Last crop

Dernière récolte
Last crop

English version below the pictures

Mercredi 18 mars dernier, Janine a décidé de prendre quelques poireaux dans le jardin. Ils n’étaient pas gros mais sentaient tellement bon. Ils n’ont même pas été attaqués par la maladie ou les insectes: parfait! Elle les a ensuite soigneusement mis dans une grande boîte qu’elle a portée à la maison. J’espérais manger ensuite un délice mais je vais devoir attendre car Janine les a mis au congélateur pour plus tard !! J’ai dû attendre la langue pendante.

out of the grown Sortis du sol
Classified (yellow and blue ) Classées :jaunes du Poitou et bleus de Solaise
Retour à la maison . Go home.

Last Wednesday , March 18,Janine decided take up some leeks in the garden . They were not big but was so smelling good . They were even not attacked by illness or insects : Perfect ! Then she put them carefully in a large box she carried to the house. I hoped to eat nextly a delight but I will have to wait because Janine put thm in a freezer for later!! I had to wait, tongue hanging out.

  Janine est une fourmi laborieuse et prévoyante alors que je deviens de plus en plus inutile. Mais cependant, ce dernier mercredi, j’ai pensé à prendre en photo les fleurs qui entouraient Janine: Jonquilles, Narcisses, Jacinthes, Muscari et Primevères.

C’ était une journée réconfortante. On avait presque oublié ce méchant virus  toujours  présent autour de nous

Jonquilles. Daffodil
primroses , primevères

 Janine is a industrious and forecasting ant while I become more and more useless. But however  this last wednesday I thought to take picture of the flowers that were surrounding Janine : Daffodils, Narcissus , Jacinths, Muscari and primroses.

A comforting day .We had almost forgotten this nasty virus always around us !

Merci aux nombreux amis qui m’ont fait part de leur sympathie après le 1er janvier. En fait, ma santé en mars peut être décrite avec les mêmes mots que dans le post précédent. Mais nous devons nous adapter.

  Thanks to the numerous friends who told me their sympathy after January1 . In fact my health in March may be described with the same words as in the previous post. But we have to adapt.

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126 Responses to Last crop

  1. nhislop says:

    I always admire your beautiful gardens, both vegetable and flowers! I am not much of a gardener, but I admire the fruits of the labors of those who are!

    I really doubt that anyone considers you useless! You are a truly kind and gentle man who contributes much to your family and to the world! I have enjoyed getting to know you through Xange, facebook, and world press. You contribute much to many lives and that is priceless!

    Please give my regards to your beautiful Janine!

  2. slmret says:

    Oh, Michel — how wonderful leeks are when they are fresh. Here, they are mostly found in grocery stores where they have been transported and processed for several days! And the daffodils are beautiful, too. I hope you and Janine are doing well — it’s no fun to be sheltering at home every day, though the rain we are having right now, unusual as it is, is welcome, both for the water it provides and for the fact that we are less anxious about staying home! Do take care and stay well!

  3. You are thought about often and prayed for a lot, Michel! ❤ And praying for all of your precious family!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  4. Carole says:

    Jolies photos, oui c est vrai, le silence, les oiseaux chantent, la nature se montre…. What else…. Bonne soirée à vous deux on vous embrasse bien fort Carole

  5. Larry says:

    Lovely flowers Michel, and you will soon enjoy those leeks! Glad you and Janine ate in good health. Stay safe!

  6. Larry says:

    That should read – – Glad you and Janine are in good health.

  7. je n’ai pas vu cette poste!

    we still had snow the other day, michel, lol – and you are already having some leek!!

    i hope you are learning to adapt…i think about you often and hope you continue to have wonderful days 🙂 i am happy you see the beauty of the flowers around you – “there is always something to be grateful for”
    miss you – stay well !!

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