My daughter plants a tree in my garden.

Ma fille plante un arbre dans mon jardin
My daughter plants a tree in my garden.


English version below the pictures

Lundi dernier et mardi 12 et 13 février, Isabelle, notre plus jeune fille, qui vit en Angleterre, est venue nous rendre visite. Elle adore jardiner, alors elle a été ravie lorsque je lui ai proposé de faire une visite dans une jardinerie, lundi après-midi. Nous avons rêvé devant des paquets de graines avec des images si suggestives. J’ai acheté quelques paquets et aussi un sac de pommes de terre pour planter
A la fin il y avait une rangée de jeunes arbres fruitiers cultivés en pots . Après réflexion nous avons choisi un brugnonier en mémoire d‘une tante qui en avait un bon dans son jardin


Isabelle pushing the cart with our puchases in the garden center. See the tree on the cart

Isabelle poussant le chariot avec  nos achats à  la jardinerie. L ‘arbre est dessus.

Last Monday and Tuesday  February 12 and 13 , Isabelle, our youngest daughter who lives in England came for a visit., She loves gardening so she was thrilled when I suggested to go for a tour in a garden center, Monday afternoon. We dreamt in front of he packs of seeds with so suggestive pictures. I bought some packs and also a bag of potatoes to plant.At the end there was a row of young fruit trees growing  in a pot .  After reflexion we chose a nectarine tree ‚ to make memory of an aunt wha had an excellent one in her garden )

Le jour suivant en dépit du vent froid , Isabelle ave l‘ aide de son fils Joe , planta le brugnonier dans notre jardin . En voici le reportage photo.


Isabelle digs a hole in the garden Isabelle creuse un trou dans le jardin

The day after  despite of  a cold wind Isabelle with the help of her son Joe , planted the nectarine tree in our garden.  Here is the report by photos.


while Joe holds the tree, Isabelle unravels the roots that were curled up in the pot Tandis que Joe tient l’arbre, Isabelle démèle les racines qui s’étaient recroquevillées dans le pot


the nectarine tree is planted, Isabelle is at the top of the happiness  ;


Afterwards they clean the site by removing the clay coming from the hole where they put oganic compost . Après quoi ils nettoient le chantier en éliminant l’ argile retirée du trou et remplacée par du compost organique 

It was the first tree planted in my garden since 1987 , the year after our aarrival in Amiens!
C’était le premier arbre planté dans mon jardin depuis 1987, l’ année qui a suivi notre arrivée à Amiens.

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78 Responses to My daughter plants a tree in my garden.

  1. Et vivent les brugnons ! Bon, il va falloir attendre un peu avant de manger des brugnons. Il lui faut 8 ans pour fructifier. Bonne soirée à vous, Michel.

  2. cocosangel says:

    How nice for the mother and son to plant a tree in your yard. You are very lucky. ❤ Angy

  3. fauquet véronique says:

    Quelle énergie cette Isabelle ! Et quelle bonne idée de planter un brugnonier ! Miam !!!
    Mais ce jeune arbre ne craint-il pas le gel ?
    Je t’embrasse Papa

  4. Lavinia Ross says:

    That is a beautiful gift from your daughter and grandson, a nectarine tree! May your gardens bloom and provide you and Janine with many delicious fruits and vegetables! ❤

  5. Gracia says:

    How sweet of your daughter and grandson. I wish some of my children enjoyed gardening. How is your health? Are the treatments hard on you? How often do you have to have them? Blessings.

  6. blb1 says:

    How nice of your daughter and son to plant the tree. A sweet memory for you. It looks to be a bit cold for them. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  7. Such a lovely thing to do! A beautiful daughter, a lovely tree Love to you ❤

  8. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    What a joyous event to plant a tree in the garden, especially considering it hasn’t been done for such a long time. It will be amazing for you and your offspring to see the tree bearing nectarines when the time comes. Bien à toi! Amitié!

  9. marica0701 says:

    Oh nice, a nectarine tree! I enjoy seeing young trees grow 🙂

  10. I hope the tree will give you lots of sweet nectarines! I understand the flowers are very beautiful too.

  11. OH, How wonderful, Michel! How kind of Isabelle and her son Joe! 🙂
    A new tree is THE best gift! I hope Isabelle and Joe can come back and enjoy the nectarines and the shade as the tree grows! 🙂
    And what a sweet memory of your aunt! 🙂
    How are you feeling, Michel?
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers.
    HUGS!!! 🙂 ❤

  12. weggieboy says:

    I live on the Great Plains of the USA where trees are revered and planted as a blessing in the yard. Though it is too cold in winter here to plant them outside, a nectarine tree would be perfect for an orangerie, which some people here have.

    • An orange tree would not grow in my area either excepted in a greenhouse with heater but what we planted is a nectarine tree ( Prunus ), a kind of peach tree . My neighbor owns a peach tree in his garden and he get fruits We will see . In any case thank you, Doug for the interesting link about the greenhouses in Middle America.

  13. puffpop says:

    Because of your daughter’s enthusiasm and love for you and gardening(I wonder where she gets that from??) you will begin to enjoy years of fresh picked nectarines. When I was growing up in Cleveland, we had 4 peach trees in our yards…Oh they were so delicious. Plums, cherries, peaches nectarines and apples do not grow well in FL. But…we have citrus trees, orange, lime and lemon. I absolutely loved our sour cherry tree when we lived in Cleveland but sour cherries do not ship well so we resort to canned…sigh.

  14. carole Fauquet says:

    Bravo Zaza,toujours aussi efficace et Joe bien sur.Bonne soirée on vous embrasse

  15. L. Gail says:

    Sometimes I don’t know what to say…how to respond to your entries when all I can do is smile.

  16. mimiwi2013 says:

    A nectarine tree. How wonderful. Your weather is more moderate than ours. We cannot grow any citrus here. I see from other comments you have made here that you will be starting your treatments in a couple weeks. Praying they go perfectly! We still are getting snow here, and will for another month or two. I figure our winter is about 1/2 over now, so I am happy!

  17. Susan Joos says:

    I wish you much joy and bounty from the new tree! I am amazed at how dry your soil is. Ours is s sodden mess right now. I had to practically wade to fill the bird feeders in the back yard. (Okay, maybe it was not that deep, but there was standing water!) I am getting planting fever but it is too soon. How do you plant the potatoes? I would love to try it! Do you put them in mounds? And then what is the process?

  18. How wonderful. Now you can enjoy watching that nectarine grow and one day enjoy the fruit. As it is still February, still winter. Our snow gone around house and town, but weatherman says more to come this weekend. Temps warmer than usual, but we have a brisk breeze blowing from the Cascade Mountains……lots of snow up there, so the breeze is cold. I stay in house where it is warm. My planting fever has to be curtailed for another 6-8 weeks. 😀

  19. Isabel Capillas says:

    A new tree planted after 1987! That was really a long time ago. Your daughter Isabelle planted a treasure in your garden.😉😉😉❤

  20. Marion Manson says:

    Isabelle and Joe have done a great job! Lots of hard work there digging and planting, but at least it’s cold there, so not too hot to do the work. 🙂

  21. iampeacenow says:

    What a wonderful thing for mother and son to do together. And how wonderful they did this for your garden. They are certainly bundled up against the cold to complete this task! The tree will be a lovely tribute to your aunt and bring much pleasure.
    peace & love,

  22. neilc693 says:

    A nectarine tree, what a wonderful choice. A long time ago I noticed a nectarine tree was planted on some city property. It was a tough young thing—more than a third of it came down in a lightning strike, but it recovered right away and it is still there now and gives lots of fruit. They say planting a tree is an act of faith, but if the one here is any sign, it will fulfill the promise (and quickly).

    The thing I don’t like, though, is that the greedy and stupid people in the community have noticed it. Every year, for some time now, someone picks all the fruit once they’ve reached full size—but before they ripen. Peaches and nectarines don’t ripen off the branch, but obviously they don’t know that, and probably think they can put them in a paper sack like apples and bananas. So by trying to be first to grab them, and taking them all, the only thing they accomplish is to waste the entire crop, and can’t even enjoy them for themselves. Every year! Grr >:-( At least you won’t have that problem on your property!

    • neilc693 says:

      whoops—here is the correct link.

      • I read your xanga post from 2010, Neil, where you described the young nectarine tree growing along a railway track with numerous fruits. You related also the lightning strike and how the tree resisted ans prospered .. Yes there always are predators to destroy the bounty of nature Your link allowed me also tro read a long comment by Gilbert. I feel nostalgic at reading it.
        Thanks again for your interesting comment which is experienced .
        in friendship

  23. Yvonne says:

    I hope you will have many nectarines to enjoy, in future years!

  24. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon Ami MICHEL bonne vie à cette arbre

    Je suis le messager de l’amitié

    Je viens te déposer une petite pensée avec une petite note de gaîté

    pour agrémenter tes journées ou tes soirées

    J’ai demander au ciel d’éclairer ta demeure et ton cœur

    Avec toi je partage de grands moments de bonheur

    Parfois mes peines

    Entre nous c’est du partage , de l’écriture

    Passe en ce jour une excellente fin de journée ou soirée

    Que celle ci te soit merveilleuse

    Avec de jolis moments de tendresse, générosité , amour dans ta demeure

    Sur cette dernière touche

    A toute , bisou , Bernard

  25. mrswrangler says:

    You will enjoy that tree when it gives you a bounty

  26. Gayle Smith says:

    that is wonderful Michel!! I love fruit trees!

  27. You will enjoy that tree and the memories you created with your daughter and your grandson. How many years will it be before the tree bears fruit?

  28. Ellen Chambers says:

    Nectarines are a delight! Wishing it to be a very bountiful tree. Wondering if the neighbors peach tree will aid the pollination of it. Blessings to you and Janine and your daughter and grandson. It is nice also to remember an aunt in this way.. Lovingly, Ellen

  29. Rachel says:

    You have the joy and the memories now linking this tree to your daughter. It will cause you to smile each time you circle it. 🌿

  30. Zakiah says:

    Such a neat gift from your daughter! May it bear excellent fruits and that you and your family enjoy them in great health.

  31. mcbery says:

    I still love to plant trees. What a neat way to celebrate. A tree is a good way to do this. Blessings.

  32. Julie E says:

    I hope you have this lovely tree wrapped up ready for the very bitter cold weather that we are going to get next week. I look forward to see the tree in fruit at the end of the summer

  33. such a hopeful task — planting a tree. And it was the first one in nearly 31 years! Congrats to all involved. May the tree grow strong.

  34. nannyfountain says:

    What a wonderful post! Love to you all! ❤

  35. I can’t wait to see the first fruit!!

  36. Nectarines are delicious. Lovely post and photos.

  37. AM says:

    Celui qui plante un arbre plante un espoir.
    Longue vie à cet arbuste et à toute la merveilleuses famille Fauquet!

    Amitiés de Suisse, AM

  38. I have learnt a new French word, brugnonier, thank you. My parents would plant a tree for every child or marriage in the family.

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