Two dogs : Lola and Netta

Deux chiennes: Lola et Netta
Two dogs : Lola and Netta

English version below the pictures

Beaucoup de mes lecteurs ont des animaux de compagnie.. Nous avons en ce moment un petite  chienne : Lola . Elle appartient à une de nos filles Véronique partie en voyage . Elle se plait bien chez nous et est toujours en train de regarder Janine espérant toujours quelques petits morceaux à manger. Cela  m ‘ a fait penser au seul chien que nous ayons eu  de 1965 à 1977 : Netta .

Lola looks at Janine Lola regarde Janine Photo taken 20 Juillet 2019
Lola looks at Janine who is filling the dish washer in the kitchen July 2019
Lola regarde Janine qui remplit le lave-vaisselle dans la cuisine Juillet 2019

Many of my readers have a pet.We have a little dog a this time: Lola. Her owner is one of our daughter Veronique who is travelling . She is pleased at our home and always is watching Janine in hoping some food This made me think of  the only one dog we have ever had on our own from 1965 to 1977: Netta .

Netta était un épagneul breton, une chienne .Quand elle arriva à la maison en 1965 elle avait 3 mois. On l’appela Netta . Nous avions déjà deux jeunes enfants ( 6 mois et 3 ans ) et Janine était enceinte du 3 ème . Une de ses tantes lui dit : ” Ma pauvre Janine à quoi pense tu ? Tu vas avoir 3 enfants et il te faut encore un chien ? ” Ensuite nous avons encore eu 3 enfants, 6 au total . Le chien faisait partie de la famille.

Netta nous suivait partout . Sur la première photo nous cueillions des moules à marée basse sur les rochers en 1973 non loin de Boulogne sur mer, port situé en face de Douvres ( Angleterre ) . Netta était complètement trempée mais elle était heureuse d ‘ être là . Voyez comme elle gardait Janine . Elle était très douce . Elle avait une énorme patience avec nos jeunes enfants qui lui faisait parfois de mauvaises farces . Jamais elle ne mordit personne .

Quand nous partions en vacance dans une maison louée ou à l ‘ hôtel je m ‘ assurais que le propriétaire acceptait les chiens . Sinon je refusais d ‘y aller et je trouvais ailleurs . Dans la grande automobile que nous avions il y avait Janine, moi et les six enfants. Netta se logeait comme elle pouvait mais jamais elle n ‘ aurait manqué de venir .. Elle préférait être coincée dans un coin du plancher de la voiture sous les pieds des enfants .

Dans sa vie Netta eut deux portées . La première provenait d ‘ un bâtard de la rue mais la seconde venait d ‘un mâle épagneul breton . Sur la deuxième photo on voit Netta donnant naissance à un chiot . Elle coupe elle – même le cordon ombilical . Ensuite elle les nettoyait soigneusement. Elle était couchée sur des vieux journaux dans un abri . Nous eûmes de magnifiques chiots que nous avons donnés facilement .

Netta est morte en 1977 . Je l’ai enterrée moi – même dans notre jardin . Je ne pouvais pas pleurer face aux enfants et mes beaux parents qui étaient là mais j’en avais fortement besoin. J’ai toujours sa laisse . Et sa mémoire.

Nous n ‘ avons jamais eu de chien depuis .

Netta with Janine picking mussels at low tide 1973 Netta avec Janine qui cueille des moules à marée basse 1973
Netta coupant le cordon omblical à sa deuxième portée
Natta cutting the umbilical cord at hes second litter 1971
Netta with four of our children in the antic fireplace 1974
Nette ave quatre de nos enfants dans une ancienne cheminée 1974

Netta  was an Brittany Spaniel called now Brittany in English . When she arrived at hom , she was 3 months old . We named her ” Netta ” .. We already have 2 young children ( 6 months old and 3 years old ) and Janine was pregnant of the third one . One of her aunts told her : ” My poor Janine you are going to have 3 children and you need a dog yet ! ” . Then we had again 3 children , 6 at the total ! The dog was part of the family .

Netta followed us anywhere . On the first picture we picked mussels on the rocks at the lower tide in 1973 no far from Boulogne sur mer , a harbour situated in front of Dover ( England ) . Netta was completely soaked but she was happy to be there . Look at the way she guards Janine . She was very sweet . She had a huge patience with our young children who made her nasty tricks sometimes . Never she bit anyone .

When we went on holidays in a rented house or at the hotel I asked the owner at first if he accepted dogs . If not I refused to go there and found elsewhere . Into the large car that we had at this time there was Janine , me and the six children . Netta located as she could .but never she would have missed to come . She prefered to be squeezed in a corner of the car under the children ‘ feet .

In her life , Netta had two litters . The first came from a bastard of street but the second came from a true Britanny .. On the second picture you see the birth of a puppy . Netta is cutting the umbilical cord . Then she cleaned carefully her puppies . She was laid on old newspaper in a shelter . The puppies were wonderful . We gave them easily ..

Netta died  in 1977 . I buried her on my own in the garden . I could not cry in front of the children and my parents in law who were there but I needed strongly . I always have her leash . And her memory .

We have never had dog since then

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92 Responses to Two dogs : Lola and Netta

  1. sherazade says:

    L’amore di un cane è un amore che non ha paragoni e la sua scomparsa lascia un vuoto terribile. Ma l’amore che il nuovo cucciolino potrà dare Sara la continuazione del nostro caro amico che non c’è più.
    Non potrei vivere senza quegli occhi pieni d’amore senza la loro presenza giocosa a volte impertinente.
    SALLY è parte della mia famiglia e viene con noi ovunque.

  2. sherazade says:

    SALLY la nostra dolce Jack Russel pronta a partire

  3. OH! Lola and Netta are so beautiful! I loved reading about both of them! Thank you for sharing them with us, Michel! 🙂
    It is so nice that Lola is visiting you and Janine! 🙂
    🙂 Yes, Netta was one of your precious family members! And it is always so devastating when our furry-friends die. 😦
    We have always let dogs adopt us. So we’ve had a LOT of furry-friends who have brought love and laughter into our lives!
    HUGS from me to you and Janine! 🙂
    LICKS from Cooper to Lola! 🐶

  4. Irlene S Flansburg says:

    Dogs are great. They really do become part of your family. I have had 6 over the years, plus two that I raised as working dogs for the blind. We now have a chihuahua whos name is Charmin. I never thought I would have a chihuahua because I had heard they weren’t great with children but she has a wonderful temperament and is great with my grandchildren. She weighs 6 pounds so we have to be careful where we step. 🙂

  5. puffpop says:

    I’m so glad that you shared this. I remember you saying that you had a dog but this is the first time that I have heard the details.

    You have always been so busy as a family and I see that your children also love animals. Dogs add a lot of interest and devotion to the family….

    It introduces the children to the story of life, birth and then death.
    As you know, pets have been a part of our family . Right now with John no longer here, they provide a great source of comfort and also give me responsibility.

    votre amie,

  6. A very nice story! Dogs really are wonderful creatures and can become part of the family. When I was young my parents got a Brittany Spaniel from friends.He was very friendly and full of energy, but one day when we were ice skating he ran across the ice on to the adjacent railroad tracks and was hit by a passing train. My brother carried his broken body home and I cried the whole way.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Je crois que netta etait avec vous la premiere fois que j’ai visite en ete 1977. Je me souviens d’une vielle chienne douce et calme avec l’enorme famille Fauquet, cousins, tantes, oncles, grand-parents tout autour… beaux souvenirs.

  8. A beautiful story Michel, delightful photos. We never forget our sweet pets, they love us unconditionally. Netta was a fine dog. My Tide is 12 now and failing. It will be a sad day when we must say goodbye. ❤️

  9. blb1 says:

    Growing up we had a Cocker Spaniel Rusty. He was only in the house as a puppy. Dad insisted he would be an outside dog and he had a house and was on a long chain under the old apple tree. That really bothered me and when I married and we had any dogs, they were house dogs.

  10. wissh says:

    Lovely story and photos Michel. Still, what brings me the most wonder, is having 6 little children close together. 🤣

  11. A beautiful post my friend. Dogs make wonderful companions.

  12. mrswrangler says:

    We have an old dog and every day we have left is a blessing.

  13. Marion says:

    Michel, I remember well your blogs about Netta! 🙂 What a beautiful girl she was with her loving and faithful nature. As you know from my Xanga blogs, I’ve had several Brittanys over the years. I can well understand how terribly sad you were when Netta passed away – she left a very big hole in your heart, Michel. ❤ Lola also looks a beautiful girl!

  14. Annalisa S. says:

    Je partage chaque mot que tu as dit sur Netta. Vous étiez et vous êtes une très belle grande famille. Y compris les animaux, Netta la première. Je vous embrasse en vous souhaitant une sereine été.

  15. Carole says:

    Oui c était une adorable chienne, beaucoup de bons souvenirs avec elle. Ses fugues, ses chiots etc beaucoup de peine quand elle est partie.. On l aimait tous bonne journée on vous embrasse

    • Netta était d ‘une douceur extrême mais avait conservé normalement ses instincts naturels . Toi et Thierry avez assisté a son arrivée , puis quand elle était là à l’ agrandissement de la famille avec l’ arrivée de quatre frères et soeurs. Pour les parents ce fut une des plus belles périodes dans la fraîcheur de la jeunesse. . Il y en a eu d ‘ autres évidemment.

  16. Rachel says:

    Touching story, my friend. You have honored Netta’s memory.
    My family had several pets as I grew to be an adult. And, my own family had its share of animals. If I was on my own, I probably would not have a pet. My girls, however, have two dogs and three cats. A menagerie.

  17. Susan says:

    All pets have a place in our heart, but some pets are somehow extra special. It is hard to fill their place when it hurts so much to lose them. I am glad we have a “grand-dog” to help us fill that space, though. I think she might be the sweetest-natured dog I have ever known.

    • I am glad , Susan , you have a “grand-dog” for company . Since we live in Amiens we are near a large road with a lot of traffic and the fences all around the house are not sufficient to maintain a dog inside . The dog would be quickly crushed by a car !

  18. Lavinia Ross says:

    They are both beautiful dogs, Michel. I feel your sadness and loss regarding your dear Netta. She had many good years with you and the family, and lives on in your hearts and minds.

    Love to you and the family, ❤

  19. Julie says:

    What lovely memories Michel , it just shows how much Netta meant to you that you not had a dog since.

  20. murisopsis says:

    It speaks volumes that she was the only dog you have had as an adult. Sometime we find that dog that is connected to our heart and we can never replace that love. Glad you were able to keep Lola while your daughter travels!!

  21. I can related to having a dog, 4 or 5 in my life and the sadness when they crossed the rainbow bridge. Now the last 30 yrs, we only have cats. Some were just dumped in the neighborhood to fend for themselves. My present cat is from the animal shelter and was 8 yrs old. She will be 13 come sometime this fall. She has slowed down a lot, but is such a sweet, lovable ‘con-artist’. She is a Seal Point with beautiful blue eyes. Pets bring out the best of a person for sure.

  22. Véronique says:

    Cher Grand-Père,
    Un grand merci de m’avoir gardée ! J’ai passé un magnifique séjour, j’ai adoré faire la sieste au frais sous ta chaise et la cuisine de Grand-Mère me manque déjà !!!
    Ouaf ouaf

  23. calmkate says:

    What a delightful tribute to Netta, a true family member who you obviously miss so much!

    a wonderful playmate and protector for all the family 🙂

  24. cjjustice1 says:

    What beautiful memories of your one very special dog! I’m sure Netta was very well loved by each member of your beautiful family, Michel.
    Love ❤

  25. marica0701 says:

    I love the photos of Netta! And oh, the deep attention Lola pays to the food! 😀

  26. Both dogs are lovely. They become part of the family and when they pass away, it breaks our hearts. Thank you for sharing this story.

  27. Ah Netta, a beautiful dog. Pets add to our experience of life. Always had 3 cats, 2 dogs on the fruit ranch I grew up on. I now have a cat that I adopted from the animal shelter. She was 8 when we got her and will be about 13 or is 13. She brings much joy and yes laughter.

  28. suester7 says:

    Sounds like you miss your dogs very much. I’ve never had a pet before, so I don’t quite know how it’s like.

  29. LGail says:

    Netta with four children in the fireplace 1974…Such a sweet picture…made me smile. We have had many dogs. The last one broke our heart this year (had diabetes and was blind and other health complications) We had to have her put down 😦 I hesitate to get another one. I was joking and said I don’t want anything else that barks (dog), meows (cat), tweets (bird), or splashes around in the water (goldfish).

  30. L. Marie says:

    I enjoyed reading about Lola and Netta. Lola looks like a very sweet dog. And Netta–who could forget such a wonderful companion?

  31. Anne-Marie says:

    Adorables amis à 4 pattes! Amis de l’homme dès le plus jeune âge dans les familles qui les accueillent.
    Amitiés, AM

  32. Just stopping by with some (((HUGS))) for you and Janine!

  33. Netta was a beautiful dog. ❤

  34. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie …. what a wonderful tribute to your Netta, I can tell by the photographs that she was an important member of the family and your words say you still miss her. I feel that way about our dogs also, we only have one old chocolate lab named Sophia now, she’s 14 and in good shape except for climbing the stairs to get into the house when she often needs a boost to keep from falling back down the steps. ilym

  35. Sartenada says:

    Lovely post. Thank You. When I was child / young man, I had a dog. If You do not mind, I show here two photos. First my dog Saku and second Saku and me.


    Saku and me

    Have a wonderful day.

    P.S. Michel, in the comment I gave you a lot of information about Finnish geology.

    • Thank you, Matti for those photos of your beautiful dog Saku . He was a big dog . I am glad aklso to se you in your youth.
      I commented your interesting reply about Finnish geology .

  36. ibonoco says:

    Depuis puis plus de 20 ans, j’ai des chats. Auparavant, j’ai toujours eu des chiens. Et à chaque fois que la mort me les arrachait, ce fut un drame et un traumatisme. Aujourd’hui, je ne veux plus de chien. Pour autant, c’est tout autant difficile avec la mort d’un chat. Comme pour Netta, j’ai eu à en enterrer deux….

    Je te remercie sincèrement d’avoir su parler du compagnon que Netta a été et de sa fin. C’est un bel hommage, un très bel hommage.

  37. Oh, cher Michel. Our pets steal our hearts and when they leave us, the pain is intense. We miss our pets too and sometimes I feel a pain in my gut as I remember their love for us and enthusiasm for life. Nice to meet Lola. Lola knows what she knows. I’d be standing waiting for some food from Janine too!

  38. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    I have missed this post, Michel. It was so touching to see the pictures of your beloved Netta. It’s true that certain pets leave an indelible mark in our memories. Netta is surely one.

  39. nhislop says:

    Thank you for sharing this story and the pictures of your children with Netta. Pets really do become part of the family and it is very sad when they die.

    Our children each had cats when they were growing up. Those cats were perfect children’s pets! Our daughter’s cat liked to ride in the basket of her bicycle. Very few cats will do that! Our son’s cat would let our son turn him over on his back and pretend he was a toy car. He would let our son push him all over the house!

    We have 2 cats now. They are both rescue cats and seem very glad to have safe homes!

  40. Stephanie says:

    Je pense que je me souviens de Netta, il y avait une épagneule très fatiguée, je pense, en été 1977… à Arras…si ma mémoire est bonne.
    En amitié, Stephanie

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