to get up early is it easy?

To get up early is it easy?  .

              Se lever tôt est-il facile ?

English version below the picture .

  Il y a quelques temps je bavardais avec mon cousin René ( celui qui parle aux phoques sur la plage) sur les problèmes du sommeil et du  lever matinal. Il m’a dit qu’il avait le sommeil difficile et qu’ en plus ni lui ni sa femme Chantal ne pouvait supporter le tic-tac  d’un réveil mécanique,  mais il est capable de se lever tôt ou à n’importe qu’elle heure de la nuit . Précieux atout ! Il a juste besoin de savoir l’ heure et il dispose d’un réveil électronique qui envoie au plafond une image des chiffres de l’ heure, donc à chaque instant il connaît l’ heure.

  Je ne suis pas une personne matinale . Depuis toujours j’ ai eu de la peine à me lever tôt le matin .
  C’ est pour cela qu’ en 1962  j’ achetais un gros réveil-matin  qui sonne très fort 7  fois . C’ est celui qui est photographié ci – dessous .
Avec ce réveil spécial  placé sur le tapis à 1, 5 m du lit  le processus de mon lever se déroule comme il suit :

– à la première sonnerie , quelques cellules de mon cerveau s’ allument mais pas assez pour réveiller mon cerveau entier .

– à la 2ème sonnerie mon cerveau est totalement réveillé mais c’ est pour constater que mon corps est encore complètement aplati sur le matelas et incapable de bouger .

– à la 3ème sonnerie , mon cerveau voyant que mon corps est encore inerte décide d’ attendre encore un peu .

– à la 4ème sonnerie , il y a un conflit . Mon cerveau envoie à mon corps l’ ordre de se lever mais il n’obéit pas encore ..

– à la 5ème  sonnerie . Enfin mon corps bouge . Je m’ assied sur le bord de mon lit mais sans plus . Je jette un regard noir au réveil – matin.

– à la 6ème sonnerie , je marche vers le réveil pour l’ arrêter mais j’ arrive trop tard la 6ème  sonnerie est finie

– je constate que je suis levé mais je suis frustré et furieux . Je reste  accroupi à côté du réveil en attendant la 7ème sonnerie .
 Et quand elle commence je pousse rageusement  le bouton et le réveil devient soudainement muet .
     «  Je t ‘  ai eu , fichu réveil « ! dis – je triomphalement (mais le résultat est que je suis levé !)

  Vous comprenez que ma femme , fatiguée d’ entendre toutes ces sonneries perçantes a rapidement  choisi de se lever la première !!!
Et je dois avouer que , sauf en certaines circonstances , ce réveil – matin spécial n’ a pas beaucoup servi .Mais  je l’ utilise encore  quand je fois faire une petite sieste : Je le fais sonner  au bout d’une heure comme cela je ne dors pas tout l’ après-midi !!!!


Le réveil mécanique à répétition acheté en 1962
The  mechanical repeating  alarm clock bought in 1962 ( photo M. Fauquet)

  Some times ago I had a conversation with my cousin René,( the one who talks to the seals on the beach) about how to get up early . He told me it was hard for him to sleep and he and his wife Chantal cannot endure the noise of an old mechanical alarm clock but he is able to get up early or at every hour of the night . How precious! He just needs to know the hour and he got an electronic alarm clock which sends an image of the numbers of the hour to the ceiling with a system of lens . So at every moment he knows the hour. 

   I am not a morning person . It always has been hard for me to get up early in the morning .

   It ‘s why I bought in 1962 a big repeating alarm clock that rings 7 times .with a very loud sound .It is pictured above .
 With this special alarm clock put on the carpet to 1, 5 meter from my bed , the process to get up is the following :

– At the first ringing , some of my brain cells are twinkling but not enough to make my entire brain awake .

– at the second ringing , this time my brain awakes but it can only note that my body is completely flat on the mattress and unable to move .

– at the third ring , my brain realizing my body still is completely asleep decides that  a small wait is possible yet !

– at the fourth ring , my brain is struggling with my body and send to it the order to move . But the body don’ t obey .

– at the fifth ring . At last , my body is moving . I sit on the edge of the bed only and look at the clock with a dark eye .

– at the sixth ring I “ rush “ towards the clock to stop the ring but too late . When I reach the clock the 6th ring is   ended .

– I notice that I am got up but I am frustrated and  furious . I remain crouching near the clock to wait the 7th ring . And when this last starts
     I push furiously the button and the clock all of a sudden becomes  dumb . “   I caught you  , darn clock ! “ I say  triumphantly  .
         But the result was I was got up !

   You understand easily my wife tired to hear those six screaming rings quickly has  chosen to get up the first !!!
And I have to confess that , except in some particular  circumstances , this special alarm clock has not been much used . But I still use it when I take a little nap at the beginning  of the afternoon. The alarm is adjusted to ring at the end of an hour so I do not sleep all the afternoon!

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82 Responses to to get up early is it easy?

  1. Welcome back! ❤️

  2. blb1 says:

    You sound like Wil now. He sleeps a lot in or out of bed. 🙂 I have always been a morning person. I like to hear the birds in the morning and now with air conditioner on I miss that. Have to satisfy myself to sit at the table and look out the window. Of course most what I see now are pigeons and white wing doves.

  3. puffpop says:

    I find it quite understandable that you wish to remain in “dreamland” for as long as possible…Since you are retired, you can stay in bed longer but if you are well enough to garden, I know you want to get out early enough to work in the soil while the sun has not yet reached the mid point in the sky….

    It’s always good to hear from you. You made no mention as to how you are feeling. I pray that you are feeling well.

    Love always,
    votre amie,

  4. Hilarant … désolé, Michel ! J’ai quelques points communs avec René : 1- J’ai tendance à me réveiller et à me lever tôt, entre 5 et 6 heures. 2- Je ne supporte pas le tictac d’un réveil. Le mien est digital. Il sert à me donner l’heure (truisme !) 3- Je ne supporte pas les alarmes non plus. Je n’utilise jamais l’alarme. Même quand je travaillais, je me réveillais quand il fallait que je me réveille. 4- Je fais la sieste, quotidiennement. Je m’en réveille quand je m’en réveille !
    Belle fin de journée, Michel.
    PS. Jamais pensé à constituer l’Association des Réveils Terribles, l’ARÉTERRE ?

  5. mrswrangler says:

    Sounds like Wrangler he is not a morning person. At home I get up long before him and it’s my time to catch up on paperwork and or in the garden. It’s my time of peace.

  6. HA! This made me laugh so loud, Michel! 😀 So very well written! And because I can relate so very well! 😀
    I can get up early when I need to…without an alarm clock telling me to…but, I am not a morning person. I prefer the night-life. 🙂
    I miss the days, not so long ago, when I could sleep 8 hours straight and not wake up once. These days I wake up a couple of times. Oh, well. 😛
    How are you doing?
    You, and all of your family, are in my prayers.
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

  7. calmkate says:

    lol love your story of this antique alarm clock … you made me laugh!
    I am a morning person so seldom need an alarm but you will struggle to get me to make sense after 5pm 🙂

  8. atagrandma says:

    I don’t know why other people think all we older folks get up early. I don’t. Our grocery stores stayed open all through the quarantine. Only seniors were allowed to shop between 8 and 10. I don’t want to shop that early! I haven’t needed to anyway. I’ve been able to order groceries online, and either have them delivered, or pick them up at the grocery store. I just open the trunk with the button and the clerks load them. I just sit in the car. Very convenient. Also my kids often call before they shop, and ask if I need anything. I’m so spoiled. I would hate a clock that flashed the numbers on the ceiling. Any change in light tends to awaken me. One of the advantages of growing older (there are a few) is not having to get up early.

  9. Zakiah says:

    Dear Michel,
    This is a very funny and good post. I used to have an alarm clock like that, and it would make me so angry when it rang early in the morning, especially when I was up most of the night studying some subject.
    Now we have Alexa. It is an Amazon thing. I have programed it and when I want to get up at any certain time, I say, “Alexa, wake me up at 7 am, or if napping in the afternoon, I will tell her to wake me up at three pm.” And Alexa replies, “Alarm set for” whatever time I have asked for. Sometimes at night, when I am talking to her about waking me up, she asks, “shall I play some soothing music for you?”
    We have come such a long way from those other alarm clocks.
    Hope you are doing very well.

  10. I just use my phone which has an alarm. But there are days when I don’t hear it though. Maybe I need to install a church bell.

    Hope you’re doing well.

  11. Stephen is like you..He waits for the rings..Me? I’m up and at ’em ..if I need an alarm. Most mornings I get up b/4 the alarm. 😉 Glad to see you back. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  12. wissh says:

    Hi Michel, I’m happy to see you back and hope you are well.
    This entry gave me deja vu. Have you posted it in the past?
    I have never needed an alarm clock to wake up, not even when I was still working, but William was like you, it was very hard for him to wake up in the morning and he had a variety of alarm clocks over the years.
    Be safe and well.
    Love, Christine ❤️

  13. Carole says:

    Trop drôle et sûrement vrai pour beaucoup de monde …bonne journée on vous embrasse carole

  14. Marion says:

    Like you Michel, I’m NOT a morning person! 😀 But, if I have to get up early for a particular reason, I’m always happy to be doing things early in the morning. But it’s the getting there that’s difficult! 😀 I also have a manual alarm clock and don’t like those awful rings.

  15. cerwindoris says:

    I love getting up early and rarely need an alarm clock. Five o’clock is my favorite time to wake, but many mornings I am awake by four – but then – I am usually sleeping by nine o’clock pm. 🙂 Blessings on your day – whatever time you got up.

  16. Rachel says:

    I can picture this scenario! Mine is not always easy. I awake fat too early, then check Facebook on my phone. Once tired again, I put the sounds of rain on my phone from YouTube and try to go back to sleep. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Today it did not work. I have been awake since 4 am. 🌹

  17. Susan Joos says:

    I love the phrase “my brain cells are twinkling”! My brother could have used a clock like that; he was the hardest person to wake up I’ve ever known. Used to drive Mom crazy! My husband used to have a double alarm, but not that many!

  18. Gayle Smith says:

    That is funny Michel…. I guess I have an internal clock alarm that wakes me up at 8:20 every day. If I dont get enough sleep at night I end up falling asleep in my chair in the afternoon for a while.
    Hope you are doing better and Janine is well. God bless you both!

  19. Lavinia Ross says:

    It is good to see you again, Michel! I am up early every day, as the cats like their breakfast served early. 🙂 I am tired by afternoon, though!

    Much love to you, Janine and the family. ❤

  20. nancy says:

    Love and good health~<3 I have recovered nicely from the stroke and am feeling pretty good. Love to you and Janine!

  21. Cheri N Herald says:

    I am a morning person, but when I worked I had to be sure to get up on time. My husband was a light sleeper. I found an alarm that made the sound of the ocean. It started softly and got louder until you hit the button. It didn’t jar me awake and my husband appreciated not being blared at with a loud alarm. I turned it off the day I retired. 🙂

  22. Joyce says:

    i do not like noise, esp alarm clocks ringing. i mostly don’t use an alarm, and i generally wake before 7 am. if i have to set an alarm, i like if it will wake me with quiet peaceful music.

  23. Véronique says:

    Étant la digne fille de mon père, les réveils aux aurores, aux sons de l’abominable radio réveil, me sont à moi aussi une torture !!! Cela a été un des points positifs de cet interminable confinement : adieu vilain réveil, adieu démarche trainante jusqu’à la cafetière, adieu sorties dans les frimats du petit matin avec le chien !!!
    Bon, tout a une fin, je reprends le travail lundi matin !
    Bon week-end Papa, je vous embrasse

  24. how very nice to see you here 🙂
    i am not a morning person at all…right now it’s 2:35 am…and i still sit here
    i hope i can get into a more ‘normal’ routine soon…but for now i’m enjoying the freedom to sleep whenever i choose – and not have to worry that i need to be somewhere
    stay home & stay safe, michel

  25. Your post made me grin, Michel. I can relate. Hope you are well.

  26. marica0701 says:

    I dislike the “snooze” function of alarms, so I always wake when my alarm sounds. If I do want to stay in bed for another 5-10 minutes, I am usually only lying there and not truly sleeping, so my eye occasionally watches for the clock to see when I feel like leaving the safety and comfort of my bed.

    Take care! ❤

  27. LGail says:

    I’m not a morning person either. I hate the sound of an alarm clock or even a rooster crowing. I usually stop the alarm clock at the first second it rings because it is not a pleasant sound. Early is not good for me.
    It’s good to hear from you.

  28. suester7 says:

    Haha what a humorous post! I’m like that too, snoozing several times before I finally wake up. Definitely not a morning person.

  29. Larry says:

    You have a pretty good system with your clock, though the clock seems to win the battles!

    Hope you and the family are well and staying safe!

  30. kmaidy says:

    bonjour Michel,
    j’ai beaucoup souri quand j’ai lu ton organisation pour le réveil !
    ici depuis que mon mari est retraité , nous n’avons plus d’heure …
    mais je suis toujours étonnée , car toute sa vie mon mari s’est levé tôt, et presque automatiquement, mais maintenant quand c’est nécessaire, il a beaucoup de mal lui aussi !
    par contre, pour la sieste, là tu as raison de t’organiser car j’ai toujours entendu qu’il fallait éviter qu’elle soit longue !
    bises et bonne semaine à vous !

  31. kaiori says:

    Je suis heureux et soulagé que vous nous écrivez encore. J’ai était effrayé quand vous étiez malade en janvier. Je m’inquiétais tellement! Mais vous nous écrivez encore et toute est bonne 🙂 Nous saluons le retour!

    “Je m’ assied sur le bord de mon lit mais sans plus . Je jette un regard noir au réveil – matin.” hahahahaha trop drôle!!

    • Merci pour ta gentillesse . Ma mémoire a des défaillances . Je ne sais plus comment te joindre et où tu vis
      Je sais , en tout cas, que ton amitié est de longue date

  32. in says:

    interesting because you “appear” to be a morning type of person

    I can relate. It is tough for me too. STRONG coffee required, yup.


  33. Doug Thomas says:

    I recall a news article about the Englishman who used the same clock to get him up for work for something like 40 years. On the last day of work, he took a hammer to the clock and when this was reported, he had some pungent comment to say about the clock that he no longer had to obey!

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