The ” grande armée” in my garden.

La «grande armée» dans mon jardin
The « grande armée «  in my garden


English version below the pictures


Le lundi dernier, Janine est venue dans le jardin potager et a crié “oh”! . Devant elle, il se trouvait une armée de haricots verts qui venaient de sortir durant la nuit précédente. En dépit de la croûte d’argile, ils étaient tous debout, bien alignés et je ne suis pas pourquoi, je pensais à Grande armée (Great Army) de Napoléon. Avec l’impression d’un grand nombre et d’une excellente organisation. Mais c’était un simple souvenir  de l’histoire de France. Je vous rassure, ce ne sont que des végétaux pacifiques, des haricots verts.


the “grande armée” ( great army of green beans, de haricots verts


  Last Monday Janine came to the veggie garden and shouted “ oh”!  . In front of her was standing an army of green beans  that popped out during the previous night. Despite of the crust of clay they were all standing up , well lined and I do not why, I thought of the “Grande armée” ( Great Army ) of Napoleon . With the impression of large number and great organization .  But this was simple memory of the French History .  I reassure you , it was only pacific veggies , green beans.

En approchant, j’ai aperçu certains d’entre eux qui étaient en retard et je pouvais apprécier la force végétale. Regardez ces haricots verts qui ont juste germé pour perforer la croûte dure de l’argile pour développer la tige et les feuilles et plus tard, bien sûr, des fleurs et des gousses (riches en protéines). . Rien ne résiste à la puissance végétale.

Bien après quelques idées historiques, l’observation de l’armée pacifique des haricots m’a conduit à un sujet scientifique. Nous apprenons beaucoup dans un jardin, avec une certaine imagination


young green beans piercing the crust of clay   jeune haricot perçant la croûte d’ argile.

Looking closer I perceived some of them iwhich were late  et I could appreciate the vegetal strength . Look at those green bean having just germinated  perforating the hard  crust of the clay to develop stem and leaves and later of course flowers and pods (rich in protein ) . . Nothing resists to the vegetal power. Well after some historical ideas the observation of the peaceful army of beans led me to a scientist topic . We learn a lot in a garden , with some imagination.


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73 Responses to The ” grande armée” in my garden.

  1. Surtout que les haricots sortent la nuit. Depuis le haricot magique de Jack, ce n’est pas très étonnant. J’aimerais quand même bien savoir où ils vont. Peut-être à Ricote ? Bon jardin à vous, Michel.

  2. You two certainly have a green thumb! I love fresh veggies , as a child my grandparents had a huge garden and I am spoiled now for store bought. I am still waiting for my wildflowers to bloom. 🙂 ❤

    • Have you got some flowerbeds for your wildflowers, Holly, or a small garden?

      • I choose a 4 x 6 foot spot in my rock garden, surrounded it with brick and planted my seeds. I fear I planted them too deep but they have finally sprouted but no flowers. It has been a rainy summer but it is so hot they are drooping anyway. Have a beautiful day Michel.

  3. L. Marie says:

    A grande armée indeed, Michel! I love green vegetables!

  4. You’re right we do learn a lot in a garden! Blessings.

  5. puffpop says:

    I always enjoy reading about your garden (and Janine’s cooking) Nothing as good as fresh green beans from the garden. It’s our favorite vegetable. John and I are both to eat a lot of protein and green beans are not at all fattening…(maybe with butter and/or bacon) I imagine Janine cans them. Have you had green bean soup? That’s good.

    • Yes, Françoise green beans are rich in protein and by this way. improve the nutrition;
      Janine cans them and this is a big work But we do not know really the green bean soup.To try! 🙂

  6. puffpop says:

    You deserve to relax from all that gardening… just sitting back and enjoying!

    God Bless,
    votre amie

  7. mrswrangler says:

    Always enjoy your garden pics

  8. blb1 says:

    Well for heavens sake! You didn’t plant them this year? How interesting.

  9. You are so correct, Michel! We do learn a lot from gardens and gardening! 🙂
    Plants teach us human-beans so many important things…just two examples: tenacity and thriving!
    An army of green beans…no wonder you are smiling! 🙂
    I love green beans! But, then, I haven’t met a vegetable I don’t love! 😀
    HUGS!!! and ❤ to you and Janine! 🙂
    Q. Why did the green bean get arrested and put in jail?
    A. He was disturbing the peas.

    Q. Why do green beans meditate?
    A. To find inner peas. 😛

  10. suester7 says:

    It’s wonderful seeing the little green bean shoots sprouting. Your hard work is paying off!

    Love the picture of you sitting in your garden – you look so satisfied!

  11. judyrutrider says:

    Beans are so gratifying to grow. The bushes and blossoms are beautiful and the beans delicious BUT…I hate to pick them! One must pick them every day and it is so tiring on the back. You have your work cut out for you with that large patch!

    • You are right, Judy, picking the green beans at the beginning is a pleasure but quickly it may become a chore due to the suffering back! Sometimes se have the rescue of the family.

  12. Véronique says:

    Je me demandais ce qui m’interloquait dans la dernière photo. Et j’ai trouvé finalement !
    Papa, mais qu’est-ce que cette casquette ??? Elle te sied à merveille certes mais où est donc ton vieux chapeau !!!
    Je t’embrasse

    • je ne peux plus mettre de chapeau au soleil car avec la sueur le rebord irrite la peau du front et me donne de mauvais boutons .J ‘ ai été opéré pour cela il y a deux ans. Merci pour ton commentaire, Véronique.

  13. Carole says:

    Je trouve que la casquette te va bien ça te rajeunit. Peux être avez vous eu de la pluie ce qui ferait du bien à la terre très craquelée et aux haricots qui semblent prometteurs. Bonne soirée je t’embrasse Carole

  14. Carol says:

    Is this something like if you plant them they will come. lol

  15. Glad to see that your garden is finally growing dispite a drought. We haven’t had rain for weeks, so must sprinkle daily. This is the first year that my garden has done so poorly. But I persist. Onions doing very well, so is the kale. Others veggies, well, not sure on those. Mother Nature needs to cooperate a bit more. Love the photo of the gardener resting in his chair. Enjoy. ❤

  16. Cheri Herald says:

    Growing your own vegetables is so satisfying. Wishing you a scarcity of bugs and weeds, and a bountiful harvest!

    • Bugs and snails are the ennemis of the gardener . I need to install veil above some veggies to protect especially against some butterflies that lay on the carrots and cabbages .

  17. littlemissbliss says:

    you look very happy there 🙂 enjoy the summer, michel ❤

  18. Rachel says:

    The “army” is growing quite well. You and Janine are very good gardeners. Our free plants are growing thanks to the right amount of sunshine and rain. It does not come from any great effort on my part.
    Wishing you both well!
    Rachel 🌹

  19. Lavinia Ross says:

    A beautiful, thriving garden, Michel! It is good to see all those wonderful veggies burst forth from the soil!

    All my best to you and Janine. ❤

  20. AM says:

    Fantastiques et magiques événements qui font pousser les graines en de très belles et bonnes choses … à manger plus tard ! Très belle récolte en perspective! Bon appétit d’ores et déjà.

    Amitiés estivales de Norvège, AM & Johann

  21. L. Gail says:

    You have a good garden. Mike’s garden is doing well. The grandchildren already ate the peas straight from the garden raw.

  22. Susan Joos says:

    I love to see the plants break from earth! Seeds are such a marvel!

  23. Soon you will have delicious green beans to enjoy! It’s one of my favorites!

  24. Winnie says:

    LOL, I love the fact that you see those growing pains as a vegetable army. Makes me smile and laugh. The fresh food that comes out of that garden in riches the body and soul. I hope you have a productive and wonderful garden this year. Much love, Winnie

  25. iampeacenow says:

    Lovely army of green beans pushing through the hard crust to thrive and eventually nourish you and your family! How wonderful to grow your own food.
    peace & love ❤

  26. We always had a garden when I was growing up. I love fresh vegetables. Unfortunately, no room for a garden now.
    Love your garden and the green beans sprouting.
    Yes, we can learn much from the garden and nature. hugs.

  27. happytet says:

    Trees are like people. If one knows how to take care of trees, they will give him good environment and good harvests.

  28. Trees are like people. If one knows how to take care of trees, they will give him good environment and good harvests.

  29. Isabel Capillas says:

    I can sense your delight upon seeing your growing veggies, Uncle Michel❤ It will be a great harvest when the time comes.

  30. julie essex says:

    Hope the green beans will continue to grow in such a wonderful way. I am enjoying watching the Tour of France once again. Bad accident for Mark Cavendish though, but we still have Froome in the yellow jersey 🙂

  31. mcbery says:

    One is close to God’s heart in a garden. Blessings Michel.

  32. Anna says:

    I can’t wait to see the bountiful crops that you will have soon. Love that they are all lined up in such straight rows. 😊 How I wish that I had a green thumb like you! 👍

  33. The joy of a fresh new crop bursting to get to the sun! ❤ Love to all!

  34. Barbara Lenhard says:

    I love green beans and yellow beans too. Your garden looks like it will yield a good crop of tasty vegetables for you and Janine. Love, Barbara💕

  35. murisopsis says:

    Your garden is fabulous! We have only 3 feet of beans planted but they are already blooming! They are “pole beans” so they have wrapped them selves on the trellis and have climbed like the beans in Jack and the beanstalk.

  36. Marion Manson says:

    We do lean a lot from our gardens! 🙂 All these little beans bursting forth from their clay beds. I love watching nature develop from tiny buds to fully grown plants.

  37. neilc693 says:

    This post makes me think of the army in Greek mythology that was created from ants, the Myrmidons.

  38. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    My biggest respect for the general of the Great Army of the earth, Michel!

  39. Doug Thomas says:

    My gardens never looked that organized!

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