Picking the raspberries.

Picking the raspberries
Cueillette de framboises

English version below the pictures

Hier mardi 4 Juillet je suis allé au potager pour bécher une fois de plus le sol totalement compacté par la pluie que nous avons eue pendant tout l’hiver et au printemps. Ma femme Janine était déjà là, cueillant des framboises. Je ne pouvais pas résister à prendre des photos, en face de ce spectacle réjouissant

Voici quelques photos mises est un diaporama de ce charmant spectacle.

Yesterday Tuesday July 4th I went to the veggie garden to once more dig over the ground totally compacted by the rain we had all of the winter and spring. My wife Janine already was there , picking the raspberries . I could not resist to take some pictures , in front of this happy sight .

   Here are some photos put is a very short video of this delightful show .

Ensuite, elle allait faire de la gelée. Ah! Ce goût et ce parfum! Elle aime le jardin et c’est sûr qu’elle a l’air heureuse sur cette photo.

Cependant, elle souffre d’une douleur à l’aine et après quelques examens, elle a rendez-vous avec un chirurgien cet après-midi pour savoir si elle a besoin d’une intervention chirurgicale ou non. J’ai hésité à faire cette entrée aujourd’hui, mais Janine m’a dit «pourquoi pas ?». J’ai alors réalisé que ma pause avait duré 40 jours. Un nombre biblique, non? . Voici donc .


Janine and the raspberries   Janine et les framboises. July 4   2016

  Afterwards she was going to make jelly . Ah ! This taste and this scent ! She loves the garden and obviously she looks happy on this picture .

   However she is suffering of pain at the groin and after some exams she has an appointment with a surgeon this afternoon to know if she needs a surgery or not. I hesitated to make this entry today but Janine told me” why not ? ” . And I realized my break was 40 days long . A biblical number , no ? . So, here is .

Up date  July 6

Hier, à la fin de l’après-midi Janine revint du  cabinet du chirurgien .. Il lui a dit qu’il était trop tôt pour une opération , car c’est seulement  le début d’une coxarthrose ( arthrose de la hanche ). Il ordonna des infiltrations dans la hanche pour essayer d’améliorer les articulations et calmer la douleur ..
Yesterday at the end of the afternoon Janine came back from the surgeon’s.. He told her it was too early for a surgery because this is only the beginning of a coxarthrosis ( arthrosis of the hip ) . He ordered injections in the hip to try to improve the articulations and calm the pain..


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68 Responses to Picking the raspberries.

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Afternoon, Michel. Janine is in my thoughts and prayers.

    My dear mother used to make jelly durning the summer. It was wonderful. She lived during America’s Great Depression and all poor people did much canning during the summer. As a boy, I loved it—biscuits soaked in butter and covered with blackberry jelly. I can still tasted it.

    Loved the photos. What a great life you live.



  2. I hope she will get well soon.

    In my old house, my neighbour had raspberries that grew into our backyard. He told us we could just help ourselves. Most were sweet but there were a few sour ones.

  3. mrswrangler says:

    Prayers hope for the best at the doctor.

  4. Heartafire says:

    Such a beautiful picture Michel. I am sending my most positive thoughts over there to you and your lovely Janine. Much love ❤

  5. whyzat says:

    I hope there is no need for surgery! My positive thoughts are on the way to you and Janine.
    When I had a big garden, I spent many happy hours canning and freezing my lovely produce. I hope to start again when we move back to the Midwest where vegetables are easy to grow.

  6. I love raspberries, but I have to compete with the neighborhood birds…they love them too!

    Sending all best wishes and hope that things will turn out well for Janine.

  7. guestbrief says:

    Nice movie! Janine is diligent and lovely in her garden. Enjoy the sweet raspberries and jelly! ❤ So glad you decided to post, I have been missing yours!

  8. Raspberries and gardens are wonderful. Wishing good health for you wife. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  9. jstnotherday says:

    What a lovely video… so peaceful and has me feeling transported and smiling. 🙂
    How have you been? I’ve been missing you. 🙂

  10. jstnotherday says:

    A Biblical break of 40 days… yes good. 🙂
    (I just saw that there was more to your post)
    I hope that all will be shown to be well with Janine when she sees the doctor. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Yes, the love of a garden… it is enough to make anyone happy. 🙂

    Happy wishes for your day,

  11. blb1 says:

    I’m not so sure that is a happy look but more of one of ‘why didn’t you help pick?’ lol
    When I used to pick raspberries I probably ate as many as I put in the basket. 🙂 Prayers Janine.

    • Janine was suffering of her back but while she picked the raspberries I was digging a soil hard like concrete to try to sow again what has aborted because of the unceasing rain of the spring.

  12. Sending God’s Light to wrap Janine in his care. I remember lots of thorns in the picking of blackberries are raspberries the same? Let us know about Janine please. Love to you too!!!! ❤

  13. Yvonne says:

    It was ice to see your post appear today, especially when the subject was raspberry picking.

    I hope Janine doesn’t have to wait too long for the surgery. Take good care of her, as usual. 🙂

  14. I am praying for Janine! I’m so glad she’s enjoying time in the garden!

    The pickin’ time is the best part of gardening! 🙂 Raspberries are the best! 🙂 I’d pick a lot, but eat more than I put in the bowl! 😮

    Q. What did one raspberry say to the other raspberry?
    A. If we weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam!

    HUGS and ❤ for you and Janine! 🙂

  15. Cath Singapore Girl says:

    40 days of fasting from the blog?
    Ah… I do pray everything will go smoothly for grandmother. Big hugs!

  16. puffpop says:

    You have such a beautiful garden. I always enjoy looking at the pictures and imagining just how delightful would be the taste of the jelly….You are lucky to have such a talented and lovely life’s companion. My thoughts and prayers are with Janine and both of you. I pray that she will be cured and back to a healthy and pain free life. God bless you both.
    votre amie…

  17. Marion says:

    Lovely photos of Janine in the garden! I really do hope she will be alright, and I send you both my best wishes. ❤

  18. Tribo, OCarm says:

    Praying for her fast recovery ….

  19. Fauquet Carole says:

    Belle entrée papa ,on a hâte de goûter la gelée de framboises de Maman qui est toujours très bonne.On espère que les infiltrations vont soulager Maman .Avons couper une partie de notre herbe mais c’est pas gagné encore .C’est les congés ouf….On vous embrasse Carole

  20. suester7 says:

    I hope Janine will be feeling better soon. Glad you are both enjoying your garden and the fruits of your labour!

    Raspberry jelly sounds good. I’ve always loved raspberry jam.

  21. cerwindoris says:

    I enjoyed seeing your pictures and video. I will be praying for your wife – and you because it is difficult to see some one you love suffer in pain.

  22. Isabel Capillas says:

    I share your delight in seeing Janine picking raspberries. I hope and pray for Janine to recover soon from hip pain.

  23. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! I’ve not had much success growing raspberries, roses or lavender. I’ve been told that they all like a compact and clayish soil, maybe all your rain was a blessing for the raspberries! I’m so glad Janine said “Why Not”, we would not know to put her in our prayers otherwise! I hope she has great relief with the injections. 40 days without blogging, it was as in the bible, a period of trial and testing for us and like the bible was followed with a time of blessings. ilym

  24. We have raspberries in our yard. They are a real treat in the summer! I made some blueberry/raspberry muffins a few days ago. I have also been freezing them for the winter. I am sure that Janine’s jelly is delicious!

    I hope Janine’s hip injections help her!

  25. A lovely photo of Janine in the garden. Hope all goes well for her and her problem solved. Will say prayers daily for her. Hope the injections work to rid her of pain. love Marilyn

  26. Cheri Herald says:

    I’m sorry Janine is suffering. I’m glad to see you back posting. Enjoy the berries!

  27. Michel, we just discovered some small raspberry bushes in our yard. We were so excited! I see here that you have many. How do you care for them? Any advice? Ours are very tiny.

    Your wife does look wonderful! I am sorry she is suffering with pain, though. I will be praying for her. Forty days is very biblical! I am glad to see you back here, though. I missed your posts.

    God bless you and your family. I hope your summer is going very well.

    Much love,

    • The raspberry bushes multiply themself like a weed with underground stems . I need to snatch some of them if not all of the garden will be filled with them ..
      For your tiny bushes , give them space in removing the weeds and perhaps in adding some good groundaround .

  28. L. Gail says:

    I’m sorry Janine has pain. I guess we are getting to the age to feel some arthritis….me too.
    My Carys loves raspberries and so do I. Jelly sounds good. My friend brought me some blueberries so I plan on making a blueberry pie.
    I’m so glad you are back. I missed your updates.

  29. Larry says:

    That is a wonderful picture of Janine with the raspberries, Michel. I am sorry to hear she has not been too well, however, and Wendy and I are sending our best wishes to her for some relief from her hip pain.


  30. julie essex says:

    Its good to hear that Janine does not need a operation but I hope that the injections will help with her pain. I love raspberries and strawberries so I think if I was picking them there would not be enough to make a jelly 😀 :-D.

  31. ruth7933 says:

    Sending prayers, good vibes and healing energy.

  32. weggieboy says:

    Best wishes to Janine for pain relief and a long life in the garden!

    You are fortunate to have a lovely gardener and garden in your life, Michel, and I bet those raspberries were a lovely treat for lunch! (I would have had problems not eating them all before I made it to the kitchen, but that’s another story!)


  33. blb1 says:

    So glad to hear of a less invasive procedure. She will probably need a couple days of rest after.

  34. blb1 says:

    btw Michel I found my way into the account to change the url. But I see it didn’t work.

  35. blb1 says:

    well now I see it did, didn’t link my xanga though.

  36. guestbrief says:

    SO lovely! Thanks for your comments on my page! hugs friend ❤ Rhonda

  37. L. Marie says:

    So sorry about Janine’s pain! I hope the injections work well for her.

  38. I am so glad you are back. LOVE homemade jelly and yes, Janine looks happy. I am so sorry about her pain and hope the injections work. Will be praying for her. hugs

  39. neilc693 says:

    Raspberries too! I’m very jealous of your garden, as usual.
    This reminds me that, surprisingly enough, there is a native Hawaiian raspberry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubus_hawaiensis . It grows (or, at least used to grow) on O’ahu as well, because I tried one on a school field excursion, although I don’t remember it being sour compared to ordinary raspberries. (I do seem to remember that the seeds were smaller.)
    Janine’s condition sounds a little worry-making. I hope the treatments provide the cure!

  40. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour MICHEL les framboises super bon je suis allé en chercher lundi dernier pour des confitures

    Entre nous , nous avons scellé un pacte celui de l’amitié

    Cette amitié une fleur qui s’épanouies au fis des jours des mois des années

    Ces pétales ont eu du mal de s’ouvrir au départ mais ensemble

    On en a pris soin et ses pétales ce sont grandes ouvertes

    Comme la naissance d’un enfant

    Alors empêchons cette fleur de se faner

    Je t’embrasse passe une agréable journée


  41. iampeacenow says:

    I love the photos of Janine enjoying her garden! Wonderful. Raspberries are so wonderful. So thankful her pain is explained. I do hope the injections are helping her. A relief not to undergo surgery. I know she will need to take special care. Enjoy your summer. Best wishes to you and Janine.
    peace & love to you and yours ❤

  42. Connie T says:

    The raspberries sound good. Here is a drink with raspberries on another blog I read. It sounds refreshing. http://fresheggsdaily.com/2014/08/blackberry-rosemary-herbal-simple-syrup.html

  43. I hope Janine is feeling better. Happy gardening. 🙂

  44. judyrutrider says:

    Picking berries is no easy task, especially with an aching hip. Janine is a sturdy woman if she can pick enough to make jelly.

  45. Zakiah says:

    Wishing Janine the best in health. Hope some physical therapy and anti inflammatory medication will take care of the discomfort.

  46. Doug Thomas says:

    I didn’t realize how huge your garden is!

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