At the eve of the autumn.

A la veille de l’ automne

At the eve of the autumn

English version below the picture

Je viens de me rendre compte aujourd’hui que nous étions au seuil de l’automne. Jetant un coup d’œil à notre cour baignée de soleil je voyais  de nombreuses fleurs encore épanouies. J’ai essayé de prendre des photos telles que celle des  Dahlias jaunes ci-dessous. La lumière du soleil était tellement brillante que les fleurs apparaissent presque blanches


I realized today we vere at the doorstep of the autumn. I had a quick glance at our back yard bashed by the sun and saw many flowers still in bloom . I tried to take some pictures such the one above of  yellow Dahlias .  The sunlight was so bright the flowers appear almost white instead of yellow

J’ai aussi  été émerveillé par le rideau de  vigne vierge en arrière-plan de hautes fleurs jaunes (Heliopsis) et au premier plan, comme un bijou rouge, par  l’une des dernières roses de l’été. Mais la photo est un peu floue. Les fleurs étaient toujours en mouvement en raison du coup de vent qui était plutôt fort.


The vine Virginia creeper grows from the neighbor’s garden and hangs above the fence like a curtain , background for the Helopsis( high yellow flowers ). la vigne vierge du voisin pend le long de la palissade comme un rideau de fond pour les Heliopsis ( hautes  fleurs jaunes )

I was amazed by the curtain of Virginia creeper  in background  of high yellow flowers ( Heliopsis ) and at the foreground, like a red jewel, one of the latest roses of the summer . But the photo is a  bit blurred . The flowers always were in motion due to the blow of the wind which was rather strong .


Ces deux photos illustrent bien cette saison de l’automne. : temps très changeant; soleil brillant et vent alternent avec pluie et ciel gris, et le long des tropiques avec des ouragans désastreux.
Cela nous conduit à penser que  nous devons nous adapter et nous devons changer aussi. Toujours essayer de faire de notre mieux autant que possible.

Those two photos depict well this season of the fall . : very changing weather ;  bright sun and wind alternating with rain and gray sky ,  and along the tropics with  disastrous hurricanes.
This leads us to think  we have to adapt ourselves and we need to change too . Always trying to do our best as much we can


Aujourd’hui, Chloé et Lucie , filles de ma filleule Sylvie ont dit un dernier au revoir à leur papa , décédé Dimanche dernier.
Today, Chloé and Lucie , my goddaughter ‘s daughters told a last good bye to their father who died last Sunday.

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55 Responses to At the eve of the autumn.

  1. puffpop says:

    Very nice. The flowers will go to sleep and wake up in the spring.
    Autumn is my favorite time of the year…even down here in FL., we can see the seasonal change.
    Hurricane Season is from June through November…September 10 is the peak of the season and that is when we had the unwelcome visit from Irma. In October, the Atlantic waters cool down a bit and give less energy to the hurricanes. My heart grieves for the people of the islands and Puerto Rico…They may not have any electrical power for MONTHS…There was an incredible amount of destruction and then Mexico with the earthquake and so many suffering.

    • we remain voiceless, Françoise, when we see so huge destructions and losses due to hurricanes and earthquakes in those areas of America.(inland or islands ). I hope the help be sufficient

  2. Fall is knocking on the door and it is a pleasure to open up to her. It has been a rather hot and humid summer, but all seasons have their beauty. Thank you for the glorious pictures of your gardens dear Michel. ❤

  3. slmret says:

    Your flowers are lovely, Michel — and it is definitely the beginning of Fall! Here we have a misty overcast sky today, and the temperature will be in the mid 70’s.

  4. A beautiful post. Fall is here!

  5. blb1 says:

    We are still in summer here. Then it will be brown and down from the hybrid live oak. I will watch the red oaks in the back yard, maybe this year we’ll get color.

  6. jstnotherday says:

    Your post almost echo’s what I wrote yesterday. 🙂 ❤

  7. mrswrangler says:

    Beautiful. We are having warmer temps now that fall is here to make up for the 2 days in the triple digits instead of 15 to 60 days

  8. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Ce sont des jolies fleurs, Michel! Je suis désolée d’entendre que les filles de ta filleule ont perdu leurs père 😥

  9. Rachel says:

    Our trees are changing. Many have already dropped their leaves. However, we seem to be in high summer! Our high temperature today was 93 degrees (feeling like 96)! Tomorrow the same. I can not move when it is like this. I long for the crisp evenings and brisk mornings. Our little garden is done. Time to think on to next season.
    Enjoy your day!
    In friendship, Rachel 🌹

  10. judyrutrider says:

    It seems like summer only just arrived for you and already it’s on the wane. How lovely it must be to have such brief, mild summers!

  11. Susan Joos says:

    When I was younger, Fall was my favorite season. It was a time of new beginnings; a new school season, hew clothes, new friends, crisp clean air ushering in the possibility where anything could happen! I still have a little affection for it, but it’s just to close to the long, long winter for my taste these days.

    There is the miraculous glory of the changing leaves, and the delight of the unexpected, like a flower still in bloom, or a last migrating bird or even butterfly!

    The shorter, darker days are hard for me, though. Especially when you work, and there are days when you leave home in the dark, and come home in the dark.

    I will find the good in it; there are always bright spots. But I have to say, I much prefer Spring!

  12. Isabel Capillas says:

    We’re still having summer here with scorching heat during noontime, but autumn is arriving soon and we will be celebrating Moon Festival。Always a delight to read your blogs, Uncle Michel.❤

  13. Zakiah says:

    Your garden is always a delight to see. Is it possible to get a close up of the dahlias? My dahlias and other flowers continue to bloom too. The weather here is still quite warm, but by Monday or Tuesday it will become more seasonal.

  14. Lavinia Ross says:

    A beautiful and delightful autumn post, Michel! Flowers still in bloom there as summer comes to a close.

    We have had rain and wind the last few days, washing the smoke from fires from the air. It has been cold, but today the sun is shining on this first day of autumn, and it will be pleasantly warm this week, in the 70s.

    Much love to you, Janine and your family. ❤

  15. Welcome Autumn!!! 🙂 It is in full swing here this weekend! 🙂

    Your flowers are lovely, Michel! Day-brighteners…joy bringers! 🙂

    You are so correct…we must adapt and change AND always do our best! Life is full of surprises…some good, some bad, some ugly, some beautiful! We must keep moving forward! 🙂 If we give up and sit down, God might have to drag us forward and then we’d leave butt-prints instead of footprints! 😮 😀

    HUGS!!! and ❤ to you and Janine! 🙂

  16. L. Gail says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Virginia creeper. I’ll look at my local plant place and get some for next year. Your flowers are beautiful. I hate to say goodbye to my flowers but I will welcome the cooler weather.

  17. iampeacenow says:

    Even with fall approaching all the flowers are lovely! I love fall. It is indeed a season of change. I love the cooler weather and watching the change of the leaves. Fall is so full of expectation for me.
    peace & love ❤

  18. Summer has returned to us. At almost 10:oo p.m. (22:00 hours), it is 85 degrees Fahrenheit – 29.44 degrees Celsius!

  19. carole Fauquet says:

    On rapproche de l’été de la saint Michel……il fait frais mais soleil.
    Nous pensons bien à Sylvie et à ses filles
    On vous embrasse Carole

  20. Marion Manson says:

    The ever changing face of our plants with the seasons – another beautiful post, Michel! ❤

  21. sudershana says:

    Such a beautiful post and a lovely image that goes together so well. Autumn is such a great season and cherished by many of us. Hope you had a great time. Allured post.
    How are you? Hope you are doing well. Will glad to have you at my site and your words at my latest post. Thanks

  22. marica0701 says:

    In my region we have well-above average temperatures – it feels like mid-summer. But with great relief there should be cooler, normal temperatures coming in the middle of this week. I happily look forward to the cooler weather.

    Take care 🙂 ❤

  23. Lovely photos. And, yes, I agree, we must adapt. is still more like the end of spring/beginning of summer with temps in the high 80″s, But we enjoy the sunshine.

  24. You still have a good weather , Elizabeth at this time of the year , very changing.

  25. Those late autumn days when it gets dark and cold are kinda sad. I miss summer already.

  26. Ahhhh, time to think about putting the garden to bed for the winter. Then we start all over again next spring.

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