Autumn, time of decline and hope/Break

L’automne, temps du déclin et de l’espérance
Autumn,  time of decline and hope 

English version below the picture

Ce 20 Octobre les fleurs jettent leur dernier éclat un peu flétri. Bientôt, tout sera fané.
Les feuilles commencent à jaunir avant de devenir un tapis sur le sol.


 This October 20 the flowers shed their layest blooming somewhat  withered. Soon  everything will faded.  Leaves start to be yellow and are preparing to be a carpet of the ground.

Mais l’automne est aussi le de temps des fruits contenant les graines qui gardent la vie en elle  une vie latente capable de résister au froid, au manque d’eau et au manque de nourriture, Alors que tout semble être proche de la fin, tout se prépare à poursuivre la vie qui éclatera au printemps


Medlar tree with golden leaves and little fruits( medlar ) on the branches . Néflier avec nèfles


 Crop of apples from the garden (rainettes grises)

But fall is also the of time  fruits  containing the seeds keeping life inside , a latent life able to resist to the cold ,to  the lack of water and without of food , While all seems to be near of the end, all is preparing to continue life which will burst out at spring

Une indication qui ne trompe pas: dans un petit champ non loin de la maison un fermier a déjà déchaumé pour prépare le retour des moissons l’ an prochain. J’aime voir les sillons bien droits éclairés par le pale soleil du soir .


Champ déchaumé   à la lumière de fin d’après-midi      Plough stubble lit  at the late evening

An indication that does not fail . In a small field not too far from my house a farmer already has started   to plough  stubble to prepare the return of the harvest next year. I love to see straight furrows lit by the pale sun of the late evening .

Oui l’ espoir est là.


Yes hope is there

Up Date :This Friday October 28 I take a rather short break excepted on November first or two, where I will post the xanga memorial for All Saints Day

Je marque une assez courte  pause à partir d’aujourd’hui 28 Octobre  excepté le 1er ou deux novembre où je posterai le Mémorial de Xanga pour la Toussaint

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62 Responses to Autumn, time of decline and hope/Break

  1. ruth7933 says:

    Autumn is lovely there. Spring leaves and with her takes the beautiful colors of renewed life, followed by Autumn with the beautiful colors of change.

  2. Spiritual traditions throughout the world and time, teach us the duality and balance of decline and hope. Even the scientists agree….for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I very much enjoyed seeing that wonderful farmer’s field, Michel….and the juxtaposition of blue plastic storage bins next to the stack of old bushel baskets made me smile.

    • This field is at the limit of the territory of Amiens . No much space remains in town for the fields si I appreciated to see it.
      We still use those old baskets to transport roots and tubers . Finally they are more resistant than the plastic storage 🙂

  3. blb1 says:

    Back where I grew up the smell of Fall was a lovely time. Ploughed fields were fun to walk in as a child. Here where I live we say ‘brown and down’ as not many trees have pretty leaves. Yesterday was still summer but today a cooler wind is to come in.
    btw I did write yesterday. I got the number of years wrong of our marriage, had to go correct it today. 🙂

  4. Heartafire says:

    Beautiful images Michel, nature at it’s very finest, a season for harvesting rewards! Lovely ❤

  5. puffpop says:

    I love the smell of Autumn, north of FL. Down here it is also nice because the weather starts to get cooler. But North of FL, the very brisk air, the falling leaves and the smell of apples….So nice. Everything sleeps through winter getting ready for new life. You do have a lot of apples.

    Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them very deeply.

    votre amie,

  6. mrswrangler says:

    Winter will be here to soon. Enjoy your nice fall days

  7. mlbncsga says:

    My Dad sometimes said I looked like the last rose of summer…I think because I did not like to comb my hair! Beautiful images! ilym

  8. whyzat says:

    I agree with your Fall sentiments, Michel. Fall isn’t very pretty here, in Central Texas, but the dusty smell of fallen leaves still smells sweet and reminds me of the flaming Fall colors of my home state of Iowa.

  9. It is also so pleasurable to read your posts, describing the change of seasons and what you observe in the countryside around you. I am learning a lot of French from you, Michel! Merci beaucoup mon ami!

  10. What a beautiful post Michel! Thank you for sharing it.

  11. marica0701 says:

    That is a nice apple harvest!

    My mother and I gathered the last of our peppers, tomatoes, and hot chilies last week. Strange to see our garden box empty again. We are already dreaming up our ideas of what we will grow next year.

    Take care!

  12. Your photos of the signs of Autumn are beautiful! 🙂 Autumn is amazing in so many ways…even the signs of life ceasing (or going dormant) is beautiful…just one example, the leaves falling to the earth and becoming rich food for the soil so that new life can grow in the Spring. 🙂
    All the seasons have beauty, as do the seasons of our lives! 🙂
    Enjoy those apples!
    HUGS!!! and ❤
    PS…I blogged about my recent/latest oncologist appointment.

  13. mcbery says:

    I’ve spent too much time being sad during the autumn season, even though it is a beautiful time of year. God is with us through every season and I want to remember that! Blessings Michel on your fall time of year over there!

  14. weggieboy says:

    One of my favorite times of year! The smells, the bustle of the harvests both in the garden and the fields, the changing of the deciduous tree leaves, the urgency of migrating birds, and that first snow of the season! All thrill me, give me a seasonal boost, let me prepare mentally for the darkness and cold of winter.

  15. iampeacenow says:

    Such a lovely post regarding the change of season. Wonderful photos. I agree that Autumn is a season of hope for though the earth is preparing for slumber it is a necessary rest to have strength for the spring. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The change makes me think of something new around the corner. And I do love the trees in their colorful cloaks.
    Peace & love,

  16. Oh, what a good thought. I hate the end of the growing season, everything dying away, but Spring is coming! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and thoughts.❤️God bless you and yours!

  17. suester7 says:

    I like what you say about autumn being a time of hope in the midst of “decline”.

    Have always wondered what it’s like to experience the four seasons. Where I live, it’s just hot and humid all year round (equatorial climate).

  18. Isabel Capillas says:

    Autumn is a romantic season with petals and leaves turning to beautiful colors before falling to the ground.

  19. We picked the apples from our tree, leaving a few for the birds and squirrels. The farmers in our area have been spreading manure on the fields. To those of us who grew up in cities, it’s not the best smell, but to the farmers, it’s a nice clean smell that represents healthy soil for next spring. Our trees are gorgeous shades of yellow, bright orange, and red. Now we wait for the snow to come and provide a blanket while the earth rests.

    • It looks like we have the same climate and the same activity in the gardens of in the fields . However most of our trees in the forests are not turning yellow yet . It will be no long to come .
      And those last years ( 2 or 3 years ) we did not have much snow . we rather had rain , a cold rain!

  20. julie essex says:

    The weather has been so good that the dark mornings and nights have seem to have come suddenly here. You have a great crop of apples 🙂

  21. Marion says:

    The never ending cycle of life! I love your nature blogs, Michel. ❤

  22. Zakiah says:

    For every change there is a reason. And these reasons are beautiful in nature. Great post Michel.

  23. Susan Joos says:

    It is Fall here as well! This used to be my favorite season when I a child. I loved the beautiful leaves, the crisp air,, that undefinable Autumn perfume in the air…

    Now it is too close to winter for my taste, but the contrasts of golden leaves skirling in the wind against leaden sky stirs my heart, still. What a wonderful palette Fall works with!

  24. Yes, fall is upon us and we are reminded as we go towards the winter months that the cycle of life of plants, fruits and humans will remain the same and go on year after year. It feels good to wind down gardening for me as I wasn’t much help to John. Both replaced knees still healing and don’t always work like they should, But it time they will. I have made my cabbage soup for winter and in November when it turns cold, will make a huge kettle of homemade chili for the freezer. It will come in handy when it is snowy out, cold out and we want a simple meal. Yes, the cycle of life for everything goes on annually to remind us that there is always a tomorrow. Your photos remind us all of that. ❤ Marilyn

  25. My granddaddy had a crab apple tree when I was younger. I love it.
    The leaves are just beginning to turn here
    Enjoyed this post.

  26. i will only read the french versions now, michel 🙂
    the leaves are coming down here and we had frost already one night…
    soon the winter will be here – but no matter how long the winter we must remember spring never skips its turn 🙂

  27. Connie T says:

    That is a lot of apples. What will you do with them all? I guess apple sauce is in your future.

  28. mimiwi2013 says:

    I am thinking Janine will be very busy with all those apples! Or will you share them with your family, too? I always have mixed feelings about autumn. September is nice. The temperatures start cooling a little, and the humidity is not so unbearable. October with the brisk mornings, and leaves changing colors is still nice, too. But once November arrives, the weather forecasts start showing snow slowiy moving south towards us. The days are short with usually gray skies during the day. Then the mild depression starts in for me, and continues until spring. I cannot go outside much, because the cold and dampness make me sick with bronchitis very easily. Has been a problem for me since I was a baby. I was much better in warm and dry Arizona. But I fell in love with a Wisconsin boy, so here I am—-and I don’t regret it. Now I could not tolerate the extreme summer heat in Arizona anymore. God places us where he wants us, for a reason! Hugs to you and Janine. ❤

    • You are right,Nancy, autumn and spring are tranitory seasons and we have to be prudent for our health . I remember when I was younger I caught easily cold and even bronchitis probably because of the wet weather and the ilportant changes of temperature.

  29. boobledygook says:

    If you ask me whats my favorite season it has to be autumn Michel, i just love the beautiful golden auburn-y color you see..i hope to see it for real next time..i only get the chance to go back to the UK in the summer. Where im from its just hot humid with the monsoon rain..i welcome cool weather and rain but not the torrential type 😁 your blog today is simply poetic like an ode to Autumn Michel

  30. Cath Lee aka Singapore Girl says:

    The title got me a little worried! Oops…
    I visit Japan usually in late November. Thankfully, I still see the amazing autumn leaves.
    Do you see peach pink leaves in France? I saw them in Japan and was really amazed!
    “But fall is also the of time fruits containing the seeds keeping life inside , a latent life able to resist to the cold ,to the lack of water and without of food , While all seems to be near of the end, all is preparing to continue life which will burst out at spring.”
    I love this… I think of a little child going to bed. And when he wakes?! he will jump off the bed, and ready to play!

  31. Barbara Lenhard says:

    Michel, I’m just sending this to see if it shows up in your comments

  32. Peggy says:

    Plowed fields after harvest are a beautiful sight and time to rest for farmers.

  33. L. Marie says:

    Lovely photographs, Michel. What a good crop of apples.
    I see the decline here too with the flowers shedding their last leaves.

  34. boobledygook says:

    Updated my blog already Michel..i hope you can have a read 😊

  35. What is medlar fruit used for? Those apples look different from all the ones I have seen. They look that some greyish because of dust? I heard from TV and from internet that Israel people created and applied modern technologies for their agricultures. They are producing better products and crops. What’s about France now?

    • The apples are “reinette grises of Canada”. In spite of this name this is an old french cultivar coming from Normandy ( France) or England
      Those gray apples are tasty, firm and good for conservation.
      I have a medlard tree only like a botanical interest . The fruit has to recaive the first frost to be eaten . At this time it is like an apple sauce. It was eaten in the past time when people were hungry

  36. bernard25 says:

    Bonsoir Michel bonne Toussaint dans l’amour et la prière bonheur à toute ta famille
    Ton amitié c’est un rayon de lumière
    Une tendresse journalière
    Un doux morceau de bonheur
    Telle la douceur d”une fleur
    Je viens déposer une petite recette sur ton blog que j’apprécie
    Alors, je me dis
    As-tu déjà ouvert ton internet .Es tu là ! Oui ou non
    Ce n’est pas bien grave tu trouveras bien mon petit mot
    Je venais juste te faire un petit coucou
    Passe une bonne soirée en ce vendredi

    gros bisous


    C’EST MOI LOL après un petit passage à vide

  37. mrswrangler says:

    We are having above average tempatures where we live. The temps are more fitting for the end of August.

  38. Thank you for telling us about your short break from blogging, Michel. (I commented to your comments on my last blog.)
    I am praying that you and Janine enjoy everything you have coming up over the next week! 🙂 Be safe! and Have fun making good memories! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂

  39. KB says:

    I recognize the medlars–they are grainy, the peel is a bit coarse and flesh cooks down to become soft very quickly I believe. We’ve been apple picking too. Cidering and saucing. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to your Xanga memorial.

  40. cocosangel says:

    Hi just stopping by to check you. Your photos are awesome.

  41. Peggy says:

    What a great crop of apples!!

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