Grandsons in the garden

Petits-fils dans le jardin
Grandsons in the garden

English version below the picture


La semaine dernière j’ai eu le plaisir de voir beaucoup de mes petits-enfants venir chez nous avec l’idée de m’aider dans le jardin potager lequel était en retard.

Les photos montrent combien ils ont travaillé conduit par ma Isabelle, notre plus jeune fille.


Till the soil , plant onions, shalotts and remove the leeks Remuer le sol , planter oignons et échalotes  et enlever les poireaux

Last week I got the pleasure to see many of my grandsons coming  at our home with the idea to help me in the veggie garden  which was late.

The photos show how  much they worked driven by my youngest daughter Isabelle

Mes forces deviennent beaucoup plus faibles qu’auparavant et j’ai beaucoup apprécié leur travail et leur gentillesse. Bécher et préparer  le sol argileux avec de vieux outils , planter les oignons, les échalotes, enlever les poireaux et les préparer pour le congélateur. Ils firent du bon travail.

J’ ai aimé cette solidarité entre les générations.


other view Autre vue

  My strength becomes much lower than before and I appreciated a lot their work and their kindness., Tilling the clay soil with old tools, plant the onions and shallots  , remove the leeks and prepare them for the freezer. They did a good job.

I liked to see this solidarity between the generations


Isabelle starts to prepare the leeks , sit on the pavement of our yard I sabelle assise sur le pavement de notre cour commence à préparer les poireaux


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69 Responses to Grandsons in the garden

  1. mrswrangler says:

    Looks like good helpers.

  2. Heartafire says:

    You are truly blessed Michel ❤ Much love to you!

  3. My parents had a vegetable garden and we helped out too. It was a wonderful although sometimes tiring experience. It’s really tough on the back.

  4. blb1 says:

    Growing up I had to help and when dad planted blueberries (300 in one bed) when harvest rolled around it was picking time. 🙂

    You are so fortunate to have family members to help. I’m betting Janine gets help in the house too.

    • I am surprised Blueberries can be planted . I imagined it was a wild plant (vaccinum myrtillum ).

      • blb1 says:

        I made a mistake it was cabbages I planted with dad and the deer ate all of them. But dad did have blueberry shrubs which were planted after I left the State. I imagine my brother helped plant those small tree like shrubs. He kept them pruned picking size. He had two different species, 300 each. Which I imagine the birds like now as the farm was sold when mom died.

      • So it was cabbages 🙂 ! Nevertheless your Dad had blueberry shrubs and there, you teach me ,Bonnie .
        About birds we have now magpies already in the cherry trees . probably we will not have a good crop of cherries

  5. cocosangel says:

    That must have been fabulous having your grandson’s home and helping you out. Lovely photos. Take care Michel.

  6. How wonderful the grandsons came to help their grandfather prepare his garden. What a wonderful way for the generations to bond over a common and wonderful cause. You are blessed Michel. ❤ Marilyn

  7. Nice BLOG!!! ADD my BLOG too!!! Kisses!!!

  8. Oh, how wonderful! I love to see your grandsons helping you and Janine with your garden! They will remember helping you and one day they will have grandsons helping them in their gardens! 🙂 You are so fortunate to have them, Michel! 🙂

    “Children and gardens both reflect the amount of love given, and weeding done, during their growing season.” 🙂

    I always gardened with my Dad. And I always have a garden…so my kids grew up gardening with me. It is one of THE best joys in life…a good bonding experience and just plain fun…especially the picking and eating times! 😀

    How is Janine doing this week?

    HUGS and ❤ !!! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful family time!

  10. Looks wonderful and I am glad to see (per comment) that Janine is progressing well.

    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

  11. suester7 says:

    It’s so nice seeing your grandsons coming over to help out. How thoughtful of them!

    Btw, the girl in the Facebook photo with me is my darling niece.

  12. Carole says:

    Oui ils ont bien travaille et dans la bonne humeur. Le principal est que le jardin soit propre et que tu puisses semer .bonne journée on t embrasse Carole

  13. Marion Manson says:

    How wonderful to have your grandchildren come help you like this, Michel! They are good quality people, just like you!!! ❤

  14. Marion Manson says:

    I was going to ask you before, seeing there is an old stable in your yard, that large area at the back of your home where the vegetable garden is – was it where a horse was once kept?

    • Thanks to ask Marion but I never got a horse in a stable behind the house . But My oldest daughter loves the horses and owns some of them but this is in the countryside . She has also Golden retrievers.

  15. Susan Joos says:

    Your garden is growing grandsons! 😉

    Oh, that clay soil can be such a challenge. I am impressed by how nice the garden soil looks!

    But I am a bit worried that it is not Michel and his hat that we are seeing in the garden; I am sending good thoughts to you and Janine and hoping that you both will be feeling better soon.

  16. weggieboy says:

    What a blessing to have such grandsons! It looks like they did a super job of preparing the garden for you.

    • I am grateful, it was a relief for me because the clay soil was hard with all the rain we have for months !

      • weggieboy says:

        We have clay soil where I live, too, and it was nasty until I worked lots of organic matter into it over the years. From your blogs in the past, though, you seem to have wonderful, productive gardens!

      • You did what I did too but not enough . But for some year we have not true winter here : always rain without frost and the soil becomes compact . However until then I got some interesting crops pictured in my previous posts as you say Doug.

      • weggieboy says:

        I always put the fall leaves on my garden spots, and the snow, later the rain, wetted them down. That’s what I dug into the soil in the planting season. It wasn’t totally mulched, but rotted enough that the worms and soil organisms made good use of it (and turned it into worm poop and soil organism waste) so the plants thrived. Little by little, year by year, the soil became healthier, more friable. I also amended it with organic nutrients and spread my lawn trimmings on the beds to keep down weeds and hold water in. I mess those days!

  17. puffpop says:

    You set a wonderful example for your grandsons. You have given them a love for soil and the willingness to toil. I know you will have good results.

  18. puffpop says:

    I really understand that your energy is not the same as it was years ago. You still do very well and your family is willing to help.
    votre amie,

  19. Eat Right Chef Louisa says:

    Michel, It’s wonderful to see your children helping you with your vegetable garden. You have raised them well and instilled your spirit of hard work and discipline in working with the earth–a marvelous gift. May your garden give you joy and bounty in the coming months!

  20. Lauren says:

    Leeks go in the freezer? Good to know! It is that time for hope and veggies to spring up in the garden of Michel and Janine. You have the will and the experience, you have spent many hours kneeling & climbing in your garden with your professor jacket and hat. No one will look as dashing as you doing the gardening, but they must learn to do it their way. 🙂
    Much love from Dallas,

  21. Lyne's View says:

    The outdoors brings us to many good heights! I’m happy to hear you have inspired future gardeners/farmers/keepers of the Earth.

  22. mlbncsga says:

    Happy St. Patrick Day! What a joy it must be to have your grandsons work the garden for you, it looks like they are doing a great job and enjoying themselves as well. I came across this quote the other day and have been waiting for a chance to share it, I think this is my chance. “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise”. ~ Andy Stanley Have a wonderful Weekend Mornin Glorie! ILYM

  23. Gracia says:

    That is wonderful! I grew up in the city, so did not know how to garden until we moved here. I had a garden for several years. A friend who grew up gardening gave me good advice. I enjoyed it when I had more strength but now I cannot do it anymore. I try to buy veggies in the summer from farms, or the farmer’s market. None of my grand-kids are interested in helping.

  24. Isabel Capillas says:

    I always delight seeing your family photos. Always a picture of big happy family.

  25. guestbrief says:

    I like this very much! ❤ Your garden, your family and You! are all an inspiration to me. When I grow up, I want to be just like you….
    Rhonda ❤

  26. AM says:

    Merveilleux cadeau pour les nouvelles générations que la transmission de votre savoir! Ils ont beaucoup de chance de vous avoir et de pouvoir pratiquer sous votre guidance.
    Et vous, laissez vous choyer au maximum, vous le méritez bien 🙂
    Amitiés et vive la terre et ses nouvelles promesses!

  27. you’re a lovely grandfather [and father] – your family shows you in many ways 🙂 this will be so helpful when gardening season does start.
    imagine, as well, this plants the seeds in their minds [and muscles] to one day make their own garden 🙂

  28. L. Gail says:

    I need to take lessons from you on how to raise children and grandchildren to be so helpful and kind. I admire your family.

  29. neilc693 says:

    Well, that is good to see, that everybody still values the garden. Especially since there is enough space to make it productive and special! You should all pitch in and plan something, maybe not as elaborate as Villandry’s potager, but still nice.

    • Comparer mon jardin potager au potager du château de Villandry ! i am ashamed with this comparison which honors me too much !! 🙂
      But Bravo Neil for this reference.

  30. Barbara Lenhard says:

    We still hack a lot of snow on the ground. Hope to see some signs of spring here soon!💕☀️

  31. Cheri Herald says:

    That’s love!

  32. julie essex says:

    How grown up your grandsons have become, its great that they have come to help their grandfather in his wonderful garden. All we need now is some good spring weather

  33. How awesome!! My daddy can’t plant a garden this year so my oldest son will do so with the instructions of my daddy. I love that the generations help. I can’t wait to see the fruits of your garden. love, Elizabeth.

  34. Oh, and I meant to ask, how is Janine’s shoulder?

  35. L. Marie says:

    How lovely to see your grandsons working in the garden. I am glad they came to help.
    Hope Janine is feeling better.

  36. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir MICHEL que ton jardin soir de rendement

    l’arrivée du printemps

    Le beau temps nous est promis

    Le soleil se rapproche

    Chaque jour un peu plus

    Là on se sent mieux , le moral reviens

    Certains vont jardiner

    Les arbres et les fleurs vont fleurirent

    (lilas , tulipes ,muscaris ect…)

    Nous allons respirer le bon air

    Sentir ce beau parfum de printemps

    Entendre le chant des oiseaux et voir les premières hirondelles

    Belle journée ou soirée

    Bisous Bernard

  37. Valerie Schroeder says:

    I know I’m late to the post but I do like your garden! We are not yet free of the cold. It did get warm today but it was only 35 degrees F. yesterday. The forsythia bushes haven’t bloomed yet and my daffodils are just about an inch tall… You are so fortunate to have the grandsons helping!

  38. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I thought replying to your comment from my Facebook page would be a bit more private here. Yes, our house burnt November 12th, the house was about 140 years old and built of old heart pine, it was a very fast and furious fire. Barry had fallen asleep on the sofa and thinks he heard the smoke alarm going off, the thing is Barry’s hearing is horrible, I think God woke him up, anyway he called for me ( it was 3:00 in the morning ) when I got to the living room the fire had already consumed the back part of the house. We had enough time to get Nash (he was spending the night) and the dogs out of the house and we are so thankful. The community came together before the fire was barely out and took care of all our needs, it has been an emotional rollercoaster for sure. We have already started the process of rebuilding, something smaller and easier to manage. I plan on writing about it here, soon before I forget the details, but actually, I don’t think I will ever forget. ILYM

    • What a shock for you all and … for me at reading this . You are courageaous , Marsha . I am not sure I would have the courage to face such a disaster . We are shivering in thinking of Nash and Barry who were asleep .. God led your steps to arrive at time to save ell of them .

      • mlbncsga says:

        Thank You Michel, I try not to think of the “what if’s” although sometimes that isn’t possible, I’m certain God led us that morning, I didn’t even have to think about what to do nor would you. ILYM

  39. mcbery says:

    I love to see the generations being together too. We live very close to our grandchildren and enjoy working and playing with them all the time. Happy Spring!

  40. A wonderful family time.

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