Cows greeted us and laughed

Les vaches nous saluaient et riaient
Cows greeted us and laughed

English version below the picture

 Un troupeau de vaches était là, dans une prairie près de la petite route où nous marchions. Quand elles nous ont vus, elles se sont précipitées à la clôture pour nous accueillir et elles éclatèrent de rire dans un bruyant concert.
 Nous allions à un cimetière et vous pouvez le deviner nous n’étions pas d’humeur à nous réjouir! Cependant ce concert de rires nous rendit plus légers.
  Je pensais que ce petit événement n’avait aucune importance, mais cependant, il était plutôt rare et j’ai décidé de prendre une photo. Avez-vous déjà vu une vache qui rit ? Sur la photo on voit la vache star qui rit à gorge déployée et une autre sur la gauche épuisée tant elle a ri.
 Par la suite en parlant de cela avec la famille dans ce village, je me demandais si elles riaient vraiment ou si elles ont crié parce qu’elles avaient faim et étaient en attente de la nourriture apportée par l’agriculteur en supplément de l’herbe des pâturages. Je préfère penser que les vaches se mirent à rire.

  Et ma femme d’ajouter : «  Bien sûr elles sont venues et ont crié ou ri parce que tu leur a parlé !! »

  Parlerais-je « vache » ?   🙂

Laughing cows 🙂 Vaches riant ! 🙂

A herd of cows was there,  in a meadow by the small road where we were walking . When they saw us they rushed to the fence to greet us and  they bursted out laughing in a noisy concert .

 We were going to a cemetery and you can guess we were not in the mood to rejoice  ! However this concert of laughters made us lighter.

  I thought this small event had not any  importance but however it was rather rare and I decided to take a picture. Do you ever seen a laughing cow ? On the picture we see the  star cow that is roaring with laugher and another on the left exhausted so much she laughed

 Afterward speaking of that with family in this village I was wondering if they laughed really or if they shouted because they were hungry and were waiting for the food brought by the farmer  in supplement of the grass of the grazing . I prefer to think the cows laughed

And my wife to add: “of course they came and shouted or laughed, as you want,  because you were talking to them “

Would I  speak ” cow  language ” ?   🙂


I cannot let this November 11 pass without the evokation of the memory of the end of the World War I ( 1914- 1918). This war has been  a true butchery . 10 millions soldiers have been killed . The fear and the mud, the cold and the illnesses were in the trenches, offering the hideous face of the war and the death . My area in Northern France ( Flanders, Somme, North, Aisne and the East of France such Verdun ) is covered of military graves of all nations in a lot of cemeteries ;  All of those soldiers killed were young . Europe lost its children .. Europe was definitively weakened . The Democraties finally won in 1918 with the arrival in 1917 of the American army which has been decisive . Germany asked the cease fire that has been signed in Compiègne on the 11 th of November 1918 . We have to be grateful to those people who offered their life for their country and freedom .
This day is celebrated under the name of Veteran Day or in France Armistice Day. This morning I re- read the history of the war I on Wikipedia . Here is the link in English


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112 Responses to Cows greeted us and laughed

  1. suester7 says:

    I enjoyed reading your entry about the laughing cows, Michel. By the way, there is a brand of cheese here in Singapore called “Laughing Cow” too. It’s made in France. Do you guys have that in your country?

    Singapore was not part of WWI, but we were part of WWII, having been conquered by the Japanese. Nonetheless, we stand with you in solidarity as we remember the many lives lost.

  2. iampeacenow says:

    Perhaps you do speak cow language! I’m glad you got a good laugh from them. We also have Laughing Cow cheese. It’s perfect to spread on crackers!

    I join you in honoring those whose lives were lost and those who fought for freedom. So many lives lost during World War I. If only it would have been the war to end all wars.
    peace & love,

    • At the end of the First World War in 1918 the soldiers thought it was the last of the wars! Alas no, it started again in 1940 until 1945 and then it was the wars in extreme East and Africa. When will it end? Yes, peace and love , Jane ❤

  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    Michel, I am not sure if or when war will end. There is a song by Eric Bogle you would enjoy today, it is called “The Green Fields of France”. You will have to skip the YouTube advertising intro, but the song is beautiful, and appropriate to today.

    • Thank you Lavinia . I was almost crying at watching and listening to the green fields of France . The front line in my area of Amiens, Albert, Arras was principally hold by British Empire troops . Yes it is an area of green fields with poppies. And now in this area of Somme – Artois we see the “fields ” of white graves ( like in the East of France: Verdun, Douaumont )
      I am terribly moved by the song and the photos

    • calmkate says:

      This did make me cry, what a moving tribute to those and all soldiers!
      My grandfather and his two brothers fought in WWI! Dad and Uncles in WWII … they all returned war damaged and eventually died of war related injuries. I have often wondered if those who died there had a better deal …
      War is only about “PROFIT” and those exploiting armaments have no concern for the canon fodder … we need to understand this. It has nothing to do with borders, etc … 😦

      • I believe you are right ; Kate : Profit and lack of humaneness ❤

      • calmkate says:

        I worked with war veterans for years to suz it all out, especially PTSD … and I believe ‘training’ damages, then a ‘conflict’ zone cements that damage … military personnel have to obey orders instantly without question and that is not normal … it damages the psyche and that is the hardest to heal 😦
        Those that advocate war and sell WMD have no empathy with the irreparable damage that they cause …

      • I understand you Kate because I had to go to war too ‘ ( Africa ) like most of young French men

      • calmkate says:

        yes no choice, no idea of what it was all about … but now days our young men should know

    • Zakiah says:

      Such a beautiful song and video. OMG! breaks my heart.

  4. murisopsis says:

    The video shared was so very sad… We remember on this day which comes so close after the Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) Commemoration on Nov 9th/10th…The cry is the same than and now – never again. Yet wars continue. We need to be able to see the laughing cows in spite of the sorrows of this world!

    • Thank you Val to remember that we commemorate the 9th and 10th November the crystal night, the first pogrom, led by the Nazis in 1938. It was only 20 years after the end of the First World War in general indifference. Alas.

  5. Cows know what side their bread is buttered on. 😛

  6. Zakiah says:

    A sad day of remembrance in our lives. Your words of tribute are so good Michel.

    The cows laughed, i am sure. Only few people in the world can understand and recognize the language of the animals and vice versa. Tell Janine that the cows recognized an understanding human. 🙂 🙂

  7. I can’t imagine anything much for cheerful than laughing cows (there is a cheese brand here call “laughing Cow”! Such a day brightener. I too am honoring and remembering the men and women who served their countries. Thank you for the lovely post today dear Michel ❤

  8. Maybe the cows were laughing because they knew you would be writing about them.

    I just came back from Remembrance Day ceremonies. There are several in my city. The one I attended was simple but poignant. I was glad there were many school children there.

  9. blb1 says:

    I would assume the cows were waiting for feed. 🙂

    I must say as a child I never learned in school they why’s of WWI.

  10. Oh, I has not noticed the blue sea in the distance . Wonderful!

  11. calmkate says:

    Those cows are indeed laughing Michel, they have the best attitude!
    I volunteer on Mondays and we were busy so I couldn’t attend the memorial service which was held below our oncology ward. But I could hear the last post and had my minutes silence there on the ward. Thank you Michel …

  12. Loved this entry: both humorous and yet appropriately remembering this most important day!

  13. Pam says:

    I’ve never seen a laughing cow, thank you for sharing that. We are so grateful to all those who served their countries.

  14. Your laughing cows udderly moo-ved me! 😉 😀 And that ain’t no bull! 😉 😛

    Love the photo! 😀 I’m sure they do understand you when you talk to them! 😉
    Thank you for the laughs, Michel! 🙂

    And, yes, we must remember all of those who serve their countries…honor them and be grateful to them.
    Still praying for you, Michel.

  15. Marion says:

    I love your humour with the cows, Michel! 😀 I can just imagine them all “speaking and laughing” to you and Janine. Yes, we owe so very much to the brave soldiers and all who fought for future generations freedom. ❤

  16. Rachel says:

    The cows laughed. It made your day bearable. All is well. 😍
    Yesterday was indeed Veterans Day. Celebrated and remembered in many ways. I have a friend whose birthday falls on the 11th. He also served for half his life. What did he choose to remember? All the veterans.
    Michel, we had fall leaves and taking one day. The next day four inches of snow and shoveling. We are a confusing state! Michigan. 💚

  17. puffpop says:

    Cows are friendly creatures. I never realized that until we moved here and we could visit with the cows in the pasture behind our house. The man who owns the land keeps cows as well as horses and donkies. I would enjoy going to the back fence and the cows would come and “talk” to us.

    How sad that we have wars but we remember those who serve , especially those who gave their own lives so we could have freedom…

    You are in my prayers. I pray that you are feeling strong and well.

    votre amie,

  18. Susan Joos says:

    I enjoyed your photo of the “laughing cows”! It is good to know that even with so much sadness in the world, there is also a streak of lightheartedness there, if we will only open our eyes and our hearts.

    I appreciated the link, but it is always so hard to read about wars. The misery beyond the bare statistics! I noticed the cost was nearly equaled on both sides in the number of civilians. Horror everywhere, down to the innocent land itself.

  19. Carole says:

    Bonjour Papa, tu es l homme qui murmure à l oreille des vaches….. Tu les as bien fait rire mais peut être voulaient elles un peu de nourriture 😉. C était à woignarue ? Je te souhaite une bonne journée et je t’embrasse très fort Carole

    • Ce soir je rentre de dialyse , toujours avec ma sonde et ma poche. Pas facile.
      Oui, Carole, la photo a été prise à Woignarue . Je crois que les vaches devaient avoir faim, en effet ! 🙂

  20. ha ha, don’t you have the cheese – la vache qui rit?

    it’s interesting to learn, animals live only in the present – what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow is not on their minds. they live for today. so much to learn from them 🙂

    we had 15+ cm of snow yesterday, michel – no one is walking to the farms here, unless they are wearing snowshoes!!

    i hope all is well xoxo

  21. attatudy says:

    There are more cows then there are people in Upstate NY. 🙂 I had a wonderful Veterans Day. Even my 16-year-old granddaughter thought to call and say Happy Veterans Day Nana. That made me feel good, that she realizes how much so many gave so she could live the life she lives.

  22. Anne-Marie says:

    Mieux vaut-il rire que pleurer semblent-elles nous rappeler … 🙂
    Meilleures pensées depuis la Suisse,

  23. Barbara Lenhard says:

    When we were first married we lived in Texas and there were cows in a field behind our home. We enjoyed seeing them come to the fence and talk to us Very entertaining!

  24. Isabel Capillas says:

    No wonder there’s Laughing Cow cheese 😂🐄🧀 .
    World War l then ll, until now there’s still war in other parts of the globe where innocent lives aren’t spared. Hope there’ll be an end to it.😔
    Always a delight to read your posts, Uncle Michel, hope all is well❤️.

  25. cjjustice1 says:

    I enjoyed your story and picture of the laughing cow. Surely it must have been laughing! The “Laughing Cow” cheese is very tasty when spread on crackers. Hearing about the terrible wars of the past (& knowing of the current ones, too) are very sad and painful, and if it weren’t for certain diabolical leaders bullying others – including those of their own country at times) maybe there wouldn’t be the need for wars. Praying for you and Janine.
    Love ❤ ~ Carolyn

  26. cocosangel says:

    Is it true? Did the cows really laugh!!!! 😀 😀
    I have not seen or heard of laughing cows.
    Interesting about the Remembrance Day message.

  27. kmaidy says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    jamais je n’ai vu une vache rire, mais en passant dans la campagne alsacienne, j’avais remarqué qu’après les pluies , l’herbe est très verte en ce moment et que les vaches broutaient allègrement encore il y a quelques jours !
    Cela fait plaisir de voir les vaches contentes !
    bises !

  28. kmaidy says:

    peut-être Michel, cela nous ne saurons jamais !

  29. L. Marie says:

    I enjoyed your post about the cows, Michel. I’m glad the cows were so entertained.

    What a terrible war the First War was.

  30. wissh says:

    I too have heard of Laughing Cow cheese but have never heard a cow laugh, though I would love to. However, I can not pass a field of cows without mooing out the window at them. I hope I’m not the only one who does this. They never respond though.
    Christine 💜

  31. Cheri N Herald says:

    I love your cows; they made me smile.

  32. WW1 was one of the most terrible wars in history. Completely senseless. A whole generation of young men was lost in Europe.

    I don’t speak cow but those sure look like they wanted to talk to you!

  33. guestbrief says:

    I have missed reading your posts…. every one of them has something sweet in it.. This is no exception. The cows they laughed because they love you and wanted you not to be sad on your way to a funeral. I have taken pictures of cows in snowstorms and they have such loveable, affectionate faces!! Thank you for sharing the laughing cows and the veterans day comments. As an American, I am glad that we were there. ❤

  34. Julie says:

    I thought about the laughing cow cheese as well when i first saw this photograph 🙂 🙂 . I watched on TV about a farm here that the cows come to be milked when they are ready , its all run by computer so the farmer knows which cows have come to be milked or not.

    A lovely tribute to the fallen of the 914-1918 war Michel

  35. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…I believe cows laugh and just like Wissh up there, I too talk to cows when I see them in the pasture, we have friends who raise cattle, the boys in the family don’t think this is a good idea and have scolded me several times saying these are not pets and we don’t talk to them, so now when I moo at them I make sure the boys aren’t present, also the cows, especially the young calves, moo back.
    I am so sorry to have been absent for so long, I’ve missed so much. It’s been a difficult couple of years for us here, November 11th marked the third year since our home burned, we are just now starting to rebuild, a smaller one story home but on the same foundation as our old home. My Mom and father-in-law passed this summer also. Both had long and productive lives and were ready to go but I miss them very much all the same.
    I listened to the song The Green Fields of France on veterans day and also The Flowers of the Forest, which is beautifully but haunting bagpipe music.
    I will try very hard to be a better friend, I would never want to lose contact with you, another mutual friend say’s I need to start writing again and I agree that I need to share my life to share in yours and theirs. You and yours are in by prayers daily prayers.

    • I am in chock at reading your comment, Marsha . It was two terrible years for you .
      I am glad you keep me informed , my friend Marsha . Your friendship comforts me ( my health is not so good at this time )
      Love ❤

  36. marica0701 says:

    I don’t really recall learning anything about World War 1 during all my time in school, and it wasn’t until the last maybe two years when I started to read about it on my own. What a horrific war! Any war is horrible, but WW1 explored new ways of warfare.

    May we never forget.

  37. weggieboy says:

    Yes, Laughing Cow cheese is available even in my small town in middle America, Michel!

    Cows are very curious animals. The best way to see them up close is to stop by a pasture. The first one to see you will herd the rest of them to come see what she/he/it sees. I find them charming! Where I live there are more cows than people. Sme cows are much nicer than people, too. Ha!

  38. nhislop says:

    I do believe that cows and other animals laugh and smile. I know my cats smile at me. I like to talk to animals and it’s my experience that they seem to like people to talk to them. It’s a connection between living things. They might not understand the sounds we make and we might not understand the sounds they make, but it is still a communication.

    I count myself so fortunate to live in a country that has not experienced war on our soil in my lifetime. We have sent many young men to die in wars on foreign soil and we have cemeteries filled with their bodies. That is very sad, but I think it is even sadder to have the land where you live damaged by war. Why do human beings do that to each other?

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