Palm Sunday

le Dimanche des Rameaux
Palm Sunday

English version below the picture

Hier, c’était le Dimanche des Rameaux . Le matin nous sommes allés à la messe avec la moitié de nos enfants et petits enfants . Une foule immense était là tenant des rameaux de buis pour être bénis . Après quoi ils les mettent dans leur maison ou les plantent sur les tombes de leur famille. La plupart des tombes de nos familles étant loin autour d ‘ Amiens ( 150 km)nous les avons visitées et fleuries la semaine dernière .
C ‘ est aussi le temps où j’ ai une pensée spéciale pour mes amis d ‘internet qui sont décédés au cours des précédentes années

The crowd holding branches of box ( buxus sempervirens) at church

Yesterday was Palm Sunday . In the morning we went to the Mass with half of our children and grandchildren . A lot of people were there holding branches of always green boxwood to be blessed. Afterwards they put those branches in their houses or on the family graves . Our families graves being far all around Amiens ( 100 miles round ) we visited and flowered them last week.
It is also the time where I have a special thought for my friends of the Internet who passed away on the previous years :

Barb 2003

Wickgal   décembre 2003

Carot-red  2005

lordpineapple (Terry), aka more than – just crabe 2005

 lkhend, 2005

Camping diva   2007

tooty  2,007

Riddiger   2008


LolaMC, she is gone after 2007, see her daughter Alice’site :

le petit Julian, leayellowrose fils de) 2008

Bruce (Nanny’s husband), 2009 

jstickmann    Décembre 2009

Dylan, Wissh  ‘ s son  2010

papaoma    2,010 or 2,011

 Scott , BLB ‘son 2010   

Mountaingirl   2,010

sunnyron 2,010

MommaRose  2,011 

BuffysMom 2011 (before, she was named: coalminersdaughter)

Bob, SewWorth’s husband (Ellen Chambers on fb)            Dec 24 ,2011

  Mike, mamselle’s husband 2013  

Banyuls 2014 Cliquez sur yulberto  (his new name on WordPress)

Marie Burke 3 Novembre 2014

Judy Rhode William ( Symbolreader)    24 Décembre 2014

Portia (Marj Busby) 8 Janvier 2 015

John Childress (inciteful) Février ici à 2015

Tom ( Gracia McDairmant’s husband) 27 février 2015

SisterMae             September  2015

Gayle Gardner           July 2016

Ellen Chambers 2018

John Winslow , Frances’s husband 2018


et le Dimanche après-midi , enfants et petits enfants prirent plaisir à nettoyer et semer dans le jardin

Chidren and grandchildren working in the veggie garden

And , in the afternoon , children and grandchildren enjoyed to clean and sow in the veggie-garden .

Up date Tuesday April 16 in the morning :

Hier Soir Lundi 15 Avril 2019 , la cathédrale Notre -Dame de Paris était en flammes . La flèche de la cathédrale s’est effondrée et la toiture a complètement brulé Grâce à l’ action des pompiers de Paros les deux tours et le portail ont pu être préservés et aussi, semble-t’il la structure de l’ édifice ( mais très fragiliséee ). Cette cathédrale est un des symboles de Paris et de la France . les Français sont choqués et beaucoup d’étrangers amis  . Le président de la Répubique a promis de reconstruire la cathédrale ave l’ aide de tous les Franàoais et des étrangers amis d ela France.

Yesterday Evening Monday April 15 2019, Notre-Dame, cathedral of Paris was in flames. The spire of the cathedral collapsed and the roof burned down Thanks to the action of the Paris firemen the two towers and the portal of the cathedral were preserved and also, it seems, the structure of the building ( but very fragile). This cathedral is one of the symbols of Paris and France. the French people are shocked and many foreign friends. The President of the Republic has promised to rebuild the cathedral with the help of the French people and foreign friends of France.


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91 Responses to Palm Sunday

  1. puffpop says:

    Christians everywhere remembered Jesus riding on a donkey on the day in triumph that begins the holiest week of the year. We remember God’s sacrifice in love just for us so we that believe in him will never perish but live on throughout all eternity in his presence and meeting those who have already entered his presence. There is no better news than this!

    Yes, I do remember those who have been a part of my life and are now in the presence of the Lord. I am thankful.

    votrie amie

  2. Have a beautiful and peaceful Easter Michel. ❤️

  3. mrswrangler says:

    We celebrate those who we lost the last weekend in May. Each year there are more and more. My great aunts and uncles slipping away. Some of my moms generation already gone or not having a good prognosis for life. Dementia at an early age.

  4. blb1 says:

    We carry palms in and I miss the church that I went to where children processed in with palms. Our palms are in a vase but I won’t be able to get to the cemetery and place them there. While I am driving more still not that far.

  5. whyzat says:

    Your garden looks like Spring! The green of the first leaves is such a relief after drab winter. I have to wait until the middle of May to plant my garden to be certain that frosty days are in the past.

  6. judyrutrider says:

    What a lovely tradition, your boxes of green!

  7. Gail says:

    Beautiful traditions. My Palm Sunday was in church with my 3 granddaughters and daughter. It was a blessing.

  8. How kind of you to honour these friends, Michel. Your Palm Sunday service looks full! We had a big crowd at our church too. It’s also the first Sunday in the year when we actually sing during the service (I attend the quieter service in our small chapel). We will sing again on Easter Sunday. My best to you and your family, Michel.

  9. Stephanie Wall says:

    Michel et Janine. Je suis completenent choque par le feu de ND. Je pense a vous deux

  10. slmret says:

    I am watching in horror the news coverage of the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral. I am in tears of disbelief — and so sorry to see what is happening!

  11. Barbara Lenhard says:

    Hope you have a blessed Holy Week 💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. Barbara Lenhard says:

    Hope you have a blessed Holy Week🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕

  13. A beautiful Palm Sunday! Wonderful to celebrate with family and friends. 🙂
    Such a special time of remembrance.
    Thank you for remembering those from Xanga and WP who have passed. I knew several of those you named.
    I was shocked, horrified, and saddened to see the fire in Notre Dame. 😦

  14. It’s nice that you remember friends and family who aren’t here anymore. Their memories will live forever.

    I’m also watching the tragic fire at Notre Dame. I’m just in shock.

  15. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    A beautiful and thoughtful palm Sunday you had with family! So kind of you to remember all the deceased friend you have met on the Internet in the past. It is by coincidence that the Chinese tradition calls for visiting ancestors’ graves during the first week of April. Have a blessed week leading to Easter! BTW, I really love the sight of your veggie garden!

    • All f those departed people were very great friends and I cannot forget them. It is interesting to note some similarities between different traditions..
      About the veggie garden the children and grandchildren love coming for help .

  16. murisopsis says:

    Michel I’m so glad that you were able to gather on Palm Sunday with the family at church. We had very cold weather and a drenching rain so we didn’t have the usual procession. Instead the children had a procession through the church as we sang Hosanna in the highest! Your garden looks beautiful. I’ve not heard of the tradition of the Boxwood but it sounds very similar to what we do the palm branches. I remember many of the names you have listed from Xanga and WordPress. I was especially sad when John Childress passed away and was shocked when jstickmann died so suddenly. I often wonder where some of the old xangans have gone and if they are okay… They will all be in my prayers as we enter Holy Week.

    • I am glad to see the traditions at church are almost the same Val . We use Boxwood because it is a plant that grows easily in the garden and keep it’s green a long time . We keep it in the house and it will be burned at the next Ashes Wednesday ( in 2020)

  17. Lavinia Ross says:

    I too am glad you were able to gather with family on Palm Sunday, Michel. I love the photos of the church gathering and garden, too.

    Your friends who have left this life will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love to you, Janine and the family, ❤

    • As much as I can I keep memories of those who were very good friends / I cannot forget.
      Yes, Lavinia, Palm Sunday was parted church and garden with children and grandchildren.

  18. neilc693 says:

    Happy Holy Week (and Easter), those gone are not forgotten and therefore very literally live on, inside of us. Just as they did in life—when one reflects on that, it is no longer just a cliché!
    The fire at Notre Dame was indeed a choque here as well. The live coverage on television filled me with dismay. The cathedral has been rather shamefully mistreated (or at least neglected), alas like so many items of heritage in so many places.

  19. cerwindoris says:

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your Palm Sunday service and garden. am so sad about the fire that destroyed much of the Notre Dame Cathedral. We watched it on TV with great sadness.

  20. Carole says:

    Oui c’est une catastrophe…. On est triste de voir ça. On a passé une bonne journée dimanche. On vous embrasse

  21. Yvonne Bressani says:

    It is good to remember loved ones and friends, whether they are blood relations or those that we have become (as close as it is possible) close to online, On special days like these.

    It was debating to hear about the cathedral. Mom had the opportunity to see it in her youth. I have a hope to see it one of these days. It will not be the same, but it will be a privilege nonetheless.

    I also hold hope to come to Aliens one day in the near future as well.

  22. Rachel says:

    I had wondered about your feelings towards this fire? It is a shock to see a building of such fame on fire. History collapsing. Very sad day.
    Michel, last Sunday, we were hit with another six inches of snow! Palm Sunday and all we saw was white. Perhaps now spring can start again?!

  23. Annalisa says:

    Merci pour ton souvenir des amis de xanga qui ne sont plus parmi nous! Inoubliables.
    J’ai pleuré pour la cathédrale de Notre Dame… il a été effroyant. C’est un deuil pour toute l’humanité.
    J’espère que vous tous aurez une bonne et sereine fête des Pâques, malgré tout.

  24. Marion says:

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter, Michel. ❤ I was shocked to see Notre-Dame had been badly fire damaged. I'm sure there will be many people out there that will kindly contribute towards the cathedral's rebuild.

  25. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon Ami MICHEL
    Il y a des mots que l’on écrit sur une feuille de papier
    Comme enchantement la feuille se remplie
    Il y a aussi des mots que l’on tape sur son clavier
    C’est, ces émotions que je te fais partager
    Car se sont des mots d’Amitié avec du bonheur
    Passe une Bonne et agréable journée
    Une belle fête de Pâques à venir avec ta famille
    Gros bisous

  26. Susan Joos says:

    How lovely to see your helpers in the garden! It is still too cold to plant here; we were supposed to have a frost last night.

    I was horrified to see the Cathedral burning. Everyone that has been there has been sharing their photos of it, and mourning the loss. From seeing the flames, I am shocked that anything at all remains!

  27. The whole world is saddened at the loss of the magnificent Cathedral. God bless you and Janine. Love and prayers,

  28. Karen J Fidler says:

    Thank you for your post about Palm Sunday. Your palms look so different from ours, which are long and flat and can be split so as to form a fan of sorts. So fun to play with during Mass, as a child! Many people plait them and form a cross to be displayed at home, often over a doorway. Do you have these as well? We also do not have the tradition of leaving the greens graveside, which I like. I recognized many names on your list from the Xanga days and now Facebook. It is lovely that you remember them especially on Palm Sunday. I am so saddened by the loss suffered at Notre Dame, both the structure and the history. What a terrible loss! You were in my thoughts yesterday as I watched the news. My heart goes out to all of France. And I wish you and yours a joyful Easter! Love,Karen

    • Thank you Karen for this really kind comment .
      We don’ t use palm here in Northern France but branches of boxwood with green leaves . Probably because thus shrub is growing easily in our area . The blessed boxwood is put above a cross into the house .
      For the names of departed Xangans it is hard for me to forget them . So much friendship!
      Thank you for your feelings about the fire in Notre – Dame de Paris; It is a nightmare .

  29. ❤ Thank you for always remembering my Michael 🙂
    Have a lovely Easter!
    What happened at the cathedral is so sad. I was pleased to wake up today and see that some of the damage might be able to be repaired. Not all hope is lost. Perhaps I will get to see it in the future!

  30. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie, yes, thank you for your Palm Sunday post, we had a very nice Church service ending with the Lord’s Supper, I wondered if the Catholic Church takes Communion?

    Secondly, I am so sad about the Cathedral of Notre Dame, however it was inspiring to see all the people come together, I was touched by the singing of hymns in the streets and I’m inspired that already there is talk of rebuilding and people of all nations want to help. How many times have tragic events drawn people closer to each other. ILYM

    • Yes Marsha there was communion at the Mass of Palm Day.
      And you are right during two or three days the unity of the nation has been done around Notre Dame that is like a national church.

  31. Tribo, OCarm says:

    prayers to all those who have gone before us… we are sorry for what happened to the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral and pray for the country… something beautiful will blossom from the flames…

  32. Lovely service. Too many gone on.
    I saw the videos of the fire and it just totally broke my heart. I could NOT believe it. I’m glad there is a promise to rebuild. Hugs.

  33. cjjustice1 says:

    God bless you, Michel in this Holy Week.
    I’m so sad about the fire of Notre Dame.
    Love and prayers,

  34. L. Marie says:

    We had snow here on Palm Sunday.
    Bon vendredi!
    Love to you and Janine.

  35. Zakiah says:

    How sweet and gracious you are to remember all the friends on line, now off line and in another world. You are one of a kind Michel.
    So sorry and upset about Notre Dame. I cried. We had visited it and how impressed I was with the beautiful church and the stained glass. Such a historic accident of a historic place.

  36. marica0701 says:

    I love all of that greenery in your church! Much nicer than our thin, whispy palm leaves (one per person) haha.

    Of those who died, I only really knew of inciteful. Wow, I can’t believe that four years have flown by since his passing.

    I pray that you and your family have a joyous and lovely Easter!

  37. Blessings and Love ❤

  38. Happy Easter…joy, peace, thankfulness, and love…to you Michel, and to your family!
    🌷 🌷 🌷
    Hippty-Hoppy Easter HUGS!!! 🙂


  39. Bless you, Michel, for remembering our xanga friends who have passed. It made me cry at the warm memories of my xanga friendships. Love to you and your family xxoo Cassi

  40. nhislop says:

    Many of the people you listed were Xanga friends of mine. I think of them often. I miss sharing comments with them.

    We visited Notre Dame when we were in Paris two years ago. It is such a wonderful place! I do hope they can restore it.

  41. Catherine Lee says:

    I remember Marie Burke.

  42. Catherine Lee says:

    Gasp! Michael, I managed to log into Xanga again!

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