Horse Dressage competition

Last Sunday My oldest grandaughter Julie (  Duchess ‘s daughter ) was engaged in a competition of dressage of horse . 

The goal is to show that the rider has mastered his horse,
You should feel perfect harmony and even complicity between horse and rider
Here is below a short video ( 2 minutes) . You can see she was managing well . She was in a very good rank at the end of the competition.

Dimanche dernier ma petite-fille aînée Julie ( la fille de la Duchesse Carole  ) était engagée dans une compétition hippique de dressage .

Le but est de montrer que le cavalier maîtrise bien sa monture. Vous devez ressentir une parfaite harmonie et même une complicité entre le cheval et la cavalière .

Dans la courte vidéo ci -dessus vous pouvez voir qu’ elle s ‘ en très bien tirée. Elle a terminé dans un bon rang.

Below the supporters . L -> R : Simon, Janine ; Julie , kenza , Carole 


Les supporteurs  de gauche à droite mon petit-fils aîné Simon; Janine , Julie , la jument Kenza et .. Carole .


Before the depart the troop takes her breath and some food .  Les Goldens retrievers look happy to be there


C ‘ était une bonne journée , originale et en famille
It was a good day, original and with family members.
Note ; yesterdat I had posted thts video put at first on facebook for the family.  I could watch this video here on WP but not my readers ! Sorry .  Finally I used of the solution You Tube .  I hope this time all of you see this video.


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50 Responses to Horse Dressage competition

  1. KB says:

    Very nice. Such a pretty coloured horse.

  2. puffpop says:

    Now I understand. Horses are magnificent, intelligent and perceptive creatures. It takes a person of wisdom to be able to understand and respect this beautiful creature. You have a wonderfully talented family.

  3. Heartafire says:

    A lovely horsewoman and regal stead! Bravo!

  4. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Michel!!! I loved that. That was beautiful.



  5. jstnotherday says:

    How wonderful!
    What a different world it is, eh? the world of horses.

  6. mrswrangler says:

    Looks like a good time

  7. The wonder of ALL God’s animals…we are one ❤

  8. Beautiful horse and a very lovely young lady. Both very regal.

  9. Congrats to Julie! She did so well! (and Kenza did, too! That is her horse’s name, right?)
    The golden retrievers do look like they are enjoying themselves! Love their smiling faces! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and ❤ to you and Janine! 🙂

    • Yes Carolyn, Kenza is the name of the horse ( pure arabian breeding ) . julie and kenza goes along very well . True harmony.
      What to say about the two dogs ? They are a poem ! 🙂

  10. blb1 says:

    Commented on FB. I think this is so beautiful, horse and rider. 🙂

  11. judyrutrider says:

    Those who do not ride have no idea how difficult and how much practice it takes to execute that pattern so flawlessly. She made it look as easy as sitting in an easy chair, as if the horse was making every move in response to her thought. Bravo!

    • I could not say better , Judy ” it look as easy as sitting in an easy chair, as if the horse was making every move in response to her though” . This is exactly the description of the goal of the exercise .

  12. marica0701 says:

    The horse is beautiful! And lovely video!

  13. Zakiah says:

    Every word you have written spells “pride” for your grand daughter Julie. Congratulations to her and to all of you.

  14. iampeacenow says:

    Your grandaughter is a lovely, talented young lady. She is managing her horse wonderfully. The horse is beautiful. I love the coloring. Such a wonderful time for the family to go out in support of Julie. peace & love

  15. mcbery says:

    I saw the video. I love to watch horses in motion. Beautiful!

  16. Isabel Capillas says:

    Your daughter Julie looks so smart and elegant in her equestrian outfit! And yes, she’s really good rider! The whole family is all out to cheer the elegant rider!

  17. Dressage is such a beautiful sport! Your granddaughter rides very well! You and Janine must be very proud! On Sunday, which is Mother’s Day in the United States, we are going to watch our youngest grandson play LaCrosse. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy the accomplishments of your grandchildren!

  18. Fauquet Carole says:

    super team ,bravo julie et kenza .Merci papa pour la vidéo beau souvenir

    • Nous avons tous passé un bon moment . Je ne sais pas si Julie a vu cette vidéo . j ‘ ai mis la même vidéo sur facebook mais aussi sur You tube , plus pratique pour mon blog
      Merci pour ton commentaire . je t’embrasse.

  19. Your granddaughter is obviously a most graceful horsewoman, and you are, of course, very proud of her—as any grandparent would be!

  20. julie essex says:

    Well done to Julie on such skill at the competition , you all must be very proud. It finally looks like we are getting some warm weather so that will help your garden

  21. Gill McGrath says:

    HI Michel, Your grand daughter makes it look so easy. Elegant lady and beautiful horse. Thanks for the video ❤ xxx

  22. Cath Singapore Girl says:

    I imagine the horse skipping from one petal to another. How very lovely!
    I showed some of your photos to my students, and they say they would love to live in a place with large open fields. They lament about the concrete jungle they grew up in.

  23. mlbncsga says:

    Mornin Glorie! The video was a pleasure to watch, such grace from Julie and Kenza, they are a perfect match!!! It looked like the weather was a bit on the cool side, I imagine that is good for riding and the retrievers also. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful family with us =)

    p.s. if your weather is clear, tonight should be a good time to watch the eta Aquarid meteor shower. We have Halley’s Comet to thank for this one. ILYM

  24. bernard25 says:


    Quelle est belle notre amitié
    Elle est pure
    Elle est un lien
    Mon amitié ignore les indifférences
    Elle n’est qu’un charme d’un verbe aimer
    Elle éveille le sens de la bonté
    Elle supporte la charité
    Mon amitié est un charme que du verbe aimer
    Mon amitié est faite de sincérité
    Belle fin de journée et belle fin de semaine
    Bises , Bernard

  25. Love it..Great job by Julia and Kenza.
    The dogs seem very happy as well.
    Hope all is well with you. Hugs

  26. L. Marie says:

    I’m glad Julie did so well. She looks quite content on the horse. 🙂

  27. Connie T says:

    Such a beautiful horse.

  28. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour Michel
    Dans un coin de mon cœur
    Ton amitié vit comme une fleur
    Avec un joli parfum de tendresse
    Ses pétales sont toutes colorées
    Les racines de cette fleur sont solides
    Voilà ,pourquoi , notre amitié dure depuis
    Des jours , des mois , des années
    C’est un lien très fort entre nous
    Je te souhaite une agréable journée
    Prends bien soin de toi
    Bernard , bise

    Un petit café ensemble ,tisane ou autre

  29. Nancy Stuebs says:

    I love watching dressage!! When my sister toured Europe several years before she died, she saw the Lippizaner Stallions perform. If and dressage competitions or performances are on TV, I have to watch them. Such grace in both the rider and the horse. Julie has done a wonderful job of training her horse!! Many hours of loving work involved, for sure!! ❤ Nancy and Ken

  30. I agree totally with you Nancy and Ken. Thanks for this comment.

  31. AM says:

    Beaucoup de travail et une très belle présentation. Félicitations à la jeune fille et au cheval et à ses professeurs et supporters! Merci de ce joli partage Michel.
    Amitiés, AM

  32. Sartenada says:

    Your granddaughter is a lovely, beautiful Lady and an excellent rider! Horse is very beautiful also. I am very excited to find this post of Yours. Photos are great and I especially enjoyed the video. I do love it. I think that we are lucky to have wonderful granddaughters – both of us. My granddaughter has her own mare. She rides nowadays rarely, because after her studies she started her job. Sharing time when young is not easy.

    If You do not mind, Sir, I give here two links presenting how my granddaughter rides.

    Competition failed

    Milla is training Tara

    Have a great day!

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