Palm Day 2018

Les Rameaux 2018
Palm Day 2018

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Dimanche dernier nous avons célébré la fête des Rameaux .Accueilli par les gens qui applaudissaient et agitaient des rameaux feuillés Jésus entre dans Jérusalem. A l’église, le début de la messe commence par la bénédiction du buis qui rappelle les rameaux feuillés.

C’est le début de la Semaine Sainte qui nous conduit à la mort et à la résurrection du Christ: Pâques

Dans ma région au jour des  Rameaux( ou un peu avant ) les gens vont aux tombes de la famille pour les fleurir et rester en contact plus particulièrement avec ceux qui sont décédés

Janine et moi suivons cette tradition émouvante depuis que nous sommes mariés

Je pensais que nous pourrions garder la mémoire de nos amis de Xanga qui sont partis.


Bénédiction du buis MARCH 25 2018 Blessing of the boxwood

Last  Sunday March 25 it was Palm Day . Greeted by the people who cheered and waved leafy twigs Jésus entre dans Jerusalem. At church the beginning of the mass starts with the blessing of the boxwood ‘which recalls the leafy twigs )

It is the beginning of Holy Week that leads us to the death and the resurrection of Christ : Easter

In my area  at Palm Day(or a little before )  people go to the familial graves  to flower them  and keep more specially in touch with those that passed away .Janine and I folllow this moving tradition since we are married

I thought we can keep memory of our Xanga friends who are gone . Were notthey like family members?:

Barb 2003

Wickgal   décembre 2003

Carot-red  2005

lordpineapple (Terry), aka more than – just crabe 2005

 lkhend, 2005

Camping diva   2007

tooty  2,007

Riddiger   2008


LolaMC, she is gone after 2007, see her daughter Alice’site :

le petit Julian, leayellowrose fils de) 2008

Bruce (Nanny’s husband), 2009 

jstickmann    Décembre 2009

Dylan, Wissh  ‘ s son  2010

papaoma    2,010 or 2,011

 Scott , BLB ‘son 2010   

Mountaingirl   2,010

sunnyron 2,010

MommaRose  2,011 

BuffysMom 2011 (before, she was named: coalminersdaughter)

Bob, SewWorth’s husband (Ellen Chambers on fb)            Dec 24 ,2011

  Mike, mamselle’s husband 2013  

Banyuls 2014 Cliquez sur yulberto  (his new name on WordPress)

Marie Burke 3 Novembre 2014

Judy Rhode William ( Symbolreader)    24 Décembre 2014

Portia (Marj Busby) 8 Janvier 2 015

John Childress (inciteful) Février ici à 2015

Tom ( Gracia McDairmant’s husband) 27 février 2015

SisterMae             September  2015

Gayle Gardner           July 2016

No news from jassmine since March 2011 and she was seriously ill ? Who has news from her?

 Please don’ hesit to ask me to add a name that I would have forgotten.


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70 Responses to Palm Day 2018

  1. blb1 says:

    After our service there was an auction in the parking lot to raise money for this years mission to Malwai. I don’t buy anything now days as I have to much stuff at my house now and so does daughter and she is the only one I would gift. If I have some $ left after I get my car to shop I’ll just put a check in the plate.

  2. mrswrangler says:

    Interesting tradition on the flowers. We do that in May here for Memorial Day.

  3. Gracia says:

    Yes, it’s good to remember all our friends who have gone on before us. I went to the cemetery last week to put new (artificial) flowers on Tom’s grave, my parents’, Tom’s parents’, and to remember our grandson, Tony. Last night our church celebrated communion, which includes foot-washing, a “love feast” and the bread and the cup. The latter of course, reminds us of Christ’s death for us. The foot-washing reminds us of His daily forgiveness, and the love feast looks to the day when we’ll have a real love-feast in Heaven. My 16 year old grand-daughter and I went together.

  4. puffpop says:

    I will never forget some of the good friends that I met on Xanga…those who have left this life much too early.
    The older we get, the more we have to say “good bye” to good friends. But, because of what Jesus did on the cross and rose again, those of us who have Him in our hearts will meet other believers. I know those who testified of their faith. I think of Shirley Parker, in particular. Others as they come to mind.
    Easter is a cause for celebration and joy.

  5. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Michel, it’s a beautiful tradition that you have observed, and now extended to all the Xanga friends who have left this earth. It is amazing that you have kept track of their names and years of departure. I don’t remember any of those names but have understood that their friendship has meant a lot to you and many of your common Xanga friends. Peace xoxo

  6. A beautiful tradition Michel, putting fresh flowers on loved ones (and strangers) graves is an Easter Tradition here. I hope you have a Beautiful Easter surrounded by love! ❤

  7. cjjustice1 says:

    Dear Michel – God bless you and Janine on this week looking forward to the remembrance of
    Jesus Christ’s death and celebration of His resurrection! A most blessed Easter – Resurrection Day to you and your dear family!
    Yes, there are many who we knew from Xanga who were and are still such dear friends. You mentioned Papaoma – she did go to her Heavenly Home soon after that last time she corresponded on Xanga. She and I had begun correspondence via email; and eventually one of her relatives who cared for her contacted me to say that Marilyn had died.
    Thank you for your loving heart.

  8. aboutwhatnot says:

    Regarding Papaoma … wasn’t she the lady who lived in Canada? Her husband passed away? And she had a granddaughter who she spent time with? If this is the right person, she passed away … I believe from cancer but I cannot remember what kind of cancer. I only found out because I used to know someone in a Yahoo group who knew her. She was a wonderful lady.

  9. cocosangel says:

    Out of all of them I could only remember Sistermom. I am not sure about the others.

  10. jstnotherday says:

    Oh my goodness, it is beautiful that you do this Michel! I can not believe so many members of Xanga have passed on from this world, and that you have so graciously kept track of them.
    Wishing you a blessed Holy week,
    p.s. – I’m not sure if your 2nd visit for dialysis was this past Saturday or this coming Saturday, but you are in my prayers that all is well and not too distressing.

  11. Beautiful and important traditions and celebrations, Michel! 🙂 Thank you for sharing them with us! 🙂

    I knew some of the Xangans you listed and I miss them still. 😦 What wonderful people they were! Thank you for honoring them, as we remember them with you.

    Continued prayers for you, your dialysis, and your health, Michel.
    ❤ and (((HUGS))))

  12. bernard25 says:


    Coucou du matin ou du soir

    Regardant L’heure
    J’ai traversé toute la ville

    pour aller à la boulangerie chercher des croissants

    Et les partager avec toi avec un petit café

    Et sur tes joues te dire bonjour ou bonsoir
    mon Amie (i) si précieux
    A la fraîcheur du matin
    J’ai entendu le chant des oiseaux

    J’ai vu le soleil qui se lever
    je t’envoie un grand bonjour plus chaud que le soleil ,
    plus clair que la lune, plus beau que le jour

    A la fraicheur de la nuit je me suis dis que tu étais encore la ALORS

    Qu’il fais bon te dire et te souhaiter une bonne journée ou soirée

    gros bisous.


  13. Anna says:

    Thank you for this post. I didn’t know that it is tradition to visit loved ones who have passed on. I’m not really sure if my family did the same on Palm Sunday, but we would just go attend Mass very early in the morning. We would visit our loved ones’ graves during All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

    I had no idea that so many fellow Xangans have already passed on. 😥 I remember coalminersdaughter and some of the names also look familiar, but only know them through Julie’s and Marie’s Xanga sites. I still have the book of poems Marj sent me years ago. Thank you for helping me remember them. ♡

    • I called Marj,”Marjie” and she was pleased with that
      Traditions certailnly are different from a country to another . Here in Norhern France, Palm Sunday and All saints day are two days we vist all the graves? Will this tradition last ?

  14. ❤ many, many thanks for always remembering Mike xxx

  15. Rachel says:

    You are such a dear one! Thank you for this memorial.
    We rejoice together that Jesus rose from the grave! May you have a blessed Holy Week and a wonderful Easter Sunday!
    My best to all your family!
    Rachel 🌾🌿🌾

  16. Marion Manson says:

    Palm Day is a wonderful tradition, Michel. I remember so many of these people you’ve written here from Xanga days. ❤

  17. I love this tradition. Some good people we met on xanga…gone but not forgotten.

  18. That was a very nice gesture to list all those wonderful people from Xanga. You’re right, it was a big family and I miss that feeling.

    I hope you’re feeling stronger after your last dialysis.

  19. Julie E says:

    Its lovely that you keep this tradition in Holy week , Its sad to see so many of those from the Xanga family that we have lost

  20. Zakiah says:

    What a fine gentleman you are Michel!! You remember the names of all who have passed on. Such graciousness and generosity of your spirit is hard to find. Love and blessings to you and Janine and your families.

  21. Susan Joos says:

    Good to remember, but sad to see the passing of so many Xanga friends. I was surprised to see so many that I recognized on this list. I didn’t “know” everyone, but was familiar with some of the names as I would be with people in my neighborhood. Too early for flowers here, as we have more snow predicted in the near future. I am hoping that is wrong!

  22. neilc693 says:

    What a good gesture, and a good time for it. Banyuls/Gilbert is the only one that I knew, I’m very sorry he’s no longer with us.
    The palm leaves make me think of those pastries, palmiers. One of the cafés used to have huge ones. Now I want to see if I can find some for Easter!
    It is good to hear that the dialysis is not to problematic so far.
    Joyeuses weekend de Pâques !

  23. L. Marie says:

    How lovely to remember them.
    Happy Good Friday!

  24. Very kind of you to honour them and their passing here on your blog, Michel. It’s sad to lose friends, even those whom we haven’t met in person. Two of my blogger-friends have also simply disappeared without notice, and I’m concerned about them.

  25. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon Ami, Amie MICHEL
    Une légende dit
    Qu’il existe un paradis
    On y trouve un trésor
    Celui de la vraie amitié
    Ce bien précieux d’amitié est une fleur
    Elle est remplit de bonheur
    Sent-tu ce parfum
    C’est celui de l’amitié qui jamais ne s’éteint
    Donc je me suis dit que cette légende t’était destinée

    Car en toi j’ai trouvé un ami ou une amie vraiment spéciale

    Bonne journée on bonsoir

    gros bisous


  26. Lavinia Ross says:

    This is a wonderful tribute to your friends from Xanga, Michel. It is sad to lose our friends after so many years, even the ones we have not met in person.

  27. Michel, I am so touched that you remember your Xanga loved ones. God bless you! ❤

  28. mlbncsga says:

    Such a precious remembrance for our friends, my son Matthew passed on Palm Sunday in 2003, it’s always a bittersweet holiday for me. ILYM

  29. I knew many of those people through Xanga. Sad that they are gone. Did you know Richard Goodheart? His Xanga name was TycheeCat. He and his wife are both gone,

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