Picking apples, again and again.

Cueillette des pommes, encore et encoe
Picking apples, again and again

English version after the French text

Les pommiers nous demandaient depuis un certain temps de cueillir leurs fruits. Il était temps, car les insectes commençaient à les attaquer. Donc, Janine et moi cet après-midi sommes allés au  jardin avec des échelles  pour cueillir les pommes du plus grand pommier. Les autres seront récoltées plus tard.
Nous avons dû utiliser la grande échelle parce que nos escabeaux ne sont pas assez hauts. Je cueillais les pommes et Janine les mettait dans des caissettes pour légumes ou  fruits. Elle cueillit aussi des pommes aux branches inférieures à l’aide de l’escabeau.

Les photos ci-dessous sont un rapport de notre travail cet après-midi.

The apple trees asked us for a while to pick their fruits . It was time because the insects was starting to attack them . So , Janine and I were on this afternoon  with ladders to the garden to pick apples of the taller tree. The others will be harvested later .

We had to use the big ladder because our stepladders were not high enough . I picked apples and Janine put them in crates for veggies or fruits. She picked also apples  at the lower branches in using the stepladder.

The photos below are a report of our work on this afternoon.


Climbing the ladder Grimpant à l’ échelle   20 Septembre 2016


Picking apples  Cueillette des pommes


The bird is perched   L ‘ oiseau est perché.


Janine put apples in crates  Janine metles pommes dans des caissettes 29 Septembre 2016


 Ah! How beautiful those Kings of the Pippins ! Ah! les belles reines des reinettes

Le temps était bon et nous n’avons eu aucun problème, en prenant quelques précautions. Je pensais que j’avais  déjà posté sur ce sujet  précédemment sur xanga mais ceci est le sort du jardinier. Chaque année, vous avez le même cycle répétitif en suivant le cycle des saisons. Nous sommes chanceux avec le jardin de rester près de la nature et de la création. Cela donne une philosophie sereine

The weather was good and we had not any problem in taking some precautions . I thought I already posted about this crop previously on xanga but this is the fate of the gardener. Every year you have the same  repeating cycle in  following the cycle of seasons . We are lucky with the garden to stay near the nature and the creation. This gives a serene philosophy.

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63 Responses to Picking apples, again and again.

  1. ruth7933 says:

    Oh what a beautiful harvest you are picking for such wonderful smells to be coming out of your kitchen.

  2. ruth7933 says:

    Be careful on that ladder.

  3. whyzat says:

    It looks like the risk is worth the reward!

  4. applesauce, apple slaw, apple pie, apple butter, waldorf salad, apple galette, apple tarts, apple crisp, apple dumplings, dried apples, apple cake, caramel apples, apple cider, apple pancakes, baked apples, spiced apple bread, apple strudel, ETC! 🙂

    What is your favorite apple dish, Michel?!

    🍏 🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏 🍎 🍏

    Apples are such a wonderful part of Autumn! 🙂

    I love the adventures you have with your hat! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. blb1 says:

    I can only harvest the neighbor’s oranges when that season rolls around. lol As a kid I’d climb our apple tree and sit up there munching even on green ones. That tree was my quiet place.
    Michel our doctor insists “feet on the floor” at our age. 🙂 You be careful, you have only one back you know.
    btw I just blogged.

  6. I love apples, and this is a wonderful post.

  7. mrswrangler says:

    Lots of work but so rewarding

  8. jstnotherday says:

    Goodness, is that you Michel, on the ladder today?
    I thought that you were done with climbing ladders.
    I do love the second photo of you in the apple tree. 🙂 Reminds me of a certain Hummel figurine.
    You seem to have the apple picking down to a fine art and system.
    What a great way to spend the day.
    Such blessing.

  9. mcbery says:

    Hi Michael! I do love fall even though it’s a little sad saying good by to summer. My mom picked apples for over 28 years. If you go to my facebook site you can see a video of her and my sister and some others of the apple picking gang. Blessings. 🙂

  10. weggieboy says:

    Aw, yes! Apple pie! It’s one of my favorites to make, and I like to use three or so varieties to get a more complex and satisfying texture and flavor profile. I like mine spicey, as well, with cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, and nutmeg.

    I look forward to future blogs to show how you and Janine make use of those apples, Michel!

    • Hello Doug! You give me an idea . Apple pie is Picardy’s speciality and indeed Janine makes excellent ones . i have to take photos of the various appple pies she makes to post on wordpress . Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. Michel, it is a gift indeed to be able to live near nature and be in sync with its regular cycles! I believe it is the source of your health and longevity! By the way, what you are planning to do with all these apples? I trust that you will be reporting back to us.

    • Yes Louisa :this is hjust what I replied to my ^revious commenter veggieboy.. we eat te apples, raw, cooked and in various apple pies and other pastries .
      Yes we are lucky to have a garden . janine and I love gardening. It is good for health

  12. cuteandcurls says:

    you cant beat apples freshly picked from the tree ! Better than those we buy from the supermarket. Recently I found some small apples sold at the supermarket…im not sure if they are any good to eat, Isabella wanted me to buy them for her but I wasnt keen to do so. I remember visiting my sister in law’s garden with my late mother in law and she had the same type of apple tree..i think my late MIL told me it was crab apple. So what will you and Janine do with these apples Michel? Apple pie? Apple crumble?Apple jam?

  13. cocosangel says:

    I think you are brave to climb the ladder to pick up the apples.

  14. iampeacenow says:

    How lovely to have these trees to share their fruits with you! What a wonderful abundance!
    Peace & love

  15. What an lovely harvest of apples. You are blessed to have them. Love it.

  16. i always love seeing what you’re doing – how your life your splendid life ❤
    une tarte aux pommes, svp 😀

  17. mimiwi2013 says:

    Ahhhh, lots of apple pies in your future, Michel!!! But I agree with what others have mentioned—take care on that ladder. Let me just say that someone we knew, who was only in his 50’s, leaned a ladder into a tree, and the ladder slipped, and he fell to his death by breaking his neck. Ken’s brother also went up on a ladder to adjust the tv antenna attached to the side of his house, and he fell. He injured his back, and still is bothered with it several years later. Ken seldom climbs the long ladder anymore, and not as high as he used to. And part of his business was to rebuild chimneys on tall roofs. We do not want anything to happen to you, dear Michel! Is there anyone who could help you with this part of the task?? Anyway, enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. ❤
    Sorry for the scolding, but we love you!! Nancy and Ken

  18. Susan Joos says:

    Looks like a wonderful harvest! Too high up in a tree for me! So glad your trees are so fruitful! How long will those apples last?

  19. I can smell apple pies, applesauce, apple bread aromas coming from Janine’s kitchen. Looks like a bountiful harvest.

  20. We need to get our apples picked. Our tree only gives us apples every other year, but we get a lot of them when we get them! The tree is supposed to be a dwarf and we are supposed to be able to stand on the ground to pick them, but we have to use a ladder, too. We get many more apples than we can use, so we give some of them to the food shelf.

  21. Karen says:

    So true, Michel. Last year owners of apple orchards in our area had too many apples! This year, hardly any! Nature is fickle!

  22. Isabel Capillas says:

    What an abundant apple harvest, Uncle Michel! Climbing up that ladder is a bit risky, but the smile on your face shows your love for your work.

  23. marica0701 says:

    We have one apple tree. This year it only gave us one semi-edible apple haha. Looks like you have a nice harvest!

  24. Marion says:

    Michel, you and Janine really are hard workers! Your fruit trees are magnificent, and I love seeing the results of all your work. 🙂 Lovely photos!! ❤

  25. Wow, your garden is very productive! Are you able to store the apples over winter?

  26. AM says:

    Des pommes bio, que du bonheur! Et mangez-en aussi les pépins en les croquant. Ils contiennent de la vitamine K anti cancer.
    Bravos pour vos cueillettes annuelles. Vous êtes des champions!
    Amitiés et bon appétit avec tous les délices récoltés et bien mérités ❤

  27. julie essex says:

    Well done to you both for your harvest of those lovely apples. Janine will be busy in the kitchen now using all those apples. Hope you were very careful when you were up such a high ladder

  28. puffpop says:

    I can smell the crisp wonderful and promising smell of those apples.! I miss them since they are one of the fruits that do not grow here in FL. Although they grow everywhere else in the USA… There is a joy in biting into a fresh apple but also so many things that can be done …delightful tastes that will last the year. Apple Sauce, apple pie, Apple Butter.

    Climbing that ladder does keep you young.

    votre amie,

  29. mcbery says:

    Love the apple time of year. We have a few apple trees. This year there weren’t very many apples. Not sure why. Blessings to you and all those of us who still climb ladders! 😀

  30. Fauquet Carole says:

    la récolte semble bonne ,ça va donner de bonnes tartes ……on vous embrasse

  31. Larry says:

    Wonderful work, Michel. Perhaps you and Janine will make some pies from these apples? You are set for the winter! Hope all is well! Best regards,

  32. Heartafire says:

    One of your most delightful posts Michel, the harvesting of apples, a true sign of fall. Such a lovely family and home you have ❤ Much love to you! Holly

  33. Am I looking at Adam and Eve in the garden of paradise? I have some wild apple trees on my property. Alas, I am physically unable to pick them, so I let the neighbors’ children take most of them, and keep just enough for a few pies and some applesauce.

  34. Ah, the beautiful apples and the beautiful Michel and Janine ❤

  35. Cath Singapore Girl says:

    Mmm…. stewed apples will be lovely! I love apple crumble!!

  36. suester7 says:

    Glad to see you and Janine happy at work in the garden ❤️

  37. Zakiah says:

    A bumper crop indeed. I agree with you, the gardener’s posts and life revolves around the seasons of sowing and harvesting, every year. Repetitive, but most gratifying.

  38. Peggy says:

    It makes me just a little nervous to see you so high up on that ladder! 🙂 I answered your questions on my blog ~ but will answer here as well. Mark is our oldest son and no, he is not a mason ~ just does lots of handyman jobs on his own. Hubby has been retired a few months and has a two-day-a-week part-time job and does some volunteering. No, I don’t want to lose touch either ~ blessings to you both ~

  39. Yes, being close to nature does give us a serene outlook. Love the pictures. What a wonderful crop of apples! I will be glad when our apple trees are larger and produce that well.


  40. L. Gail says:

    My grandmother had apple trees. I would climb with a salt shaker and pick them green and eat.

  41. mlbncsga says:

    I love apples but I also love your new hat and is that a new jacket as well? ILYM

  42. vickyvix2 says:

    Gorgeous photos! Big effort as well. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  43. What a wondeful harvest! Lots of work, but I bet it’s worthwhile!

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