A weekend with the twins

Un week-end avec les jumeaux

English version below the pictures ( taken by Janine Fauquet)

Samedi et Dimanche derniers (13 et 14 Juillets 2019) nous avons eu les jumeaux, Raphaël et Yris, avec nous.
Ils auront 7 ans le 24 Août prochain.

Le Samedi , à peine arrivés, ils s’amusèrent à monter dans le grand if au bout de la pelouse comme l’ont fait leurs cousins il y a déjà 15 à 20 ans. Ils cueillèrent aussi des framboises . Ah qu’elles étaient bonnes . Il n’ en est pas resté beaucoup !
Puis ce Samedi soir ils nous accompagnèrent à l’ église

Raphaël and Yris in the Yew tree ( dans l’if )

Last Saturday and Sunday , July 13 and 14th we got at home the twins , Raphaël and Yris . They will be 7 years old on next August 24
On Saturday as soon as they arrived they played to climb the big yew tree at the end of our backyard, as their cousins were doing 15 or 20 years ago .
They picked also raspberries . Ah ! How good they were ! No many remained after them !!
And Saturday at night they came with us at Church.

le Dimanche matin ils ont regardé avec moi le défilé du 14 Juillet. Raphaêl était particulièrement inspiré par ce défilé à tel point qu’il en faisait un dessin au fur età mesure du déroulement

Watching the military parade of Bastille Day in Paris at the TV . Raphaêl is fascinated and makes a drawing inspired by what he sees

Raphaël’s drawing Le dessin de Raphaël

On Sunday morning they watched with me at the TV the military parade in Paris to celebrate the French national Day ( Bastille Day ) . Raphaël was especially inspired by this, so much than he was making a drawing while watching ( see his drawing above )

L ‘ après-midi ils sont allés au jardin ave leur grand-mère, Janine . Ils voulaient arracher des pommes de terre. Hélas la terre était bien trop dure avec la sécheresse. Ils en étaient navrés . Raphaël pensa que cueillir des herbes sèches” pour allumer la cheminée en hiver” était une bonne idée .Et c’ est aussi plus poétique .

Yris make a try to dig the soil. Yris essaie de creuser la terre
“Je n’ y arrive pas Grand -mère”! “I don’ t succeed grandma!
it is really too hard , Raphaël says ! C ‘est vraiment trop dur dit Raphaël.
Raphaël préfère cueillir les herbes sèches qui poussent dans la sauge .
Raphaêl prefers picking the dry grass growing in the sage

On the afternoon they went to the garden with their grandmother. They wanted to dig up up potatoes. Alas the ground was too hard with drought. They were sorry to not succeed. Then Raphael thought that picking dry grass “to light the fireplace in winter” was a good idea. And it’s also more poetic , isn’t it ?

Ils ne se sont certainement pas ennuyés durant ce week- end et nous étions si heureux de les avoir avec nous.
They certainly did not get bored during this weekend and we were so happy to have them with us.

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69 Responses to A weekend with the twins

  1. Sartenada says:

    Hello Michel.

    They are nice looking twins. It seems that are learning many things in the garden! It is important! Many years ago we were in Paris when it was French national Day. It was real experience! 🙂


  2. puffpop says:

    You and Janine provide a lesson in learning about the earth. Enjoying the soil , planting seeds and watching things grow. It looks as if they are enjoying their time with you. You are blessed to have them and they are blessed to have you.

    votre amie,

  3. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    What happy moments! It’s so wonderful your grand kids enjoy helping Grandma in the garden! Well done!

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Looks like a wonderful weekend

  5. A beautiful post. I love raspberries!

  6. Such sweet photos, Michel! 🙂
    Raphaël and Yris are beautiful, smart, fun, creative, wonderful joy-bringers! 🙂
    So glad all of you had a good-memory-making weekend together! 🙂
    They are old enough now to remember times spent with grandma and grandpa! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  7. Carole says:

    Ils aiment la nature… Dans le Morvan c est très sec plus d herbe. On profite bien et nos chevaux sont extras. Bonne journée à vous deux. Je vous embrasse bien fort Carole

  8. Susan Joos says:

    They are beautiful children! The yew tree must have been happy to be ornamented with children again, I think. How nice that you have a piece of outdoors that offers such a good place for adventures and memories! I know I have fond memories of my grandparents and hope to make some of my own with my grandchild.

  9. Julie says:

    Wonderful photos of the twins enjoying their time with Janine and you. Yris looks like she likes pretty things as I notice her lovely bag. Hope you are watching the Tour as well , there was big changes in the race on Monday

  10. Marion says:

    Your family share a wonderful bond with you, Michel! I think they also love and appreciate all things grown in your own yard. Ahh yes, climbing trees is a real joy to do as a child. 🙂

    • Yes Marion , climbing the yew tree has been a joy for all of our grandchildren. About the products of the garden at this time this is the raspberries that are appreciated ! 🙂

  11. weggieboy says:

    The Tricolore meets the standard for good flag design, according to vixillologists: “The flag should be simple so a child can draw it from memory”. Poor American children! Their attempts to draw their national flag are charming and wildly inaccurate, with lots of variation in numbers of starsand stripes, and stripe order. Your grandson’s interpretation of the National Day parade turned out very nicely! It looks like you could use some heavy mulch in your garden, though, especially since you have a drought (?) going on.

    Click to access GFBF_Final_Web.pdf

    • Thank you for this info, Doug; about the vixillology.
      The French flag comes from the Revolution of 1830 and us due to the poet and politic man Lamartine . he proposed to the revolted people a flag with the colors of the Town of Paris : blue and red with in the middle the color of the Monarchy : white

      • weggieboy says:

        Thanks for the history lesson! I was unaware of your national flag’s history,

        It’s one of the most easily recognized national flags and my only question is a simple one: if the international distress signal is to fly the national flag upside down, how to people who live in countries with flags composed of vertical stripes distinguish an upside down flag from one flying right side up?

        Another problem comes from Monaco, Poland, and Indonesia having white over red or red over white stripes for their national flags. A distressed Indonesian or a Polish national flying the flag of his country? LOL!

      • I cannot answer with precision to your question, Doug but this one makes me think of the tricolor cockades in aeronautics. I often confuse the French cockade ( blue at the center ) then white then red with the Royal Air Force cockade( British) where the red is at the center , then white then blue !!

  12. blb1 says:

    This post sparks memories of my summers with my Grandparents. While I had no tree to climb at one I was always playing in the barn and in the woods or picking beans with Grandma. The other Grandma had a lilac bush that was sturdy enough to climb. So glad to see the twins enjoying their days with you.

  13. The twins are getting so big and yes it must be a delight to have such inquisitive minds and energy. I wish I had their energy. ❤ Marilyn

  14. aw 🙂 I’m glad you had a lovely time with the twins! I can’t believe they are already 7!!

  15. cocosangel says:

    Yris is wearing a beautiful dress. 😀
    They look so excited.
    We too have a holiday for St Bastille Day. And in Quebec, it is a holiday.
    Take care ❤

  16. mimiwi2013 says:

    When we get older, we tend to forget what fun it is to entertain the younger generations!! We find out that they entertain us more than we entertain them! We are finding that out now with the great-grands. I now realize that little ones are for the young!! We may be young at heart, but not in our body anymore!! It is great that you have property for growing things, and trees to climb. You are giving the twins great memories!! My grandparents lived in the big city with almost no back yard. Nothing much to do except read or listen to radio. When I was little living in New Jersey (before our move to Arizona when I was 8), my Daddy would take me into New York City, which was 20 miles away to show me the sights. Museums, Central Park, Radio City Music Hall, Coney Island amusement park. But the first time I ever touched a cow was when I was expecting our first son, and came here to the farm Ken grew up on. Loved all the pictures, Michel. Those young ones grow up so quickly, don’t they?? ❤ to both of you!
    Nancy and Ken

  17. L. Marie says:

    Raphaël and Yris are adorable! So glad to see them here. I am glad they are so helpful!
    Love to you and Janine. ❤️

  18. calmkate says:

    What absolutely delightful, fun and sensitive children … they come from such a loving family they will do well! Pray that you have many more such visits Michel 🙂

  19. Cheri Herald says:

    Time with grandchildren is special. They will have wonderful memories of you.

  20. Isabel Capillas says:

    I can see it was a delightful day you and Janine spent with the twins, Uncle Michel. The twins are adorable.❤️

  21. cjjustice1 says:

    What an enjoyable time for the twins and you & Janine! Grandchildren are so delightful & fun! They are blessed to have you two as their grandparents! Raphaël and Yris are so cute! He made a good drawing, too! It looks like he learned about Bastille Day while watching the program on television. It is so important for our children (& for adults) to understand and appreciate those who have fought bravely for our freedom!
    God bless you both… With love ❤ Carolyn

  22. Leslie says:

    What a fabulous and magical weekend!

  23. I had you and Janine on my mind, so I wanted to stop by here to let you know I’m praying for you and sending (((HUGS))) and 🙂 ‘s your way!

  24. suester7 says:

    The twins look like they are having fun climbing the tree. I remember climbing trees with my father and brother when I was their age.

  25. Lavinia Ross says:

    What a wonderful time with your twin grandchildren, Raphael and Yris! I bet the raspberries were quite good and that there were very few left! I am also keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. Oh wow! How did I miss this. I love seeing the twins, they are adorable! A fine artist you have there , taking after Grand papa! Have a wonderful week Michel. Love ❤️

  27. They are growing quickly and what a great weekend for you all.
    The drawing is wonderful.

  28. Wonderful photos of a day with grandpa. Oh my, how the twins have grown and so happy. Thanks for sharing………………….Marilyn Thysell

  29. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…Raphaêl has your talent for drawing what he sees! How wonderful to have the twins visit and enjoy themselves with helping work in the garden, especially the raspberries, they are my favorite! I’m still catching up on reading your posts, I’m not sure you knew but my Mom passed in May, I was out of town for many weeks. ILYM

  30. nhislop says:

    The twins are getting so big! What a joy to watch them grow up!

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