The heat.

La chaleur
The heat

English version below the pictures


En ce moment à Amiens, nous avons un temps californien: la chaleur. En fin de semaine  c’est la ruée vers le bord de mer pour trouver un peu de la fraîcheur. Ainsi, après les embouteillages dans les rues des villes toute la semaine, c’est l’intense  trafic sur les routes vers la côte.

Mais est-il nécessaire d’aller au rivage avec la foule? La Duchesse (ma fille Carole) a trouvé une autre solution. Elle cherche à cheval les endroits ombragés et profite de la brise des champs qui ondulent comme une mer.


Carole and her horse are searching the shady places . Carole et son cheval recherchent les zone ombragées  Photo Thierry D. Juin 2017

At this moment in Amiens we have a Californian weather : the heat .   During the week end this is the rush to the seaside  to find a bit of the freshness. So after the traffic jam in the streets of the towns all week , this is the traffic jam on the roads towards the coast.

 But is it a necessity to go the shore with the crowd ?  The duchess ( my daughter Carole ) found another solution . She searches,  horseback, the shady places  and enjoy the breeze of the fields  which wave like a sea.

Dimanche dernier, mon fils jeune Jean-Baptiste était là avec sa femme Melody et les enfants. Nous avons été ravis de discuter à l’ombre des arbres dans notre arrière-cour. Même l’ombre est chaude mais elle n’est pas très chaude et nous apprécions la différence de température.


With my son Jean-baptiste and his wife Melody, in the shadow.     Avec mon fils Jean-baptiste et sa femme Mélody , à l’ ombre                                  photo Janine Fauquet Juin 2017

Last Sunday afternoon my youngest son Jean-Baptiste was here with his wife Melody and the children .  We were pleased to chat in the shadow of the trees in our back yard . Even  the shadow is warm but it is not very  hot and we appreciate the difference of temperature .

C’est un temps formidable pour les insectes et je vois dans la pelouse et sur les framboisiers en fleurs  des quantités de bourdons, si  chers à ma plus jeune fille, Isabelle, qui les étudie dans les prairies des collines  du Kent (Angleterre)

Bourdon sur chardon Kent2017

Bumblebees on Musk thistle in bloom in the hills of  Kent ( England )  Bourdons butinant les inflorescences de Chardon Penché dans le collines du Kent. Photo Isabelle Fauquet Juin 2017

This is a great weather for the insects and  I see in the lawn and on the raspberries bushes in bloom  a lot of bumblebees , so dear to my youngest daughter Isabelle who studies them in the grassland of the hills in Kent ( England )

C’est aussi un temps qui transforme en un délice incomparable un verre de bière un peu glacé comme le  dirait  ma fille Véronique!!! Elle est un expert!  …Une “bièrologue” ?????  🙂


A refreshing glass of beer Un rafraîchissant verre de bière  Photo Janine Fauquet 2015

This also a weather that transforms in a delight incomparable a glass of beer a bit iced as my daughter Veronique would say!!! She is a beer expert!… a “beerologist” ???   🙂

Et qu’en est-il du potager? La sécheresse ! Et cette année, en pensant aux ressources de l’eau de la planète, j’ai  refusé d’utiliser le tuyau et je transporte quelques seaux d’eau en traversant le jardin! Difficile mais responsable! Ne devons-nous pas être sages et nous adapter à la météo telle qu’elle est!  N’oublions pas qu’on  ne commande à la nature qu’en lui obéissant .

And what about the veggie garden ? The drought !  And this year in thinking of the resources of water of the planet I refused to use the hose and I  bear  some buckets of water in crossing the garden ! Hard but responsible ! Don’ t we have  to be wise and adapt ourselves to the weather such it is ! Don’ t forget we command Nature only in obeying to its rules.

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68 Responses to The heat.

  1. blb1 says:

    I would think putting the hose on low flow it would be easier on your back and just as good for the environment Michel.
    Love the picture of your daughter and the horse even though it is not facing us. LOL

  2. suester7 says:

    It’s very hot here in Singapore too, and I find myself often retiring to an air-conditioned room to escape the heat.

    You are very considerate to think about our planet. Most of us just go through life without caring about it much.

    Enjoy your garden and the shade it provides!

  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    I love the photos, Michel! It looks very green and beautiful where you are!

    We also water with buckets where we can, or use a spray head on the hose to minimize water usage when watering plants. Our normal yearly water cycle is rain from October through June, and little to no rain from July through September. It can be very hot and dry during the day, and very cool to cold at night in summer.

  4. What a beautiful post Michel! I love being in the shade too, and we have some mountains which provide the trees we need.

  5. And you have also the freshness of the water : river or lake according some of your poems ! /)

  6. Oh, what beautiful photos, Michel!
    Shade, ice, water, cool-to-cold beverages, cold fruit, fans…Tis the season! Ha! 🙂
    Please be careful and try to stay cool!
    Yes, the bees are a-buzzin’ and the grasshoppers are a-hoppin’ and the human-beans (us!) are a-fannin’, maybe a-nappin’! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  7. Such beautiful photographs Michel! We have been having lots of rain here, it is very tropical, rain in the afternoons and the flowers all in bloom. Finally we have been removed from the fire hazard regions. Thank you for sharing. much love ❤

  8. mrswrangler says:

    Hopefully you will get a break from the heat soon and some rain. We have dropped 10 degrees for the next few days

  9. I hope your vegetable garden will be fine. I live in the city and it’s pretty hot. But I’m about a 30 min walk to the lake front where there are some really nice cool breeze.

  10. Zakiah says:

    We have had some very hot days here too Michel. But fortunately, it has rained all day and will rain through the night apparently. the temperature has now dipped in the high seventies now, ( from the low nineties in the morning).
    beautiful pictures of the shades and the horse rider. GREAT picture of the bumble bee.

    Happy summer to you.


  11. murisopsis says:

    There are several ways to “beat the heat”. I think escaping into the shade of the orchard or woods is far more pleasurable than the seashore! We are in a heat wave but it isn’t so bad…

  12. mcbery says:

    It’s been hot and dry here too. We’re getting a little rain but it’s very spotty. Good weather for pools and iced drinks. 🙂

  13. Yes an iced drink ! Ah…..! I We need it , Miriam.!

  14. Carole says:

    Très belle entrée et tellement vrai.hydratez vous bien .bon après-midi on vous embrasse Carole

  15. Yes a cold beer in hot weather is heavenly. Our June has been cooler than normal, but I think that is about to change in about 7 days…then temps will soar to the 90s and beyond. Veggie garden doing OK, at least none of the plants have died yet. We just had a new lawn put in and have to water 30 minutes at each setting twice a day for about 3 or so weeks. That has become a full time job. Yours truly bends over to weed the rest of the yard. Still can’t kneel down on the knees……maybe next year. Enjoy the coolness of your shade trees. I had to have several cut down because they were very old and dying. You and Janine enjoy the summer and your family visits. ❤ Marilyn

    • I understand Marilyn you cannot keel down in your knees now . Janine has started to work in the garden to clean the turnip, carrots for instance but she do not kneel either , she bends but this is tiring too as you know. .

  16. Ellie Rae says:

    Love your pictures. I used to blog for Xanga as Mrs. Grovine.

  17. Cheri Herald says:

    I would also choose the horse!

  18. cocosangel says:

    We have been having the heat here too. Once it went up to 40° C and was so warm. Lucky we had the air condition in the house..

  19. mimiwi2013 says:

    I knew it must be hot there, because you are not wearing your hat!! I am still happy to sit outside in the sun, since it has not gotten really hot here yet. They have had hot weather inland, but have only had one day here by Lake Michigan where I turned on the ceiling fans and a couple table fans. Of course, Ken spends almost all day outside working in the yard or garage. We have had a few rain storms with wind, but not as severe as other inland areas, thank God. Some areas have had small tornadoes and high-wind damage. We are also fortunate that we do not have to conserve water here. Ken waters all the plants and flowers every morning. Our water comes from offshore in Lake Michigan. Considering the average depth is around 280 feet,(85 meters) and the deepest is over 900 ft.(about 281 meters, I don’t think we will ever have to worry about the water supply! Also, the shade in your yard looks very appealing. We have had to remove many trees in the 18 yrs. we have lived here, so we do not have much anymore. In the afternoon we can sit on the patio, since it is on the east side of the house. In the morning, I will sit on the south side for a short while to get a little sun. Our summer is way too short!! And our winters are much too long for my taste!! ❤ Nancy

  20. I am glad, Nancy, you are not crushed by the heat and with the lake you get a moderate temp . I am also glad you have not been touched by the storms . And you can water your veggies without problem , still because this precious lake .
    About trees we had to remove a huge mapple tree attacked by a mushroom . But it was already too late , this mushroms followed the roots and killed another tree ( a prunus ) and a cherry tree . I hope this will stop there . the hedges also has been touched ..
    But further there are other trees as you see on the picture . I

  21. Ellen Chambers says:

    Love this post. Love the pictures . Shade trees are very nice to have on ones property. We have a lot of them, Thanking God for them today. It is 94 degrees. Sending loving wishes to both you and Janine.

  22. Rachel says:

    My dear Michel,
    I am writing from Meredith’s house in Saginaw. I am here most days. You mentioned the heat. Today the inside of the house is 80 degrees. I had to give up on my chores and sit for a while. Although it has been hot the past week, there had always been a beautiful breeze to make up for it. Today there is no breeze.
    I planted pepper plants this week, but I doubt they will make it. We need rain very bad! I will have to water today and see if they will survive.
    I went with Meredith to the Mission yesterday. I made up 200 cookies to be frozen for a Strawberry Festival next week. You see? I am getting better! I still have s long way to go, but at least I can get out and do things that keep me busy.

    Thanks to you and Janine that show us your world. As always, my prayers are for good health and love for your family. 💜

  23. littlemissbliss says:

    here we have had so much rain this spring…a part of the toronto island is still flooded
    the weather is indeed changing 😦
    keep cool 🙂

    • This should be local .Most of the other readers speak of heat . Here in northern France we have a lack of water including the layers underground . It becomes a problem.

  24. weggieboy says:

    Lots of heat here in the center of America, too. It stirred up some violent weather a couple days ago, with sinds so violent a train of coal cars was blown off the tracks! The shelter belts planted to protect fields from wind erosion took a terrible beating, and many buildings were damaged by wind and tornadoes. Hail the size of your fist caused additional damage. While all this was happening, my home was spared all the damage.

  25. Cath aka Singapore Girl says:

    Take care! The gardener comes before the garden.

  26. Isabel Capillas says:

    A big mug of ice cold beer is a great way to beat the heat🍺🍻🍺

  27. Lovely photos, Michel.
    I understand the heat issue. It is high 80’s to low 90’s most days here. It will only get hotter as the summer goes on.
    I love watching nature and it’s beauty. Yes, we must be responsible.

  28. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Michel, you have so much wisdom to share and you put it into practice. Good on you! And chatting in the shade of your garden sounds like such a wonderful thing to do. I would wish to be there too! Happy summer!

  29. puffpop says:

    A lovely refreshing post. Love the picture of the musk thistle and your daughter on her horse. It can be quite cool in Northern CA. We were there in August and had to wear a light jacket in San Francisco. Southern CA around LA would be another matter, but even there, it is cool in the evening. CA is a long state!

    • You are right , françoise , I forgot CA was so long and I kow Californian landscapes principally by an ancient Xanga Simret who shows the frequent drought in the south.

  30. Marion Manson says:

    All searching for shade in their own ways! 🙂 Being a horse lover, I like the one showing Carole on horseback moving to a cooler spot under the trees. 🙂 Also you with your son and wife! Speaking of Baptiste – there is a young Frenchman at work with this name. 🙂 Nothing like a lovely cool drink on a hot day!

  31. jstnotherday says:

    Greetings Michel!

    I love that photo of Carole and her horse. 🙂
    I, and my car, searched for a shady place today. 😉 88 degrees here and my auto air conditioning quit on me a year ago. 😛

    Where I am currently staying we collect the rain water as it comes down and use this also to water a small garden which is growing acorn squash, tomatos, and hopefully some strawberries.
    To me it just makes sense to do this. 🙂

    • n the past there was no air conditioning in the car and we had to open the winsows . The AC is precious with this heat . Take care of you.
      Collecting the water like you do is wise ,of course .

  32. Susan Joos says:

    Thought I had left a comment previously, but I don’t see it now. Sometimes I accidentally leave a site before I hit “done ” in a comment, I think. Glad to see the bees; they are definitely much reduced here, especially the poor honeybees. When I was growing up the air was thick with them, you couldn’t take a step without risking crushing a bee with your shoe (or making it mad!), or getting stung on a bare foot. But now I celebrate whenever I see one. Of course, our lawns used to be more clover and dandelions than grass, but now that so many people treat the yards, there not so many flowers for the ones that are still here. We are having hot days here, too. I don’t drink beer, so I will toast you with an icy soda! 😉

  33. It’s been very hot here recently, too. In the United States, we are very spoiled and we turn on the air conditioners, which is not good for the planet. We are very concerned about bees and butterflies, though. We are re-planting the flower garden in front of our house with flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Dan also has a butterfly garden in the back yard. We don’t spray chemicals in our yard, either, although our neighbors do and the city sprays for mosquitoes, so I know we have some chemicals in the yard. It’s important to do what you can to protect the environment. I wish our President understood that!

  34. We celebrate Father’s Day today in the USA, Michel! When I think of great Dads…who are loving, wise, kind, compassionate, etc… you, My Friend, are thought of! 🙂 Thank you for being a good Dad to your children and Grandpa to your grandchildren, etc.! 🙂
    My Dad passed away years ago of cancer. But, I think of him many days, including today.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  35. L. Marie says:

    The weather is very warm here, Michel.
    I love the pictures of your family, and the growing flowers.
    I hope the weather cools down for you!
    Hugs and peace,

  36. I cannot wait the heat goes away if not we will dried like fishes ! 🙂

  37. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I have been to the Texas Panhandle for our family reunion, on the day I left it was 110 degrees, but it was dry and there was a good strong wind so it wasn’t unbearable, it seemed much hotter when we returned to Georgia with 80+ degrees and so much humidity, I think before the invention of the air conditioning we were more adaptable to the changing weather, now I think most are spoiled and unable to live with the climate. On our way home I was amused at the black cows in the pastures, many of them vying for the same spot of shade under a tree and others finding a pond to wade in, they have learned to acclimate! We have plenty good water in Cave Spring, but if we don’t use it wisely who’s to say it will not run short one day…thank you for being a good steward of the environment, and standing or riding a horse in the shade. I also love a good icy beer after mowing the lawn…or maybe two =) ILYM

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