Picking raspberries with intelligence!

Cueillir des framboises avec intelligence.

Picking raspberries with intelligence!

English version below the pictures.

Il  y a deux jours je cueillais des framboises sous le soleil et dans la chaleur . j’ aidais Janine qui remplis trois bols quand j’ en remplis seulement un .Je ne suis pas rapide et je déguste un fruit de temps en temps
Eh bien ! Je ne suis sûr comment c’est arrivé . J’ étais dans le buisson quand soudainement mes jambes ont été bloquées par des tiges couchées et je chus sur le ” cul ” dans l’ allée.( pardonnez ce mot trivial). Savez-vous que le choc fut rude ? Oui il fut….mais après deux minutes je me suis dit : » utilise ton intelligence si elle n’ est pas fondue. Couché sur le dos dans l’allée j’ ouvris les yeux pour regarder les framboisiers par le dessous et alors je vis une quantité de framboises oubliées parce que cachées par les feuilles et les branches .


Janine picking the raspberries Janine cueillant les framboises  June 2017


In the raspberries bushes  Dans les framboisiers    Juin 2017

   I was picking raspberries two days ago under the sun in the heat . I helped Janine who fills 3 bowls when I fill  only one . I am not speedy. And from time to time I enjoy to eat some fruits .

 Well!  I am not sure how this happened . I was in the bush  when all of  sudden my legs have been blocked by bended stems and I fell on my “ ass” in the path.( forgive this trivial word) .Do you know the shock was rough ? Yes it was ….but two minutes later I told myself : use your intelligence if it is not melted !  Lying on the back in  the path I opened the eyes to watch the raspberry bushes  from below  and from there I saw a lot of forgotten  raspberries because  hidden by leaves and  branches

D’aucuns disent qu’une des définitions de l’intelligence est la capacité de s’adapter à une situation complètement nouvelle. Cela me vint à l’ esprit et après avoir trouvé une position plus confortable je restais assis dans l’ allée et cueillais beaucoup  de framboises  d’une façon très détendue et à l’ ombre des buissons . Janine était stupéfaite de voir que je venais d’inventer une nouvelle façon de cueillir les framboises ! Mais les grands esprits restent modestes !!!   🙂


A new way to pick the raspberries; Une nouvelle façon de cueillir les framboses   19 Juin 2017

Some people say one of the definitions of the intelligence is the ability to adapt oneself to a completely new  situation . This thought came to my mind! and  after finding  a  more comfortable posture I remained sit down on the path and picked a lot of raspberries  in a very relaxed way and in the shadow of the bushes . Janine was amazed to see I had just invented a new way to pick raspberries !  But grand minds remain modest !!!  🙂

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77 Responses to Picking raspberries with intelligence!

  1. Debi says:

    I love the pictures as always and you and Janine are looking wonderful! I’m so happy that you didn’t get hurt when you fell [You be careful, you hear?! We don’t want ANYTHING happening to you … or to Janine!]

    It looks like you found a nice smart way to pick them – very smart indeed, my friend!
    I’m sending my love to you and to Janine. (Hugs)

  2. blb1 says:

    What a genius you are! lol Now then how much trouble did you have getting upright? That is where I would have a problem with my back, I would have to get on all 4’s to try to push up or grab a hold of something to pull up. 🙂

  3. Wonderful! Raspberries are delicious.

  4. puffpop says:

    You have a wonderful sense of humor and a gentle humility in what could have been a stressful situation … You fell on your derriere but instead of letting your position defeat you, you took advantage of the situation and were able to collect more wonderful berries for Janine to can, make pies and jams for you and others to eat. I know that she works wonders with that fresh produce that you cultivate in your beautiful garden!

  5. guestbrief says:

    You re-invent the way to pick raspberries with creativity. 🙂 Glad that your tumble had a good ending. Re: your comment on my post: Yes, much love flowing. ❤ This is our third child to get married. We have seven left to go to get all there. 🙂 And two grandchildren so far. Thank you for your comments!
    love, Rhonda

    • The art and to stumble well with elegance ?? 🙂 🙂 ! !!
      Thanks for the precision . I knew you got many chiildren , ten ! This is beautiful and now the family starts to enlarge . Life and love are there .

  6. jstnotherday says:

    You always look so good Michel, in the trees ‘and’ in the bushes.
    Your post made me laugh, and your title is so perfect! 😀 Yes, how very intelligent of you to go down on your a__ . 😉

  7. HA! “grand minds remain modest”! This made me laugh! 😀

    Sometimes we have to think with other parts of our bodies! 😛

    I’d rather sit and pick, than have to bend over and pick! 😀

    I am so so so glad you were unhurt in your fall…but, so good that you discovered the down-low raspberries! 😀 They were down there wondering why no one was picking them!

    You and Janine look healthy and happy! 🙂 Enjoy those berries! 🙂

    HUGS and ❤ !!!
    PS…where was your Hat?!?!

  8. neilc693 says:

    Congratulations! It’s not easy to invent a new, let alone a better, way to something like pick berries.

  9. If anyone can find the silver lining it is you Michel.. I hope you got a raspberry pie for your efforts!
    much love to you! ❤

  10. mrswrangler says:

    I am always sitting in my garden. I may be dirty by the end of the day but I am happy

  11. murisopsis says:

    This lightened my spirits! I’m relieved that you were uninjured (save some bruising to the dignity) from your fall. A new perspective is valuable at times! I’m guessing the view from below was much cooler since you were shaded by the leaves… Will these be raspberry jam or preserves? I like raspberries but the pie takes so many and is too seedy most of the time (unless you add another fruit).

    • Janine is without mercy , she burst of laughing when she sees me falling and remaining ecstatic by this new sight underleaves! 😉
      the raspberries are already transformed in jelly. Janine is a bee ! 🙂

  12. You had to lie on the ground so that you could see many good raspberries. Sometimes many people don’t know and they can’t see and have good raspberries.

  13. mcbery says:

    I wondered about intelligent raspberry picking. 😀 Our raspberries are ripening right now too. They grow wild around here and they are delicious and hard to pick because of the thorns. Blessings Michel to you and Janine.

  14. Marion Manson says:

    You are funny, Michel!! So, you fell on your “ass”! 😀 You certainly made the best of this situation – picking the berries from a much more comfortable position on the ground! 😀

  15. joyce says:

    your posts delight me, michel. i love your sense of humor and your zest for living. i am surprised to see you in this picture without your hat but, as i read through all the comments on your post, i saw your explanation about the heat making your head sweat. you have a lot of berry bushes, and i’m thankful for your precious wife janine who makes such delicious jelly for you. she is all recovered from her arm or shoulder surgery a while back? i hope so. she looks happy to be sharing the berry-picking with you. blessings to you both!

    • Janine since last january has well recovered . However the strenght of the right arm is not quite back and the movements with this arm are limited . Thanks Joyce.

  16. Susan Joos says:

    I am glad you were not injured! I am sure your cleverness was well-rewarded and those raspberries were extra-delicious!

    Also, RE your questions concerning the photo of my Dad and Mom together; my Dad passed away from lung cancer when I was eleven and he was only 33, so many years ago, (I am 62), and my Mom also died of lung cancer, although she lived until just after her 61st birthday. There is never enough time to spend with the ones you love!

  17. I am really glad that you were not injured!

    We have raspberries in our yard. Most years we get quite a few and are able to freeze some. Sometimes, the birds get there first and they have them all! Although I enjoy eating the raspberries, I do not begrudge the birds their treat! Little creatures need to eat, too.

    Many years ago, we used to grow strawberries, too. I have a nice memory of a baby robin sitting right beside me eating strawberries as I was picking them.

  18. suester7 says:

    I enjoyed reading this post very much, Michel. Good to see you and Janine picking raspberries – you both seem to be having a good time. 👏

  19. AM says:

    Dans les épreuves de la vie, toujours se trouve un cadeau …. Miam les bonnes framboises!!!

    Ravie que la chute ne fut pas plus grave!

    Un tout bel été à vous!

    Amitiés, AM

  20. Rachel says:

    Ah, Michel! “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” We have the wild blackcaps and many times bending over is required, but I must say, I have not taken to laying on the ground! I am glad you are safe and unhurt.
    The strawberries are the big thing right now. I have not been able to get some yet, but I hope to next week.
    Today, we have a lot of rain. Many storms the last couple of days. We needed the rain. God provides.
    Enjoy your week! As always, my best to Janine! 💘
    Your friend,
    Rachel 🌻

  21. Margaret says:

    Raspberries are delicious! What a funny story and so true about intelligently adapting to the situation.

  22. thierry denis says:

    ou peut être une stratégie pour faire une sieste à l’ombre des framboisiers…lol ..ici les groseilles blanches vont être à cueillir et le cassis ne va pas tarder si les oiseaux nous les mangent pas. Aujourd’hui nous passons de 34 degrés à 20 avec des rafales de vent ..Capricieuse madame nature

  23. grannysgotablog says:

    Well now, you re simply reminded to get down to earth and see where the rest were hiding.

  24. julie essex says:

    What a great photo of you picking raspberries in your new way. I love this time of year when there is lots of strawberries and raspberries are in the shops , there is nothing better than strawberries and cream 🙂

  25. Michel, your blog made me grin and laugh. An old saying is when handed lemons make lemonade. Yes, a fall on the backside makes our brain find a simpler and more comfortable way to pick all those lovely raspberries. Come winter, what a sweet treat for your toast. ❤

  26. Cath aka Singapore Girl says:

    What an enjoyable read! Haha!… I just had some raspberries last evening!

  27. L. Gail says:

    It’s good to adapt to the situation. Notice I said SIT-uation. 🙂

  28. mimiwi2013 says:

    God always knows what he is doing—-even if we do not understand at the time. But you managed to figure it out. He let you fall to give you a different viewpoint!! So fortunate that you were not hurt, though. That is always a fear as we get older. But I bet you are already enjoying the jam that Janine made!! Now, next year you will know to get down on the ground WITHOUT falling there! We do not pick raspberries, but I have seen the our local paper that the local strawberry farm has their fields ready for picking. Am sure Ken will be going there in the next few days. I cannot get down on the ground anymore, and he does not pick as many as he used to, but we still enjoy what he decides to pick. We freeze them whole, and crush them when we want sauce for ice cream!
    ❤ Nancy and Ken

  29. weggieboy says:

    Ha! Ha! I had a similar situation once while washing my car, and I discovered some missed dirt (and washed it) while on my “patootie” Anyway, it’s good you didn’t break anything AND found some missed raspberries to rteplace those you ate while Janine was working hard to fill her containers!

    • I promise I don’t eat the raspberries …Well ……Only one or two … ! 🙂
      I see I am not alone, Doug, to have experienced the low watching or washing !! 🙂

  30. Cheri Herald says:

    I’m glad you made the best of a bad situation. It’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves. Enjoy the fruit of your labor 😉

  31. littlemissbliss says:

    ha ha michel – glad you didn’t hurt yourself and you found more berries for the harvest 🙂

  32. What an awesome result to falling on your rear. 😉
    You and Janine make such a cute couple.
    Your post made me smile. Thank you.

  33. Barbara Lenhard says:

    I’m amused at your delightful way of expressing your situation and happy that you weren’t injured while toppling over. Those bushes can get rather prickly! We not longer have raspberry bushes. I miss that sweet smell of boiling berries and sugar on the stove while making jam

  34. Maggietx1 says:

    Hello my friend–looks like you are still enjoying life. I love the berry story. Glad you weren’t hurt when you fell!

  35. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon ami ou mon amie MICHEL bonnes cueillettes je vais pas tarder aussi

    Je n’ai aucune raison de courir

    La vie me donne le temps

    Soit dans le sens du vent ou à contre courant

    Mais je vais toujours devant moi

    Même si parfois je piétine ou je vais à reculons

    Mais je réussirais et traverserais ce pont de L’avenir

    Pour finalement arriver chez toi

    Je te souhaite une agréable journée

    Gros bisous d’amitié


  36. Gracia says:

    I wish I knew how to be notified when you write another post. Today is the 25th and I’m just now reading this. I’ve been picking wild black raspberries. I haven’t fallen yet, but I do know that a lot of the berries (usually larger ones) grow close to the ground. I have to get on all fours and use my arms to stand up, unless I’m inside and there’s a piece of furniture to help me get up.

    • Me too , Gracai ,I have to push on mu arm to stand up ! Fortunately the arms are still strong enough ! 🙂
      I do not know if we will get blackberries in our garden this year because of the drought. I fear they are dry.

  37. Lavinia Ross says:

    I am glad you were not hurt, and found more raspberries that way! Sometimes Nature has a way of making us see things from a different perspective. 🙂

  38. cocosangel says:

    I am glad that you didn’t get badly hurt after the fall, and hope you didn’t have any scrapes etc. But the fall made you see more berries that has been overlooked.
    Take care,

  39. Michel, thank you for asking about the fire. The winds shifted last night and it seems to be going the other direction. The town next to us was in preevacuation mode, and the towns just further down the highway were evacutated. The winds and temps have dropped, so hopefully they can make some progress today. Yesterday only 1% of the fire was contained. 😦 We can smell, and see, the smoke, see the fire in the mountains and we have ash on our cars in the morning. 😦 But, we are fine so far. Prayers for all the people who have been evacuated, and for the firefighters is appreciated! (((HUGS)))

  40. judyrutrider says:

    I must remember this as I fall frequently. Normally I curse my clumsiness but I like your attitude better.

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