We are now great-grandparents, twice

Nous sommes maintenant deux fois arrière-grands-parents

We are now great-grandparents, twice

English version below the pictures

Mardi dernier 28 Juillet est née de notre première petite fille Julie ( fille de Carole, la duchesse) une charmante bébé fille de 3,930 kg . Elle s’appelle Alix .

Alix one day old , 1 jour

Last Tuesday July is born from our oldest grand daughter Julie ( the duchess Carole’s daughter ) a cute 3,930 kg baby girl . Her name is Alix

Hier Dimanche, 2 Août, nous avons eu le plaisir de voir chez nous Alix ( 5 jours ) avec ses parents et son frère Elliot né il y a 3 ans . Photos ci-dessous

Alix sleeping is just arriving at our home
Alix endormie vient d’arriver chez nous.

Yesterday Sunday , August 2nd, we were so happy to have Alix ( 5 days old ) at home with her parents and her brother Elliot born 3 years ago . Photo above .

The father Pierre wants Janine to hold Alix
Le papa Pierre donne Aix à tenir par Janine
Janine holding her great grand daughter Alix . She is happy.
Janine tenant son arrière petite fille Alix . Elle est heureuse.
Our gand daughter Julie holding Alix while her son Elliot is sat on her knee
Notre petite fille Julie tenant Alixx tandis que son fils Elliot est assis sur son genou.

Et voici les heureux arrière-grands -parents . Au dessus de la tête de Janine on peut voir une photo d’elle donnant le biberon à Elliot son premier arrière-petit-fils

And , here are , the happy great grand-parents . Above Janine ‘s head we can see a picture of her giving the bottle to her great grandson Elliot.

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131 Responses to We are now great-grandparents, twice

  1. neilc693 says:

    Marvelous—congratulations. Eliot is three already, how time flies !

  2. Melsworld says:

    Congratulations!! Beautiful pictures of an even more beautiful family. Much love to all! 💗

  3. blb1 says:

    This just put the biggest smile on my face this morning. The best to all of you.

  4. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Felicitations, Michel ! C’est un merveilleux nouveau!

  5. cjjustice1 says:

    Congratulations, Michel and Janine!! I’m so very happy for you. I was surprised that Elliott is already 3 years old. Everyone seems so very pleased, as you all should be What a beautiful little girl Alix is! God bless you all! Love ❤ Carolyn

  6. atagrandma says:

    Congratulations! Alix is a beautiful baby. I’m glad you were able to see her and Elliot, and of course, your grand-daughter. I have 13 great grandchildren already. 7 of them live near me. I haven’t been able to see them much lately because of the virus, but this too, shall pass. And we hope it passes quickly. It’s lingered long enough already. Much love to you and Janine.

  7. slmret says:

    Congratulations! What a lovely family 🙂 !

  8. cocosangel says:

    Congratulations to you both, on becoming Great Grand parents. ❤ You are blessed. Specially for you to see your 4th generation.
    The photos are awesome.

  9. calmkate says:

    Congratulations Michel and all your family … what a handsome bunch! Your new little one bears a strong resemblance to you, the shape of her face 🙂

    Hug and love them Michel as I know you do, you should be so proud 🙂

  10. wissh says:

    I love all these photos so much! It’s been such a joy to follow your family these last many years, before Julie was even grown up! Congratulations to the parents and great grandparents on their beautiful new family addition. Lovely photo of you and Janine also. ❤️

  11. mrswrangler says:

    Lovely pictures especially of the great grandparents.

  12. Congratulations Michel, to you and all your family!

  13. LGail says:

    And the family and the love just keeps on growing!
    Congratulations! You have a lovely family.

  14. Sartenada says:

    Bonjour Michel.


  15. OH, how wonderful! Congratulations, Michel and Janine!
    Congratulations, Julie, Pierre, and Elliott!
    and Congratulations to all of the other relatives…aunts, uncles, cousins, etc! 😀

    Welcome, Alix! You are so beautiful! And you are surrounded and supported with so much love!

    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…I must say that The Great Grandpa looks so handsome and The Great Grandma look so beautiful!!! 🙂

  16. Susan Joos says:

    Another member of the clan! Congratulations! So happy for you and all of your family!

  17. cerwindoris says:


  18. Rachel says:

    You both look wonderful! This is happy news! Your family expands and joy abounds! Congratulations to all! Alice will be well-loved.
    For my news, sadly, we did not get the house. Someone else had an offer pending before us. Meredith wants to wait now. It has been discouraging to get your hopes up, only to be told “no.” But, we all know that God knows where we should be, so we wait a little longer.
    Please enjoy your family to the fullest!
    Until next time,
    Rachel 🌹

  19. puffpop says:

    Congratulations. Such a beautiful child. May God bless his life with health and happiness always…He is already off to a good start with loving grandparents….GREAT grandparents.

    votre amie,
    I closed down my yahoo email so I will message you with my new email address. I hope my Word Press is available…I think I can transfer it to my gmail address. I pray that you are feeling ok…

  20. Isabel Capillas says:

    Oh, these are so precious, Uncle Michel. The joy of being great grandparents 💕❤️

  21. Atzeni Carlo
    Felicitations pour la naissance de Alix. Le future est assurė.
    Mary Harper
    Congratulations!! Alix is beautiful! 💕💕
    ·( commentaires de Carlo et Mary Harper transférés ici )

  22. Fran Gonçalves
    Congratulations. God bless you

    Annick Quennehent
    félicitations à Janine , à toi et à toute la famille, c’est un grand bonheur.
    ( commentaires de Fran Gonçalves et Annick Quennehent sur facebook transférés ici )

  23. Annie Mille Lardeur
    Félicitations aux arrières grands parents. Prenez soin de vous !
    Cassi Patterson
    Congratulations 💗 🍾 !
    Commentaires de Annie Millle Lardeur et Cassi Paterson sur facebook, transférés ici

  24. Sébastien Emilie Bil
    Félicitations !!!!

    Peggy Flora
    Congratulations! Such a happy event!!
    commentaires de Sébastien Emilie Bil et Peggy Flora sur facebook transférés ici

  25. Barbara Lenhard
    Congratulations! We also have a new Great Grand baby boy
    Commentaire de Barbara Lenhard sur(on) facebook transféré ici (here)

  26. Caro says:

    La famille s agrandit et c est pas fini ….des arrières grands-parents au top .on vous embrasse bien fort carole

  27. Congratulations Michel and to the entire family. Such a beautiful baby, you must be thrilled. Eliot is a big boy now and so adorable! ❤️

  28. Carol McKay Harper
    You and Janine are good looking great grandparents. We just had our second great. Grandchild. Like you we have a boy who will be 2 in November, Easton. His sister Eleanor Kate is 3 weeks old. We get so much enjoyment from our grandchildren and great… Afficher la suite
    comment transfered from facebook

  29. Frederic Defosse
    Nous sommes très heureux d apprendre l arrivée d Alix et partageons votre joie de voir la famille s aggrandir !! Nous lui souhaitons la bienvenue et adressons toutes nos félicitations aux parents, à Carole et à vous deux Janine et Michel
    Bises à vous …

    commentaire transféré de Facebook

  30. Kathi Prendergast Heiling
    Congratulations, Michel and Janine!

    Comment transfered from facebook

  31. Karen J. Fidler says:

    Oh, Michele, so good to see you and Janine looking so well and happy. And the beautiful children! You truly are blest! I also enjoyed seeing the photos of the proud parents! I hope all are staying well during these crazy times. We are all well, working from home. This is not easy for me, as a teacher, but not too difficult for Neil. I am now waiting to hear if I will go back to school or spend a few more months teaching from home. It is far from ideal and I miss my students and classroom. Leah has graduated college and my youngest has one more year to go. Please take care of yourself and enjoy your beautiful family!!

    • Working from home in the teaching is ,indeed , not easy , Karen. I hope this darn virus goes away soon . Bravo for your children: they are doing well.
      and thank you for your compliments for the birth of our second great grandchild .
      Love ❤

  32. Julie says:

    Congratuations to all the family , Alix looks a very contented baby 🙂 🙂

  33. Cath aka Singapore girl says:

    Bravo!!! That’s a big girl! Congratulations!

  34. How wonderful you and Janine are gr grandparents again. Babies are so precious. And yours have wonderful loving grandparents. Congratulations to all.

  35. Zakiah says:

    Marvelous Michel!! Congratulations. Beautiful baby. Love the pictures. Very precious.

  36. Lavinia Ross says:

    Congratulations on the arrival of Alix! She is a beautiful great great-grandbaby! Sending much love to the family. ❤

  37. in says:

    beautiful baby! congratulations to you!

  38. Myriam Morange
    Une Magnifique petite fille est née… félicitations aux heureux arrières grands parents de Gigi et nous tous 😍Bises
    · Commentaire transféré de facebook

  39. Trish Ambrose
    Félicitations, chers Michel et Janine!

    Commentaire transféré de Facebook

  40. A child is a gift from Heaven ❤

  41. mimiwi2013 says:

    Congratulations, Michel!! What a blessing!! That is a good size baby!! Well, we may not have had as many children as you have, but we are now ahead of you with our great-grandchildren. Our 8th is expected in November. It is wonderful that we have lived this long to enjoy our new blessings!! Know you and Janine feel the same way!! You all look wonderful, but especially the picture of you and Janine! In a half year from now,
    God willing, Ken and I and you and Janine will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversaries!!

  42. suester7 says:

    Congratulations, Michel and Janine! Enjoy your great grand babies! 👶🏻

  43. marica0701 says:

    How wonderful! Many congratulations and blessings to the entire family 🙂 ❤

  44. message de DOUG G THOMAS transféré depuis facebook :
    Congratulations to the parents, grandparents, and you and Janine, Michel! Happy news in this sad time is welcomed!

  45. eastgoeseast says:

    Congratulations Michel! Truely a wonderful thing, and great to see how much joy it brings you.

  46. kaiori says:

    Félicitations à la belle famille! Alix est tellement belle. Janine est belle aussi.

  47. Congratulations. She is adorable.

  48. Anne says:

    Félicitations ! Quelle belle petite fille et famille !
    C’est un été béni à Amiens !

    Amitiés de nous dans l’attente d’un petit-garçon dans le foyer de notre plus jeune fils, en octobre prochain (cousin d’Adrien bientôt 9 ans et Sonia bientôt 6 ans).

    Être grands-parents est le dessert de la Vie et encore plus lorsqu’arrière-grands-parents!
    Bravos à vous !

  49. Wonderful sight, wonderful news!

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