Snail race

Course d’escargots
Snail race.

English version below the pictures

Notre amie Lavinia ( )a intitulé sa dernière entrée ” escargot ” . Ceci m’a rappelé que j’avais écrt sur Xanga en Janvier 2015 une entrée à propos de course d’escargots.
On voit sur la photo ci-dessous un magnifique escargot glissant sportivement sur ma main. Quelle élégance !

photo by Janine Fauquet

Our friend Lavinia ( )called her latest entry “snail”. This reminded me that I wrote an entry on Xanga in January 2015 about snail racing.
We see in the photo below a magnificent snail sportingly sliding on my hand. What an elegance ! 🙂

Dans les années 30-40 la plupart du temps les enfants jouaient toujours dehors, filles et garçons ensemble .
Nous inventions des quantités de jeux pour jouer ensemble. Parmi ceux-ci il y avait la course d’escargots.
Nous choisissions dans des endroits à l’ ombre des escargots qui semblaient bien éveillés et les placions en ligne sur un mur lisse .
Le premier qui glissait le plus haut était le vainqueur et donc aussi son «propriétaire ». Le groupe d’enfants suivait avec impatience
la course et chacun encourageait son escargot. Certains criaient de joie, d’autres étaient désappointés et méprisants et d’autres pleuraient de voir leur leur escargot perdre. Quelquefois les escargots étaient têtus et refusaient de grimper le mur. Imaginez !

Doux souvenirs.

In the years 30’s-40’s most of the time children always were playing outside, girls and boys together. We invented a lot of games to play together. Among them there were snail race. We chose in the shadowed places well awake snails and put them on a smooth wall in line .
The one that slid higher was the winner and so the child ” owner”. The group of children followed with impatience the race and every one encouraged his (her) snail . Some shouted .of joy , others were disappointed and despising , and others were crying to see their loser snail.
Sometimes the snails was stubborn and refused to climb the wall . Imagine ! 🙂

Sweet memories .

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101 Responses to Snail race

  1. That’s hilarious!!!! Snail races!!!! Did you place bets? I can just hear the announcer narrating each action like in a horse race, but the words would much different in this race!!!!

  2. Lavinia Ross says:

    I love your snail story and photo, dear Michel. I will think of you and all the children urging on their snails to win the race! And thank you so much for mentioning my post! 🙂

  3. mrswrangler says:

    We did turtle races growing up. An intresting story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. slmret says:

    There is a county in Northern California that is famous for its frog jumping contest, originally imagined by the author Mark Twain. The frog jumping is an annual event that draws people from all over the State to see which frog jumps farthest!

  5. Yay for Janine, not big in snails though he is a fine specimen! ❤️

  6. calmkate says:

    love the story, your art and Janine’s photo .. what fun!

    Here we race, and usually bet on, anything! Cockroaches, frogs … anything that moves 🙂

  7. judyrutrider says:

    What a beauty, your pet snail is! Ours are not so boldly colored. I don’t see many snails but perhaps my raccoons and opossums eat them. Something is chewing holes in my tomatoes but I have enough to share this year.

    • I envy you with your tomatoes, Judy. I stopped to plant them because there were regularly destroyed by the mildew/. I guess your tomatoes are good filled wit the sun.

  8. in says:

    If I could have been able to hold em, I mighta done this game too perhaps.


  9. puffpop says:

    That’s what we did in the 40’s as kids…We played outside…played ball in the street…Did a lot of kid stuff on our front porch…We really used our front porches a lot…Children and adults too. i never heard of the “snail” game…You said that made it up…that’s why I never heard of it…We had a lot of fun…Hide and Seek was a favorite game…Bringing back fun memories.

    votre amie

  10. HA! Love the snail race! 😀
    Hmm… snail race…is that an oxymoron?! Like jumbo shrimp or delightful fly. HA!!! 😀
    Love your drawing! 🙂
    Years ago, we live on some land that had snails in abundance. We liked to watch them eat and move around.
    I loved seeing the silver streaks they would leave after moving across the sidewalk. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  11. 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌
    A group of snails can be referred to as a rout, a walk or an escargatoire of snails.

  12. atagrandma says:

    I’ve never seen any snails here in Indiana. There were a lot of them in California when I was a kid. We never thought to play with them though.

  13. murisopsis says:

    I love these memories – a simple time when children were allowed to be children!

  14. neilc693 says:

    I remember this post! It’s good to see it again.
    In Hawaii the cockroaches get very large, and can fly well. People would keep them as pets and hold races.

  15. neilc693 says:

    The hedgehog died?! Now that is a tragedy. 😦

  16. Doug Thomas says:

    In the American Northwest coastal area, there is a festival for racing banana slugs. I know of slug racing in Seattle, too.

  17. Susan Joos says:

    Always love to see your drawings, Michel. I don’t think we had such fine snails around here, at least none that I ever saw. We would catch grasshoppers to play with sometimes but they are far too quick to control for a race!

  18. Ah the wonders of childhood! The joys and miracles to behold. Never lose the child in you ❤

  19. I didn’t think snails would crawl up the wall. I wonder if you won a lot of snail races.

  20. I bet it took a long time to see who won. Kids must have had more patience then.

  21. cocosangel says:

    I think I will run a mile before I take a snail. I don’t know why, but I am queezy about snails and other creatures.
    Take care

  22. haha !! the innocence of childhood 🙂
    we all invented so many games to keep ourselves occupied 🙂 we all became very resourceful!
    i was lucky to have TV readily available, but it was a treat at night. maybe during your childhood you had the radio. now the children have computers. i wish it still would be used only at night for fun, but alas, everything changes ❤
    thanks for sharing xx
    i hope you and janine are doing well !!

  23. Julie says:

    A wonderful story of childhood Michel , what fun was to be had in a world without cell phone, and tablets.

  24. maidyk says:

    bonjour Michel,
    il est beau ton escargot mais je préfère ne pas en avoir dans mon jardin et votre jeu avec les enfants était bien amusant !
    ici il y a une sorte qui font plein de petits qui sont collés contre la maison, au printemps , il faut beaucoup de patience pour les décoller un à un .
    bises ! bonne fin de semaine à toi !

  25. Gayle says:

    Well…..that’s different! LOL. I remember playing games too but it was the 50s and 60s for me……such great memories!
    God bless you and Janine ,Michel….stay safe and healthy ❤

  26. Barbara Lenhard says:

    I remember have such fun doing simple things like that when we were young. We made dolls out of hollyhocks and
    spent just enjoyed for outdoors for hours
    Love, Barbara💕💕

  27. A delightful post! I’m trying to remember if we ever did that as children. My best wishes to you and your family, Michel.

  28. suester7 says:

    Haha I never knew a snails race existed, but it definitely sounds very fun!

  29. neilc693 says:

    Now I’m thinking of eating those things ! On one of the episodes of his old television cooking show, David Rosengarten talked about harvesting and preparing garden snails, but I can’t find it again anywhere (yet). Supposedly they are a delicacy in the Cantonese area, and I think my father remembered them fondly as street food. Those might be river snails, though, not terrestrial ones.

  30. Snail races..what fun. 😉

  31. In the 1950s we lived (in army accommodation) at the top of the rock of Gibraltar, the steep garden was full of delightfully large snails and my brothers and I used to race them along the top of the garden parapet. Happy days!

  32. Zakiah says:

    My brothers and i have done that too. Such fun.

  33. kaiori says:

    J’aime beaucoup votre dessin! J’espère que vous dessinez toujours. J’aime l’histoire des enfants avec les escargots aussi.

  34. Marion says:

    LOL!! I’d never heard of snails racing up a wall before! 😀 I really like your description of this and drawing – fantastic!!

  35. I had never heard of racing snails but conducted a snail race in my sixth-grade science class about twenty years ago. I wrote a poem about it which is posted on my blog. “How I Won the Great Snail Race of Miami/Dade County.” I loved the illustration which complements your post so well! All the best, Cheryl

  36. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    I have heard of snail races but have never seen them or participated in them. Did the snails become escargot after the race?

  37. “Glissant sportivement sur ma main…” belle image

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