Janine’s birthday

L’anniversaire de Janine
Janine’s birthday

English version below the picture


La semaine dernière, c’était l’anniversaire de Janine. Les enfants sont venus et ont préparé le repas. C’était une émouvante surprise pour Janine.

  J’ai rencontré Janine en 1957 mais nous ne nous sommes mariés que le18 février 1961 après avoir atteint mes objectifs professionnels et avoir accompli 27 mois à l’armée française.

Nous avons eu 6 beaux enfants qui nous aiment

  Sans les encouragements, la patience et le réconfort apportés à Janine tout au long de ma vie, je n’aurais pas pu accomplir les responsabilités qui m’ont été confiées. Tout au long de sa vie, elle a dû supporter mon stress donné par la responsabilité.

   Sa gentillesse l’a poussée à recevoir à domicile un groupe de personnes handicapées

  Malgré trois interventions chirurgicales, elle garda une fraîcheur sur son visage éclairé par un charmant sourire.

Joyeux anniversaire Janine

Avec amour

Janine and me last week Janine et moi la semaine dernière

Last week was Janine’s birthday. Children came  and prepared the meal . It was a moving surprise for Janine .

 I met Janine in 1957 but we married only on February 18th, 19 61 after reaching my professional goals and given 27 months tho the French army.

We got 6 lovely children who love  us

 Without the encouragement, the patience the comfort brought ly Janine along the life I would not have accomplish the responsabilités that have been mine. Along the life she had to support my stress given by the responsability.

  Her kindness pushed her to  receive at home a group of handicaped people

 Despite three surgeries she kept a freshness on her face lighted by a charming smile .

Happy birthday Janine
With love.

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119 Responses to Janine’s birthday

  1. attatudy says:

    Happy belated Birthday Janine. So lucky you are to have a husband who is so devoted and still so much in love after all these years. You both remind me of my parents who were wed in 1956. You, Janine did so many things right.

  2. puffpop says:

    A most happy birthday to Janine, your best friend, helpmate, mother of your children…A very blessed woman indeed.

    Now, I am remembering you also this Friday that all will go well with you. You and Janine take such good care of each other…
    May God bless both of you…I will send you an email greeting card. (I believe that I have your email address.

    votre amie,

  3. Happy belated birthday Janine. You are. Truly a beautiful lady. When I see you in photographs I imagine you are French Royalty, delicate but with an inner strength that sustains you. You are blessed and deserve every treasure of life. Be like me and play the birthday all week. You deserve pampering ! Love, Holly.

  4. John Hric says:

    Michel do wish Janine a happy birthday. And if you are familiar with Alice in Wonderland try to celebrate those 364 un-birthdays until you get around to the next one ! Kindest regards – John

  5. mrswrangler says:

    Happy birthday to your wife. Hope all of your family has a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Happy birthday to Janine ! A week late but better later than never !
    Have a lovely end of the day, Michel and Janine.

  7. blb1 says:

    Happy Birthday Janine! A lovely photo Michel.

  8. judyrutrider says:

    When a man speaks highly of his wife, I believe it says as much about the man as it does of his wife. Best wishes to a most deserving Janine!

  9. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday to you, Beautiful Janine! 🙂 You have impacted the world in so many positive ways! Thank you! 🙂

    And, Michel, your tribute of love to Janine is wonderful! (I have tears in my eyes.) 🙂 The two of you are blessed to have each other! Your love is an inspiration! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) to both of you!!! 🙂
    PS…continued prayers for your upcoming surgery, Michel. ❤

  11. murisopsis says:

    Dear Michel please extend my warmest birthday wishes to your always beautiful wife!! She must have truly been “the power behind the throne”. Here’s hoping continued good health for Janine and renewed health for you! I will pray a Rosary for you on the 19th in hopes all goes well with the surgery.

  12. marica0701 says:

    Happy birthday, Janine! So graceful and lovely!

  13. Happy Birthday Janine! You have such a wonderful family Michel.

  14. Angela Im says:

    Happy birthday dear Janine! You are a sweet lady who has been an incredible support to Michel and raising up a beautiful family, you inspire me to be a better mom!!❤️💝

  15. calmkate says:

    Happy Birthday Janine .. may you and Michel have many more years together.
    You make a great team and your light and love shine on others ❤

  16. Lavinia Ross says:

    Happy Birthday, Janine! May you and Michel have many more years together! ❤

  17. cjjustice1 says:

    Happy birthday, Janine. You and Michel are such a wonderful team in the ways that you love each other, support each other, and living your faith by how you serve and enjoy the blessings of your wonderful family! Such a sweet way to honor Janine, Michel!
    Love ❤

  18. neilc693 says:

    A most simple and beautiful tribute! Wonderful news—many happy returns to you both. And, wishing the best of holiday seasons in the upcoming days for the whole clan too (recently also sent to your email). 🙂

  19. wissh says:

    So you met each other the year I was born. It does my heart good to read your tribute to your lovely wife, still beautiful after all these years. I’m glad the family came together for her birthday, please relay my belated birthday wishes.
    Good luck with your surgery, Michel. You will be in my thoughts.

  20. Annalisa S. says:

    Combien vous êtes beaux, les deux, ensemble!
    Je pensais à Janine ce matin (et à toi, Michel, bien entendu). J’espère que tout se passe bien chez vous, j’attends des nouvelles de ton opération chirurgicale. Mes plus beaux souhaits à Janine.

  21. Carole says:

    Jolie et émouvante entrée. .. Belle reconnaissance pour Maman. Papa, Je t embrasse bien fort.. Carole

  22. Isabel Capillas says:

    Belated Happy birthday, Janine❤️ May God continue to bless you and Uncle Michel. Wishing you both good health and many many years of happiness and love.

  23. weggieboy says:

    A belated Happy Birthday to the beautiful Janine!

  24. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glories!!! Happy Birthday to Janine!!! Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady, you are indeed blessed to have each other … ILYM

  25. Happy Birthday Janine. I so admire you in all that you have accomplished. You have a wonderful family and husband who care much for you. You and Michel are such a sweet couple and I am blessed to be a long time internet friend. I love your postings of you and your family. Again A Blessed Birthday to you. And Michel, Janine is a true gem. Love ❤ Marilyn

  26. cocosangel says:

    Happy belated birthday Janine. ❤
    Yes you are lucky and is blessed that you had a wife like Janine and the children. Who comes to see you all.
    Hope you are getting ready for the Christmas? ❤ I bet you must be 🙂

  27. Julie says:

    Wishing Janine a belated happy birthday , it looks like she had a wonderful with the family

  28. Susan Joos says:

    You two are lovely together! A very happy birthday to your Janine!

  29. Marion says:

    A very happy birthday to Janine!! 🙂 What a wonderful life you and Michel share. ❤

  30. kmaidy says:

    Soyez encore longtemps, longtemps, tellement heureux tous les deux ensemble et avec le soutien et l’amour de vos enfants !
    avec mes Meilleurs Voeux !
    et des bises depuis l’Alsace :!

  31. atagrandma says:

    Happy Birthday to Janine, and Happy Days to both of you. Much love.

  32. Rachel says:

    I wish you both well in body, mind and spirit.
    You both give me great encouragement!

  33. Anne-Marie says:

    Joyeux anniversaire à Janine et compliments à vous deux pour toutes ces années de complicité complémentaire. Dont la succession est assurée par vos enfants et petits-enfants et arrière petit-fils.

    C’est un plaisir de vous suivre … depuis 2004 via Xanga, etc.

    Amitiés, AM

  34. Stéphanie de l'Angleterre ! says:

    Wow, Michel, ta tributs à Janine est simple, bref et plein d’amour. Je suis gâté avoir connu un couple si dédiée l’un à l’autre. Bon anniversaire à Janine et félicitations à vous deux. Amitiés Stéphanie de nouveau en Angleterre.

  35. Cheri N Herald says:

    Wishing the happiest of birthdays to your beloved Janine.

  36. mimiwi2013 says:

    I am late with wishing Janine a blessed birthday!! How wonderful that your family came and surprised and celebrated their mother’s and grandmother’s birthday!! At our ages, every birthday is a blessing and a reason for celebrating! I also see your surgery is postponed. Going to be a tough Christmas for you!! Prayers that everything goes well!! You will be in my prayers!! ❤ Love, Nancy and Ken

  37. Gayle Smith says: Happy belated birthday to Janine and Merry Christmas to you and yours Michel. ❤

  38. suester7 says:

    Aww, that’s such a sweet tribute to Janine! I wish her a belated happy birthday.

    Read in the comments section that you will be going for a surgery on 19 Dec. Praying for you, that all will go well. Take care, Michel ❤️

  39. Barbara Lenhard says:

    A belated Happy Birthday to your beautiful wife. I hope she had a wonderful celebration. Interestingly we share December birthdays. I will be 81 tomorrow. How did I get so old so fast??

  40. Sharon White says: Happy birthday from Texas, Janine..

  41. Prayers for you as you have your surgery. And recovery.

  42. bernard25 says:

    Depuis des années je t’ai ouvert mon coeur
    et mon esprit
    Qui vas au plu simple ((l’amitié))
    Avec toi
    J’ai su crée un climat d’entraide, de communication
    Et aussi de la tendresse ainsi qu’avec tous ceux
    qui ont souhaité me connaître
    en partageant ma vie
    Évidemment, lorsque j’ouvre mon courrier
    je prends le risque d’être blessé
    Peut-être de vivre le rejet ou de la déception
    Mais les récompenses véritable sont beaucoup plus
    tendres et enrichissantes
    je dois en prendre ce risque
    Aujourd’hui j’ouvre ma vie avec tous ceux qui le désirent

    Très bonne journée , ainsi qu’un bon week-end malgré le froid et la pluie

    Une multitude de gros bisous pour toi
    Encore bonnes fetes de Noel et de nouvel an à venir

  43. A belated Happy Birthday to Janine. I think she’s your perfect soul mate. I love what you wrote about her.

  44. Stephanie Wall says:

    Meilleurs voeux bonnes fêtes de la fin de l’année. Bonne santé et bonheur en 2020.
    Amitiés de Stéphanie, David et la famille Safford.

  45. LGail says:

    Happy Birthday to Janine!

  46. Larry says:

    A belated very happy birthday to Janine, and a Merry Christmas to all! Cheers and best wishes!

  47. Hope you are recovering well from your surgery.
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.
    Continued prayers for you, Michel.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ 🙂

  48. nhislop says:

    What a wonderful picture of the two of you! I am so happy to hear that Janine had a lovely birthday! I know she is richly deserving of that! The two of you are a marvelous couple! It is clear that you work as a team and love each other very much. I am sure that neither of you could have accomplished what you have in life without the other. You are both very deserving of the love of your family and friends. You are people who make the world a better place!

  49. How did your surgery go?
    You can respond on my blogpost in the comment section.

  50. suester7 says:

    Hi Michel, how was your surgery? Hope you are recovering well ❤️

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