Janine picking the beans

Janine cueille les haricots
Janine picking the beans

English version below the pictures

Lundi dernier 7 Octobre ,Janine et moi sommes allés au jardin cueillir des haricots . Cette année à cause de la sécheresse ils ont été semés tard et donc la récolte est tardive naturellement. En plus il n’y en a pas énormément . Mais on s’en contente. Janine est experte dans la cueillette quelle que soit la récolte. Cela se voit sur les photos!

Last Monday October 7, Janine and I went to the garden to pick green beans. This year because of the drought they were sown late and the harvest is late of course. Besides there are not too many. But we are satisfied to get them. Janine is an expert in picking whatever the harvest. This is seen in the photos!

Tout à coup, elle se lève et explore du regard le plant de haricots comme un général regardant un champ de bataille. Elle n’a pas eu besoin de beaucoup de temps pour trouver ici et là des grappes de beaux haricots verts.

All of a sudden , she gets up exploring the patch of beans such a general looking at a battlefield. No length of time was needed for her to find some clusters of beautiful green beans here and then.

Elle se précipite pour les cueillir avec ses deux mains: Ah! quel plaisir! A elle les gros haricots! et cela remplit vite le seau!

She rushes to pick them using her two hands : Ah! what a pleasure! To her the big beans! and this fills quickly the bucket !

Qu’est-ce que j’ai fait pendant ce temps? J’ai aussi cueilli les haricots mais je n’ai ni la tactique ni la technique et je n’ai rempli que le fond de mon seau mais j’ai pris des photos à la gloire de ma femme !! 🙂

What did I do during this time . I picked the beans too but I have neither the tactic nor the technique and I filled only the bottom of my bucket but I took some photos to the glory of my wife !! 🙂

Tels sont les délices de l’ automne ! 🙂
Those are autumn delights ! 🙂

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118 Responses to Janine picking the beans

  1. neilc693 says:

    Each of you are blessed not only to have a garden in which to do such “chores”, but also to have someone with whom to do them ! 🙂

  2. puffpop says:

    You have a most proficient helpmate…She picks the beans…Oh how luscious they are. She cooks and cans the harvest. You take the pictures and enjoy the benefits of a bountiful garden and a good cook.

    Those beans look so perfect.
    Thank you for sharing …I always enjoy looking at your garden.

    Now, I think I will cook up some green beans for the main meal today…which I have in midday so I guess you would call it “lunch”

    Alas, I have to buy at the supermarket…Not as good as fresh picked from the garden…c’est dommage…
    votre amie

    • In the high class the midday meal is said in French ” déjeuner” and at night ” diner ”
      but in the “current class” midday meal is said ” diner ” and at night ” souper ” . Hard to figure !!! 🙂
      Thank you, Françoise , for this comment.

  3. That’s a lot of good looking beans.

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Enjoy your garden. A killing frost is to happen Thursday night. I am ready. Have the last picking finished. Just have to dig carrots which have some cold tolerance.

  5. Vive Janine ! Ici également, les haricots n’ont pas beaucoup donné. Ce sera mieux et meilleur l’année prochaine.

    • Je pense que dans ta région la sécheresse a frappé aussi . Oui on doit toujours espérer, tu as raison, Gilles .

      • En fait, les statistiques de pluviométrie de Météo-France pour l’été dernier dans les Ardennes ne sont pas significativement plus faibles que la moyenne 1981-2010. Mais les statistiques de sécheresse des terrains sont mauvaises. Il a dû pleuvoir de manière plus brutale, ou plus la journée que la nuit, ou plus sur de grosses chaleurs … Bref exit les haricots !
        Une belle fin de journée à toi, Michel, et à Janine.

      • J ‘ espère tout de même qu’il y a toujours de la belle eau dans la Meuse et la Semoy ( que j’ ai bien appréciées autrefois )

      • La Semoy ainsi que la Semois ont été très basses ces deux dernières années. Le canoë y a été interdit et on pouvait la traverser sans se mouiller au dessus de mollet.
        Merci, Michel, et une belle grande journée à toi.

      • Justement mes souvenirs de la Semoy étaient des souvenirs de canoë !!

    • Barbara Lenhard says:

      I love having fresh vegetables and green beans are one of my favorites
      It is a lot of work to keep a large garden like you do but it appears that you and Janine work very well together. Love Barbara 💕

  6. blb1 says:

    Looks like a bountiful crop. I could be of no help, don’t bend like that. (today my back is not pleased as I bent to much feeding stray cat)

  7. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Quel plaisir! It’s such a pleasure to read about what seems to be a simple pleasure in your life but with such extraordinary sweetness! These are moments to be savored in life!

  8. A wonderful harvest! You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful garden.

  9. weggieboy says:

    The best green beans are home grown! I am envious, Michel!

  10. kmaidy says:

    bonsoir Michel,
    ben voilà, à chacun son histoire d’haricots …
    j’espère qu’ils étaient bons ceux du jardin, dans le jardin de mon père , beaucoup de fils à cause de la sècheresse justement …
    les miens sont en plus avec l’accent alsacien !
    bises !

  11. YUMMY beans!
    Beautiful Janine!
    All of the bestest vegetables are home grown! They taste so much better with all the hard work and tender loving care put into them. 🙂
    You were the bean-picking-photographer, Michel! You helped a lot! 🙂
    Did you all eat any beans yet?!
    When I garden, I always think of the old sayings about “be careful what you do, and say, in the garden…the potatoes are watching and the corn is listening”…Ha! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  12. calmkate says:

    they may be a late harvest but it looks like a very healthy crop!
    You and Janine work so well as a team ❤

  13. Rachel says:

    Janine is a hard worker with a husband who loves her. I’m glad the harvesting continues.
    I am much better. No more home visits from nurses.
    Temperatures are dipping down in the forties (F). The days are shorter.

  14. Isabel Capillas says:

    Lovely pictures of Janine picking her harvests. I’m sure both of you are enjoying every moment ❤️ You are a loving husband Uncle Michel❤️

  15. Susan Joos says:

    That is one of the things I miss most when I don’t get a garden in. Picking beans is such a satisfactory thing! It is amazing how many can be hidden among the leaves until you look closely. And nothing compares to the flavor of a freshly picked batch! Unless maybe it is freshly picked peas…I could eat those raw right out of the pods – so sweet. We did manage to get a couple of tomato plants in (also very late), and they actually yielded a couple of tomatoes, but not sure we will get any more before the first frost. Thank you for sharing your garden’s bounty (and your joy in it). Hope Janine enjoyed her time in the garden, too.

    • We feel you are passionate for the garden and its bounty , Susan . I remember too tasting raw peas right out of the pods . So good .
      About tomatoes I gave up , because the mildew , a mushrom that destroyed all of them when they were going to give their fruits.

      • wissh says:

        I didn’t know that about your tomatoes, Michel. That’s such a shame because tomatoes fresh from the garden are beyond compare. I did have a similar problem with cucumbers though. I still try because they’re so delicious, but I get very few before the mildew sets in.

      • In the past I got excellent tomatoes , true deligth, Christine . But as I said it is become impossible, unfortunately despite of several tries.

  16. wissh says:

    That’s quite a great harvest! Will Janine be freezing or canning them? Autumn is in full swing here now also, and Denver, where Wayne lives, has temperatures dropping and snow coming today. I’m looking forward to seeing his pictures. Hopefully you and I can enjoy autumn a little longer.
    Christine ❤️

    • Yes Janine is canning by sterilization a part of the beans , Christine .
      At this time here we have rain but not too cold . . I am surprised you already have snow !
      I hope your new house is warm ❤

      • wissh says:

        No, I’m in Chicago, no snow yet, in fact it was quite warm today, but it’s cooling off this evening. Wayne is in Colorado, 1600 km from here and in the mountains. I don’t think he’s looking forward to snow as much as I am.

  17. suester7 says:

    You’re a great storyteller, Michel! I love how you make something simple so interesting!

    Enjoy your harvest! By the way, I just had French beans as part of my dinner meal. It tasted delicious!

    • I did not know about French beans in Singapore , Suzy ? 🙂

      • suester7 says:

        That’s what they are called, as opposed to long beans (they are shorter). Are there French beans in France?

      • In France at the garden centers, seeds of different varieties of green beans are sold but not any are called French beans , Suzy. Our green beans , this year are rather short and curly because they were growing late with the drought we got on the summer . Usually this variety has long and right beans <3.

  18. They look great. How do you prepare them?

  19. What a big harvest. My mom grew beans in our backyard. They tasted so delicious freshly harvested. The only thing I didn’t like about harvesting the beans was bending down or squatting down so much.

  20. Lavinia Ross says:

    The greenbeans look delicious, Michel! Our beans are all done now, as we have had freezing to below freezing temperatures in the mornings now.

    Love to you and the family, ❤

    • I am amazed, Lavinia, to hear by you and other friends it already is freezing or snow in North America . Here in north France most of the time the first frosts begin at the beginning of Novembe. ❤

  21. cocosangel says:

    Wow Janine is really good at gardening and picking beans. I like how they have curled. ❤
    Enjoy your harvest.

  22. Love the looks of those wonderful beans. I don’t have any luck growing them. This year, our tomatoes and peppers did poorly. And that was all I planted. The vines now to the recycle waste bin. It has gotten cold here. 20 degrees below normal. North fence only 1/2 up. Our yardman will probably have to finish weed removal next spring. We slowly push forward. Finally stitches removed from the length of my nose. (Basel Cell Carcinoma) Now, need to go out and replant iris and tulips that were removed when weeds removed. Have a wonderful day. ❤ Marilyn

  23. L. Marie says:

    The beans look delicious! I love beans!
    Love to you and Janine. ❤️

  24. Wonderful. I love that you get to do things together. Fresh food from garden or trees is the best.
    Hugs, E

  25. mimiwi2013 says:

    I just love how Janine still does so much, even with aging—like we all are. I think she will be :young at heart for a long time!! You are such a sweet, hard-working couple. But I do realize that things are slower than they used to be. Around here, Ken takes care of the outside, while I handle the inside of the house. Both of us are a bit slower, and not as strong as years ago, but gives us something to do to keep us from getting bored!! I am also very slowly going through things stored away over the years, and see what can be thrown out or given away. The reasoning is we should do it now as much as possible, so the boys don’t have so much to do. The house is bad enough, but Ken has so many containers filled with things in the garage. He always saves things to possibly use in another piece of machinery. But when it is time to replace a part in a machine, he finds it easier to go buy a new part rather than dig through all those pails and containers to see if he MIGHT have what he needs in them!! Anyway, I never learned how to can anything, since we never had a vegetable garden while I grew up. So, I truly admire Janine for the work she does. Know you help as much as possible. I am sure she is also happy that her arm is well enough again to do these things!! Hugs and love. Nancy and Ken

    • What you write may be applied to us Nancy . Our attic and our garages are full of all things or papers that we have to get rid .
      About her arm , Janine feels it sore from time to time but this passes and afterwards she woks .
      Thank you for you kind comment, Nancy ❤

  26. Julie says:

    Well done to Janine , she worked hard in the garden and I am sure that she cooked those lovely beans for your dinner as well 🙂

  27. bernard25 says:

    BONJOUR AMIE MICHEL C’est rentable de faire du jardin moi j ai arrêté problème de dos

    Chaque jour quelque soit l’heure
    J’allume mon ordinateur
    Ce n’est qu’une petite boîte rectangulaire
    Parfois elle me fais râlé
    Parce qu’elle me fait attendre
    Pourtant elle a le cœur tendre
    Elle t’envoie mes courriers
    Sans jamais se fatiguer
    Elle affiche mes mots
    Sans jamais me dire si c’est trop
    Elle transporte mes images
    Qu’elle affiche sur tes pages

    Maintenant encore
    Elle t’envoie un bisou de ma part
    Te souhaite une très très belle journée
    Profite bien

  28. Quite the harvest! There is a small vegetable garden on the land I rent. My landlord welcomes me to harvest and eat but I am much too lazy to do the work and feel badly about eating his crop so I don’t really eat it. Here you two are harvesting away, younger than I am! Haha!

  29. Garden fresh green beans! I cannot imagine how delicious that is! You honor Jeanine’s work and technique well! Bon appetite! xxoo Cassi

  30. nice! i don’t think we would pick ours so late here.
    it’s getting colder and colder!
    we had 1C two nights already…

    i love green beans
    maybe in the next few years, i, too, will make a garden
    i’d love green beans, carrots, potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes… mmm 😀

    PS is that how you get Janine to most of the beans > by telling her she is such an expert? 🙂

  31. Zakiah says:

    I am envious of the bounty of your garden. The beans look so healthy and so fresh. I grow beans too, but i get about twelve to fifteen and then i get too tired to go pick more. My patch is not huge. it is only about four feet in diameter.
    Does Janine can the beans for winter?

  32. sherazade says:

    autumn delights yr post 💚

  33. cjjustice1 says:

    I love autumn and the produce that comes with this season.
    There is nothing like the produce fresh from the garden, and
    green beans are one of my very favorites. You had a great
    yield. I love that you took time for pictures of your beautiful
    Janine! 😀
    Love ❤

  34. iampeacenow says:

    Beautiful beans! It is wonderful all the things you enjoy together – work and pleasure.
    peace & love,

  35. I love to see how you work together and live such a good life. So happy you’re able to share little pieces of it with us.

  36. kaiori says:

    Ça semble comme il y a beaucoup des haricots!! Ils sont beaux! miam miam.

  37. nhislop says:

    Fresh green beans are such a treat! The ones you can buy in the stores cannot compare! We used to grow them but we do not have a big garden anymore. I miss the beans!

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