My cousin René is an expert.

Mon cousin René est un expert.
My cousin René is an expert.

 English version below the French text.

En décembre dernier, mon cousin René et son épouse Chantal ont offert à Janine un éplucheur à la fine pointe de la technologie. Cet outil possède deux lames de coupe pivotantes! Oui, oui, vous avez bien lu!


the peeler

Last December my cousin René and his wife Chantal offered Janine a state-of-the-art peeler. This tool owns two swivel cutting blades! Yes, yes you read very well !


J’ ai donc pris trois photos de mon cousin René en pleine démonstration
So I took three pictures of my cousin René in full demonstration.



Explication : son visage est reposé il est heureux
Explanation : this face is rested he is happy



Application: Voyons combien il est attentif et appliqué . Les rides montrent son effort d’attention mais un petit sourire éclaire son visage
Application .
Let see how much he is attentive and applied . The wrinkles shows his effort of attention  but a small smile illuminates his face.



Complication : Cette pomme de terre a trop d‘yeux . Il faut tourner autour et les extirper . Dure besogne . Le visage de   mon cousin René devient tourmenté et le sourire a disparu !!! Mais il n’a pas coupé son doigt. Et à la fin les pommes de terre étaient brillantes et les pelures , fines.

Complication: This potato has too many eyes. We must turn around and extirpate them. Hard work. The face of my cousin René becomes tormented and the smile has disappeared . !!! But he did not cut his finger . And at the end potatoes were shiny and the peels, thin.

Janine a utilisé cet éplucheur avant le 7 janvier où elle a glissé sur la glace dans notre cour et cassé son épaule (tête de l’os du bras: l’humérus). Elle est toujours avec l’écharpe. Elle a dit que c’était un très bon outil spécialement pour peler les carottes et les courges. L’utilisez-vous ?

Janine used this  peeler before January 7 where she slipped on the ice in our yard and broken her shoulder ( head ot the arm bone: the humerus). She always is with the sling . She said It was a very good tool especially to peele  carrots and squashes    . Do you use it?

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49 Responses to My cousin René is an expert.

  1. puffpop says:

    Yes, I have had a peeler for a very long time. In fact, I have 2 peelers.

    I use them all the time…mainly for peeling apples. Using a knife cuts off too much. A peeler is much more precise.

    I just know that Janine will be so happy to have the use of both of her arms. I hope that she is heeling well.

    Oh…I also use a peeler for lemons, limes and oranges for “zest” Many recipes call for adding lemon zest.

    There is a saying here that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Yes, apples are healthy and yummy.

    I hope that everything else is ok with you.

    votre amie,

    • Thanks Françoise . You teach me about the peeler since we can use it like a zest-maker ! 🙂
      I like very much your saying ? It is true we do not eat enough apples despite we have a lot in our cellar . I have to change .
      janine go back to the hospital for a nes radio . weeks agoit was not so good sonce the fracture had moved .She is suffering principally in the night ‘ she cannot control all of her movements in her sleep

  2. KB says:

    Yes, I use a peeler like this for carrots and turnip. For apples, we have an apple peeler that peels, slices and cores the apples. My husband likes to use it to peel apples for pies.

  3. blb1 says:

    Yes I have that peeler. Not a lot of use as Wil likes his potatoes microwaved and skin eaten. When I boiled the potatoes I quarter them with the skin still on usually. 🙂

  4. Heartafire says:

    I enjoyed the way you have have captured the emotions of Rene during this demonstration. Potato peeling is an art and one needs the finest tools to accomplish a satisfactory experience. I use an old fashioned peeler, I am not at a stage to trust myself with the swivel blades as yet. I often resort to the paring knife out of “eye” frustration. I hope that Janine’s shoulder is healing well! My husband also had shoulder surgery and it has been and is most painful especially since he has not been able to ride his motorcycle . Take care dear Michel! Love Holly ❤

  5. mrswrangler says:

    In my house peeling potatoes usually fall to the men. I am always busy with another part of the meal so I make someone else help. Than Wrangler is the potato masher.

  6. slmret says:

    I have used a similar peeler since I was a very little girl! For me, it is easier and safer than using a paring knife, and takes off the skin of fruits and vegetables most effectively!

  7. whyzat says:

    Yes, I use a peeler like this. The tip is useful for cutting out the eyes. I cannot tell if that is what he is using for the eyes or not. You recorded his effort very well. Did you then hand him five pounds to peel? Ha Ha!

  8. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou Bonsoir ahhhh l’éplucheur Michel bon courage à ton épouse et aide là bien dans ses démarches

    Quand je suis de passage sur ton blog

    Je le regarde et j’aperçois une grande lumière

    Je me dis que sur celui-ci, j’ai une personne

    avec de la gentillesse dans le cœur

    Cette amitié est pour moi un paysage

    Où on y viens qui efface les moindres petits nuages

    L’amitié ce n’est pas un feu de bois, loin de là

    C’est de partager ensemble

    Des moments intenses de toute beauté

    Merci à toi, d’être là

    C’est un pur bonheur rempli de douceur

    Passe une belle journée ou une belle soirée

    Bisous , Bernard

  9. mimiwi2013 says:

    We have always used this type of peeler. Have only needed two during our almost 56 yrs. of marriage. Our handles are metal, though. Ken enjoys peeling potatoes, since he is a big potato eater. So are our boys. Our older daughter-in-law is one of 14 children. When she and Jeff were dating, and she would come to dinner, she would comment that we made more mashed potatoes for our meal than her mother did for all 16 of them!! Ken still makes potatoes, but I do not eat many anymore—too fattening for me!
    I pray that Janine is improving, and that your eye surgery went well. Was this for cataracts??
    Love to both of you from Ken and me! <2

    • Thank you, our 56 years of marriage are for the 18 Février 2017! 🙂
      Unfortunately Janine got a serious shock and I do not know when she will be better.The head of the humerus is broken.
      Yes my eye surgery was cataract . This went well even if the the hgh pressure into the eye gave a big work yto the surgeon and I got a short general anesthesia in complement of the local anesthesy . This makes me tire but I am better now .
      I think of you Nancy withj your heart :

  10. How many pounds of potatoes did Cousin Rene peel?!
    What a fun post, Michel…and good photos of Cousin Rene’s expertise with potatoes and their peels!

    I do have one of those potato peelers and I use it to peel other vegetables, too! 🙂 I like tater skins, so sometimes I just leave them on.

    I do not like peeling a bunch of potatoes…so while I peel them I think about how much everyone will enjoy the potato dishes I will make from them (mashed taters, scalloped taters, cheesy au gratin potatoes, potato soup, stew, etc.)…and before I know it, the taters are all peeled and ready to cook! 😀

    How are you doing, Michel?
    How is Janine doing?
    I am still praying for both of you!

    ❤ and HUGS!!! 🙂
    Q. What do you call a potato that is reluctant to jump into boiling water?
    A. A hesitater! 😛

  11. My cousin René peeled one potato, . Do not forget, Carolyn, it was a demonstration! 🙂
    I did not know the name tater for potato. Thank you
    And at last I had a smile at reading the last paragraph of your comment 🙂
    Janine goes back next tuesday to the hospital with our oldest daughter abain for a X rays. I hope the results will be better than the previous ones .

  12. Michel, sorry news for Janine wasn’t an A+ . I hope these last x-rays show that the healing has begun and your sweetie is on the way to a complete recovery. Glad your cataract surgery went well. Do take care and hugs to both you and Janine. Love Marilyn

  13. Ellen Chambers says:

    Yes, I have three of those., one works best for carrots another for potatoes. another one is heavier, so I use it on a block of cheese when I just want some thin slivers.—Was sorry to learn that Janine’s shoulder fracture had slipped. Hoping new x-rays look better. Lovingly, Ellen

  14. Marion Manson says:

    Those peelers are excellent – I’ve used them before! Rene is obviously an expert at using them. 🙂

  15. Yes, for peeling carrots, potatoes and even on celery. 😉
    Hope Janine is doing much better.

  16. Debi says:

    Michel …. I’m so happy – I’ve found you again! I lost track of people after Xanga went downhill and as for my blog, I just looked at it today and see I haven’t updated it since early 2014.

    I’m so sorry to hear that Janine fell and hope that she’s feeling better now. I know how bad a shoulder injury feels as I had to have surgery for a frozen shoulder about 5 years ago and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.

    Okay, I guess I gabbed enough for now but I am subbed to your blog so I get email updates. Will talk again soon. Give my love to Janine! (Hugs)

  17. I recently purchased a new peeler as mine had gotten dull. They are a marvel and make peeling easy and less work! Glad Rene has introduced you! 🙂 Hope Janine is recovering. Love to all ❤ Nancy

  18. Barbara Lenhard says:

    A vegetable peeler is a wonderful invention. 💕

  19. neilc693 says:

    That’s one of my favorite kitchen utensils! It’s not so good for small potatoes like that, though (too round and curved). Best for carrots, where you can apply it in a straight line

  20. L. Gail says:

    I do use one. I also found an electric potato peeler that works even better. Here’s one like mine.

  21. This post made me hungry.

  22. cocosangel says:

    I do use a potato peeler, but I don’t have the second choice. I can only peel the skin.
    How is Janine now? Is she still having the cast. That was a narrow escape. I hope her shoulders would heal soon.

  23. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I do have a peeler, not exactly like Janine’s but very similar, I use mine mainly for carrots as we like the peeling on the potatoes as well. I learned some useful tips here, I will try the zesting of citrus soon! Carolyn’s tater joke was funny, some people also call potatoes spuds. Rene’ is doing a great job demonstrating the peeler! I have started saving potatoes with too many eyes to plant in the garden, each eye perhaps making a new plant. I’m happy to hear your eye surgery went well and I’m praying that Janine’s X-rays show much improvement tomorrow. ILYM

  24. boobledygook says:

    I used to have one but never used it because i end up using my knife to peel 😄 hope Janine is doing well and praying for her a speedy recovery.

  25. julie essex says:

    What a great tool , I do not do the peeling as that is John’s job. I hope that Janine is feeling much better now

  26. suester7 says:

    How is Janine now? I hope her broken shoulder is healing well.

    I must confess I hardly cook these days, but years ago I used to make mashed potatoes — and they were quite good too (LOL) — so I had to use a potato peeler. It definitely made the job of peeling potatoes a lot easier!

  27. Peggy says:

    I used to use it for carrots, but now usually buy pre-peeled carrots ~ 😦

  28. Reading one of your replies to a comment above, I saw that your surgery went well. I am very glad to hear this. I was also reminded that we share a wedding anniversary. We celebrated 28 years this February 18. Happy 56th anniversary to you and Janine. ❤

  29. I have a peeler very much like that. I use it for potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. It makes peeling them so much easier!

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