Good news for Janine

Bonnes nouvelles pour Janine

Good news for Janine

English version below the picture 

Donc, le mardi 17 janvier dernier, Janine a vu à nouveau le chirurgien. Notre fille aînée, la « duchesse Carole », qui est infirmière, l’a emmenée à l’hôpital d’Amiens. Une nouvelle radio a montré que la fracture située à la tête de l’humérus était stable avec les os bien en contact et n’a pas besoin de chirurgie. Le chirurgien a de nouveau posé l’ attelle pour poursuivre  vers la consolidation. Nouvelle visite mercredi prochain. Janine continuera à maintenir bloqué son épaule et bras droit  avec  une attelle  pendant 6 semaines au total mais avec probablement des séances de kiné.

C’était un plaisir de voir Janine revenir de l’hôpital très radieuse.  Nous rendions grâce . Quelle différence avec ces horribles 10 jours (7-17 janvier dans la souffrance et la détresse). Carole a été très efficace et présente dans l’aide. Au sujet de l’aide, notre assurance pour l’accident personnel nous fournira une aide temporaire pour le nettoyage de notre maison et le repassage. Janine apprend à utiliser sa main gauche et elle progresse dans la capacité de l’utiliser (la bonne, la droite  étant bloquée)

Cela étant dit la souffrance est toujours là et nous ne pouvons pas toucher Janine . Mais avec les l’aide d’anti-douleur cela s’améliore lentement.  Je remercie tous ceux qui ont écrit de sympathiques  commentaires sur mon WordPress. J’ai visité leur page ou des blogs en retour. J’ai été lent parce que j’étais occupé, bien sûr. D’ailleurs, j’ai eu moi-même des visites à l’ophtalmologiste (laser dans l’oeil gauche), et j’ai une opération de la cataracte à l’oeil droit le 27 janvier et contrôle le 28

Nous sommes impatients d’être en février


The “duchess” Carole becomes the hairdresser for her mother( Janine ).                                                           La “duchesse” Carole devient la coiffeuse de sa mère (Janine )

So, last Tuesday January 17 , Janine  saw again the surgeon. .Our oldest daughter the” Duchess” Carole who is a nurse took her to the hospital of Amiens .  A new X rays showed that the fracture located at the head of the humerus was stable with bones in a good contact  and did not need surgery . The surgeon made again the sling  to continue the consolidation .  New visit next Wednesday . Janine will continue to maintain  her right shoulder  and arm blocked with a sling during 6 weeks at the total probably  with physical therapy

It was a pleasure to see JanIne coming back from the hospital quite radiant.We were grateful.. What a difference  with  those awful 10 days ( 7-17 of January in the suffering and distress ) . Carole has been very efficient and present in the help . About help, our insurance for personal accident will provide temporarily  to us a helper for the cleaning of our house  and the ironing . Janine learns to use her left hand and she progresses  in the ability to use it ( the right one  being blocked )

This being said  the suffering still is there and we cannot touch her . But with meds against suffering  thiss improves slowly . Janine has to take care of the shocks .

I thank all of you who wrote kind comments on my WordPress . I visited their page or blogs in return . I have been slow because I was busy, of course . Besides I had myself visits at the ophthalmologist ( laser in left eye) , and I have a cataract operation in the right eye on the January 27 and control the 28

We look forward to being in February


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51 Responses to Good news for Janine

  1. blb1 says:

    So pleased the bone is knitting and your insurance covers some help. Best wishes as you move forward on the eye procedures.

  2. mrswrangler says:

    Glad you got some great news.

  3. KB says:

    That is indeed good news. That hardest part of this all is, I’m sure, is keeping Janine from doing too much work. I hope your eye surgery goes well. I know many people have had good successI I am glad you have help.

  4. Glad to hear the good news! May she heal quickly.

  5. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie…The Dutchess looks like a very wonderful nurse and hairdresser! Praying Janine will be healed up and ready to get back to normal in no time and for your eye surgery also! ILYM

  6. puffpop says:

    Daughters are TREASURES! I’m so glad Janine is home… And…not having to have surgery. She is in loving hands and I pray that she continues to heal and go back to her normal activities.
    Our daughter , Val, is flying down to be with me for a few weeks while I recover from my surgery.

  7. slmret says:

    That IS good news for Janine — sometimes the suffering with a sling is worth the result! Hopefully the good news will continue 🙂 ! And best wishes for your cataract surgery!

  8. weggieboy says:

    Great news about Janine! Even though she still has time to heal, surely surgery would have added more time to healing and rehabilitation.

    • You are quite right Doug in hoping she keeps prudence ..
      As a commenter says above “That hardest part of this all is, I’m sure, is keeping Janine from doing too much work” ! But she takes care .

      • weggieboy says:

        That’s good! It is difficult to limit oneself when you are used to having mobility. I imagine the pain helps remind Janine not to get too rambunctious!

  9. Oh, good news! Now I will say some Thank You prayers! I’m glad our prayers were answered for Janine!
    Now continued prayers as she heals! And for her to be a patient patient! I know it’s hard for a wife/mom/grandma to sit still.
    I am now praying about your eye surgery, too, Michel.
    I’m so glad you have The Duchess to help out! She is a wonderful daughter! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and ❤

  10. Zakiah says:

    I sincerely hope that January passes by fast for you. I am glad Janine is healing well, and the surgeon is happy with the progress. I wish you good tidings for the laser treatment of your eye. I am glad the insurance is helping with a house cleaning person. Janine should just rest, and not try to do too much with her left arm, and lose balance.

  11. iampeacenow says:

    I am so glad she is healing without surgery! Wonderful news. I know this greatly lessens the distress. So glad she is getting help around the house. It sounds like she is in very good hands. Take good care. All my best to Janine and to you as well.
    peace & love

  12. Yvonne says:

    That is very good news, thank you for keeping us up to date. It must be difficult for Janine to have a sound sleep, not being able to lie on that side.

    Here’s to a good healing process for her, and a good result with your eye surgery. (January is a busy month at your home!)

    • Yes , Yvonne, February will be welcome .
      You are right about the sleep.. Janine often is awaken by a soreness at her shoulder due to a bad pose on the pillow when she is sleeping

  13. neilc693 says:

    We can breathe a sigh of relief anytime the surgeon is avoided! It’s good to see that there is plenty of practical and moral support, too.

  14. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir MICHEL Courage à ton épouse cela vas s’améliorer mais cela est tjrs difficile
    Par des mots simples

    Je viens déposer sur ton blog

    Quelques mots de bonheur et te donner de le joie en cette fin de semaine
    Vois-tu je t’ emmène sur des chemins

    Je les ai tracé pour toi principalement

    Sur ces chemins j’ai découvert
    Une pétale de rose pour effacer ta peine
    Un sourire d’enfant contre une larme
    Des mots que je dis à ceux que j’apprécie
    Dont tu fais réellement

    je te souhaite un bonne journée ou soirée

    gros bisous


    Je tire ma révérence LOL tu me troubles que j’en perds mon équilibre

  15. Susan says:

    Oh, I am so glad to hear this! What a relief! I am sure you will be quite glad to see the back end of January and the beginning of a new, fresh month.

    How sweet of your daughter to be such a help!

    Brighter days are coming!

    • Yes what a relief Susan, however if all goes right janine still have 4 weeks to remain with her arm blocked by the sling .and yes she needs a continued support .
      Thanks for your kind comment.

  16. marica0701 says:

    What a relief that she doesn’t need surgery!

    Prayers for her continued healing, and prayers for a successful cataract surgery for you.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. So glad you will be getting some assistance. Great news that Janine is on the mend and The Duchess is around. All of this is so stressful and it appears you are both in good hands. So happy that the news is good, the pain is managed and Janine is going to be ok. Love and gentle hugs for you both! Cassi

  18. nannyfountain says:

    Looking forward to a well and mended Janine and Michel next month!!! Sending lots of love ❤ Nancy

  19. julie essex says:

    That is very good news that Janine does not need to have a operation. It must be good news for you that the insurance will pay for a cleaner to help you both .

  20. Marion Manson says:

    So great to see Janine does not need surgery – what a relief!! I hope she heals very quickly. This is a wonderful photo of Carol doing Janine’s hair! Michel – I received your lovely Christmas card!! Thank you so much. ❤

  21. Oh, Michel, sorry that you have to have eye surgery and all of this while Janine is recovering. Glad the Duchess is there to help and that she is a nurse. Just a note to let you know that John is doing well after his mini stroke on Jan 6th. We have PT that comes to the house. He isn’t allowed to go to any stores yet…outings for Doctor appointments, church and a haircut. Not safe to walk outside because of all the ice and snow. We all are patiently waiting for spring to arrive and warmer temps.

    Love to you both, Marilyn ❤

  22. cjjustice1 says:

    Thank you for your update on Janine, and also on yourself, Michel. Such good news that Janine won’t need surgery, that Carole is there to help in such a huge way, and that insurance is coming through with help in the housework! It is hard on those of us who are independent to follow doctor’s orders and to rest, but it is for the best! I shall continue to pray for Janine, and for you as you have the cataract surgery. I pray that those procedures (the laser & the cataract surgery) will make a big difference for you. Love to you you and Janine – Carolyn ❤

  23. L. Gail says:

    I’m so glad Janine avoided surgery. I’m thinking the Carol will be a good hairdresser for her mother. I wish you well with your cataract surgery. Mine will be soon because things are beginning to be blurry.

  24. Praying for Janine and healing. I’m glad she didn’t have to have surgery.
    The Duchess seems to be doing an awesome job. You are blessed.

  25. Larry says:

    My apologies for not being here earlier but Wendy and I are pleased to hear the good news regarding Janine and we wish her a quick recovery! And best wishes to you, Michel, on your upcoming eye surgery. Cheers and best wishes to you both!

  26. attatudy says:

    So glad to her Janine is recovering well, and really nice to have a daughter who is a nurse! Bravo!

  27. Jackie says:

    That’s wonderful news about Janine and so glad she won’t need surgery. Hope that her bones continue to knit back together and that there is ongoing improvements. Bless your daughter for being so helpful(I know you are helpful too).
    Good wishes for your eye procedure next week and hope all goes well and that you’ll be able to see much better afterwards. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  28. L. Marie says:

    That is good news. I’m glad Janine will not have to have surgery! Praying for her as she recovers.

  29. Gracia says:

    I did not know about Janine breaking her shoulder. I am so sorry, but glad she will not have to have surgery. It is so easy to slip on ice. We haven’t had a lot of ice this year………..yet. It’s nice to have a nurse in the family. My middle daughter has one year left of study to become a nurse. I will pray for Janine, and for you too. Sending love to you both.

  30. AM says:

    Magnifique nouvelle! Avec la patience, cette épaule se remettra et sera encore plus appréciée qu’auparavant, si cela se peut.

    Pour tes yeux, cher Michel, le 27, tous les bons voeux et une vue facilitée ensuite.

    Cordiales pensées, bien à vous (toute la famille comprise)

  31. I am still praying for Janine. And I am praying for you, Michel, for your upcoming cataract surgery.

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