Twins ‘ fun.

les jumeaux s’amusent

Twins ‘ fun.

English version after the French text

En Février dernier les jumeaux, Raphaël et Yris ,  sont venus passer une journée à la maison. Janine les conduisit à un parc de jeux.  Ils ont 3 ans et demi. C ‘est un plaisir de les voir jouer et ainsi d ‘ affirmer leur personnalité . Voici quelques photos prises par Janine

In last  February the twins, Raphaël et Yris,  came to spend a day at home. Janine led them to a playground. . They have 3 and a half years. It is a pleasure to see them play well and to assert their personality. Here are some photos taken by Janine.

Yris en équilibreTraining for a good balance ( Yris and Raphaêl )  Entraînement à l’ équilibre
Hug Big hug by Yris to a “horse ” . Is she a future duchess as her aunt Carole ?
Tendresse d’Yris à un ” cheval ” . Est -elle une future duchesse comme sa tante Carole ?
Le père, Jean -Baptiste explique comment on joue avec ce matériel
The father Jean-Baptiste explains how to play with this materiel
Discussion before start    
Discussion avant de commenceryris en route
Yris en pleine action pour empiler les “briques ”   Yris  working hard at piling the “bricks”
Raphaël piling
Raphaêl piling to the higher he can  
Raphaël empilant au plus haut qu’il peut!

Mais ce qui leur donne un plaisir permanent est de jouer avec mes vieux chapeaux
But what gives us a permanent fun is to play with my  old hats 

jumeaux en Chapeaux  Mai 2015

Jumeaux en chapeau bis mai 2015
Those two phto have been taken by janine in may 2015  in ouur yard
Ces deux photos ont été prises par janine en mai 2015 dans notre cour

 The twins will be four year old next August . Where the time goes ?
Les jumeaux auront quatre ans en Août prochain. Où passe le temps ?

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45 Responses to Twins ‘ fun.

  1. Heartafire says:

    Dear Michel, thank you for sharing these amazing and heartwarming photographs. Such lovely children, their faces would brighten any day. You are truly blessed with a lovely family!
    Love ❤

  2. Thank you Michel for sharing these photos. Oh my, how big the twins have become. Love the photo of them playing with grandfather’s hats. You and Janine truly blessed to see such energy and love as they visit. ❤ Marilyn

    • Indeed, Marilyn, what a fun to see my grandchildren in my hats ! 🙂

      • ah, I finally found your reply Michel. I just can’t seem to find where I’m suppose to be on WordPress, so takes me awhile to find anything. Hope I have it set up correctly. Don’t know how to post photos (I’m on free plan) or a blog theme photo. All in due time. 😀 Want to wish you, Janine and your family a very Blessed Easter. ❤ Marilyn

  3. mrswrangler says:

    Looks like they are active kids

  4. blb1 says:

    Hard to believe they are growing so fast. I like the stocking feet but best of all the old hat play!

  5. Humor_Me_Now says:

    They are adorable and blessed belonging to a loving, caring family.

    I will be taking a little break for awhile to enjoy family and tne season.

    Blessings, Michel


  6. Enjoy your break, Frank . I tried to comment but your page is blank.

  7. à jouer, les enfants n’ont pas froid. Quant aux parents immobiles, ils portent manteaux et écharpes ! Merci Michel !

  8. Yris and Raphael are beautiful! What a fun place to play and learn! I know they bring joy to your face 🙂 and to your heart! ❤

    I taught preschool and Kindergarten for decades, so I think 3-6 year olds are the best people in the world…so honest, so smart, so energetic, so excited about new adventures and love to discover and learn. 🙂

    The hat photo makes me laugh! 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  9. You’re never too young to start wearing hats. 🙂

  10. cocosangel says:

    Oh they both are adorable. 🙂 And looks like they are really having fun.
    I was born a twin too, and I have a brother, like Yris and Raphael. I remember doing a lot of things together with my brother. But now it is completely different.

  11. jstnotherday says:

    The best part…. playing with the hats of le grand-pere! 😀

  12. L. Marie says:

    Such lovely photos. The children are so delightful!

  13. murisopsis says:

    Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were little babies? They are getting so grownup. It is lovely that their papa takes the time to play with them !

  14. KB says:

    How wonderful! Looks like they had so much fun! Janine must have tired after their visit.

  15. julie essex says:

    Lovely photos of Yris and Raphael enjoying themselves. Our grandchildren are growing up quickly , George will be 3 next month. Wishing Janine and yourself a Happy Easter. I have booked the train now and we will arrive in Amiens at 2.45pm, but I will be in touch near the time Juliex

  16. mcbery says:

    Yes, where does the time go?! Sometimes I wish it would slow down. God bless those you love and the twins.

  17. L. Gail says:

    Beautiful and precious children!!!

  18. Beautiful children and photos. I love that children always love to play with the simple things. hugs.

  19. Gill McGrath says:

    How gorgeous your grandchildren are and so delightful wearing your hats! Blessings to you and your lovely family for Easter Michel love xxxx

  20. marica0701 says:

    My goodness, it’s been such a fun and fascinating journey to see these twins grow on your blog! I can’t believe how old they are already!

    I hope you had a blessed Easter with your family ❤ ❤

  21. Cath aka Singapore Girl says:

    Hahaha! How adorable! Now that I’m a little older, I really appreciate having little children around. They inject new life into our souls!

  22. pacificnorthwestgranny says:

    Hello Michel
    I can not believe how the twins have grown and such beautiful children. What a wonderful play ground.
    Hope you all had a good Easter and have a good week.

  23. Zakiah says:

    I love the play area with the large blown up horses and other animals. I have not seen such a beautiful area here. The Legos are huge and giant sized. My grandsons will be ecstatic to build with those.
    I loved the last two pictures of the twins wearing your hats. Priceless photographs indeed. We are so blessed with our grandchildren, no?

  24. Sartenada says:

    This is very charming post. Thank You. Matti.

  25. nice2beme says:

    Wonderful day of twins. They are so interesting. I adore watching twins, they are like best friends usually.

  26. cjc22 says:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures of the little beauties and for the music you sent. I, too, had a wonderful Easter week. Our choir sang five times in eight days. Such a joyous season. Hugs and smiles, Char

  27. Gracia says:

    What a blessing. I too, enjoyed seeing them wearing your hats.

  28. Ellen Chambers says:

    A belated Happy Easter! The twins are so cute ! Blessings for you and Janine.

  29. puffpop says:

    I LOVE these pictures. Such adorable children…Twice as much fun. You are a lucky grandpa and they are so lucky to have you Janine!

  30. The twins are beautiful children! I have always found twins very interesting. Do you see a special relationship between Raphael and Yris? Often, twins are closer than other siblings.

  31. mimiwi2013 says:

    It is the same the world over—small children love to play in grown-up’s clothes. And hats seem to be the favorite!! The twins are adorable. I miss having small ones around and watching them play. Our grandkids are grown, and the great-grands are far away!! You and Janine are fortunate to have younger ones around at times—–they certainly make one feel younger. Well, young at heart anyway!
    ❤ Nancy and Ken

  32. The twins are beautiful, and I love seeing what God has done in your family, Michel. The hats look adorable on the Yris and Raphael!


  33. Hey, Michel!
    I had my appointment with my oncologist yesterday and it went well. They did some tests, but I won’t know the results for a few days.
    Just wanted to give you an update.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  34. neilc693 says:

    Où passe le temps, indeed! 8-o

  35. Such joyfulness! ❤

  36. suester7 says:

    Ah, I see your hat is still a ‘fixture’. It’s not just a source of protection for your head, but a source of amusement to your grandchildren as well.

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