Lamentations of the gardener

Les lamentations du jardinier.
The lamentations of the gardener

English version below the picture

De nouveau la pluie est là.
L’eau est nécessaire, soit.
Mais on est mou, on est moite
Et on se meut dans l’ouate.
On traîne la patte .

Par ce temps inondé
je m’ essaye à chanter.
Mais dans l’ aigu, vite on s ‘use.
Que me souffles tu , Ô ma muse ?
Jouer de ma flûte enchantée?

Ma flûte et moi sommes vieux
Pour tenter hardiment de  sécher les cieux.
Laisse-moi écouter les gouttes
tambourinant le toit du hangar.
Elles me font rêver.
Le jardin peut attendre à demain.

Michel Fauquet 31 Mars 2016

pluis abri jatdin 2


The lamentations of the  gardener

Again, the rain is there.
Water is necessary either.
But all is mud , all is moist
And we walk ,dragging the legs
like on a cobweb

By this weather, flooded,
I try to sing.
But in the acute ,quickly,
I feel exhausted .
What do you whisper, O my muse?
Play the enchanted flute?

My flute and I are old
To boldly try to dry the sky.
Let me listen to the drops
Drumming the roof of the shed.
They make me dream.
The garden can wait for tomorrow.

                                                    Michel Fauquet March 31, 2016



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46 Responses to Lamentations of the gardener

  1. puffpop says:

    Another creative work of art by my friend Michel. Gardening is working hand in hand with our Creator. You help create beauty, and nourishment for both body and soul.

  2. mrswrangler says:

    Very nice. Have a great weekend

  3. blb1 says:

    Oh to be so creative! I can only take photographs it seems. 🙂

  4. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Afternoon, Michel from an old retired office worker. My wife is the gardener. She does less of it now.

    Loved your drawing and prose.

    Have a very nice weekend.



  5. weggieboy says:

    Aw, yes! Rain is the curse at some times, though the garden usually manages to get through the ordeal if the gardener does not. Patience is the virtue learned in the garden, though I admit I oftentimes need to relearn the lesson. Happy gardening, my friend!

  6. L. Marie says:

    Very beautiful!
    The rain comes and goes here too. But the flowers it helps will be beautiful.

  7. Rain is a cheerful and wonderous sound here in the drought area. April showers bring May flowers but no rain in the immediate forecast. I love the flowers you send from your garden. Blessings to you and Janine ❤

    • yes , Nancy, I know rain in California is a real blessing . The drought always is threatening in this beautiful area . I wish you could hear soon the delicate music of the rain falling on the leaves of the thirsty trees

  8. cocosangel says:

    Lovely poem Michel. 🙂

  9. Rachel says:

    We have had a lot of rain! Many fields are flooded. It is good. The grass is finally turning green.

  10. Angela says:

    Lovely to read your posts. I am doing better. William said if u call your credit card company then u may be able to donate… I am doing better but still hqve lots of things to work on. Walking, going to the bathroom, etc. sigh please pray for my full recovery and especially keeping my spirits up cuz I’m not so happy. 😒

    • Yes Angela I think strongly of you . the ” Caring system ‘ sends to me the up dates of William . I tried three times to donate ; so they have my e.mail address , my card numbers but I do not understand two words at the last part and I fill badly the form . My attempts has been refused . I have been discouraged . ( all the people believe that everyone understands the American administrative language )
      But ,of course I think of you and pray for you . William is a very loving husband and you have been so courageous though this terrible ordeal. . But , now you see the light at the end of the tunnel

  11. Oh, what a beautiful poem, Michel!!! 🙂 May the April showers come and bring May flowers and prepare the soil for our Summer gardens! 🙂
    Just reading your poem, I can here the music of the rain! 🙂
    And your drawings always make me smile! 🙂 Good to see your Hat in the drawing!
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂

  12. jstnotherday says:

    Glad the raindrops were falling on the shed, and not your head. 🙂

    Sounds like you made a nice choice to just relax and enjoy the day. Always a good thing to relax and enjoy the sounds of the rain from a quiet, dry, (non-muddy) place. 🙂

    I love how you captured the essence of the rain in your sketch. ❤

    • Yes , Lynn, nature invented music , a music that appeases such the rain falling on the roof of the shed .
      Sometimes the music can be terrifying such yesterday night when we got a big thunder storm !

  13. bernard25 says:

    bonsoir Michel superbe écris j’adore

    Un détour par chez toi

    l’amitié est une bonne confiance

    Que l’on partage à deux

    Avec une tendresse

    Des fous rires

    De l’écoute

    Des écris sur les pages des blogs

    Surtout la santé pour faire que notre amitié ne s’efface pas

    Belle soirée bises et belle semaine

  14. Zakiah says:

    Dear Michel,
    You have so many enchanting sides to your personality. You are a good photographer, a wonderful writer of stories of your family, and now you have shown your poetic side.
    This is a beautiful poem. Kudos.
    Love, ❤

  15. KB says:

    You are lucky! It is snowing here. The crocus, newly emerged, are almost covered.

  16. Tree says:

    I feel your pain! I have wanted to work in my garden, but the last few weekends have been rainy and cold. Even in the evenings after work, it rains, even after the day has been sunny while I sit at my desk. Love that sketch also! Hope the weather improves for both of us! 🙂

  17. jstnotherday says:

    Some people are so popular… 21 comments!! 😀

  18. What a lovely poem! We cannot do anything outside for a little while yet. We still have freezing temperatures.

    Did you draw the picture?

  19. And soon the slugs will come out to eat your hard work…

  20. Michel, I see you have a poetic side. All the rain we got weeks ago, gone and the soil is to dry to pull weeds . Now must get the watering hoses out, well John will. I still have lots of problems/pain with right knee replacement and now the left is joining in. 😀 But alas, I’ve now made 2 trips to a garden center for some flowers and veggie plants for the garden. Guess, I’m a farmer at heart. Enjoy your garden. ❤ Marilyn

  21. What a beautiful poem, Michel. So creative. I love how nature calms our spirit and revives us. And just as in life, when we pull the weeds, we see the beauty more clearly. Hugs.

  22. Gill McGrath says:

    Lovely drawing and words Michel about drumming rain on the shed roof transporting you to another place.Let the garden wait and drink while you dream! Keep warm and dry~ the sun will come! Love Gill xxx

  23. Fauquet Carole says:

    Superbe poème papa .bonne soirée à vous deux on vous embrasse

  24. L. Gail says:

    The garden will wait…and maybe grow some weeds while it waits on new seeds. I have rhubarb and asparagus in my flower pot garden! 🙂

  25. This is beautiful. I love it!

  26. John lenhard says:

    Michel, your poem is brilliant and eloquent!

  27. suester7 says:

    Love this poem, Michel!

  28. mcbery says:

    Love the poem and picture you sketched! Oh that blinking baby in the comments. I’m going to try and make myself into a blinking person too! 😀 It’s cold and muddy here too. Can’t wait for the nice weather again! Blessings.

  29. i think I have the problem fixed Michel. Lovely words and drawing.

  30. Larry says:

    You have a true talent for poetry, my friend! Very nice indeed!

  31. AM says:

    Ça marche, c’est un merveilleux SUN–day aujourd’hui 🙂
    Vive le Soleil, vive la Vie et vive le Jardin qui reprend des forces aussi grâce à l’Eau.
    Amitiés, AM

  32. AM says:

    Et Vive la Musique!!!

  33. Larry says:

    Thank you Michel for your kind comments regarding Wendy and our anniversary, it is very kind of you. Wendy continues to recover from her injury, though it is a long process. Best wishes to you, Janine and the family!

  34. Isabel Capillas says:

    God will hear the gardener’s prayer, because after the rain, the sun will be out smiling, shining🌞🌞🌞. Love your sketch, Uncle Michel (You are sheltered from the rain).

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