The reading.

La lecture
The reading

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Janine en train de lire avec ses derniers petits-enfants Raphaël et Yris, les jumeaux de 6 ans
Il y a quelques temps, ma deuxième fille, Véronique, a pris cette photo de Janine dans le salon avec ses derniers petits-enfants. J’ai été charmé par cette photo, à cause de sa qualité artistique et aussi par la posture des trois acteurs. Voyez combien les jumeaux se tiennent près de Janine, voyez le calme de Janine en lisant les courts textes sous les photos du livre, l’atmoshère est sereine.
Mais je pense que mes lecteurs trouveront plus de choses à dire sur cette image. J’ai l’intention de continuer le blogging

Nouvelles sur ma santé. La dialysis se passe plutôt bien et c’est une bonne nouvelle.
mais la chirurgie que j’ai eue en décembre 2014 à la colonne vertébrale cesse ses effets et je n’ai pas beaucoup de commandes nerveuses dans mes jambes. Je vais être reconnu comme un homme hadicapé à 80% Je remercie tous les amis qui ont posé des questions sur moi sur wordpress et facebook



Priviledged moments the two grand children with Janine photo Véronique Fauquet Juillet 2018

Janine reading with their last grand children Raphaël et Yris  , the twins , 6 years old

 Some times  ago my second daughter Véronique took this photo  of Janine in the lounge  with her latest  grand children,. I have been charmed by this photo, because of its artistic quality and also but also by the posture of the three  actors ; See how much the twins stand narrowly with janine , see the calm of janine reading the short texts below the pictures of the book ;

But I thinhk my readers will find more things to say anout this picture . I intend to continue the blogging


News about my health . The dialysis goes on a rather well way and this is a good news.
 but the surgery I got in December 2014 at the spine ceases its effects and I have not much nervous commands in my legs . I am going to be recognized like a handicapped man at 80 %  I thank all of the friends who asked about me on wordpress  and facebook


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105 Responses to The reading.

  1. blb1 says:

    The photograph is beautiful, charming is another word for it. I just can’t believe how old the twins are now.

    I am sorry about the surgery but can certainly relate to it. The numbness in my legs comes from diabetic neuropathy I think as it comes and goes. The pain would be from my spine though. I need more days at the pool to work my legs. Just can’t seem to get it. I do hope you aren’t in a lot of pain. Glad the dialysis is going well.

  2. This photo is a masterpiece. So perfect the children so attentive to Grandmamas words . I have been thinking if you and wishing you all the best. Love ❤️Holly.

  3. puffpop says:

    That is a beautiful photo with much meaning. Precious moments.
    I am glad that your dialysis is going well. But concerned about the problem with your spine. It is not easy to give in to the limitations of age. Our spirits do not age and we long to move with the swiftness and agility that we did when we were 20 , even 30, 40 or 50…things slow down after 70…

    John’s serious downhill slide began with not being able to move. They misdiagnosed it as a back spasm but it was a blood infection. He lived a good life and I have no regrets. He was worried about me and had our son promise that he would care for me and he has been wonderful Our children are a gift and also have part of the person that we love so much.

    votre amie,

  4. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…It is so good to see you blog again, you have been missed! I’m thankful your dialysis is going well and I’m sorry your spine surgery has stopped working as it should, I wonder if you will try another surgery or some sort of physical therapy?
    The Photo of Janine and the twins should be called serenity…how lovely she is and the children so attentive, I too am charmed! Also, it seems like the twins were just tiny babies, time goes swiftly does it not! ILYM

  5. You have a wonderful family, that’s a blessing. 🙂

  6. whyzat says:

    Beautiful photo, Michel. It says so much about love and family! I’m sorry to hear about your health problems, but I am glad to see you blogging again.

  7. dtherese3 says:

    Hello Michel,
    It is good to see a post from you.
    The photo is lovely, very peaceful.
    I’m glad you are doing better in some areas. : ) Debbie

  8. What a beautiful photograph Michel. I agree that it would make a wonderful painting. Sending prayers for your health!

  9. Stephanie Wall says:

    Une tres belle photo dans lequelle je trouve du calme et de l’amour de famille. Je suis vraiment desole pour vos problemes de sante et de mobilite. Thinking of you and all the family, Stephanie et David x

    • Oui Stéphanie cette photo est apaisante et montre comment se construisent les liens familiaux.
      Quant à la mobilité je dirai que chaque âge demande ses adaptatons.
      Amitiés à tous deux

  10. mrswrangler says:

    What a beautiful memory. Glad dialysis is working but your surgery did not. You are in my prayers friend

  11. jstnotherday says:

    I have had concern for you Michel. I’m sorry for your difficulties with your back and legs, but very glad to hear that dialysis goes well. ❤
    Yes, there is great beauty in the photograph.
    You are so blessed.

  12. cocosangel says:

    Yes that photo is moving. The love of the grandmother and the grandchildren. ❤ It's natural because no one is posing.
    I hope you will feel much better soon.

  13. neilc693 says:

    Good to see you still in healthy if less easily mobile condition. You have lots of support, though, and that is a blessing. The picture is very serene (and makes me happy, since I edit books!).

  14. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Thank you for your updates, Michel. I was quite concerned about your health conditions. Am glad to hear your dialysis has been going well, but sorry to hear about the nerve issues coming from the spine. Please do not lose hope. This condition of nerve impingement could be reversed. I would recommend the Egoscue Method, which is very helpful without the need for surgery. I wish I lived nearby so I could give you some help as I am trained in this method to help people with their chronic pain issues by adjustment the postural muscles. Not sure if there are Egoscue therapists in France, but at the very least, I would highly recommend reading the book “Pain Free” as a start. It is available in Kindle. Please take care! Sending you lots of love! By the way, the photo of Janine with your grand kids is so adorable.

  15. marica0701 says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that the twins are 6! It seems like only yesterday when they were born. What a tender, lovely picture of Janine with her grandchildren 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about your other health problems, but I’m glad that the dialysis is well.

  16. judyrutrider says:

    Welcome back! You are much loved in this space.

  17. So beautiful! And so sweet how they are about their important business and don’t even know the camera is taking their photo! 🙂
    I heard years ago…”There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.” And these days I would add…”There is no substitute for a grandparent reading books to their grandchildren! Life changing for children!” 🙂
    Good to hear your dialysis is going well! 🙂
    So sorry to hear about your back and legs. 😦
    I will just continue to pray for you, Michel!

  18. weggieboy says:

    Yes, a beautiful moment that is captured beautifully!

    I’m pleased to know your dialysis is going well! I think of the four hours X three times a week I spend in dialysis as my time to catch up on reading or rest.

    The physical disabilities, however, sound more problematic for you. I hope it doesn’t mean you can’t be as active in your garden….

  19. Christine says:

    Michel, I think for you 80% is like 110% for other men! You are amazing. But I do understand it’s difficult for you because you are so active. I’m glad you’re still blogging and look forward to many more entries.
    And yes, I love that photo of Janine and the twins. Six years old already!!
    Be well.
    Christine ❤️

  20. suester7 says:

    I’m so glad to see you blogging again! Was quite worried for a while when we didn’t here from you. Glad to know your dialysis is going well, but sorry to hear about your nerves.

    The photo you posted is a beautiful picture of the bond between grandparent and grandchild. ❤️

  21. joyce says:

    oh my dear friend michel, i have missed your blogging. i am glad to hear your dialysis is going well, but i’m sorry to hear about the issues with your back and the limits it imposes on you physically. the picture of janine with the twins is such a peaceful, calming sight. i will look forward to more stories from my dear friend across the ocean 😉

  22. It is so nice to hear from you! I am very glad you are blogging, again, but more glad you feel well enough to blog at all. Is it possible for more surgery on your spine? I’m so sorry this problem has resurfaced.

    This is a stunning photo. Your wife if beautiful and very photogenic. The light is perfection. This will always be a treasured photo for your family.

    Much love and continued prayers, dear friend.

    ❤ Caroline

  23. Peggy says:

    Have been missing you! So glad you are back, Michel! Stay well. Beautiful picture! Grandchildren are wonderful ~

  24. Rachel says:

    Seventh grandchild born the 23rd at 1:35 AM. 6lbs. 13 oz. 19 and 1/2 inches long.
    Misha Elias Knightley Geselman. Very handsome little boy! Susannah is doing very well.

  25. Susan Joos says:

    I am so glad to see a blog entry from you! Also glad that the dialysis is going well for you.

    Love the picture of Janine and the grandchildren. It is a beautiful composition! It makes me hope to be reading to my granddaughter some day.

    I am sorry about your your ambulatory problems. I had a small taste of that last year with my knee problem and eventual surgery. I didn’t like it at all.

  26. Gayle Smith says:

    Beautiful picture Michel…..Janine is so beautiful!! You are in my prayers for your health.

  27. Beautiful photo, Michel! I’m sorry about your health issues. That part of getting old is not much fun… I hope the beauty of your life and family help compensate it. Blessings to you.

  28. julie says:

    Its goo to see you writing again , it has been a lovely summer so I hope your garden has done well. That is a delightful photograph of Janine reading the twins , how quickly they have grown. Good to hear your dialysis is going well

  29. Glad to see you back.
    I adore the photo. It is one that should be framed. The story is there for all to see…so much love and peace.
    I am delighted to hear the good news and sorry about the bad of your health. I continue to pray for you. Hugs

  30. Glad you are back my friend. I have been thinking of you daily as I putter along dealing with my own ‘old age’ problems. I just try to remember to always push ‘forward’ no matter how bad I feel. Love the photo of your lovey Janine with her grandchildren. And my, my how the twins have grown. Take care my friend, I cherish your friendship. Love ❤ Marilyn

  31. Julie Hamilton says:

    Such a lovely photograph. I’m praying for you, Michel.


  32. Cheri Herald says:

    Michel, it is wonderful to see you writing again. We have missed you!

  33. Karen J Fidler says:

    The children are so sweet, Michel. It is hard to believe that they are 6 years old! How old, then, must be Antoine and Manon? I’m sorry to hear about your back problems and pain, but glad to hear that the dialysis is going well. Neil and I are well…the children are grown, with the “baby” off to her second year of college next week! Much love, Karen

    • Thanks karen for the news about your children and working well in their studies /
      Manon is 18 and Antoine 16. They are kind . Manon has just got the baccalaureat with a mention ‘very well ‘ ? She enters the university of Amiens and wants to be a Doctor ..

  34. Wonderful photo of family 🙂
    I think of you often, Michel – all my good thoughts that you enjoy your days and continue to smile xxx
    Hugs to you and Janine!

  35. Pam says:

    That is a precious photo. Glad to hear the dialysis is going okay. Praying for your health.

  36. That’s a beautiful and tender picture. I’m glad the dialysis is going well.

  37. Isabel says:

    This is such a heart-warming picture. So full of love.
    Glad you are back, Uncle Michel❤️

  38. L. Gail says:

    Thought I left a comment earlier but it must have not worked. Had trouble logging in to wordpress. I love the photo of Janine and the children. Very artistic.
    Glad you are back!

  39. cjjustice1 says:

    Dear Michel – I’m glad that the dialysis is going better. I am so sorry to hear about your continued health problems. I know that God will give you strength each day to deal with these difficulties. I pray for you and Janine.
    What a wonderful picture of Janine reading to the twins! It’s hard to believe that they are already so old! I will have to remember that they are one year older than my youngest granddaughter.
    God bless you greatly.
    Love to you and Janine, ❤ ❤

  40. Lavinia Ross says:

    That is a beautiful photo of Janine with the grandchildren, Michel!

    I am glad to hear dialysis is going well, and that you are still blogging. You and Janine are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love to you both and the family,

  41. nannyfountain says:

    Madonna and children is the first thought that comes to mind! ❤ As we age I feel blessed when something works even a little bit for my health. Bless you and prayers for your health problems. We do what we can to keep our lives quality. Love to you and Janine always!

  42. Marion Manson says:

    Firstly, so sorry to see you’ve had these health issues, Michel. I’d not known before about this. ❤ This is a beautiful photo of Janine with the children! It shows the love between them all.

  43. onedanyankee says:

    I’m glad to see you back, Michel, though I have been sporadic in my own posting. I’m happy to hear dialysis is going well and sorry to hear the troubles with your spine have returned. Seems though our lives are very blessed with the love of our families, we can’t escape the troubles common to humanity. Your wife is beautiful in the picture and especially so, with her obvious happiness at having time to spend with your grandchildren. Raphael and Yris are not common names here, but are lovely nonetheless. You are in my prayers, friend. Give my regards to Janine.

  44. Good to hear from you, Michel, and that is indeed a gorgeous picture. Very painterly.
    I’m glad to hear the dialysis works well, but sad to read about the problem with your legs.
    My best wishes to you.

  45. Gracia McDairmant says:

    Such a beautiful peaceful picture of Janine with the children. Praying for your health and mobility. Love, Gracia

  46. Zakiah says:

    Beautiful picture by the window of Janine and the twins. Love the play of sunshine on her face.
    Michel I am sorry to hear about the weakness of your legs. I hope you are getting some aggressive physical therapy for that. I wish you well dear friend. it is good to see you write again.

    • Votre visit brings me high pleasure. Zakiah
      As for my legs, a neurologist told me that I had to be content with their fate!
      I agree with you comment about the light on the photo

  47. Larry Banner says:

    Nice to see you back, Michel, and I wish you good health in the weeks ahead. Glad to know the dialysis went well even if you have some nerve restrictions in your legs.Love the picture of Janine with the grandchildren! Cheers and best wishes to all.

  48. Anne-Marie says:

    La douceur de vivre quoiqu’il arrive ….
    Grande sagesse de vous tous à Amiens.
    Amitiés, AM

  49. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir mon ami ou amie MICHEL Bien le bonjour à tous les tiens

    Le soleil , le ciel ,la mer nous offre tant de beauté en été
    ELLE La nature nous offre sa beauté avec ses quatre saisons
    on ne peut que l’admirer

    La vie est un très long chemin
    on ne peut suivre que son destin
    Il faut le poursuivre en toute sagesse

    Avoir des amis et amies est un beau partage
    on en récolte que les avantages
    Vers toi avec une pensée, je viens te souhaiter
    une merveilleuse journée ou soirée
    Bisous , Bernard

  50. Nancy Clark Hislop says:

    I am happy to hear that your dialysis is going well but so sorry to hear that your surgery has failed and you are having so many problems with your legs! I think of you often,

    Reading with children is wonderful for both the adult and the children and it is so important! Giving them an appreciation of words and stories is a great gift and the time spent doing it is priceless! Their whole lives will be enriched by spending this time with Janine.

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