Janine drives her car into Amiens

Janine conduit sa voiture dans Amiens

Janine drives her car into Amiens

English version below the pictures
Janine ce matin à la séance de kiné a été informée qu’elle pourrait recommencer à conduire sa voiture. Donc, cet après-midi, elle a décidé de conduire vers un grand supermarché d’Amiens. J’étais assis à ses côtés et j’étais étonné de la facilité avec laquelle elle conduisait sa petite voiture. Elle a dû éviter les grands mouvements des bras et tenir le volant dans la partie basse.
Alors qu’elle était dans le supermarché, j’étais occupé avec des papiers d’assurance dans un autre endroit d’Amiens. Quand je suis revenu, elle sortait du magasin avec un chariot bien rempli. Elle avait besoin d’un thé et moi un autre verre avant de rentrer à la maison!


Janine sort sa voiture du garage : sourire 

Janine takes out her car from the garage. Smile

 Janine this morning at the PT session was told she could start again to drive her car . So this afternoon she decided to make a ride to a large supermarket in Amiens . I was sitten at her side and was amazed how easy it was for her to drive her little car. She had to avoid the large arms movements and hold the steering wheel in the low part .
While she was in the supermaket I was busy with insurance papers in another place in amiens . When I came back she was just going out of the store with a cart well filled. She needed a tea and me another drink before going home !

À la maison, j’ai admiré sa capacité à conduire dans la cour pour rendre la voiture en état de décharger près de la porte arrière de la maison. Et son sourire quand elle sort.
Comme vous le voyez, c’est une nouvelle étape importante vers la guérison prévue pour juin prochain.



Habiles manoeuvres pour mettre l’arrière de la voiture près de la porte de la cour
Clever maneuvers to put the back of the car near the courtyard door


Sourire radieux   radiant smile 

At home I admired her ability to drive in the yard to make the car in position to be unloaded near the rear door of the house . And her smile when she goes out.
As you see this is a new an important step towards the healing foreseen for next June.

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71 Responses to Janine drives her car into Amiens

  1. Heartafire says:

    Wonderful news Michel. My husband has made a miraculous recovery with his very extensive shoulder surgery just 2 months ago. He has been cleared to do everything he was doing before including riding his motorcycle though I am discouraging that. Have a beautiful day Michel and congratulations on the wonderful progress Janine is making, to be able to drive is so encouraging, one needs that sense of independence. Sending love ❤ Holly

  2. Fauquet says:

    Bravo Maman !!!

  3. That is such great news to see her improvement. I too feel better today so maybe I am mending 🙂

    Love to all ❤ Nancy

  4. Christine says:

    Wonderful news!!

  5. Great news about her healing nicely! And a very nice car too.

  6. AM says:

    Comme une jolie coccinelle retrouvant ses ailes …
    Un tout beau printemps est en cours!

  7. iampeacenow says:

    So happy she is healed well enough to drive. It seems you had a pleasant day out. Very nice red car! Peace & love to you and Janine

  8. Carole says:

    Je suis très contente de voir que Maman retrouve sa liberté enfin ça n a pas été sans douleur… .Bravo Maman pour ta force et ton courage .à bientôt à Campagne ……

  9. grannysgotablog says:

    Oh how wonderful Michel and am so happy for her and you also. She has such a beautiful smile and a cute little car. Continued prayers.

  10. blb1 says:

    Wonderful news! I hope she left the grocery carrying job to you though. 🙂

  11. Yay. Good going for Janine. 🙂

  12. mlbncsga says:

    YAY for Janine!!! She looks lovely and sporty in her red car, and of she maneuvered it around like a professional! Now I’m wondering is the car a manual or automatic transmission? I hope you have a great weekend Mornin Glorie! ILYM

  13. mimiwi2013 says:

    I understand how Janine feels, since I just started driving again since mid-December. I must admit, though, that before all this happened to me, Ken always wanted to drive me where I wanted to do. But after HAVING to drive me to all my appointment and rehabilitation, he is happy to let me go by myself now. The first time felt strange, but after a week, I am having no problem with it. Like Janine, I have to be careful not to stretch my one arm too high on the top of the wheel. I love your little car!! Would love one that size, but Ken wants a larger van in order to haul things in the back end—after taking the back seats out.
    I am almost done with my rehab—just two more times. Then another two weeks with the arm and lifting restrictions, and then am done!! Know how happy Janine will be when June comes, too!! It is frustrating to be kept from doing what we want to do for ourselves!! Hugs and ❤ to both of you! Nancy and Ken

  14. Maggie C says:

    Wonderful news for Janine to be getting well and can drive her car again. I know it made her feel better to ! Nice to see your post again !

  15. weggieboy says:

    Non seulement c’est une excellente nouvelle, le sourire sur le visage de Janine nous raconte combien il est heureux d’être mobile en voiture. C’est une Citroën très mignonne, incidemment. J’aimerais qu’ils les exportent en Amérique.

    Not only is it great news, the smile on Janine’s face tells us how happy being mobile by car again makes her! That’s a very cute Citroen, incidentally. I wish they exported them to America.

    • I have Citroën cars for many years but at the beginning I had Renault or Panhard
      SEE AN OLD XANGA BLOG :http://fauquet.xanga.com/2014/07/14/my-most-ancient-cars/#comments.
      Yes Janine was much happy.

      • weggieboy says:

        J’ai particulièrement aimé regarder les voitures français circuler dans les coins. Le Citroën 2CV avait l’air de basculer, mais toujours au coin de la rue, et le Citroën DS m’a rappelé une gazelle avec une attitude gracieuse et équilibrée. J’ai toujours voulu un, mais ils n’ont été vendus que brièvement en Amérique. Il y en avait un au début des années 1960, mais dans ma petite ville, appartenant à la veuve d’un officier de l’armée américaine qui était stationné en France (je suppose) dans les années 1950, je suppose. J’ai vraiment apprécié votre liste d’autos que vous possédiez! Le Panhard n’a jamais été bien connu ici, mais Simca, Peugeot, Renault et Citroën ont tous brièvement eu leur présence ici. Dommage! Les voitures françaises sont intéressantes, avec des innovations d’ingénierie et un style excentrique qui les rendent amusants à voir et à conduire! Tout ce qui a dit, la voiture familiale actuelle est si mignonne, je pense que j’aimerais en avoir une!

        I especially enjoyed watching French cars going around corners. The Citroen 2CV looked like it was going to tip over, yet always got around the corner, and the Citroen DS reminded me of a gazelle with it’s graceful stance and poise. I always wanted one, but they were sold only briefly in America. There was one in the early 1960s, however in my small town, owned by the widow of an US Army officer who was stationed in France (I suppose) sometime in the 1950s, I guess. I really enjoyed your list of cars you owned! The Panhard was never well known here, but Simca, Peugeot, Renault, and Citroen all briefly had their presence here. Too bad! French cars are interesting, with engineering innovations and quirky styling that make them fun to see and drive! All that said, the current family car is so cute, I think I’d enjoy having one!

  16. mrswrangler says:

    Glad she can drive again

  17. Oh Michel, It was so wonderful to see that your lovely Janine driving again. Such freedom. I know the feeling. Recovery at last and now time to enjoy spring what Mother Nature has provided us. Looking forward to your adventures with you special lady as you enjoy spring. ❤

  18. Marion Mansion says:

    This is excellent Janine is back driving once again!!!

  19. Isabel Capillas says:

    God is good! Great news that Janine is doing well! So happy for both of you, Uncle Michel❤

  20. Susan Joos says:

    What great news! I bet it was such a relief to be independent again. And what an adorable car!

  21. I am glad that Janine is able to drive again! I hope it does not cause her pain.

  22. whyzat says:

    What a cute little car! I’m glad Janine is once again free to roam…and you have your chauffeur back!

  23. neilc693 says:

    Both of you are clearly so happy that life is getting more normal. I have to smile! 🙂

  24. puffpop says:

    I’m happy to see her smile. That means she is getting better. You take good care of her. I pray for her continued healing.
    votre amie

  25. suester7 says:

    Good to see her up and about, being more independent. I can sense the pleasure and happiness in your post as you see her progress. 😊

    Plus, I think her car’s really nice – cute and cool! 😉


  26. It’s good to hear that she is recovering well.

  27. How wonderful. It is good to see such a lovely smile.

  28. L. Gail says:

    This will help her feel better to know she can drive whenever she wants to.

  29. cocosangel says:

    Wonderful. It really must be a relief for her, now that she can get back to her normal routine.

  30. So great! Glad Janine got the go-ahead to drive again! Glad she is feeling better and healing! 🙂
    I love her car! And she seems to be an expert in driving it and parking it! 🙂
    Keep taking good care of each other!
    ❤ and (((HUGS)))

  31. Zakiah says:

    Fantastic, Michel! So good to see Janine handling the car with such ease. Beautiful courtyard and mansion. I went to your previous posts also. The White And azure is perfect. I have a couple of photos of my pear tree that looks up to deep blue sky too. Have it on face book.
    Best regards to both of you.


  32. L. Marie says:

    I’m so glad Janine is able to drive now. That means she is much better. I’m thankful for that!

  33. Much better , yes but the suffering still is often there in an unexpected way

  34. mcbery says:

    So glad Janine is felling up to driving and shopping. We are blessed with bodies that heal so wonderfully! Blessings Michel. I also like the car but I need a van to haul my grandchildren around. Someday I want to buy a little fast sports car. Do you think at my age I should want to? 😛

  35. julie essex says:

    Janine must be very happy to be able to drive again so she is able to go out to do her shopping etc on her own.

  36. Lavinia Ross says:

    It is good to see Janine driving and happy. Wishing her all the best for her recovery.

  37. Gracia says:

    This is wonderful news! I’m sure you are both happy with Janine’s progress.

  38. Doug Thomas says:

    What a cute Citroen hatchback! I wish these were available in the USA!

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