Marie says:

    Wow. When I am bored, I find something to snack on. When you’re bored, you write a poem. This is a habit I need to acquire!
    Love to you and Janine! ❤️

  29. Joyce says:

    michel, you have touched so many lives since you’ve been sharing and blogging. your posts resonate with me and remind me of the friends i have in different parts of the world, friends like you who bless others with their words and pictures. your stories amaze me. i would love for you to share about growing up, about when your family was young, more of your photos and drawings…. i don’t think of myself as a writer, so i enjoy reading the musings of people like you 😉

  30. Every time I think about reviving my WordPress blog, this happens to me too.

  31. nannyfountain says:

    Sometimes of late my mind is a blank page. This isolation from the COVID has been difficult. I pray for a closure of this illness SOON! Love to you and Janine ❤

  32. cheriherald says:

    I doubt that there’s a poet who doesn’t have a poem about facing that blank page with an even blanker mind. You’re in great company– and, you overcame!

  33. And get a page filled
    With rich thoughts….
    Yes! You have beautiful, rich thoughts that you express so well!

  34. quand j’y songe, mon coeur s’allonge…
    comme une éponge, que l’on plonge…
    dans un gouffre, plein de soufre,
    où l’on suffre, des tourments si grands, si grands…
    que quand j’y songe…

    lovely poem, michel
    you filled the page so well xox
    stay well ❤

  35. Catherine aka Singapore Girl says:

    My mind has been so cluttered with work and parenting concerns.
    I should force myself to sit calmly before a blank page.

  36. Louisa says:

    Michel, you have turned a writer’s block to a beautiful poem and the blank page thanked you! Keep putting your pen on paper and ideas will come! Best wishes!

  37. Frédéric defosse says:

    Bonjour Michel
    J aimerai lorsque je n ai pas d idées écrire aussi bien que toi..
    C est toujours un plaisir de te lire.
    Bises à vous deux

  38. Barbara Lenhard says:

    I tried to comment on this post a couple of days ago but it
    would not post. Now my mind is blank and
    I don’t remember what I said 😒.
    I will say to you that you are such a special friend to so many
    people from all over the word. Many of us have never met you
    In person but love you and care about you. It is such a pleasure to
    read about your life, your garden, your children
    and your lovely wife 💕

  39. Michel, whatever you write I will be happy to read! Photos are nice, memories are nice, humor brings a smile. People, places, opinions…whatever your muse inspires you to write! All the best! ❤

  40. sherazade says:

    È successo qualcosa di imprevedibile che va oltre la presunta onnipotenza umana e questo ci lascia sconcertati.
    Vediamo il tempo correre…
    Ti abbraccio❣

  41. marica0701 says:

    Anything that you write and share here is charming and insightful. I especially love your old photographs. 🙂

    Take care, my friend!

  42. Michel, ‘Your Blank Page’. I too have some of those. To many problems and not enough time to resolve them. This Covid-19 sure is messing with everyone’s life around the world. Our state has just issued more restrictions again. I’m trying to be patient. You take care and you and Janine be safe from this awful virus. Love & hugs to you both. ❤

  43. Yes, Marilyn, we are tired with this darn virus but we have to keep prudence. I wish the best to you both and I will think of you next Thursday.
    Love ❤

  44. Zakiah says:

    Dear Michel,
    I LOVE your poem. You should write more poetry. Despite the muse leaving you with a blank page, you came up grand and your words are stellar. Keep it up.

  45. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    You are such a creative person! I can write, too, but I cannot always do it on demand! When I was in high school, I was in an English class for higher level students. One of the teacher’s favoriel assignment was to give us a topic and tell us to write 1000 words, in ink, with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and turn it in by the end of the class, a time of only 50 minutes. The next day, we had to read the essays to the class and the students critiqued them.

    I loved that class and it was very helpful to me in college because it taught me to organize my thoughts quickly.

  46. Excellent Michel, Keep writing my friend.. At least Thoughts are still free…. 🙂 Good to see you are well, and that your lovely wife is encouraging you to explore your thoughts.. 🙂 Loved your writing 🙂

  47. Page blanche offerte aux vertes imaginations…on peut y deviner, espérer y voir une libération des contraintes, la possibilité que ce soit l’inspiration qui s’amuse de nous plutôt que nous nous amusant d’elle

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