Citizenship or cynicism ?

  Civisme ou cynisme ?
Citizenship or cynicism ?


English version below the pictures


Il y a 10 ans le 22 Août 206 j’ écrivais  dans Xanga ::

” Je marchais le long d ‘un quai au bord d ‘ un canal quelque part en France . Soudainement je vis un panneau inhabituel ( 1ère photo ) . Je l ‘ ai trouvé amusant . Quel citoyen permettrait à son chien de faire cela sur le quai . C ‘ est dégoûtant ! Vous pouvez glisser dessus et tomber dans le canal !

Cependant 4 mètres plus loin je trouvais la ” chose ” ( 2ème photo ) . Ainsi quelqu ‘ un avait permis à son chien de faire ses besoins là . Je l ‘ imagine tenant la laisse en attendant que cela se termine . Et cet homme ( ou femme ) n ‘ avait pas enlevé la chose avec un sac en plastique pour la jeter dans une corbeille ou une poubelle comme tout bon citoyen ! Ou bien il n ‘ avait pas vu le panneau et dans ce cas il était aveugle mais de toute façon il ne respectait pas autrui , ou bien il ( elle ) avait vu le panneau et dans ce cas il n ‘ obéissait pas aux règles établies démocratiquement par la municipalité . Est – ce cela un esprit de bonne citoyenneté ?


    Mieux , peut être avait – il vu le panneau et volontairement par dérision il se réjouissait e voir son chien faire son ” affaire ” à cet endroit . Dans ce cas c ‘ est du pur cynisme !

   Et qu ‘en est – il de moi ? Peut – être qu ‘ après ” ces profondes réflexions ” j ‘ aurais du ramasser la chose avec un morceau de papier et la jeter dans le canal ! L ‘ ai – he fait ? Non . Aisi , finalement je n ‘ ai pas assez de respect pour les autres , je ne suis pas suffisamment bon citoyen et voire un peu cynique ? Horreur ! Je me sens un peu coupable !    Nul n ‘ est totalement innocent .”

10 ans après je dois dire que les choses se sont améliorés dans ce domaine !


panneau chien
PHOTO 1    taken by Michel Fauquet June 06


PHOTO 2 : the thing  La chose       Taken by Michel Fauquet June 06

10 years ago on August 22 2006, I wrote in xanga

”  I was walking on a promenade at the side of a canal somewhere in France . Suddenly I saw this unusual sign ( first picture above ) . I found it funny . What citizen would allow his dog to do this on the promenade ? It ‘ s degusting and also dangerous ! You may slip on it and fall in the canal !

   However 4 meters further I found the ” thing ” ( picture 2 above ) . ” Horribile visu ” ! So someone had allowed his dog to do his needs there . I imagined him holding the leash in waiting for the end . And this man ( or woman) did not pick up this thing with a plastic bag to put it in a litter or a bin like all good citizen ! Whether he didnt see the sign and in this case he ( she ) is blind but anyway there is no respect for the others , whether he ( she ) saw the sign and in this case he didn’ t obey to the municipal democratic rule . Is that a good citizenship spirit ?

And more, perhaps he saw the sign and voluntarily to mock it he enjoyed to see his dog makes his affair at this place . In this case it is pure cynicism .

 And what about me . Perhaps after those ” deep reflections ” I had to pick the thing with a bit of paper to throw it in the canal ! Did I do it ? No . So finally I have no enough respect of others , I am not enough a good citizen and I am a bit cynic by the way ! Horror ! I feel guilty .  No one is totaly innocent
NB : cynicism ( cynique ) comes from ancient Greek word  : kunikos =  chien ( in French ) = dog ( in English “

10 years later I have to say  things have much improved in that field 

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42 Responses to Citizenship or cynicism ?

  1. ruth7933 says:

    Michel I am grateful things have improved. People need to be responsible pet owners and pick up after them, and also have them spay and neutered so that they do not produce unwanted babies.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. jstnotherday says:

    Greetings and good day Michel,
    I am thinking you mean you have less cynicism 10 years later?
    Interesting that you post this today. My revelation about myself last night is that I am not humble. God has shown me that I am not humble as He asks me to be. I wonder if in 10 years I will conquer this disobedience? He is calling me to conquer it now.
    Wishing you a blessed day,
    Lynn ❤

  3. I do not think,Lynn , you are not humble . In any case God’s mercy is without end !

    • jstnotherday says:

      Thank you Michel. Just not humble enough. I am being refined as the gold in the refiner’s fire. … and it is hot…. hehe I resist. I think of how humble the saints were…. Mother Theresa…. I do not know how they achieve it…. putting all pride aside. I still have stubbornness of pride I think…. the not wanting to be trampled on. The saints were humble enough to not care if others trampled over them. *sigh What a challenge it is to get to heaven. 🙂

  4. jstnotherday says:

    Greetings Michel,
    Boo….. I have just learned that the two moons thing is a misrepresentation. Mars will not look like a moon. 😦

    I will have to delete my post.

  5. cocosangel says:

    Even here in Canada, I have seen numerous times when people have allowed their dogs to do the job, and then just leave it. It is disgusting. Once when I was going in the bus, I saw a man allowing the dog to do it, and then just going without throwing it away.
    I think it happens everywhere.

  6. This reminds me of a time long ago when Soeur Marie Ange asked one of us children to pick up a candy wrapper that someone had thrown on the ground in the schoolyard….
    “I didn’t throw it,” the little boy said, “so I’m not going to pick it up!”
    Then the good sister told us a story about Saint Theresa and how she used to go around picking up debris, even though she herself had not caused it. For some time after that, many of us followed St. Theresa’s example.

    I know some people who take a plastic bag with them each day when they go for a walk in the park, and they pick up any trash…papers, soda cans, etc. that they find along the way. Good citizens indeed!

    • The Sister has been well inspired to relate this story of St Theresa . Perhaps the little boy became one of those examplary people whom you speak at the end of your comment, Cythia .

  7. Heartafire says:

    Though I know this is a serious incident Michel, I must smile. You are so entertaining even in this unpleasant scenario, I enjoy your outlook so very much! Much love to you ❤ Holly

  8. blb1 says:

    I wouldn’t think throwing it in the canal would of been a good idea either. Do they have trash containers there? One park near me not only had trash containers they had bags you could pull from a dispenser if you forgot yours. The local pet store has those as they allow pets in the store. Personally I don’t think they need the dogs in the store as employees are left to mop urine.

  9. judyrutrider says:

    Since I walk my dogs down the same path almost every day, it’s in my own best interest to keep it clean. I often pick up the trash left by others. The other day Sadie, my Kunming Wolf Dog (fancy name for German Shepherd mix) found a plastic bag with what looked like human excrement in it (unless the coyotes are using toilet paper now). Too disgusting to touch, I walked by, leaving it for somebody else to deal with it. The next day, Sadie was roaming ahead of me and before I could see what she was doing, she rolled in it. So, instead of carrying a soiled plastic bag home, I had to bathe a reluctant 65-pound dog. They say no good deed goes unpunished but evidently, negligence is punished equally.

    • I smile, Juli, because you did exactly like me . Instead of throwing away the degusting things …..I pictured them !! 🙂 Unfortunatly you have been caught the day after. I imagine what you had to endure to wash this smelling animal ! I believe this happened to me in a far past when we had a dog ( a Bittany spaniel )

  10. Ew, ew! Pooh, pooh! :-/ 😦 (And it’s not Winnie the Pooh!)

    Great post, Michel! Yes, we must all be good citizens and good neighbors! 🙂

    Once I was sitting on my porch and I saw a man letting his dog pooh on the side of our street. About 30 minutes later, he came walking back by…and he stepped in his own dog’s pooh (that he did NOT clean up earlier!)…he looked very angry and he swore. I laughed! 😛
    Well, I hope from that day forward he picked up his dog’s pooh.

    In our neighborhood we now have leash laws, and they have put up pooh stations where you can get little plastic bags and there are trash cans, so you can deal with your pet’s pooh. 🙂


  11. Zakiah says:

    Happy that things have improved, Michel. It is pretty good here, at least in this town where I live.

  12. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour MICHEL je n’aime les personnes qui laisse trainer la croque de leurs chiens cela est honteux

    Mes vacances sont terminées

    Je viens faire un petit passage dans ton univers

    Mais avant je veux te dire que

    Tes petits messages sont comme la flamme d’un feu de bois

    Qui dans mon cœur , me mets de la joie

    Ton amitié est une étoile qui brille dans le ciel

    Elle est éternelle

    Passe une très bonne et belle journée

    Gros bisous Bernard.

    Je remercie tous ceux et toutes celles qui sont passées sur mon blog pendant le période de mes vacances

    J’espère que toi aussi tu as passé un bon mois d’aout et que tu es en pleine forme

    Bisous Bernard

    Passe une très belle journée

  13. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I think we are all a bit cynic, I would not pick up after someone’s dog or cat either. We trained our dogs to go to the edge of the field near the house, we always had plenty property for them to run and play so walking them on a leash in town or a on a sidewalk wasn’t necessary. I do however pick up litter if it’s not stinky =))))) ilym

  14. Angela says:

    Oh people leave their dog poo on sidewalks or wherever they do their business! That’s why I’m not fond of living in China. They only think of themselves and their desires on the most part. That’s why drivers constantly honk and dont follow rules about driving. People cross streets when they want, making it hard for cars to go by. Luckily they dont drive fast here so its ok. Ahh thats why Isla and I long for London. William too …

  15. weggieboy says:

    I tend to be barefoot during the warm months, and I regret to say I have encountered the leavings of other people’s pets this way. Shame on people who don’t show the decency of picking up after their pets!

  16. KB says:

    I think I live in the most pooped on village in Canada. No one seems to think they need to stoop and scoop. It’s disgusting. It’s no trouble to carry a little baggy, and then deposit your dog’s leavings where it won’t be stepped on, tracked into someone’s home or worse, encountered by a toddler who loses his balance!

  17. suester7 says:

    It happens occasionally in Singapore too.

    Over here, we have strict laws about littering. If caught, you can get fined or even asked to do Corrective Work Order, where you have to sweep the floors of Singapore for a day, while wearing a neon green vest. I guess this helps keep our streets and roads clean.

  18. suester7 says:

    On a sidenote, I’ve been reading English translations of French novels recently, and I must say its lyrical style is very different from how English authors in the US and UK write. It is very much like the way you write some of your posts. Also, their powers of observation and ability to write something beautiful and philosophical from simple and common everyday life is quite amazing. As I read the novel, it reminded me of you and your way of thinking and writing.

  19. Isabel Capillas says:

    Indeed, if one has the interest to own or take care of pet, he/she should likewise be responsible enough to clean up the mess made by his or her pet, especially in public places. Otherwise, there’s no reason to own one.

  20. sudershana says:

    Very well written !
    Also plz do check my blog I am a new starter

  21. I am reminded of the slogan of one of the Lions I know: “We may only be able to do a little bit, but if we each do the little bit that we can do, we can make a big difference!”

  22. Marion says:

    Michel, I remember when you wrote about this in Xanga! But really, you can’t be expected to clean up after irresponsible people all the time. It’s not only dog poop, it rubbish left by uncaring people all over the place, and you would be there all day, every day, picking up other people’s rubbish – it’s just not possible!! You are a good, decent man, and in no way like the irresponsible people out there. ❤

  23. puffpop says:

    I had already written a comment and it was on another computer and did not go through!. Our neighbors here are pretty conscientious about picking up after their pets. We all have small dogs since we have a size limit of 35 lbs. Puff is only nine lbs. On the rare occasions that I spot another dogs poo, I will pick it up since I don’t want to be blamed. It is very inconsiderate not to clean up since the scent would attract other dogs.

    When we traveled and stayed in campgrounds, the rules were very strict and one could be removed if you were caught not picking up. I always carry several plastic bags.

  24. There’s a few dog owners here that don’t pick up after their dogs too. During an early morning walk, some dog left souvenirs right by the front door of a business. The parks are mostly clean but some dog owners just walk staring at their phones and not paying attention to what their dogs are doing.

  25. L. Marie says:

    It’s sad when people don’t have enough respect for others or themselves. When they allow their dogs to do whatever they want on other people’s lawns or on the sidewalk without cleaning up after them, they ruin they show disrespect.

  26. blb1 says:

    Michel I just got an email from you but the page was not found again. I think perhaps about Janine and you but I don’t speak French.

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