Tastes and fragrances of the garden

Goûts et parfums du jardin

Tastes and fragrances of the garden

English version below the pictures 


ll y a quelques jours, j’ai vu sur la table de la cuisine ce qui, à première vue, ressemblait à une œuvre d’art. Ce sont des feuilles d’estragon que Janine fait sécher sur un morceau de coton. Quand ils sont secs, ils seront coupés en petits morceaux et conservés dans un petit pot fermé.

Janine met ces petits morceaux d’estragon dans des viandes cuites lentement ou rôties. Cela donne au plat une saveur délicieuse, vraiment céleste et unique

Nous avons dans le jardin un bel estragon. Nous l’ utilisons pour la cuisine et en donnons quelques banches  ceux qui aiment.


Feuilles d’estragon séchant  leaves of Tarragon drying on a fabric


The tarragon in the garden           L’estragon dans le jardin

Some days ago I saw on the table in the kitchen what at first sight looked like an artwork. It was leaves of tarragon that Janine makes to dry on a a piece of cotton fabric. When they are dry ,  they will be cut in little bits and preserved  in a little jar closed .

Janine put this little bits of tarragon in slow-cooked meats or roast. This give to the meat a delightful flavor, really heavenly and unic

We have in the garden a beautiful Tarragon ; We use it to cook or to give to those who like it..

Ce moment est aussi le temps de la framboise. Nous apprécions d’être au milieu des buissons pour cueillir les fruits Et quand Janine fait de la gelée, la cuisine est remplie d’un parfum divin qui colle à vos narines


making the raspberry jelly  by Janine  ( fabrication de la gelée de framboise)

This moment  is also raspberry time. We enjoy to be at the middle of the bushs to pick the fruits And When janine makes jelly ,the kitchen is filled with a divine perfume which sticks at your nostrils.

Et que dire du buisson de sauge? De temps en temps je me repose sur ma chaise de jardin et quelques fois je suis près du buisson de sauge. Ici aussi nous apprécions l’odeur des feuilles de sauge, un délice difficile à décrire. Les cuisiniers utilisent les feuilles pour la cuisine. Et en plus de cela vous avez le plaisir d’être le spectateur de la danse des bourdons de diverses espèces qui volent d’une fleur bleue de la sauge à une autre

Enfin, j’évoque l ‘odeur capiteuse du grand troène, le plaisir de Janine.



Bush of sage ( the blooming tends to the end ) . Look also at the dry soil. Buison de sauge ( la floraison tend vers la fin) . Voyez aussi le sol sec )


Big Privet  in bloom   Gros  troène en fleurs

And what to say about the bush of sage . From time to time I have a rest on my garden chair and sometilmes I am sitting near the sage bush .Here also we enjoy the scent of the leaves of sage , a delight hard to describe. The great cooks use the leaves for the cooking. And on top of it  you have the pleasure to be the spectator of the dance of bumblebees of various species that fly from a blue  flower of the sage to another.

Finally I evoke the heady scent of the big  privet in bloom,  Janine ‘ s fun.

Ce printemps a été très sec depuis avril. Nous avons eu seulement un orage violent pendant un jour ou deux avec des inondations dans certains endroits. Mais cela a été la sécheresse d’avril à juin. Les légumes n’ont pas poussé mais paradoxalement nous avons eu des fruits; cerises, framboises et plantes donnant du goût à la cuisine. Sommes-nous dans le nord de la France ou en Provence?


Imagine the smell! Imaginez le parfum !

This spring has been very dry .since April. We got only  a violent thunderstorm  during one day or two with flooding in some places . But it has  been the drought from April to June .  The veggies did not grow but paradoxally we got fruits ; cherries, raspberries, and plants giving taste to the cooking. Are we in Northern France or in Provence ?.

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83 Responses to Tastes and fragrances of the garden

  1. blb1 says:

    I also like the scent of sage, though one sage was removed from our yard as I could no longer prune it. I never tried using any of it in cooking. Didn’t realize I could. I miss the rosemary I had, again a pruning problem. You are blessed to have a wife that knows how to use herbs.

  2. KB says:

    I love the smell of fresh herbs. Here, sage is grown as an annual plant. The raspberries have just finished blooming here, and strawberries are in season. I love the wild ones the best.

  3. weggieboy says:

    Fresh herbs in the garden not only give you something for cooking, they generally are attractive to bees! Tarragon is one of those herbs we don’t use enough in the US, I think. I grew some from seed once, and enjoyed finding way to use it. it is a subtle, pleasant herb.

    • I agree with you Doug . janine put terragon in slow cooked beef or roast beef, in cooking poultry. Some uses Terragon to make liquor..

      • weggieboy says:

        Here, you are most likely to see it in vinegar for use in a vinaigrette. I will have to try it on roast beef next time I make it. (By coincidence, Michel, I have a roast in the oven now, but have no tarragon in the house!) Bay leaves are used more typically here on roasts.

      • I forgot the vinegar , Doug .
        About Bay leaves I remember they were used in the past in my family . Those leaves give a good fragrance to the sauce . But I never get it in my garden. Janine sometimes gets a bouquet to dry. You give me an excellent recall.

  4. neilc693 says:

    As usual, I’m envious! Especially of the fresh tarragon, which is hard to find here. Sometimes there are packets of seeds in the store, but I believe the variety that is useful for cooking can only be propagated by division. There’s nothing like a patch of fresh herbs.

    • You are right , Neil, the tarragone in my garden comes from a plant that I put in the ground and not from seeds
      I noticed it is pleased being protected by other plants thzt keep the freshness of the soil but do not shadow it.

  5. mrswrangler says:

    Rewards from the garden is always lovely

  6. Beautiful! I can smell and taste the herbs and fruit you show in your photos! 🙂
    I grow a few herbs in my garden. The one that grows the best is rosemary! It has flourished and some of my neighbors come over to snip some off to use in their cooking. 🙂
    Your raspberries look amazing!
    Keep gardening…the fruits of your labor are worth it!
    HUGS for you and Janine!!! ❤ 🙂

  7. jstnotherday says:

    I also thought the tarragon was a work of art. 🙂 How very interesting about the tarragon.

    and yes! I can just imagine the wonderful scent of the raspberries being made into jam. ❤

    It's a shame about the vegetables but a blessing of the fruit…. 'the Lord taketh away, and the Lord giveth' 🙂

  8. What a beautiful post. The jelly looks delicious!

  9. L. Marie says:

    Lovely photos. I love the smell of spices.
    Hope you are well. Love to you and to Janine!

  10. I remember the first time I tried chicken with tarragon. It was so good.

    I hope you’ll get some rains soon. Your garden has so much to offer.

  11. puffpop says:

    mmmmm…Rasberry Jelly with fresh rasberries.!
    I have Tarragon and sage in my garden but it is is different kind of sage…a different leaf. I use it with pork or poultry stuffing. I also have rosemary(a huge bush!) oregano and thyme. I would like to have marjoram too. Unfortunately, I can’t grow lavender here in FL but I had a yard full when we lived in Cleveland. I guess it needs cold weather.

    I have some sad news from the garden: our beautiful caterpillars(if allowed to develop, would be swallowtail butterflies) are now gone, probably eaten by some hungry bird….after they ate all of my parsley.

    John has to be so very careful about his potassium and phosphorus intake. It seems as if most things have phospherous. His blood test today showed way too much phosphorus! He has a pill that is supposed to block the phosphorus and he forgets to take it. Hot Dogs are one of things that he can’t eat and our American celebration of Independence (July 4,) means eating hot dogs…that’s traditional but …God works in mysterious ways since I was so disappointed that I was too late for our 4th of July picnic here since they ran out of tickets. But, it’s a good thing since they were serving hot dogs!

  12. Susan Joos says:

    I think we must have gotten all of your rain! So much rain this year, and too much is nearly as bad as too little. I am going to have to treat my dogwoods and some peony plants for mildew. Mmm, I can imagine the wonderful scents you have going on!

  13. Rachel says:

    You both bring joy and love to the garden. My tiny gardey does not even come close! The rabbits tried to destroy my peppers, but they are growing back. We have had beautiful rains up until now. This next week will see temperatures of 90 to 100 degrees (F) and high humidity. I hope my plants can survive.

  14. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Michel, Il me fait beaucoup de plaisir de voir les photos de ton jardin et de la cuisine avec Janine qui travaille avec de l’amour. Le climate est un peut bizarre par tout dans le monde, n’est-ce pas? Mais c’est bien que vous avez beaucoup de fruits cette saison 😉 Amitiés, Louisa

    • Oui, Louisa, pour les fruits nous avons été bien servis. mais pour les légumes cela n’ a pas été bon jusqu’alors ; trop sec . J ‘ espère qu’on aura bientôt des pluies.

  15. carole Fauquet says:

    ça donne envie cette confiture de framboise et ce veau à l estragon un délice…….ça va bientôt être la période du cassis ….profitons du soleil mais ça commence à être très très sec.Bonne soirée avec Zaza et les enfants on vous embrasse bien fort Carole

  16. Anna says:

    I will need to be more adventurous with food as I only associate sage with burning a dried bundle of it to do smudging the house.

    I love the photos on here. Looks so lovely and peaceful and such a balm to a weary soul. Thank you for sharing them. ♡

  17. cocosangel says:

    That sounds like lovely recipes. Sorry to hear about the drought. Hope the weather will get better. Take care!

  18. maybe one day i will have a garden – you always make it look so wonderful 🙂
    i hope all is well dear, Michel – hugs to both you and Janine 🙂

    • J ‘ avoue Marlaine que nous aimons aller au jardin .
      Quant à ma santé cela pourrait mieux non pas pour la dialyse mais à cause d’une difficulté grandiissante pour marcher.
      Amitié .

  19. nhislop says:

    I put tarragon in my stewed chicken and homemade noodles. Yummy! Your garden must be very fragrant with all of your herbs.

    We are having too much rain and have floods all around us. I wish I could send you some of the water!

  20. My garden isn’t doing well either. Usually Swiss Chard, Green Peppers and Basil do their thing. Not so this year. Swiss Chard just isn’t surviving, Kale ok, only 3 onions out of 24 even grew. One tomato plant died. So sometimes this week will remove pepper, Swiss Chard, even the garlic. and see what the Tomatoes do. One bush has about 5 large green ones, so we will see. Herbs of Rosemary, Oregano, mint doing fine. The parsley reseeded itself so have to clean that mess out. One thing that did grow abundantly and is a healthy color is the assortment of WEEDS. Maybe next year will be better. One can always hope. So time to start visiting the Farmers Market every Saturday. Do enjoy the parts of your veggie and fruit garden that you can. ❤ Marilyn

  21. Cheri Herald says:

    Thanks for the reminder to use tarragon; I rarely think of it. Growing things or foraging is so satisfying. Sorry about your drought. Hand watering is just not the same.

  22. Maggietx1 says:

    Always enjoy your post–and you are always doing so many interesting things–Thanks for including me on your blog

  23. suester7 says:

    I wish I could be there to smell the scent of Janine cooking raspberry jam!

  24. guestbrief says:

    My daughter brought in a basket of peaches from our one peach tree and her brothers ate them. The fresh fruits smell SO good!! I love your garden and Janine’s cookery “magic”. Thank you for sharing it with me. love Rhonda ❤

  25. L. Gail says:

    I like seeing pictures of your garden. I’m thinking you must have some very savory meals at your home. I use many spices in my cooking. Thyme and sage are my favorites. Our garden was planted late so we don’t have anything from it yet.

  26. Isabelle says:

    Le veau à l’estragon était en effet un délice et Sarah s’est régalée d’une tarine à la gelée de framboise cette après-midi! Entre le savoir-faire du jardinier et celui de la cuisinière, nous sommes plus que gâtés!

    • La jardinier avec ce climat n’ y est que pour peu de choses, Isabelle ( cf les pommes de terre ). Heureusement nous avons eu des fruits en abondance .et Maman ne laisse rien perdre

  27. Marion Manson says:

    Janine is obviously a great cook! I love the way you grow all sorts of wonderful vegetables and fruits from your garden, developing them into the tastiest dishes! 😋 the

  28. whyzat says:

    I can just smell the raspberries! I had to leave my potted sage behind because the movers don’t take potted plants. I will start a new one soon! We will be in our house next week!

  29. fauquet véronique says:

    Ça me donne faim rien que d’y penser !!!
    Quant au veau à l’estragon de Maman, il n’y a pas de mots, c’est juste le bonheur !!!

  30. iampeacenow says:

    What wonderful fragrances from the garden! I do love the scent of sage. I am not really a gardener myself. Perhaps next year I will consider a few plants. Enjoy your wonderful bounty.
    peace & love ❤

    • To work in a garden this is forget one’s worries, Jane..
      I suggest a garden of aromatic plants, Jane . Those plants don’t ask much work excepted the weeding!

      • iampeacenow says:

        Last year we had tomatoes, pepper plants and basil my son planted. This year he was too busy and didn’t plant. I think next year I may try a few herbs. I do have roses planted for Kendra and a few other flowers but not too many. My mother so loves her flower garden. It is her greatest joy to be outside in the garden. peace

      • All of my encouragements for next year, Jane

  31. Lavinia Ross says:

    The scent of tarragon and cooking raspberry jelly sounds wonderful, Michel and Janine! We grow tarragon and raspberries, too.

    Our cherries are doing well this year, and the blueberries are just coming ripe. It has been an unusual weather year here, too.

    Love to you both ❤

  32. judyrutrider says:

    Once again you have described a perfectly ordinary day in the life of a gentleman farmer in a most enticing fashion. What a gift you have for seeing the pleasure in such simple activities and for showing them to us!

  33. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I don’t think I’ve ever had tarragon or seen it growing, I should remedy that because it sounds delightful! I wish we could send you some rain, it’s rained almost every evening, I’m not complaining though, it cools the air and I remember well when it stayed dry for a long time! I’ve probably said before…raspberries are my very favorite!!! ilym

  34. I love the smell of sage. Hope all is well.

  35. Larry says:

    You and Janine have some lovely gifts from your gardening efforts, in spite of the lack of rain. The raspberry jelly looks especially yummy! 😊

    I hope you are enjoying your rest, my friend. And hey, congrats to your country on winning the World Cup! France rules! 😆

  36. Larry Banner says:

    I’m sure they have been celebrating! 🙂 Hope all is well with you these days, my friend!

  37. Julie Hamilton says:

    We have had a LOT of rain here the past month or so. Our blackberry bushes are producing well.
    Praying for you.

  38. Anne-Marie says:

    La nature est le bonheur. Et vous savez très bien le cultiver dans votre domaine à Amiens!
    Amitiés, AM

    Pensé à vous hier, lors du centenaire de la bataille célébrée en votre ville

  39. Zakiah says:

    Beautiful herbs in a delicious garden. How lovely. I grow sage and thyme, and Oregano , mint, cilantro, and rosemary. I have never grown tarragon. Perhaps next spring. What smells the kitchen must have to evoke such a delightful post, Michel. Hope you are doing well.

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