Back to the village

De retour au village.
Back to the village

English version below the pictures

Cet homme, par une journée ensoleillée de fin Mars, a décidé de faire un tour dans les champs et les prairies par des petits chemins tranquilles avec un nouveau cheval, un «Franche Montagne», issu d’une race suisse. Nous le voyons sur la photo assis paisiblement sur sa voiture au rythme du pas du cheval.

La photo est prise près du village et nous voyons les premières maisons de style traditionnel du pays du Nord de la France..

En voyant cette photo prise par ma fille Carole, je retrouve les années 1940 en France quand les rues étaient libres et qu’on y voyait principalement des voitures et charrettes  tirées  par des chevaux, et de même pour les travaux des champs. . Cette «ère passée» n’est pas tout à fait morte car certains  trouvent plaisir à  faire revivre la tradition. Regardez le harnais. C’est un équipement sérieux. L’homme trouve la paix mais aussi le sentiment gratifiant d’un travail soigneusement fait.

Et que dire des deux Golden qui suivent paisiblement la calèche, un de chaque côté? N’ont-ils pas l’ air paisible eux aussi ?

Pour être bref, je dirai que cette photo m’a touché et rappelé en moi de très vieux souvenirs que je croyais disparus.

 Je crois que nous nous construisons avec des modèles successifs, mais le premier demeure, toujours.

2017 mars Entrée au village

near the village . Près du village                                    photo Carole Fauquet March 2017

2017 Harnachement

                       Harness             Harnachement            photo Carole Fauquet March 2017

This man in a sunny day of the end of March decided to go for a tour through fields and meadows by little quiet ways with a new horse , a “Franche Montagne “ , coming from a Swiss bred .  We see Him on the picture peacefully sit on his carriage following the rhythm of the horse’s pace .

 The picture is taken near the village and we see the first traditional styled houses of the country side in Northern France.

At seeing this picture taken by my daughter Carole, I see again the years 1940’s in France when the streets were free with only carriages  and carts pulled by horses, and so, for the works in the fields . . This “by-gone era” is not quite dead since some people find their pleasure to make alive the tradition. Look at the harness. It is a serious equipment The man finds peace but also the rewarding feeling of a work carefully done .

And what to say of the two Golden retrievers who follow peacefully the carriage, one in each side?  Are–not they peaceful too ?

To be short, I will say this photo touched me and recalled in me   very old memories which I believed they were disappeared .

I believe we build ourself with successive models but the first one remains , always 

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53 Responses to Back to the village

  1. Carole says:

    Merci papa, Thierry va être content. Nous avons de la pluie et 10 degrés ça change d’hier ou j ai pris un cours de dressage et j étais en tee-shirt. Bon après-midi on t embrasse Carole

  2. blb1 says:

    The memories for me of horse drawn vehicles and work would be back home in Pennsylvania and the Amish sect. My Grandparents used tractors by then. We lived in town where no horse drawn carriages were.
    This is such a peaceful picture Michel.

  3. judyrutrider says:

    One of my most charming memories of Bavaria was seeing a pair of beautiful, spotted stallions (yes, they were both intact) harnessed side-by-side, to a beer wagon. An older gentleman was off-loading barrels of beer, while a young boy sat patiently waiting on the wagon’s seat. They remained parked below my hotel window long enough for me to run down to the street for a photograph. To this day, that memory is one of the most vivid of that trip to Europe, of which there are many as it was my first trip abroad.

  4. mrswrangler says:

    Yes the dogs look peaceful.

  5. L. Gail says:

    I have said many times that I wish for a time machine to take me back, just to listen to the peace, and bring me forward again when I need to.
    I love the peaceful blog and pictures.

  6. nannyfountain says:

    As usual your post carries many meanings for me. You remind me of Love!!! Lots of love to you and Janine and the family ❤

  7. Ellen Chambers says:

    Michel, You have stirred memories for me too. My father always had a team of horses. I was driven to school many times using the horses and farm wagon.

  8. Many times, we find the ‘old ways’ are the most enjoyable and bring quiet pleasure and contentment. My dad talked of the times when he was growing up that they farmed with horses. You could have 12 or more horses at a time pulling the wheat combine. Very hard work. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It looks peaceful and nostalgic. I do like the craftsmanship on the horse’s harness. It looks like it was made to last.

  10. whyzat says:

    I love the picture with the dogs following the cart! They do seem peaceful.
    There is an island in Michigan called Mackinac (pronounced Makinaw). It is a popular tourist destination. There are no motorized vehicles on the island, and it is fun to watch the big work horses being used as they were meant to be used.

  11. These photos touch me, too, Michel! How wonderful! The horses, the dogs, the traveling in such a way a person can truly enjoy the sun, the air, the scenery, the people, AND be able to “stop and smell the roses”!
    Thank you for sharing this today, Michel…it brought joy and tranquility to me and to my soul!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I am still praying for Janine and for you!

  12. I am glad the first photo touchs you , too, Carolyn ; I confess I love it .
    Thanks for the prayers I need them at his time .

  13. mcbery says:

    I love the carriage. I know sometimes I find it hard to post peaceful things too. Life has a lot of hard bumps. Praying for us all to have a good week with blessings!

    • Yes , Miriam, In the events that affect us there are sad ones but also more peaceful. I prefer to speak of those last, to comfort my readers who have already their own worries

  14. Marion Manson says:

    Delightful post, Michel!! I find horse drawn carriages very peaceful and wonderful to watch. Love the, “clip clop” of the horse’s hooves on the roads – fantastic! Also love the dogs following in this photo. 🙂 ❤

  15. Heartafire says:

    A lovely photograph, beautifully nostalgic. I feel the peace and serenity in all the creatures here, two and four footed. Thank you for taking us along on this trip to the village, a bright spot in the day. Much love to you MIchel
    Holly ❤

  16. Michel, a short note to let you know that John is back in the hospital for similar problems. It sure would be nice to have answers for what is going on, so we can treat it and get on with life. I’m wishing you a Janine speedy recoveries so that you can enjoy spring. love Marilyn

  17. neilc693 says:

    Actually the first picture encourages me that this way of life, not only is it still here, but maybe it never really went away. That trap is completely modern in materials and construction. And that harness, too, if one looks at it. Those are good signs, for an “old-fashioned, vanished” custom.

    • The art ,in this form of leisure , is to bring together tradition and some modern techniques. In this this carriage the driver sits on a vehicle drawn by a single horse, but he intends to add a second horse. It is a sportive leisure .

  18. grannysgotablog says:

    What a lovely set of photos Michel and his loyal yellow dogs following close behind him. This is Ruth and Tim and we are back on WordPress.

  19. L. Marie says:

    How lovely to see these photographs. What a lovely, sunny day! I would love to see that village.

    • It’s a village on the highs of the department of the Pas de Calais in France at the limit of the “county of Boulogne” and the “county of Artois” ( provinces of the ancient kingdom of France )

  20. Peaceful? Yes, very much so. Ah and to be able to ride like this gentleman? Oh that would be lovely Hugs

  21. suester7 says:

    Sometimes, in reading your blog, I find myself wishing to try certain things I’ve never done before — like gardening, taking a carriage ride, and living in the countryside. These are things I’ll only get to do if I travel overseas, I guess.

    Sometimes, I wish my country does not modernise so fast. I’m thankful for its developments, but I also miss a more simple existence — a time when the pace of life was slower and there was less overcrowding in public places. And while I appreciate the invention of the smartphone, sometimes I wish it doesn’t exist!

  22. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…what a wonderful sight, that horse is huge!, and I love the retrievers, dogs with the right masters are such loyal friends! We are down to just one big old fat chocolate lab, but she still follows us around and chases sticks thrown into the creek. I’ve read your comments to Carolyn and am a bit concerned about you and Janine…Love and Prayers for you both ❤

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