Cats show.

Cats show

Chats show

English version below the pictures

Dernièrement mon cousin René ( celui qui parle aux phoques) m’ a envoyé un message avec une photo jointe d’un jeune chat regardant la télévision . J ‘ ai été séduit par l’ attitude de ce jeune chat nommé Rafale . Il exprime l’ intelligence avec son dos !!!Cela m’ a incité à commencer de rassembler mes souvenirs de chats dans leurs diverse attitudes , les «  cattitudes «  comme dit Douglas Thomas: .

Lately my cousin René (the one who talks to the seals) sent me a message with an attached photo of a young cat watching television. I was seduced by the attitude of this young cat named Rafale. He expresses with the back his intelligence !! This prompted me to start collecting my memories of cats in their various attitudes, “cattitudes” as Douglas Thomas says :

Le chat de mon voisin My neighbor’s cat

Nos jeunes voisins ont un chat gris , une sorte de chat oriental . Il est jeune et a transformé notre cour et jardin en un territoire de chasse . Il est à la fois sauvage et affectueux ? Il y a quelques jours en me voyant il s’est approché et commença à se rouler sur lui même ( voir diaporama ci-dessous ) . Peut-être attendait-il une caresse ?

photo :Neighbor’s cat Le chat du voisin

Our young neighbors have a gray cat, a kind of oriental cat. He is young and has turned our yard and garden into a hunting ground. He is both wild and affectionate. A few days ago seeing me he approached and began to roll over himself ( cf slideshow above ). Perhaps he was expressing the expectation of a caress?

Grisouille , la chasseresse. Grisouille, the huntress

Grisouille est un chat de ma fille aînée, la Duchesse Carole. C ‘ est un chat encore proche de l’ état sauvage . Sa vie, c’ est la chasse : au sol et dans les branches des arbres fruitiers . Elle monte la garde le temps qu’il faut .
Toutefois ce chasseur sait aussi apprécier des moments de caresses qui la font ronronner comme le faisait mon cousin René en Mars 2015

Grisouille hunting in the branches of fruit tree. Chassant dans les branches d’un arbre fruitier
Grisouille watching around ;Grisouille observant les alentours
Cousin René petting Grisouille ( Mars 2015)

Grisouille is a cat of my eldest daughter, the Duchess Carole. It is a cat still close to the wild state. His life is hunting: on the ground and in the branches of fruit trees. She keeps watch as long as it takes.

However, this hunter also knows how to appreciate moments of petting that make her purr like my cousin René did in March 2015.


Les beaux chats The beautiful cats

Ma fille aînée possède aussi un couple de chats de race Maine coon . Ils sont magnifiques et ont un caractère bien différent selon qu’on observe le mâle ( appelé Muscat ) ou la femelle appelée Mary-me . Muscat est joueur et aime la découverte , se tenir dans le tambour d ‘une machine à laver par exemple . Mary-me est plus timide et aime se tenir au dessus des hautes armoires de la maison . Mais elle a du caractère et sait tenir tête à son compagnon . De la beauté et du caractère ?

Muscat ( male ) playing with spools of sewing thread Muscat ( le male) jouant avec des bobines de fil à coudre
Muscat in the wash machine ! Muscat dans la machine à laver !
Is Mary-me really peaceful as she looks ??? Mary-me est-elle réllement paisible comme elle paraît
Looking at each other Face à face

My oldest daughter also owns a couple of Maine Coon cats. They are magnificent and have a very different character depending on whether you observe the male (called Muscat) or the female called Mary-me. Muscat is playful and enjoys discovery, for example standing in the drum of a washing machine. Mary-me is more timid and likes to stand above tall wardrobes in the house. But she has character and knows how to stand up to her companion. Beauty and character!

Les photos de Grisouille et des Maine-Coon viennent de mon ainée Carole ., c’est à dire que j’ai utilisé les photos de chats que j’avais.

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122 Responses to Cats show.

  1. Cats are such gorgeous and fascinating creatures! all the best! Lovely post! Cheryl

  2. blb1 says:

    The last picture almost looks like a painting! I am feeding a feral grey cat like the first one you showed. I have no more pets. Pookie died Saturday.

  3. calmkate says:

    what an amazing collection of cats … easy to see their link to the big cats! And they all have that hunting instinct …

  4. loristrawn says:

    J’adore les chats! On Saturday evening, I was watching a TV show about a squirrel. My cat Roux thought she could catch the squirrel, but could not figure out why it disappeared when she went behind the television set!

  5. mrswrangler says:

    A very good showing of cats. We are dog people but cats can be okay.

  6. Doug Thomas says:

    I’ve often felt a proper garden requires a cat! Oftentimes, it is the neighbor’s cat, though that’s OK, too! I used to grow catnip for Woody and Callie, one of my neighbor’s two kitties. Woody, in fact, spent most of his day and night on our patio, watching the birds on the bird bath and taking cat naps.

    A most enjoyable post today, Michel!

  7. Lavinia Ross says:

    All the cats are beautiful, Michel, especially Muscat and Mary-me with their silver fur and long tufts of hair on their ears. ❤

  8. eastgoeseast says:

    A very nice story Michel, and some beautiful cats! They are indeed funny creatures. I remember one of my parent’s cats liked to sleep in the dryer, and went for a short ride in one when my mother turned it on without realizing the cat was in there. All was well, but the cat never went near the dryer again!

  9. cocosangel says:

    Cats so gorgeous and adorable. You have captured them very well.

  10. OH! What a fun post! What sweet kitties! And your photos of them are beautiful, Michel! 🙂
    They all have such unique looks and their own personalities! 🙂
    Mary-me really does look serene and relaxed. 🙂
    The top photo makes me laugh. We have a grand-cat who likes to watch TV and anything on the computer. She’s a very intelligent, very aware young cat. 🙂
    🐱 🐈 🐱 🐈 🐱

  11. Thus is so delightful Michel! Kitties have Si much personality and these are truly gorgeous creatures! Beautiful photographs!

  12. Cats can make such good friends!

  13. atagrandma says:

    Cats are such interesting creatures. We’ve had several over the years. I don’t have any pets now. I like the Sango word for cat. Sango is the trade language of RCA (Republique Centrafricaine.) The word is gniao. It sounds just like a cat meowing. I don’t remember the French word.

  14. I love cats – thanks for sharing all these lovely photos. Are the Maine Coons bigger than the other cats?

  15. murisopsis says:

    I love the photos! My sister has a Maine Coon Cat – Milo. He has decided that my mother is his personal slave. He won’t eat unless she pets him while he eats.

  16. judyrutrider says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of serving two Maine Coon cats, both males. They were the cat loves of my life. They were very dog-like in their boldness, a trait that often got them into trouble. I wonder if the females are more sensible.

  17. Caro says:

    Bonjour Papa, tu as fait une belle entrée sur les chats et c’est tellement ça…ils sont surprenants et imprévisibles….je vous souhaite une bonne journée et vous embrasse bien fort Carole

  18. Marion says:

    Some beautiful cats here, Michel! 🙂 As young children we always had cats, and my father loved them. ❤

  19. Stéphanie says:

    Adorable, les chats. On m’a dit que les chat Maine Coon ont un caractère plutôt comme un chien. Carole aime beaucoup les animaux avec des chats, chien(s) et chevaux. Amitiés à toutes et tous (animaux inclus).

  20. puffpop says:

    You know me and how I love cats. They are all so different. When I was younger, I really didn’t like them since I thought they were sneaky bird killers but now I know more after 40 years of cat ownership. They are delightful and interesting creatures.

    May God bless you.

    votre amie,

  21. Larry says:

    I love all these cats – and look at the ears of the Maine Coons! Cats simply are amazing creatures and do possess unique personalities! Beautifull!

  22. Our two cats are both gorgeous, but very different in attitude. Fortuna is shy, but Ruta is a queen and knows it. She is a long-hair like the Maine Coons and looks very elegant.

  23. I love beautiful coffee table books with lovely covers and I’ve often thought photos of beautiful cats such as these would be amazing material. . Think about it!

  24. Sartenada says:

    What a great cat show! They are so cute and wise. We love cats and had them, when young. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

  25. Rachel says:

    I enjoy seeing pictures of the Maine Coon cats. I still have not seen one in person.
    Misha will be two on Sunday. It amazes me to see the changes over the last year.

  26. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon ami Michel j adore les chats mes enfants en on chacun un
    Je pense que cette journée sera illuminée de soleil
    Je viens te souhaiter une belle journée
    Sous une mélodie chanter par les oiseaux

    Journée de bonheur ou rien ne viendra te perturber
    Cette journée sera de beauté
    Bonsoir Amie AMI

    Pour cette nuit
    Je te souhaite une nuit de repos bien méritée
    Remplit de rèves flatteurs
    Des rèves que toi seule à le secret de bien gardé
    Sache que certains reves peuvent devenir réalité
    Que cette journée et soirée te soit des plus agréables
    Bisous amicales Bernard

  27. Gayle says:

    I love cats! Here is mine. His name is Morty and he is 14. I wouldn’t know what to do without him!

  28. Louisa says:

    I enjoyed reading this post and seeing all your cat photos! Each cat has a distinct cat-sonality! I miss having cats around 😦

  29. Thanks for sharing such lovely catitudes!

  30. Julie says:

    Our cat at present is called Missy , she is the first female cat we have had , she is quiet , she has her favorite spots around the house. I like the Duchess cats they look like great fun 🙂

  31. LGail says:

    Cats are my favorite. Mary-Me is a funny name for a cat. I like it. So good to see your fun post.

  32. The Main Coon Cat is beautiful. My husband and two out of three sons are allergic to cats..and still love them though we can’t have one in the house or near them much.

  33. suester7 says:

    About once a week, I hear cats fighting on the ground floor of my apartment block late at night. They sound ferocious, snarling and hissing at each other. I’m so glad I live on the 11th floor, far away from them!

    Sometimes I see them fighting in the day, and I jump out of their way!

  34. Carolyn. says:

    I loved the first cat looking at the television, Michel. Rafale truly looks very intelligent, the way he is holding his body. Each of the cats seem to have their very own personalities, which you show in a very clear way. Grisouelle has such a serious look in her beautiful eyes as if she will pounce on something. I always enjoy reading your posts!
    ❤ Love ❤ Carolyn

  35. maidyk says:

    Bon dimanche à vous Michel !
    je n’ai jamais été attirée par les chats, mais ceux de tes photos sont très beaux …
    les chats me font un peu peur .
    bises !

  36. Barbara Lenhard says:

    Your daughters cats are beautiful! We we have had many cats and dogs over the years. Most of them we ones given to us because the owners didn’t want them for some reason. We loved them all. Everyone of them had such different personalities 😻😾😼😽😺🙀😸
    Barbara 💕

    • I am not surprised you adopted a lot of cats and dogs over the years . They found at your home all the love they needed .
      I like too the small pictures of cat above ! 🙂

  37. Your daughter’s cats are beautiful. I grew up with both dogs & cats. But only have cats as I live in the subs and my Sassy cat is strictly a house cat. We got her from an animal shelter when she was about 7 1/2 yrs old. She soon will be 13 yrs old. She is a con-artist with a big purring heart.

  38. Anne says:

    Les chats peuvent être très attachants. Je me souviens de notre premier … en 1974 en Egypte. C’était un chartreux de toute beauté et très affectueux. Il avait la chance de pouvoir sortir et vivre sa vie de chat parallèlement au confort de la pâtée servie à domicile …


  39. How are you and your family doing, Michel?
    Thinking of you and continuing to pray for you all.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  40. L. Marie says:

    What beautiful cats, Michel! They look well cared for.

  41. mimiwi2013 says:

    Gourgeous cats, Michel. Makes me miss having a cat even more!! And they are all so pretty!! Have not had one since we moved into this house. Ken’s sis said “no pets”. I miss my “babies”, since we always had at least one or two at a time since we married. My favorites were two siamese brothers we adopted as kittens. They were named Mai and Tai. As they aged, one stayed thin, and the other became fat. Then we changed their names to “Skinny kitty” and
    “Fat Cat”. Easy to tell them apart then, too!! One of our grandsons purchased a Maine Coon kitten nearly a year ago. She has outgrown all 4 of the other cats they have. But is soooo beautiful. Her name is Pocket. Why they named her that, I will never figure out, because she would never fit into anybody’s pocket!!! Pocket is the same colors as your daughter’s are. Praying you are still doing OK!! Love to you and Janine! ❤

  42. Beautiful images of cats Michel.. as one who is presently owned by a cat, i fully appreciate their cat like ways and antics… 🙂

  43. kaiori says:

    J’aime beaucoup les chats, les photos, et les histories! J’aime beaucoup la photo de Grisouille dans les branches.

  44. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    We have 2 cats. When our children were growing up, we also had a dog. I miss our dog, but I don’t think we will ever have another one.

    Our cats both like to watch TV at times. They have differ4etnt tastes in TV, though. Our elderly cat Sam likes certain types of music and will sit and watch singers or musicians. He also really loved Barack Obama for some reason. He watched the entire State of the Union Address one year!

    Our young cat Peanut like animal shows.

  45. Cik Tee says:

    OH MICHEL YOU TRULY MELT MY HEART AND ALSO ISABELLA’S .. CATS!!!!!!!! Growing up we used to live with cats, strays which my father have rescued. Till today we still have lots of them. The old ones died but lived on in our hearts. Isabella absolutely love cats and hope to one day have a bengal cat. I absolutely love Muscat and Mary me, i absolutely love maine coon although a siamese has always been my favorite.

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